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  1. Lions traded a conditional 6th round pick for Everson Griffen. His cap hit would have been less than 2 million the rest of the season. I would have done this in a heartbeat. Another guy I hope we look at is Aldon Smith. He has a minimal contract and Dallas could be selling hard.
  2. Bojorquez has had a few bad holds. He isn't helping the situation for a rookie kicker. Bass isn't the problem right now. Does he need to be better? Yes. But he is far down the list on who deserves blame for how this team has looked this season.
  3. If Tannehill can shred our defense then Mahomes is going throw for 1000 yards against us next week.
  4. Pretty sad considering we have the highest paid DL in the league and they have been a liability.
  5. Crazy that we now have to hope our defense can make a play or get a stop. 2020 has been an unpredictable year. Offense takes a huge step forward and the defense takes a big step back. So Billsy.
  6. I guess on the bright side is he might be cheaper now to retain. Best case scenario now would be for him to start playing well the second half of the season, so it gives us confidence to exercise the 5th year option and with the bonuses and kickers for making the pro bowl and all pro team, which he wont make, he will be considerably cheaper. That being said, if he continues to play like this then no way we exercise the option.
  7. Story of his season. Either playing poorly or not making an impact.
  8. I wonder if Tre’s main reason for not playing is because of the Covid risk? I have heard some people bring it up, but I have zero evidence to support this. Just a thought.
  9. Hands team needs to make a play.
  10. Kind of wish we didn’t go conservative after the turnover. Run our offense. They can’t stop us.
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