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  1. Keep seeing people bringing up Clowney or Griffin, but the guy I think the Jets should sign is Markus Golden. He’s younger then Griffin and less of an injury question mark then Clowney. He was very disruptive as a pass rusher for the Giants last season and a few years ago in Arizona before he tore his ACL.
  2. The Jets are projected to receive two 6th round comp picks next year. Good job Joe D.
  3. This is all started when Bobby asked if there was anything negative about Mims game, so I made a post detailing such. When we start saying this kids floor is Allen Robinson, I’d say the expectations are being set a little too high.
  4. His most common route ran was the go route actually. He absolutely has the ability to stretch defenses deep in the same way that Williams does. I don’t think saying his floor is Tyrell Williams is a slight in anyway. That’s a pretty high floor for the 59th pick in the draft. You guys do realize that 2nd round WRs bust more often then not right? Again, I love Mims and I’m glad he’s on the team. But you guys need to stop acting like he’s a sure fire pro bowl WR.
  5. Also helps that he’s the only other small/quick slot WR on the team. What happens if Crowder gets hurt and we don’t have Q. Who plays in the slot?
  6. Jesus lol. I get that Mims is the best WR prospect the Jets have drafted since Keyshawn Johnson (which is pathetic), but come on. Allen Robinson is a pro bowl WR coming off a season where he had 98 catches, 1,150 yards, and 7 TDs with terrible QB play. I feel like a large portion of the fan base has convinced themselves we drafted the next Julio Jones/AJ Green. Could he reach those levels? Possibly. But he just isn’t anywhere near the kind of prospect they were, which is why they went inside the top 10. I’d say his floor is Tyrell Williams. Deep threat with some red zone chops, who’s route running and contested catch ability is to inconsistent to be relied on as a go-to WR.
  7. Yeap he had 20 contested catches, which was tied for the most in college last year. But he also only made 48% of his contested catches, which isn’t a great number.
  8. I want to start off by clarifying that I loved that we picked Mims, especially where we took him. It was tremendous value. Rarely are you able to get a WR with legit WR1 potential at the end of round 2. That being said, he definitely has a lower floor then a lot of the WRs that went ahead of him (though I don’t think his floor is complete bust out of the league in 3-4 years ala Stephen Hill). He absolutely has to refine his route running. He has the physical ability and talent to be a rare separator for someone his size, but it’s not a given that he will ever become an elite route runner. The biggest issue I saw from watching his full game tapes rather then just his highlight reels was his inconsistency with making contested catches. He has some crazy circus catches that makes for a great highlight, but there were plenty of times when he struggled making the catch when he had a CB on his back. He also seems to mistime his jump quite often. Ultimately I think his floor is somewhere around Tyrell Williams and his ceiling is a rich man’s Braylon Edwards.
  9. Not sure the Jets CBs come anywhere close to the other AFC East teams. Obviously we have the best safety tandem by far, but the other 3 teams have legit #1 shut down corners.
  10. Never heard of this in my life. Wild. He is definitely someone I think the Jets should sign.
  11. I love Mims, but Brandon Marshall is one of the most physical WRs I’ve ever seen play. I don’t think he even comes close to him in terms of physicality. I think another former Jets WR, Braylon Edwards is a better comparison.
  12. Definitely think the fact that JD traded back at 48 shows he wasn’t absolutely in love with Mims, but he was too good to pass up at 59. Mims was widely regarded as a 3rd or 4th round pick before he blew up the combine/senior bowl. He’s a boom/bust kind of prospect that’s for sure.
  13. The actual article from Tony says the Jets are interested in him as a 3rd rounder.
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