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  1. Nasty Nate vs Cool Joe. WEEK ONE GDT

    Not a promising start.
  2. Nasty Nate vs Cool Joe. WEEK ONE GDT

    I don’t think we’re better. I think we’re looking good long term, but this season I think we’re going to be worse than last year.
  3. Nasty Nate vs Cool Joe. WEEK ONE GDT

    I think a lot of people here have their fan goggles on. I am not sure what indicators there are that point to us winning this game. 24-10 Ravens. I hope I am wrong. Go Bills.
  4. Training Camp Thread

    I wouldn’t mind taking a look at Brice Butler. He’s a deep threat and I think is an upgrade over Foster.
  5. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    I like your top end talent, but I think your RB2, WR2, WR3, Flex and bench are all really iffy. Ronald Jones is reportedly having a tough time transitioning to the NFL. Peyton Barber looks like he's been the better back so far and is likely going to get the bulk of the carries to start the season. Allen Robinson has potential, but is coming off a serious injury and Trubisky is a wild card. Sony Michel has potential, but the Patriots backfield is always a mystery. Belichick always seems to ease his young running backs into action. I think you have elite players at each position, but your depth is a serious concern. You don't really have a clear cut starter at RB outside of Bell. The rest all look like they could be on the wrong end of a RB committee. Mack is likely going to start, but his workload is a big concern and is currently battling an injury. If your team suffers an injury to one of your top 4 players, I don't think you have the depth to maintain unless you find some gems off of the waiver wire. Sorry if I am being a negative Nancy, but just my 2 cents. Good luck man.
  6. Training Camp Thread

    Wow offense, defense, and special teams look awful. Only way our defense is getting stops is because of penalties and drops. The o line is a tire fire. Hard to judge Allen when he’s not getting any time. And lastly Colton Schmidt is terrible. Time to give him Jon Ryan a chance.
  7. Training Camp Thread

    Murphy is definitely making the team and I think he’s going to take the backup role over Ivory. He’s the only RB behind Shady that has upside and is still in his prime.
  8. When are we getting a receiver?

    We just traded for Corey Coleman. Report says we gave up a late round pick. We needed speed on the outside and Coleman fits the bill. He is a health risk, but I think it’s worth the gamble.
  9. Training Camp Thread

    I figured we should start a thread for training camp since the first practice is today. Who are some the players you guys are excited to see play? Are there any sleepers you think will emerge and make the roster? Any surprise cuts?I am obviously excited to see our rookies, especially Edmunds. Some sleepers I like are Croom, Marlowe, Dupre, and Foster.
  10. McCoy’s career is over

    Seriously you’re bringing race into this? Stereotyping black women? This is such a divisive post. I am glad I don’t see this on the Bills forum I agree 100% with you BillsGuy. TLBF is known for being dramatic. Using our constitutional right is a blanket for culpability? No one is saying that to remove or excuse fault. If Shady ends up being convicted I will be the first one to say we need to boot him and he should punished to the full extent of the law. But please don’t say that innocent until proven guilty is shtick. This is the right of every American. I think if you were wrongly accused you would want the same liberties and would refrain from ignorant statements like your previous post.
  11. McCoy’s career is over

    Guilty until proven innocent huh? Let's just jump to conclusions. I assume by your post you have your jump to conclusions mat out? If the allegations are true then I agree that the Bills need to let him go and he should face stiff punishment from the NFL and law enforcement. However, at this particular moment we just have accusations. No charges have been filed yet. There's never been an accuser that has been found out to be lying? Let's pump the brakes until the facts come out before we grab our torches and pitchforks.
  12. Free Agency News

    I think Maclin is just a name at this point too. I think Kerley is a more reliable option. I think we will wait for training camp cuts to add depth to WR and LB.
  13. Free Agency News

    I get that people want us to go after some of the names still left in free agency. At this point I think that's all they are is just names. Their production doesn't equal the hype us fans associate with their names. We do have obvious needs at LB and WR, but I think there's a reason these guys are still available, outside of Kendricks. I also think that people want us to fill all of the holes in one offseason, but I don't think that's realistic given how many holes we had to begin with. I think next year is when we start adding serious pieces to this team. Another reason why we may not be signing any of the names left is because they may not want to come here. Especially Dez. He is looking for a one year prove it deal so he can cash in next year. Why would he come here when our QB situation is unsettled? It would make sense for him to go to a team with an established QB that can raise his stock. I don't see that happening here.
  14. 2018 NFL Draft thread - A New (false) Hope

    Beane said he sees Phillips more as a 1 technique rather than 3 technique like Kyle. Awesome value. Our D line is going to be so much better.
  15. 2018 NFL Draft thread - A New (false) Hope

    I think it comes down to McDermott more than Beane on whether our first two picks succeed or not. Both are super raw and need a lot of coaching. There's no denying their talent, but they're going to need a lot of coaching and grooming. I have a lot more confidence that Edmunds can develop into a quality player because I believe his deficiencies can be overcome a lot easier than Allen's. I am not a huge fan of not having a second round pick and not selecting for another 65 picks, but there's no denying we added talent. The question is can McDermott coach these guys up? I think Daboll will have his hands full with Allen. We shall see.