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  1. I'm gonna say it. Michigan is good this year.
  2. He had the game winning throw and missed it.
  3. Big boy drive by Washington at the end there.
  4. Eh not really on him, Terry sat too deep.
  5. Troy has always loved him to pieces and I just do not get it.
  6. If not for penalties this game is over. Giants have no answer for this defense.
  7. I also don't think Josh looked nearly as bad as everybody has been saying in the media, he looked perfectly fine other than being too amped and missing a deep ball.
  8. Nothing less than a total dominating win will be satisfying tbh. Need to establish that last week was a fluke. Dolphins are not that talented, we've owned them since Josh has been here, I expect a pretty easy W.
  9. Everybody ****ting on Josh this week like sure, he missed 2 throws, but he was under siege the ENTIRE GAME and there was no change made to adjust the offense around that or try something different until the Steelers went into a soft zone up 2 scores.
  10. Daboll's genius reputation is gonna vanish real quick if he continues to adamantly refuse to run the offense through anything other than "go make a play Josh".
  11. They've finished in the top-25 8 times in 14 years, 6 more than Houston, 3 more than UCF, 5 more than Tennessee, 3 more than Baylor, 3 more than A&M, 3 more than MSU, on and on. I'm not arguing they're a top-10 program, but they are most certainly a top-30 program with the occasional down year. They're way too good for the functional equivalent of the AAC again. They're a big boy program.
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