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  1. Offseason Talk

    I think this would be a similar signing to Frank Gore last year. Running on fumes at this point, but he would be a great add to have a veteran leader in the TE room. He could really help Knox take that next step. I think Frank Gore was huge in the development of Devin Singletary. I hope the same happens with Olsen and Knox.
  2. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    RIP Kobe Bryant. Best wishes to his family.
  3. Offseason Talk

    I agree. Clowney had his worst season of his career last year minus his rookie season. Three sacks isn't worth paying a guy 18-20 million per season. I would rather pay Lawson a third or half of what Clowney is going to get and then draft an edge rusher in the first couple of rounds and save 8-10 million compared to what Clowney is going to get. I hope he just re-signs with the Seahawks so we can end this discussion.
  4. My ideal offseason before the draft

    I know sacks aren’t the end all be all, but you said you want a pass rusher that can get double digit sacks. If that’s the case then Clowney isn’t the guy since he’s never posted double digit sacks in a season. I am really not a fan of Clowney and I don’t think he’s worth the money. I would much rather sign Ngakoue if we make a big splash at edge rusher. He’s 2 years younger and has less of injury history.
  5. Bills heading to Houston for Wildcard

    The NFL fined Cody Ford 28 grand for that bs "blindside block" last week. What a joke.
  6. Bills heading to Houston for Wildcard

    ******* Josh Allen
  7. Bills heading to Houston for Wildcard

    Watson has taken over.
  8. Bills heading to Houston for Wildcard

    Need an answer by the offense.
  9. Bills heading to Houston for Wildcard

    Brown didn’t need to jump for that catch.
  10. Bills heading to Houston for Wildcard

    Yeah needs to slide more.
  11. Bills heading to Houston for Wildcard

    Hopkins initiated the contact. If they call DPI I will be pissed.
  12. WR set next year

    Great write up. I appreciate the info. I really like Edwards too. What's your educated guess on what spot he'll be drafted?
  13. GDT Bills @ Gillette Stadium

    Great play by Josh. Refs missed the facemask.
  14. GDT Bills @ Gillette Stadium

    This offense is really hard to watch at times. Brutal showing so far.
  15. GDT Bills @ Gillette Stadium

    Looked like a generous spot to me.