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  1. With the 27th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft...

    At least Penny has talent as a 1st round selection. Our fans here aren't really happy with Penny. I happen to like the RB selection and believe he can be an O.J Anderson type of player. When O.J. came out of Miami, he had the same stride, moves, speed and overall talent. I don't trust our fans anyway. I CLEARLY remember 2 years ago when 99% liked Ifedi and I thought and wrote what a turd he is/was at T&AM. Showed game you tube. We all had to list the 1 player we hoped the Hawks wouldn't draft. I listed Ifedi. Fans argued. Everything I said has been shown to be true and come to fruition. I've been a contrarian of PC/JS the past few years. Especially, the wasted selections in RD3 of 2016. 2016 trash has made this squad now average. I couldn't stand Prosise at ND. Fumbler. Nick Vannett? Get real. What did he do at OSU? Rees at G? These players looked like luxury selections. All backups. Add that to turd Ifedi and that is why we're likely 3rd in the West in 2018. JS/PC focused on a running back NEED and was looking for a beast mode. Maybe we'll start using the screen game like I've been clamoring for. Penny will be a stud getting him in open space. I like the pick. Greater needs? Maybe but the Hawks philosophy is run first. We're trying to get back to basics. It's difficult to evaluate Penny vs lower end competition but David Johnson has succeeded behind a poor line and even worse competition. Maybe Penny will do the same. Bring on the delayed screens and power game.
  2. Seahawks to the SuperBowl

