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  1. Doom Eternal

    Idk I found the incorporation of the story elements in this one to be way worse. They leaned into the joke too much.
  2. PSU AD: Two month lead time for CFB season

    I mean that's not even taking into account the "student" (obvious farce but they have to pretend) element of if we don't hit the curve until June or, even worse, if there's a resurgence in the outbreak in late July-early August. School can't open. I'm almost positive there will be no sports this year.
  3. Cowboys sign Aldon Smith

    Anybody can redeem themselves with enough time, effort, and work to make themselves better. Smith says he's sober, he has a sponsor, the team has vetted him, there's no reason to not believe he's made a genuine attempt to change and should get the opportunity to work at what he's best at.
  4. Cowboys sign Aldon Smith

    Hope he's sober.
  5. Seven Seeds

    Teams will 100% rest players for 2 weeks now, especially with the additional game added. There's no incentive to play them to chase a bye, if you're out of it you're out of it, rest your players and you get the same home game you'd have gotten regardless. Also not talked about much is that this means there's just a glut of games on the WC weekend, you'll get games on TruTV and **** like the other leagues.
  6. Seven Seeds

    This is just a stepping stone to there being 16 playoff teams as well, which is just idiotic, it cheapens it. This isn't the other big-3 where these teams play a series of games to trend out a winner, with 16 teams playing "win or go home" games you've just made the regular season basically meaningless. Which is an issue in all the other sports here. The regular season becomes nothing more than an annoying formality that people stop caring about 8 games in.
  7. Seven Seeds

    The last 10 years you'd have the 7 seed be 10 - 10-6 11- 9-7 12 - 10-6 13 - 10-6 14 - 10-6 15 - 10-6 16 - 9-7 17 - 9-7 18 - 9-6-1 19 - 9-7 Now I still hate it, it makes the regular season much less interesting and to compensate for losing the 2nd bye but there now being two more playoff spots open you'll just see teams with the 2nd or 3rd seed take "quasi-byes" where they rest everybody they can rest for the last 2 weeks of the year. It's not gonna be fun.
  8. Thor Having TJS

    When even class position isn't enough to get special treatment you know ish is serious.
  9. Random Game Talk

    You just doing campaign or MP, cause in MP you've gotta bait and play very aggressive while trying to fish for your opponent to attack in a specific direction. cRPG with the new engine tho, and it's sold extremely well, and will get another sales boost when it's out of early access. Hnnnnnng.
  10. Random Game Talk

    It's so good holy crap. I was NOT expecting it to be this good.
  11. 2020 MLB Draft Thread(New Mock Up)

    And it's literally all in the service of ******* over guys making $30K a year so that some rich spoiled dip**** can buy another deck for his Yacht.
  12. 2020 MLB Draft Thread(New Mock Up)

    I have never hated a man with such intensity. He's killing the sport I love and accelerating it so quickly that I don't even know if I'll recognize it by 2025.
  13. Random Game Talk

    Just give me my Prophecy of Pendor 2 mod dammit
  14. Thor Having TJS

    Might actually be the worst time, given how taxed the system is.