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  1. I think he has a shot if he stays healthy. He has better hands and is more reliable when he actually plays. By the way this offseason has played out, McBeane has shown they have a ton of confidence in Knox and Sweeney, especially after they cut Hollister and kept Sweeney over him.
  2. Sounds like Watt's status is up in the air with his contract standoff. Also Bud Dupree is on the Titans now. You might want to get a new sports almanac ha.
  3. I think Shaq will be a solid edge for you guys. He doesn’t offer much juice from a pure pash rushing standpoint, but he’s very good at setting the edge and is solid against the run. He doesn’t make a ton of splashy plays, but is solid and reliable when he’s on the field.
  4. I find it odd that Star isn't vaccinated when he opted out last season. Quite the head scratcher.
  5. There was a report that I saw that said the Jets are looking for a pass rusher now that Lawson is out for the season. I wouldn't mind trading one of our veterans to them for a draft pick or two. I know trading within the division is uncommon, but we've done it before. I think we have 3-4 guys on this roster that we could trade for mid to late round picks, especially at DE and WR.
  6. Threaded the needle there. Neal had tight coverage.
  7. This team could be even tougher to stop in short yardage with Josh, Moss, and Gilliam.
  8. This could be a huge spot for Fields. Dalton looks bad. If Fields can put some drives together and tighten the score up he could make a huge step towards starting week 1.
  9. Do you guys think that not having a true FB last year hindered our running game? The prior season we had Pat Dimarco and our run game was solid. I know it’s only preseason but our running game looks much improved and some of the credit should go towards Gilliam.
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