    The Rams are at home vs the 49ers.
  3. Seahawks to the SuperBowl

    I"m so sick of Pete, Bevell, Cable and Richard that I'd wish they'd all leave. Pete gives way too much leash to these dogs. Go to the front office Pete. You're so delusional. OK back to the SB run (yes, this will NEVER happen) but it gives me something to root for and with only 1 regular season game, might as well have something to watch. #1 and the obvious: Seahawks beat Zona and the Panthers beat the Falcons (In Atlanta). We're the #6 seed. #2: Jimmy Garropolo at home beats the Rams and the Bucs at home beat the Saints. ( If the Rams win and they're the automatic 3 seed. We'd get smoked again.) Wildcard playoff seedings: #6 Hawks at #3 Carolina #5 Saints at #4 Rams. #6 Hawks could actually beat the Panthers in Carolina. #5 Saints beat the #4 Rams. Divisionals: #6 Hawks at #1 Philly. The Eagles without Wentz are in trouble. Nick Foles is slow footed, can't throw an out route, can't run like a Wentz. Hawks pull the upset. #5 Saints at #2 Vikes. Can the Saints beat the Vikes? I would root for it. Minnesota's D is too dominating for our OL. Vikes harass Brees. NFC Championship: #6 Hawks at #2 Vikes. Case Keenum fumbles 2x and thows 3 interceptions. Hawks in a repeat 10-9 win. Hawks in the Superbowl...... Far fetched for sure, but something to root for and that's what a fanatic is all about, right? Pixie dust and unicorns....
  4. What else makes me sick? I documented that we needed to keep Alex Collins, but no... Now he's an absolute stud for Baltimore. Great vision. hits the whole with power and enough burst to get 1st downs. Not to mention catching balls in the backfield. Wtf was Pete thinking? I saw it... Why not them? yet, we keep both Lacy, Rawls and a china doll in Prosise. How does any of this make sense. More sickness.
  5. 1. 'What the F was Baldwin doing going out of bounds with 2:29 left? He EASILY could've dove for a 1st down. Instead it's 3rd and 1, RW gets sacked. Ridiculous! 2. Earl Thomas is so disappointing. We tie it 10-10 and Bortles then goes deep for a 75 yd TD??? C'mon Earl, you were out of position again. Remember the lousy play vs PHilly. KJ Wright is covering a WR and you don't have the instincts to support that side of the field? Sickening. You're the CF! I'm not going to mention walsh, who should've been axed after the Skin game. He has NO NO NO leg. His kickoffs are short. His FG's barely clear from 45+. 3 games left, so lets sweep and win the division. When you can jack their D for 24, you have to win. RW is flat out a baller.
  6. Tough game to win but simple strategy on D and continued strategy on O. D? This keep everything in front of "us" is getting old as we should have more than 10 picks with the D talent we possess. We need way more of ET's jump the Watson throw to Hopkins route for a TD. As mentioned, ET was out of pass position too often vs Philly. This is the week that Wags needs to jump a route and stop dropping into deep zone. For some reason, I see McDougald making a big play. Maybe a tipped pass and interception. To win, our D needs to create 3 turnovers & 10 pts off the turnovers. O? Same ol, Same ol. What do you do vs an aggressive D? Chip block with Mike Davis on Yannick and sneak out into the flat for a screen. Pull out the old Dave Krieg to JL Williams tape. Davis brings that physicality and back receiver we need to show up. My boy, JD, needs to line up in the slot and find him on a LB again. i.e. Philly. Take our shots downfield with play action but let's look down the seam. Graham needs to be huge. Quick throws but let's not get in love with WR bubbles. 3 turnovers & 10 points from the D with 9 points from the O. Blair is big here. Pressure Bortles into mistakes limiting them to 13 points. We just have to be more aggressive from the back 7. Jump routes!!! McDougald will play more in the box, but i see him creating a big turnover. We have a decided advantage at QB and while we're in their house against the ferocious sacksonville D, we can pull this out in a slugfest because we have RW and they have Bortles. Simple play design with flawless execution and we can come home 9-4. The 4:25 et start time is monstrous.
  7. Russell is amazing. A flat out baller. Everyone talks about his sandlot ability but the 3 td throws and the all out blitz & pass to Baldwin were all from the pocket. While I loathe Bevell, we did set up match ups that favored the Hawks. I love JD and he ran a nice slant and go on on Kendricks for the TD. Graham beat Jenkins. Lockett beat ?? Baldwin beat McCleod to set up Lockett's TD. Mike Davis was a very good back at South Carolina and he's showing his power and plays with a ferocity that should excite us all. Where did he get a spin move and nice feet? Add in JD and you have 2 weapons that we should continue to lean on and must if we're going to make a serious run. The play of these 2 guys gives me tremendous hope. I thought JD should be the screen back but Davis is outstanding catching the ball out of the backfield. The one disappointment on Sunday's game & it's a shock was the play of one of the best players in the NFL and that's Earl. He sucked in pass coverage! Sucked. I saw some all-22 and Earl was caught in the middle of the field and in no man's land time and time again when no Eagle was even threatening the middle of the field. The early Wentz overthrow to Agular that would've been a TD. ET was lost. Then Wentz threw behind Agular, who had to go down to make the catch at the Hawks 35. That was a TD with a good throw. ET was in no man's land. Let's add Wentz's 40 yd side arm throw to Agular when Jefferson was at his ankles. ET was standing around. There is NO excuse for ET not being there to pick or knock that ball away. There was only 1 place Wentz could throw. Maxwell got beat but where was ET? In no man's land. Then on 3rd and 13, Agular beats Maxwell again on their only TD pass and ET was still in no man's land. ET needed to show his instincts but he never flashed into the screen and all-22 delineates what ET was doing. If ET is playing ET ball, they don't score that TD. The first 3rd and 14 is incomplete and the second 3rd and 13 for a TD doesn't happen. We can blame Maxwell, but we know what Maxwell is and reason ET needs to use instincts based on formations to disect and ball hawk. He wasn't and it could've cost us the game. Clark & Wags were monsters! I hope we just keep Clark on the weakside and let him pass rush. If Clark adds a spin move to his repertoire ( and he can), he'll lead the NFL in sacks. He can pull the LT so wide which opens up the interior. I LOVED Raheem Brock in 2010 with his spin move. It's a deadly pass rush move. Clark's hands are outstanding. Overall, it was a solid game from start to finish. We need ET to show up vs Bortles because he's there for the pickin's. Focus on Fournette and bring heat on Bortles. It has that 16-13 type of score. Does everyone know what is sweeet? The game was flexed by FOX to a 4:25 time slot. Look back at all of our 1 pm EST starts. We haven't done squatash in the 1st half. This time change is HUGGGGGE. A lot of rambling here and no cohesiveness but oh well.....
  8. I don't like this matchup at all, especially up front. Philly stole Jernigan, who was given a new deal, and it only cost a swap of 3rds with Baltimore. Fletcher Cox, Graham, their 1st rd pick from Tennessee and Curry. It's too much for our OL. We shouldn't even try to run. THey're #1 in the NFL. Screen passes and more screen passes to offset their tenacity. How many times will I incessantly mention those? The only issue I have with our screen game is that it develops too quickly. KD comes right of the backfield and a backer will pick him. up. Block, Block and then dump it off to allow KD to make moves. Mike Davis was really effective until he got hurt. Lane sucks and he shouldn't even play. Jefferies is too tall for Lane and Aguilar is too fast. We need to focus on a weak area of ours and Philly's best weapon and that's Zach Ertz. If we play zone, we'll get picked apart. I'm not sure KJ can run with Ertz. I wouldn't mind an under /over coverage with Ertz. Force Wentz to find anyone else but don't let Ertz beat us. Ajayi is scarier than Blount. Another steal with a 4th rdr. THey have a nice trio of backs. All things equal, we get beat by 13. If we are a +2 in the turnover margin, I can see us pulling it out... But then, why did we ever sign Blair? And why wasn't he cut?
  9. Week 11: Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks

    Ok, i called it. The throwback screen except they're going to Davis. Screen, Screen, Screen!! Book it... lol
  10. Week 11: Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks

