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  1. Magic, Cavs, Pistons are 1000% tanking they're not being subtle about it.
  2. They already destroyed the lottery and have made it a farce to combat tanking, there's only so many options when it's just the only viable way out of the gutter.
  3. Shay Sharpe makes the show eminently watchable.
  4. We signed Matt Breida to fill out the speed role at RB so it's not super surprising we didn't target one in the later rounds to fill out the room. I also think Brown just based off his athletic profile has a chance to be a real HR pick but other than that it's the same as we've been doing, build slowly with depth and get guys who will rotate in over the next couple years.
  5. If Embiid hadn't played 1,000 less minutes, it's close. But he missed so much time you have to go with Jokic.
  6. If he can tool in the control just a little more and cut the walks enough to go 7 consistently he'll be like the 3rd or 4th best pitcher in baseball lmao. He's already unhittable.
  7. Leipold is a phenomenal coach but you literally cannot fix Kansas, it's impossible, the combination of no money, bad facilities, and the history of ineptitude making recruiting long term impossible and there will never be enough talent defensively to be able to keep pace in the Big XII.
  8. Tbf the LaMelo stuff was absolutely 100% warranted because him being able to shoot the way he has was not something he had ever shown even an inkling of in anything he'd done before.
  9. Julius Randle went from borderline unplayable to all-NBA first team it's obviously him.
  10. Hard not to like a curly haired dude with a jolly beard throwing 100. Hope he gets back no issues in 23'.
  11. Sucks but at least it sounds like he'll be back by the time pads go on. OTA's and minicamps are going to be glorified walkthroughs anyway.
  12. You're right instead you drafted a 140 pound speed WR.
  13. The Bills drafted 3 dudes 6'6'' or taller lmao.
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