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  1. Free Agency News

    We passed on Deshaun Watson for the QB this year. He had better be the best or AT WORST second best QB in the draft. There's time, but it's not a lot and now we have one spot available and are competing against at least one other suitor for that spot.
  2. Free Agency News

    Legit I WILL NOT go through JP Losman/Trent Edwards/EJ Manual again. I can't do it again. I cannot support a franchise that does the same thing and makes the same mistakes over and over and over and over.
  3. Free Agency News

    I refuse to be okay with picking the 4th-5th best QB. What the hell are we doing then? What the hell is the plan? Where the hell are we even trying to go? This FO clearly had the goal to go get the QB they rated the highest by acquiring all these assets. Settling for someone you didn't want just because he's "the best one left" is why we spent 18 years in hell.
  4. Free Agency News

    God why do I have this dark feeling in the pit of my chest that we're gonna come out of this with Luke Falk.
  5. Free Agency News

    Again though this move doesn't just impact us. Now the other teams that are in dire need of a QB look at the Bills as a threat to trade up and work into overtime to get ahead of us for a QB. There are very real scenarios here where the Bills go without a QB in the first round which I am sorry is unforgivable and inexcusable.
  6. Free Agency News

    And who says it's a panic move. The draft isn't until April, but other teams aren't stopping calling the Giants for that pick. Eventually someone else is going to do what the Jets just did and outbid us. So we need to be the first to make a power play.
  7. Free Agency News

    The fact that we have NEVER taken a QB with a pick higher than 14 should be emblematic of the issues we have had as an organization for the last 18 years and a telltale warning sign that we need to do this differently or it's never going to work.
  8. Free Agency News

    At that point we're taking what is likely the 5th QB off the board, and that's not even putting into consideration that the Bronco's AND Cardinals would likely do everything in their power to jump us as well if they valued whoever the guy that was left at the end of the run was. That's clearly table scraps. We basically end up with Christian Ponder. Either way we need to give up assets to move up, the other QB needy teams aren't going to sit pat either. Allen, Rosen, Darnold, and Mayfield will likely be gone, whoever doesn't get Mayfield will very likely look at us as the obvious threat for Jackson and trade up over us to get him. Just remove all that and move up, go get the QB.
  9. Free Agency News

    Yep. The Jets made their move, they are content to either get their franchise or burn for it. We need to bite the bullet and do the same. Enough patience, enough waiting. If we were going to be patient then why did we trade Tyrod and Glenn? Go get a QB and worry about the rest later. If we make that pick at #12 this off-season is an unmitigated disaster that will set the franchise back. So what's the difference if we draft a bust and it does the same? The Bills have tried the same approach for years and it hasn't worked. It's time.
  10. Free Agency News

    I would much rather throw the kitchen sink at it and chance drafting a bust than be content with the perpetual mediocrity we have endured the last 18 years. Go get a QB, if you miss you miss.
  11. Free Agency News

    We gave away a ton of talent to amass this draft capital, making all the picks would be the worst case scenario because then we are now 3 years away again. Go get the best QB, the QB you want. Don't settle for the table scraps like this franchise has done for the last 20 years.
  12. Free Agency News

    If we're gonna take Lamar Jackson I'd rather have kept Tyrod than have McCarron on the shortest of leashes. That's a recipe for a disaster. Throwing an unprepared rookie QB into the fire because we have too is also how you get into trouble.
  13. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    And first round picks are already worth an extraordinary amount and we already have two this year to give. Both firsts, a second, a third and a future second is reasonable.
  14. Free Agency News

    No more settling for the 4th best QB.
  15. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    We have 5 picks in the top-65. It's not an unreasonably expectation at all. A future second, maybe, but we definitely have the ammunition to not need a future first.