    Keep running the screens! The screen to Davis was the screen I wanted for JD but, nonetheless, it was successful. Roll right and toss left. Ya' gotta like Mike Davis and his power. Wilson needs to keep his eyes on Ifedi, who is a turd! More screens. More screens! C'mon Hawks! It's there.
  11. Week 11: Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks

    We need a big dose of J.D. ( I hope we cut China doll Prosise). JD is our most explosive player and we've seen the mismatches he presents. Screens, Screens, Screens and wheel routes (don't get cute and have McEvoy attempt a pass) Really? J.D. is the man. 12 touches and run him just a few times. I'll take a fake jet sweep going weakside with RW rolling right looking for Doug or Jimmy. This game plan is a very simple one. Will Bevell screw it up with Up the middle runs? We'll need 30 points and JD is the guy. Then go PRich on 9 routes or Lockett on deep outs. Misdirection with JD will help neutralize the Falcon's speedy D. Ryan will carve us up with intermediate routes vs zone and then going deep. We need 30+ and JD is the key to the contest. Book it.
  12. Skins out: WR Crowder and TE Reed. Doubtful: LT Trent Williams. Huge Losses. Even w/out ET, we should dominate on D and cover the 7 pt line.
  13. Our D is too vanilla and Kirk Cousins is too good of a QB to be held to 10 points. Even Ray Lewis in Inside the NFL said as much about the D. Cousins will lead the Skins to 20 - 23 points and we'll pull it out again by scoring 24. It was obvious Earl was hurt on the 72 yd bubble screen TD to Hopkins as he grabbed his hammy. Earl at 75% is better than most safeties but not in this case. I hope we don't act like we're going to get Lacy going. Hand off just enough to allow play action to freeze a backer or DB and go to PRich. We're lucky Bill O'Brian (and Houston's OC) pulled a Bevell and handed off to Miller on that 3rd and 4. Allow Watson to run a read option there and we're 4-3. Otherwise, I loved the plays they installed for a rookie QB. All of the misdirection play fakes kept our D off balance. I was going to create a you tube but didn't have the time. I wish we could create more deception with RW. JD faking a jet sweep, a fake pass left and then come back on a corner route or something to Jimmy down the seam. Fuller torched Sherman on that 2nd TD with the misdirection. Hopkins as well. Back to the Skins. They beat themselves vs Philly when Cousins threw for 300 yds and 3 Td's. Momentum changed when they had Wentz on a 3rd down and 12 in Philly territory with momentum. He somehow escaped to get 14 yds and a 1st down which led to a TD. Did the same thing on a TD pass to Agholar. They were controlling up to that point. Same last week vs Dallas. Ready to go up 16-7 right before the half, they had a fg blocked that Dallas recovered and took it deep in Skins territory which led to a TD right before the half and a 14-13 Dallas lead. Huge swing. The Skins appear to be a fragile squad but they'll play us tougher than 24-10 and are better than their 3-5 record. I hope I"m wrong but I see another 4th qtr nail biter. Go Hawks!
  14. Alex Collins

    Just like I said, Pete pulled a Holmgren in cutting Alex while Holmgren traded Ahman. No reason. Prosise is a china doll and showed 1 td vs Philly and a couple of nice wheel routes. I liked Collins and he should've been kept. Now he's a stud in Baltimore with the #1 yards per carry in the NFL and is showing the traits that i predicted. How can a lawn jockey see it but Pete couldn't? Now we still don't have a running back and he was with us all along but didn't get the opportunity. http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=588411 "I see that Collin's isn't getting a shot to show his talent. A few carries here and there can't show his game. His feet are quicker than anticipated as he's side stepped DL while having some power. I think Collin's fits our Offense and should "make" the last cut & play. " May 11th, 2017 This is not to gloat but to reiterate why would we let him go over Prosise? Because Prosise was a 3rd rd pick that I never liked. Fumbled bum at ND. It's frustrating to cut talent and exactly my concerns will come to fruition. Lacy will be gone. Prosise should've been cut but he was a 3rd rd and would've been an embarrassment. Rawls is a guy but is also hurt all of the time. Why ax Alex? No sense. I guarantee Schneider & Pete have regrets. We know he knows how Alex is doing. Too many fab highlights not to have seen him. Heck, Kasen Williams shouldn't have been cut either. McEvoy? ugggh. Frustrated Hawk fan that saw more than the brass. How is that possible? It's happened over and over and over.
  15. If we don't start respecting the national anthem and our flag, then I'm out. What does kneeling in unity going to do? Absolutely nothing. What is staying in the locker room going to do? Find another venue to protest what you consider inequality. I'm not going to continue a rant. I will say I'm starting to get tired of this team and the whole coaching staff. Boring concepts, mistakes, penalties, not prepared, brainless plays. Wait until Alex Collins takes off while we kept worthless and injury prone Prosise and Rawls. Favoritism, not reality. When can we can Bevell? Richard? Cable? Even Carroll is annoying and continues to be delusional about this team. Do we have Last year's posts?