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  1. If we don't start respecting the national anthem and our flag, then I'm out. What does kneeling in unity going to do? Absolutely nothing. What is staying in the locker room going to do? Find another venue to protest what you consider inequality. I'm not going to continue a rant. I will say I'm starting to get tired of this team and the whole coaching staff. Boring concepts, mistakes, penalties, not prepared, brainless plays. Wait until Alex Collins takes off while we kept worthless and injury prone Prosise and Rawls. Favoritism, not reality. When can we can Bevell? Richard? Cable? Even Carroll is annoying and continues to be delusional about this team. Do we have Last year's posts?
  2. Easy 2 teamer. While I figured we'd beat the 9ers, there was no way we should be favored by 2 td's vs anyone. The total was 43.5? C'mon Vegas. 2 teams that couldn't score a TD in week 1 were ready to go gang busters on O? The Titans will show us what an OL is all about. They looked very good vs the Raiders & Jags (who sacked Texan QB's 10 times in week 1). The only reason we could win this game isn't about x's and o's but is because can the Titans really go to 3-0? If I wasn't a Hawks fan, I'd take the Titans all day but no chance. I will never root against the Hawks. Titans -3 even $$ and total is 43. Prediction: Titans 19 Hawks 13. I hope I"m wrong but we look like trash and it will be a typical 4-4 team at mid-season & then go 6-2 to finish 10-6.
  3. I'm going crazy watching this O struggle against solid DL's like GB. I've been clamoring for the screen game for years now. That is how you offset a pass rush and cover for a terrible OL. Why we were passing inside the 20 vs GB resulting in a fumble? Not 20/20. It's just poor coaching and not knowing your personnel or being delusional. Probably a combo of both. Roll the line strong side and screen back to the weak side. Screen, Screen, Screen and I'm not talking bubble screen to WR's either. On D, how about more safety blitzes from Kam? I'm tired of blaming our coaching staff, but our game plans are some of the worst in football. Directv allows me to watch and record many games. Until we make game plan changes, we're going to struggle as we face many front 7's that will get after RW.
  4. Week 1: Seahawks at Packers

    Ok Bad call.
  5. Week 1: Seahawks at Packers

    wtf was Lane doing? Cobb had no chance to catch Naz, so get out of the way, ya ******
  6. Week 1: Seahawks at Packers

    By season's end, I believe we'll be the best team in the NFC. However, this is a spot I don't believe we'll overcome and win. It's all about playing in GB & that we just don't start well and on the road at GB? I doubt it. I think we have more talent but our CB's outside of Sherm aren't ready to deal with Rodgers. At year's end, we'll be good enough. 23-20 Packers. I hope I'm wrong.
  7. Cassius Marsh Trade

    A small sample size but Marsh showed EXACTLY why he was my least favorite penalty machine and below avg talent. Did you see him getting toasted vs KC? The running into the kicker penalty? Lucky it wasn't an automatic 1st down. That's the same garbage he did with us. How many roughing the passer or other penalties did he have for us on 3rd down and giving the opponent a 1st down? Way too many. We got rid of the only 2 guys mentioned as my least favorite Hawks due to many mistakes. Kearse & Marsh. Now left? Ifedi.... I'm dialed into JS because it's so OBVIOUS.
  8. Cassius Marsh Trade

    My least favorite Hawk was traded to the Patriots & we received a 5th and a 7th rd selection. Granted they're late in each Rd but Marsh was a penalty machine. 2 draft selections no matter where they are is benefit city. I never know if a 7th rd selection will be better than a 2nd rd or a 5th better than a 4th. Another trade I like due to an increase in selections and always the opportunity to move around in the 2018 draft. AWESOME !!
  9. Sheldon Richardson Steal

    Total steal here. First of all, I don't like Kearse and believe he was going to be cut anyway. He did nothing special last year except getting penalized for pick plays. Sheldon gives us that interior presence to blast the pocket and allowing Avril to go backside for strip sacks. It also leaves Bennett & Clark to knife inside. Collapsing the pocket is the only way to contain Rodgers and even Ryan ate us up by stepping up into the pocket with their superior OL. The time is NOW. The window is open. This is an INCREDIBLE move and trade. Keeps Wags clean to be a heat seeking missle, too. So what did we give up? An inconsequential 2nd rd selection. Big deal. While it could be a rent a player as Sheldon is in the last year of his deal, the Hawks would get a 3rd rd compensatory selection if/when he signs a big contract. What a steal. Rent a player of his caliber & only more down 1 rd in the draft! STEAL because the time is NOW. This D is going to be ferocious! LOVE IT !
  10. My 2 least favorite and ONLY 2 players that I did /do not like were TRADED !! Sweet.... The only Hawk I'm not a fan of and is a clown is Ifedi. He stinks! I'm so glad Marsh is gone!
  11. RW is incredible. The only other QB I've seen that can be running left and throw with such touch & accuracy is Rodgers. RWs' throws to Carson & the beautiful touch to Kearse were off the charts. Then RW comes back plants and fires a bullet to Graham down the seam. We are sooooo blessed to have RW under center. I hope we go more up tempo in 2017. It keeps RW in rhythm. Chris Carson looks fab, obviously & I'm already sick of china doll Prosise. Never liked him at ND because he fumbled too often but now he can get on the field. Carson seems to have 20/15 vision and a nice burst to get to the 2nd level. He's going to get some regular season PT. The OL played better than I forecasted but KC was missing Justin. Negatives: The run defense has looked abysmal. I loved Jarron Reed but he's been invisible. My least favorite Hawk rears his ugly head again. For as few plays that he's out there, Marsh drives me bananas. He is Mr. Late hit. Without looking at stats, Marsh must lead the league in 15 yd personal fouls per plays played. He only shows up on 3rd down & I cringe. The D held & here comes the O. Yellow on the field & it's a 15yd penalty on Marsh. I can't stand him. Sure, he has the proverbial "motor" but needs to drive in 3rd gear on occasion. Kearse is another guy that annoys me. Bennett's offsides don't bother me because he's a stud. Marsh is just a clown. The pass D was a second behind. More time to work out the kinks with Shaq and Lane. Neither looks great, just decent. It does look like the Hawks will need more time to gel. It wouldn't surprise me to get off to a 5-3 start & then go 6-2 & finish at 11-5. This has to be the year we sweep LARams. Sweep SF & split with Zona to go 5-1 in division & 6-4 outside. 11-5. Go Hawks!
  12. Hawks' Offensive Line

    I've never figured out why we try to keep our OL so versatile. Sure, it's nice to have guys that can play Tackle and slide into Guard due to injuries. However, it's the ol' Jack of all trades but master of none. Btw, I just broke my arm patting myself on my back. It looks like Ifedi is the turd that I said he'd be. While my 3rd rd guy, LaRaven Clark will be starting at RT for Indy and really came on at the end of the 2016 season. How is that possible? A lawn jockey like myself knows more than Cable and the boys? Find a lineup and let's stick with it. Hopefully, we'll see our OL improve during pre-season. It's the only unit we need to see improvement to reach our goal of winning the Super Bowl. I'm jacked for 2017.