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  1. Athletics Acquire Jeurys Familia

    Familia as a 2 month rental is worth more than $1M in useless IFA money and a back end top-20 organizational arm. They were talking about Jorge Mateo until the Wilpon's refused to eat any of his salary.
  2. Athletics Acquire Jeurys Familia

    A couple back end meh prospects because the Wilpons weren't willing to ******* pay $3M while Brad Hand gets Mejia God I hate the Mets. What a complete joke. Trade the best RP you've ever had for a guy that maybe profiles to be not completely garbage. Because you weren't going to eat salary.

    Basically he has severe bone spurs on both his ankles and every forecast I've heard is 50/50 if the surgery would even work with like a 25% chance that it could cause him permanent nerve damage.

  5. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    I'm honestly amazed more coaches aren't that publicly stupid tbh.
  6. NFL’s New Anthem Protest Policy On Hold

    Well yeah, no ****. They thought they could create then impose a new unilateral punishment policy without even consulting the NFLPA. This was always what was going to happen. I'm amazed it took this long and as much bad PR as the policy gave the league as it did before this happened. Doesn't even have anything to do with the "issue" at hand. Really.
  7. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    After seeing what happened to Swihart I wouldn't change positions just to get a few AB's in the majors either. Kid cost himself millions and millions of dollars to do that.
  8. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    Do you take me for a rank amateur sir? I've already got his pitching regimen planned out meticulously 3/4, fastball, change, always move eye level.
  9. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    I got a call today that my three year old decided he was gonna paint his hair blue and threw his art project on his head to do so. So now I have to shave his head and wash paint out of it. But. He's left handed.
  10. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    Then, frankly, you don't really have a conceptual understanding of how modern baseball functions from a managerial or FO perspective.
  11. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    Even if he's not a superstar and he gives you 2 wins a year with an occasional burst of 3-3.5 that's still more valuable than any RP is going to be for you unless Brad Hand turns into a demi-god. And at some point you're going to need to replace Yan Gomes who certainly isn't going to be a productive catcher going into his 30's. There's only a few scenarios where-in the tribe don't come out losing long term on this. Obviously if Hand and Climber play a massive role in a WS run then it's "worth it" but it's still a gamble on your own prospect flaming out to come out of this well.
  12. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    They work well enough to the point where the Dodgers, Yankees, Cubs, Red Sox and *gasp* the Indians all use them in conjunction with their own internal models in decision making. Sometimes you make a trade that you know you probably come out losing long term on to "go for it" for one year. The Royals made a bunch in 2015 and they managed to use those assets they acquired to win a WS, and then as a direct result of those decisions are now very likely going to be awful for the next 4-5 years. The A's did that in 2014, despite having a similar value system on prospects, and it blew up in their face and they have just now managed to begin to recover.
  13. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    And you'd think wrong. We have several models which give us a fairly accurate monetary and FV on prospects. They gave up too much.
  14. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    I mean. The next Kurt Suzuki would still be better than Roberto Perez.
  15. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    It's vacuous logic, suggesting that the absence of knowledge is the same as a correlation that this was an equitable offer from the Indians perspective. It's not an argument it's just "yeah but we don't know so this is probably the right answer" which is blind faith. Which is fine as a fan, but makes for pretty terrible debate and discussion.