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  1. Next year we are building for the future. The only thing he can give you is flashes from years past. What he takes away is a chance to develop (Meyers)younger talent. The goal is SB and that's not happening next year. It's time to clean house. Hightower, McCourty, Chong, Jules etc.. need to go. Think future. Make Cap moves for the future. Take a look at FA , spend wisely (no super stars) Think, low salary cap next year 2021 for the NFL teams. We looking at 100+ with additional cuts as the players I mentioned. Remember with low Cap, salary's to FA will be lower. 👍 https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/wide-receiver/ https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/safety/
  2. Did you have to bring up freaking Dowling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I here that name and it feels like I been kicked in the nuts. I'm pretty sure that was the first time the change the draft format on TV, 1st RD only. The Pats had all night and day to make a trade ( 1st pick 2nd RD)and I'm seeing multiple picks dance in my head and Pats robbing someone. Pats keep the pick and I go nuts, smashed my TV, kick the dog and put holes in the walls. I think I was on my knees crying. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY trader BB!!!! Players they passed on http://www.mynfldraft.com/2011/round2/
  3. Two things to add 1. Fields ---- doesn't have a feel for the rush, which is hard to judge based on your comments on his OL. Usually never happens. Could he be another OSU QB that's the question. Who ever takes him better do there homework and make sure its not because of the hype. Can you say Baker Mayfield ! 2. Lance ---- His opposition is as low as Wilson. He reminds me of Daunte Culpepper (in the passing game) without Moss and Carter. Throw it deep and pray! Forgot --- I'm starting to like Jones from Alabama . He shows confidence and doesn't rattle. IMO he might not be a super star but he would be effective in the Pats system. No dumb screw ups, that all I ask from a QB! 2nd RD, maybe ?
  4. That's exactly what I see. Pats have to do a better job scouting ,I don't care if it WR or TE. I keep learning every year what is important with players you draft. The last 2 years I come to the conclusion that one of the traits needed is working the field is so important when you pick a WR/TE. I not a word Smith so I will try to explain with this example. Jacoby Meyers knows how to read and get open. You here the sports guy talk about him ready the defense and he knows how to find the open spot. Harry has no clue. I don't understand how the scouts don't see that when they get to watch game tape on each player. I watch UT videos and I can see (sometimes) a player pos/neg. That's why I loved Hunter Renfrow and Terry McLaurin coming out. I agree Pat Freiermuth has bad footwork and is ( he look like he stumbles) slow in his breaks. I also see Fields and Lance have a problem reading the field. Field get away with it because he has 1 hr to stand in the pocket. I also see Wilson having all the traits needed at the next level. I try to remember which is hard, that BB(TE) drafted players should be judge (Harris) after the 1st year, but boy its frustrating! PS Dalton Keene I saw one play and I said, Oh crap. Yes I know I'm you nuts, maybe, but I hope I'm wrong with this kid. One play and he ran like the "Water Boy" and caught the ball to his chest with his forearms on a (wide open)10 yard button.
  5. Great post. That the kiss of death for coaches/GM careers. History tell you that. I not a fan as well I not sure but I think that changes June 1st. I agree however I would make the deal. I think its crazy if you don't. History shows teams go for years looking for a QB. There have only been 2 QB picked after the 20th pick in the 1st round in the last 20 years with any success . Yes there are QB picked after the 1st that are good such Prescott and Wilson however they are like Brady pipe dreams that came true. The Pats pick will be a big chip in moving up if they wait til next year and they are lower in the 1st the cost will be much steeper. Any team that pick before the Pats with a QB will love to move down the only player that they won't move will be if Penei Sewell still on the board. IMO there are only four player teams will consider as must have. Lawrence, Fields, Wilson and Sewell than it drops to the next level of players.
  6. Sorry I didn't attach my comments read my post that follows
  7. I have watched all the videos I can on Lance and Zach Wilson. The videos on Lance shows he's a product of his competition . He big, fast, strong and has a arm. What he doesn't have is a game for the pro level. His major flaw is he never and I mean never looks for a secondary receiver, if the play not there he takes off. The two QBs play lower competition but Wilson is a thousand time better than Lance. IMO it's night and day. I feel he's this years next star by the Kipers of the draft world. The same hype as Jordan Love. They talk about Lance over Wilson and I crack up laughing, it a joke to compare the two. I would take Trask or Jones over him. Just watch the highlight videos most are Lance throwing bombs or running. I guess if you give him Randy Moss and Chris Carter you might have the next Culpepper!!! Last, he looks great out of the pocket because the other teams are so below his level. If he played with the big boys he would have no chance making plays because he wouldn't have all day to find a WR. PS Trask and Jones I used to show they are better players. No way do I want both in the 1st round.
  8. Ok This bugs the heck out of me. BB watched TB for 20 years. The GOAT. The only way to stop him was to pressure him. So why the fudge does he rush 3 guys all day and watch the QB rip the secondary apart. We are all posters and we knew by the 1st Q that is wasn't working. It baffles me!
  9. Yes and it drives me nuts. Especially this year.
  10. Lets add to this crap day. If the Pats lost last week they would be picking 6th at this point!🤢
  11. Also Watson is known for holding the ball.
  12. I not sure on this one, its hard to evaluate when they give Watson 3 hrs in and out of the pocket. Also you forgot defensive game plan, awful.
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