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  1. 2019 prospects and outlook

    https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/draft-pff-film-room-josh-allen As we get closer to the draft I think it’s going to become clear that Josh Allen is a rare prospect. He’s the closest thing I’ve seen to Von Miller. Clelin Ferrell is a terrific prospect in his own right, but Allen is far superior. I’d lose my mind if the Jets took Ferrell over Allen because of “fit”. He would be the perfect SAM in Williams defense. You can make the argument that Allen would actually carry more value as a SAM who could also cover compared to pure hand in the dirt 43 end.
  2. 1/17/19 Mock

    Almost every part of this mock is wishful thinking, lol. Guess that is what mocks are for though. If even 50% of this happened I’d be happy.
  3. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Preston Smith is great with his hand in the dirt. I think he would be a perfect LDE in a base 43, and could even kick inside on passing downs. Barrett mainly plays in a 2 point stance.
  4. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Preston Smith and Shaq Barrett.
  5. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Sanders and Thomas both ruptured their Achilles last month, and are both on the wrong side of 30. I wouldn’t be interested in either.
  6. Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC

    I’m so serious when I say this... I really hope they entertain the idea of hiring Rex Ryan if things don’t work out with Gregg Williams. Its a joke if they don’t close this thing out with Williams though. The Jets ability to close players/coaches they want has been terrible.
  7. Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC

  8. Adam Gase hired to be the HC of the NYJ

    4-5 teams are in on him currently. Apparently this guy is a big proponent of the wide 9. Sucks. He is a great coach.
  9. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    While I’ve come around to the idea of giving Bell what he wants in FA, I really hope that Macc prioritizes the offensive line. It’s the one unit that you can improve drastically overnight. If the Jets want to help Darnold, they need to add atleast two new starters on the offensive line. The Jets should go hard after both Roger Saffold and Matt Paradis. Beachum is solid, Shell is improving, and you would see a different Brian Winters if he had an elite center next to him. Based on LG/C contracts given out last year, Paradis will probably cost around $12 million/year while Saffold would cost $13-14 million/year. They would be well worth it as long as there are outs on their contracts after the 2nd season.
  10. Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC

    I really hope this doesn’t mean that the Jets aren’t hiring Gregg Williams and Gase is bringing Burke with him to NY.
  11. Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC

  12. Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC

    This is my singular concern with a Williams hire. It’s going to take resources away from the offense to change schemes. Where as with a 34, there weren’t any glaring holes. Seems like the idea of adding Bell, a WR, and two new starting OLmen is out the window with this hiring.
  13. Adam Gase hired to be the HC of the NYJ

    Kind of like the trade up to 3 for Darnold, this move was aggressive, bold, and risky. They didn’t care about the fan backlash and hired the coach that checked the boxes they wanted checked. Let’s hope it works out as well as the trade up.