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  1. The fact that it came to this, took this long, and resulted in this hot mess does not lead to any confidence that this hire will work out. Shad Kahn will tank anything in this franchise.
  2. Tbh Manny was way more valuable and impactful of a player than Ortiz and he also won't get in which is a joke.
  3. This is literally the only time of the year where you can get unabashed, unfiltered, positive without any downside PR. The HoF is literally "member all the cool stuff about baseball you love? I member" and instead all we've been talking about for 10 effing years now is "Why is Barry Bonds not in again" and all we'll talk about for the next 10 years is "lmao remember how they put *insert lower tier HoF guy* in instead of Bonds?" Emblematic of everything wrong with the people who hold power in this sport. And why it's crashing.
  4. It's pretty obvious at this point we're not going to do any significant restructuring on the defensive side. Which means Allen is going to have to be superhuman again and we're going to have to figure out how to get homefield.
  5. Nobody actually cares about who was juiced and who wasn't lmao, it's literally just about who was nice to BBWA guys and who wasn't, just like it's literally ALWAYS been.
  6. Several voters didn't vote for Bonds or Clemens but voted for Curt Schilling lmao
  7. Scott Rolen is going to get in next year and Barry Bonds will never get in. By him never getting in you make everybody else who DOES look worse because now you constantly have to go "Jeez that guy got in but not Bonds?" Every freaking year we're not talking about all these amazing players we're yet again talking about how Barry effing Bonds didn't get into the HoF. That's terrible PR, that's terrible marketing, that's a terrible angle for the sport.
  8. You make an exception beecause the Hall of Fame is literally just a giant commercial for your sport, which is in the midst of probably the worst labor stoppage it'll ever have had up until this point, and showing no signs of improving. Barry Bonds is the greatest professional baseball player in history, to not have him in the Hall of Fame purely because the BWAA just don't like the guy is exactly and precisely the issue with this sclerotic *** old man *** sport that refuses to ever consider these things and what impact it might have on people finding a level of interest in the sport through it
  9. Given the pitiful display of tackling we put on in every big game we played this year you can't bring back these defensive guys that's ridiculous. We've invested a TON of assets into this defense and it still has the exact same issues, now either we just flat out cannot draft DL or there is a systemic coaching issue at that position which causes everything else to cascade.
  10. Sean can't keep calling the defense, NO OTHER DEFENSIVE HC that made it to the playoffs does that. At thr very least that power has to be taken from him so he can actually sit down and get a broad view of what's happening and why.
  11. If there are no coaching changes at all then all the ownership is admitting is that they're fine being this. And that's not acceptable. No more resources dumped into the DL, we've spent gobs of money and draft capital on it and it hasn't worked, to me that indicates a coaching issue not a talent issue.
  12. If you're doing a bit I'm just gonna say this is an incredibly weird and bad bit and you should feel bad for doing it.
  13. I seriously can't tell if this is a bit or not.
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