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  1. A QB that can move was brought to the forefront when the media anointed the Rams head coach the next boy genius. Green Bay now has the same "Madden game boy" coach. Matter of fact GB foolishly drafted a complete reach (Love) that fits today's "perfect" QB You can also lump in L Jackson with that group. IMO getting a QB for that's type of offense is difficult. You have guys (Jared Goff) that move can't ( accurately on the run) throw you have guys that throw but can't move. It not everyday you have a Rodgers and Mahomes. Take the Rams the coach, he will never be satisfied with his
  2. The last thing I want is to waste FA money on a RB. IMO they are a dime a dozen. "The Law Firm" ring a bell.
  3. I would go Horn here. CB is more important position and Horn is a game changer. Also Gilmore is gone and possibility Jackson as well. I would take Jones at 15 however I don't see BB doing that, matter of fact I see him trading the pick. BB draft = Head Scrather!!!! There is two ways to look at this pick. There is no way BB would take Trask, its not possible. The Pats select Trasks !!!!! No frigging way!! or He trades again to the team desperate for a QB while on the phone with Doug Flutie!!!!! Nope, To small BB takes, Nico Collins, WR, Michigan, 6-4.
  4. Ok I just spent 3 hrs trying to get a Covid appointment. Good luck with that one. I need to let off steam so I came up with this scenario. All the SC Draft experts keep jamming down our throats the the new QB has to have running skills, which is just another way of saying that the QB has limited skills above the shoulders!! Yes, I understand the Wilson and the PM of the world. On the flip side you have Jackson who will never sniff a SB ring. Forget all that crap. Here's what the Pats should do. Trade all RBs. Than in the draft and take 3/4 QBs. Kellen Mond, Jamie Newman
  5. Exactly, this makes my point. You basically can't throw with any touch. Especially in the short game.
  6. Hunter Do you have the link. I want to see the whole mock
  7. Removed picture. NBC has contacted my wife friend she posted it on twitter. Screw those vultures!!! So I'm taken it down
  8. All you have to do is look at some of his throws, he physically can't throw a football. You can have Rice and Moss and he would still over/under throw them. IMO The only reason people want to give him a 2nd chance is becasue he's Cam "Superman" Newton. I will use Pitino famous quote Superman is not walking through the door.
  9. Ok I'm watching Sports Boston and I just can't believe how stupid Perry and Curran are when it come to Patriots football. Perry was in some mock today representing the Pats he took Gregory Rousseau over Mac Jones. His reason, the Pats will take care of the QB (MM) position before the draft freeing them up to go for other players that fall to them. Here what drove me nuts he said the Pats need to make a trade to get him before he is released and they should use their 2nd RD pick to get him!!! AUFKMe !!!!! Dumb ***! Than idiot Curran said that we should stop hoping for Mac Jones just
  10. Check out this mock. I don't see Jets trading to Pats however man this has some great moves with some great picks and some that I hate. https://www.patspulpit.com/2021/2/23/22290365/nfl-mock-draft-patriots-quarterback-trade-sam-darnold Love WR --- Rondale Moore, Shi Smith , Josh Palmer D ---- Nick Bolton , Tyler Shelvin, Israel Mukuamu Hate QB ---- Jamie Newman RB ---- Javian Hawkins I thought this was well thought out (trades) and it made me smile when I saw the haul of quality players. Lets say that this is better than 99.9% of the mocks done on
  11. You are right it had nothing to do with the virus, or the lack of training camp. These are just excuses. His arm/ shoulder is shot after the major injury. He has no release or feel when throwing. That's why you see some of the throws go straight into the dirt or sail 10 ft over a WRs head. Best way I can explain it is if you strapped your upper arm to your body and than throw. You use your body and release from your elbow. I had the same type of injury and I couldn't throw worth a damn after the surgery so I had to hang up the cleats!!😁
  12. When MM comes up, I think of two things. Watching grass grow and watching paint dry !!! How can a NFL QB throw accurately holding a football like a waiter holding a serving tray. Oh I forgot. When someone tries to tell me he's a NFL QB. Don't piss on my leg and tell me its raining!! Yes I know don't quit your day job!!😁
  13. " DeVonta Smith Chose Mac Jones over Tua Tagovailoa During Predraft Interview " https://www.bleacherreport.com/articles/2932937-devonta-smith-chose-mac-jones-over-tua-tagovailoa-during-predraft-interview
  14. https://youtu.be/yHaafVQoMO4 I don't have a good opinion on Gregory Rousseau however I might have missed part of his game that did not stand out when I first looked at him. I thought he was over hyped and his skills on the outside lacked at the next level. Now I see him on the inside on passing downs and he dominates. He has the size to take on OL and is fast and quick to blow by them. Makes it look easy. He's a nightmare on the inside and he could develop on the outside with coaching. Inside you better double team him or he will blow up the play. Its funny this is a major
  15. Its just different scenarios concerning movement in the draft. My ideal draft is to get Mac Jones. I don't care how they do it trade up or down. He is the number one target IMO. I say this because there is no chance the Pats have a shot at Wilson, unless they sell the farm and I 'don;t see them doing that with all the holes on the roster. Here are two articles I read today. https://www.espn.com/blog/new-england-patriots/post/_/id/4822261/charlie-weis-raves-about-mac-jones-as-potential-patriots-qb-of-future https://www.profootballnetwork.com/is-justin-fields-slipping-down-d
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