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  1. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    Looks like Kugler isn't going to the Bucs after all. Bills are reported to be in play for him still.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Bills Pick 9th

    Never mind. When I read last night I saw there was going to be a coin flip. We got the nod over Denver due to the lower strength of victory.
  3. Derek Anderson Signed

    This is such a breath of fresh air compared to last offseason. Nice to see we might actually have some stability at the QB position for the first time in a very long time.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Bills Pick 9th

    Looks like we're going to have a coin flip at the combine with the Broncos for the 9th pick.
  5. Matt Barkley Extended

    Would you guys prefer to bring in another veteran for our 3rd string QB or go after a late round flier in the draft?
  6. Matt Barkley Extended

    Awesome news. Our QB situation looks so much better heading into next season than it did at the start of this season.
  7. Week 13 GDT: Squish the Fish

    And yet he’s constantly trying to push the ball downfield with shaky weapons and a poor offensive line. Keep it simple stupid. Walk before you run. Make the elementary reads and throws.
  8. Week 13 GDT: Squish the Fish

    39% of Allen's dropbacks last week were deep throws. Knowing this offensive line isn't very good, he needs to start developing an intermediate passing game. I like that we finally don't have a check down QB, but Allen needs to develop an intermediate game into his arsenal or he will continue to run for his life and will take unnecessary hits and will leave the pocket early.
  9. Week 13 GDT: Squish the Fish

    I think part of the blame should be on the offensive line, but there should be a fair amount of blame put on Allen. He has the same tendency to bail too early like he did in college. His pocket presence is still poor. This is to be expected with a rookie QB, but he needs to improve this along with his intermediate accuracy.
  10. Week 10 The battle of the Ages

    Haha! Good ****.
  11. Week 9 NO NO Peterman

    Which one? Ha
  12. Week 9 NO NO Peterman

    My biggest issue is that they screwed up royally by only having two inexperienced QB's to start the season. There was no logical reason to only have Peterman to pair with Allen. They should have had at least three quarterbacks on the roster and possibly even a QB on the practice squad. We all knew it was going to be a rough year on offense. The offensive line was exposed in the preseason. How can anyone justify only keeping two quarterbacks after the way the offensive line looked? We knew our quarterbacks were going to take a beating behind our joke of an offensive line. Beane and McDermott screwed the pooch before the season even started. Their ineptitude is the reason why we're in this situation. At this point there's nothing we can really do. We have to roll with Peterman. But if Beane and McDermott did their due diligence, then we likely wouldn't have been put in this situation. Josh Allen should have never started week 2.
  13. Week 9 NO NO Peterman

    I agree. They went into the season and even after week 1 with two QB's. Two really green quarterbacks too. I don't know how much more evidence they needed to know Peterman isn't an NFL caliber QB let alone a starter. This mess has been building up for months and should have been addressed prior to the injuries. Obviously there's nothing they can do about it now, since they effed it up to start with. We're stuck with Peterman. And at this point we might as well just suck and get a top 3 pick. I don't want Josh Allen to play again this season.
  14. Week 9 NO NO Peterman

    My argument was more geared towards the lack of QB experience to start the season. We knew our o line sucked. We lost a lot on the line and didn’t have the resources to add quality talent to replace them. We knew we were weak at WR going into the preseason and regular season. The writing was on the wall that it was going to be a long season for the offense. To only roster two inexperienced QB’s to start the season is inexcusable. Especially after how bad our o line looked in the preseason. Our QB’s were getting overwhelmed with pressure in the preseason vs vanilla defenses. What did they think would happen once the season started? McCarron got hurt in the preseason because of this awful o line. Again hope for the best PLAN FOR THE WORST.
  15. Week 9 NO NO Peterman

    I think a lot of people are forgetting that we went into the season with Josh Allen (rookie) and Nathan Peterman (2nd year) as our only 2 starting QB’s. That is not a smart idea with our laughing stock of an offensive line. How can anyone justify only having Peterman to pair with a huge project in Josh Allen? What could they have possibly seen in Peterman to only roster two QB’s? People can make excuses of injuries the last few weeks, but I think this problem goes back further to training camp and the start of the season. Josh Allen should have never had to start week two if this staff did their due diligence. Hope for the best and plan for the worst. They clearly forgot the latter part of that statement.