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  1. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    There's real baseball being played right now. Where it counts and stuff! Glory days, glory days, the happiest time of the year is upon us. (the actual regular season won't start for another 8 days)
  2. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Dude, take a ******* xanax.
  3. Angels Extending Trout 12/430m

  4. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Good god the coming strike is going to be monumental.
  5. Angels Extending Trout 12/430m

    And in the course of Trout's time with the Angels they've had one "bad" year and bottomed out at 74 wins. Even just marginal pitching upgrades is enough to get them to a wildcard.
  6. Angels Extending Trout 12/430m

    100%, I know for a fact that the PA was pushing him to go to FA but he didn't want to gamble and just took the money. Mookie Betts HAS to hit the market now, though.
  7. Angels Extending Trout 12/430m

    He'd have easily gotten $40M AAV on the open market. Probably a 500-550/12 year deal. He's having, so far, the greatest start to a career in league history. And nothing signifies that he's going to fall off before he outpaces any potential deal.
  8. Angels Extending Trout 12/430m

    $36M AAV is a huge bargain for him tbh
  9. Angels Extending Trout 12/430m

    Easiest deal ever, and yet he's still underpaid.
  10. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Since we don't have a Spring Training thread **** it, this goes in here Cool stuff.
  11. AAF

    I mean on the one hand yeah it's clearly a marketing ploy. On the other hand, the only other options they have are Mett and some rando from Penn (the Ivy). On the other other hand, Johnny sucked in Canada so he'll probably suck here too.
  12. Titans have traded for Ryan Tannehill

    Tannehill has always been better than he's gotten credit for. Not his fault the Dolphins organization set him up to fail repeatedly and got the ever loving crap beaten out of him. Legit I think the Bills alone sacked/hit him 40+ times in a 5 game span. We beat the hell out of him when Mario Williams was here and he kept getting back up. Hope he does well.
  13. Ryan Fitzpatrick signs with dolphins

    No see but Vinny was actually like. A good QB.
  14. MLB/MLBPA changes coming in 2019/2020

    Can you say "Labor stoppage" And yeah, the ******* rules committee and Manfred are determined to kill the sport. Attitude among a lot of people at league office is that they have no ******* idea how to really grow the game beyond "MAKE IT FASTER". Contracting the September expansion while also limiting pitching changes is an overwhelming negative for the players, it kills a lot of guys potential careers and potential earnings that they'll never even get a shot. You're literally just begging for more people to get hurt now. Get ready for a hard clock on games and innings. It's coming.
  15. Browns trade for OBJ

    Franchise cripplingly stupid, really.