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  1. I mean sure those other people should be on a list like this. But really, the list is Cam, then Burrow, then a pretty sizable dropoff to whoever is 3rd lol. Burrow and Cam arguably had the 2 greatest CFB seasons ever witnessed.
  2. Allen's issues are footwork related, issues relating to when and where to plant and drive, registering spacing on deep passes, followthrough on intermediate throws etc etc. Tebow's issues were that in order to get spin on the ball he had to wind himself up like an outfielder (ironically when he became an outfielder his worst attribute was his arm) just to get spin and zip on the ball. He did make a seemingly significant change to his mechanics in the off-season of his 1st-2nd year, you can find videos of it where he's holding high and tight rather than at his hip. The issue is the minute he go
  3. Mans made Byron Leftwich look like Marino. It was unplayable, and teams keyed into him at the end of his "run" and he showed it was unplayable. But the Steelers and **** made some absolutely baffling defensive decisions to play him that day so now we hear about this dude and his "legend" incessantly rather than treating him like the marginal QB on his best day that he was. Edit: This right here, why are you rushing 4 and playing a soft zone? What kind of idiot gameplan against a dude who gets happy feet is this lol. And even then he almost falls over, twice, and has
  4. Taysom Hill is a VASTLY better athlete than Tim Tebow. Tebow was overhyped from college production, never took the NFL all that seriously other than as a vehicle for his brand, and never attempted to better himself as a player consistently. When he made the transition to baseball it became apparent that his "aww shucks" media persona is just that, a persona. The dude was doing TV spots every day then getting flown down to play a baseball game, it was a total farce. His vaunted oft cited "intangibles" were all an act or vastly overstated lol, being really into Jesus and going "yes sir" all the
  5. Also they're making tweaks on the ball this year to try and tack HR's back down to pre-2015 numbers.
  6. Took a massive discount, don't get it from his end at all.
  7. Which is just abjectly stupid but hey nobody ever accused these failsons of being smart.
  8. People always leave that part out when it's a giant reason Brady "takes less" and even then by the end of his time in New England taking less had alienated him from the entire organization who just expected him to do that forever lol.
  9. I mean then they're incompetent because they'll never get more value than right now and also they need to do it right now to get that value to start the genuine rebuild. But, the Texans ARE incompetent as evidenced by letting it get this far in the first place so haha guess we're in for another year of this.
  10. Wonder why the sport is dying. Mystery we'll never solve.
  11. All reports are Lee is like, a month of AAA away from the Majors. Barring the PTBNL being some absolute stunner this is highway robbery.
  12. Mets got a former top-100, 50 FV prospect for spare parts lmao. That's pretty cool. Edit: Apparently BP has him at 55FV now. How the **** did we get him for spare parts.
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