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  1. IMO Three guys that stood out in the game that weren't talked about DT Byron Cowart------ He's a bull that collapses the pocket CB Williams ----- Covered well and supports the run S Brooks -- Quick and is around the ball. He a hitter.
  2. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    If we are going on preseason games Stidham was a absolute steal in the 4th round. He looked just as good as the 1st round picks if not better. Showed poise, command of the offense and great arm talent. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27352867/rookie-qb-stidham-shines-first-pats-audition My QB draft rating. Haskin---- low 1st Jones --- 3rd Finley --- 2nd , 3rd Sridham ------ 2nd, 3rd Decker --- Not worth a draft pick
  3. Early roster predictions?

    Using Patriots list QB (3) T.Brady, B.Hoyer, J.Stidham RB (6) S.Michel, J.White, D.Harris, B.Bolden, R.Burkhead, J.Develin WR (6) J.Edelman, N.Harry, P.Dorsett, M.Harris, J.Meyers, M.Slater ------- Maybe a surprise cut/trade and they keep Berrios for slot and punting duties. TE (3) M.LaCosse, B.Watson, L.Kendricks ---- Ryan Izzo Impressive blocker for our running game. He was killing it last night. C (1) D.Andrews G (4) S.Mason, J.Thuney, T.Karras, H.Froholdt T (3) M.Cannon, I.Wynn, Y.Cajuste ---- IMO, IR for him this year. DE (4) M.Bennett, D.Wise, C.Winovich, L.Guy DT (3) M.Pennel, A.Butler, D.Shelton ----- Byron Cowart, IMO a player to watch. He was impressive last night however it was the 4th Q. Like to see more. ILB(2) J.Bentley, E.Roberts OLB(4) D.Hightower, K.VanNoy, J.Collins, B.King CB (7) S.Gilmore, J.McCourty, J.Jackson, J.Williams, J.Jones, D.Dawson, K.Crossen KC--I hope someone beats him out. Dawson put a fork in him SS (2) P.Chung, N.Ebner ----- You can't be so sure. Has his time run out. Business and age, possible cut. FS (2) D.McCourty, D.Harmon ST (3) S.Gostkowski, R.Allen, J.Cardona Bailey is a real threat. Allen maybe trade chip?
  4. Here some of my observations on last nights game. Names in bold, I was really impressed. Joejuan Williams - lacks discipline, sloppy technique, more work needed however there is raw skill. Chase Winovich - Wow, He is non stop, natural ability rushing passer. Explosive off the line. Shilique Calhoun - Not sure, looked good on some plays . Need to see more Derek Rivers - Not sure, yes he had two sacks however Detroit OT was useless. Ryan Izzo - Very impressive blocking, not much in the catching department however he could be a major asset in the running game. I like what I saw. Jakobi Meyers - WOW. I can't believe he wasn't drafted. I can't wait to see him with Jules on the field and see him with one on one coverage. Braxton Berrios - Good game in the punting department. I need to see more reps in the passing game. Was it him or the lack of defense from Lyons. N'Keal Harry - It hard to judge he was injured early. Major skill set. Byron Cowart - Played in the 4th however he has all the tools. He was killing the OL line. Impressive. Duke Dawson - Put a fork in him. Terrence Brooks - Steady, did his job. Jarrett Stidham - Has skills, looked good however he needs time and coaching. I not sure if he ready for regular season. Lets see what happen when he get a season under his belt. IMO based only on last night he has a bright future but he will need time to learn. PS You can see why the Bengels management stink. They took Ryan Finley and JM was his go to guy, 90+ WR. Not even a 7th round choice!!! One player I can't stand. Keion Crossen. He is a crying *****. Every play when he called for a penalty he up waving his hands , looking at the bench complaining on the interference calls. He tackles a guy in coverage a blatant PI and he up begging for justice. STFU idiot.
  5. Patriots Extend Tom Brady for 2 years, $70M

    Your joking right or is your green color glasses blinding you.
  6. Gino Cappelletti Should be in the Hall of Fame.

    IMO Stanley Morgan should be in the Hall. He had incredible numbers while playing in a era where DB could mug WRs all over the field. Can you imagine what his numbers would be in today's NFL! Career NFL statistics Receptions:557 Receiving yards:10,716 Yards per reception:19.2 Touchdowns:72 PS Lynn Swann HOF (he belongs in the Hall) Career NFL statistics Receptions:336 Receiving yards:5,462 Touchdowns:51
  7. Packers legend Bart Starr passes away at 85

    Best Football name ever, Bart Starr RIP
  8. You have to look at the the Pats going forward. The Pats have 17 new players for 2019. Many of the picks for 2018 never saw the field because of injuries. They also will have 15 picks (comp picks included) in the 2020 draft. Yes it will be harder without Brady however BB will still work his magic. God forbid if Jarrett Stidham turns out to be a NFL QB. The tools are there and with the roster loaded with young talent BB keeps it rolling. Note BB trades up for one of the QBs in the 2020 draft if needed.
  9. Early roster predictions?

    Patriots Re-Sign Defensive Tackle Danny Shelton
  10. Joejuan Williams-CB-Round 2, Pick 13 (45 overall)

    Greedy Williams is the next Morris Claiborne. Williams is soft, he can't tackle to save his life. BB would never look at this type of player. Joejuan Williams will play all over the field. BB will use him to match his skill level to whatever the other teams bring on offense. One week he a in the box safety the next week he cover a big receiver on the outside. I pump to see how BB uses this kid!
  11. Favorite Patriots players?

    Chuck Foreman, Joe Kapp, Bud Grant My fav Vikings
  12. How will the dynasty end?

    This is the part you have to leave out. Our beat writer don't know crap when it comes to BB. They are idiots and mostly make crap up. We on this board know as much as they do.
  13. Dolphins sign CB Xavien Howard to record deal

    Perfect signing. Smart coach learned from the master. Sign and lockup one of the most critical position on the field. Brian Flores now has his Gilmore. PS You can debate the money and player however this was what (player) Flores wanted.
  14. Patriots sign WR Dontrelle Inman

    TB12 will love the guy if he does what he did at the 45 second mark! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR-foLWKsmQ