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  1. 2019 MLB Draft

    And TBH I'd rather be making a lot more money and hanging out in a major metropolitan area in Japan than riding a bus from some dinky facilities in Danville.
  2. 2019 MLB Draft

    Huge. The NPB is getting a huge bump in funding and have posted amazing growth, if they are formidable and start pulling in guys like this consistently going "why languish in A ball for 2 years when you can be a pro here right away and make way more money." It just gives these kids more leverage.
  3. Overwatch

  4. Overwatch

  5. 2019 MLB Draft

    Yep. Good move. You'll see more guys doing this especially with the NPB expanding with another 2-4 teams in the next 3 years and minor league guys getting screwed even after the new CBA is ratified.
  6. Bills TE Tyler Kroft breaks foot

    Drafted 2.
  7. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    You can have the ghost of Cespedes's ankles and Pete Alonso's hairline.
  8. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Who the **** buys a horse ranch in FLORIDA
  9. I think when you get outside the clear cut "these are the guys" list it's all about fit and complementary pieces. Embiid has no mid-range, Jokic needs to do more cardio and learn some defense, Kyrie is up and down, Dame has that Kobe "I'll die shooting" mentality etc etc. There's no real point in ranking them in with the same group but Dame is with that pack of guys who are just shy of being "the guy" which again is fairly interchangeable and that's when you have to start factoring in things beyond "he's on the team".
  10. The casual NBA fan doesn't even know who he is.
  11. And I think he's a top-10 player I mean, who the hell else is in contention for "top-10" player? Bron Giannis Harden PG Spicy Durant Davis Kawhi Then you're in the "Idk man, Embiid I guess" territory where guys start having big flaws and most of them are fairly interchangeable.
  12. "I have no idea what I'm talking about, please look at me, notice me, PAY ATTENTION TO ME I NEED VALIDATION"
  13. I'd be amazed if most casual NBA fans even knew who Dame Lillard is outside of "oh yeah the dude who hit that shot a few years ago right" until this postseason. I've never seen anybody have him as anything other than "great player with some holes".
  14. Blazers offense just wasn't designed to win this series. But man to gag it like that, at home, to get swept? Jeez. That's gotta be a gut check moment for Dame and CJ.