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  1. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Quiet old man, some of us enjoy the spooder mans and don't sniff our own farts watching french cinema. (I'm helping)
  2. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Poetry really. Anyway yeah. Computers huh.
  3. Austin Kendall transferring to WVU from OU

    Bad bad look for Riley.
  4. Tathan Martell transferring to Miami

    Also yes, we all know that if this was the super talented QB transferring TOO Ohio State that this discussion doesn't happen.
  5. Tathan Martell transferring to Miami

    Hockey has been woefully mismanaged. It's also a niche sport since you gotta be rich by default to play it professionally. Also NBA ratings dropped this year overall despite doing higher on "event" games like Christmas day and the like.
  6. Anime and Manga Thread.

  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    In General Grant's gravy boats* They also served $6 dominoes pizza with Martha Washington's silverware.
  8. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Why would you want an older, ****tier version of a guy you could just have right now?
  9. Cam Newton to sit out 2019?

    100%, entire training staff need to be fired. If I'm Tepper I'm FURIOUS if this is the news I get today. I'm calling every staff member who could have plausibly known the extent of how badly broken down he was and continued to let him play and making each and every one explain to me why they should still have a position on this organization. The man is so badly injured they can't even see the extent of the damage through an MRI. And he was allowed to play through it despite it being evident in week like, 5 to even a layman watching passively that his arm was shot. Cam Newton is the franchise, without Cam they're cooked, roasted, screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewed.
  10. 2019 Transfer Thread

    He's lucky he still has his leg. I just hope the school is fronting the bill for these surgeries cause if not. Yikes. Lifetime of debt right there.
  11. Cam Newton to sit out 2019?

    He should. His body is ****ed.
  12. 2019 College Football Championship | #2 Clemson vs #1 Alabama

    Like real talk I haven't laughed as hard at anything in years. Look at this. Look at it. It belongs in a museum it's so perfect.
  13. 2019 College Football Championship | #2 Clemson vs #1 Alabama

    Legit took the kids to the pizza parlor after the big game. And how long did all that have to be sitting there? Like did they keep it under a heat lamp? Did they reheat it all? Cause if you don't eat that **** like 5 minutes after you get it, it's nasty and chewy and stale tasting. How many players gave Dabo the side-eye while eating it? These are the hard hitting questions we need answers for.
  14. 2019 College Football Championship | #2 Clemson vs #1 Alabama

    Dude it's literally everything off the dollar menu at each of these places, he spent like $150. We ate better in Afghanistan.