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  1. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Lends credence to my theory that Davis was just the worst locker room cancer in league history tbh
  2. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Never let anybody but Sean call the defense again.
  3. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    He had a major knee injury less than 12 months ago but he's not throwing 5TDs a game like he was before he got hurt so BUST
  4. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Yeah maybe they shouldn't waste the last of Godgers career with a team that is essentially "go win it for us Aaron or we're screwed"
  5. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Oh god Mariota is so awful, whoever gets #1 overall (not counting us out of the suck race yet) is gonna get a haul.
  6. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Yes. Yes it was.
  7. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    And then do it again anyway cause screw em our QB is huge.
  8. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Run a sneak on every short yardage situation until you get stopped.
  9. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Two years? Screw that we have the money and the draft capital to so it next year if Allen really does have the juice
  10. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Literally no reason whatsoever the Chiefs should not win the Super Bowl.
  11. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Maybe Vonte Davis is just the biggest locker room cancer in history.
  12. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Any day Mahomes will fall back down to earth. Aaaaaaaany day now.
  13. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Get a real OL please I beg of you.
  14. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Look at Mahomes today. That's the upside we have at QB now. Mother of God.
  15. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    we're going to need to spend pretty much every dime of that cap space on offensive Talent