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  1. I would like to posit that I not be perm'd since who else will post spicy Zizek memes.
  2. Here's a wild theory. Two things, can be bad at the same time.
  4. Again, Cultural Bolshevism, not a new thing my guy.
  5. I for one, before I leave cause this is boring, suggest you read some books not written by a dude that's dying in a Serbian hospital RN about how to clean your rooms who got owned publicly by a very large trash panda. Reading is cool and good.
  6. What is cultural marxism. Describe it for me. Also it is literally an anti-semitic conspiracy theory lol, it was quite literally coined by the Nazis, "Kulturbolschewismus".
  7. Oh man it's been years since someone linked me Protocols of the Elders of Zion I was getting excited for a minute. Or we could talk about Adorno and his legendary hatred of Jazz music, that's fun too.
  8. Do you even know what anything you're saying means lol. Are you gonna talk about postmodernism next?
  9. "When we revolt it’s not for a particular culture. We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe" - Frantz Fanon
  10. It's not just being poor, it's about your relational connection to a lot of things. Class is more than just "how much individual capital do you possess", it's a systemic and broad based creation of material conditions that includes and favors, but does not only encompass, things like poverty. I made that point simple so as to address a simple question, but there is an incredibly broad based and complex answer to the question of "what creates a class in relation to the hierarchy and what elements under the system are used to keep it downtrodden" that doesn't really lend itself here.
  11. Which is why until the labor movement was broken in the 30's you see that racial politics and labor are inexorably intertwined in this country. Hell the first party to run a black man on the ticket was the Communist Party. They're two parts of the same whole, distinct but intermingled always.
  12. Okay but that's not really the answer to the question, that's reaffirming that there are material reasons, not biological reasons.
  13. In what way. Either eugenics are real (spoilers, eugenics are not real and IQ is bull****), or material conditions create these problems. You can't have both.
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