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  1. Packers legend Bart Starr passes away at 85

    Best Football name ever, Bart Starr RIP
  2. You have to look at the the Pats going forward. The Pats have 17 new players for 2019. Many of the picks for 2018 never saw the field because of injuries. They also will have 15 picks (comp picks included) in the 2020 draft. Yes it will be harder without Brady however BB will still work his magic. God forbid if Jarrett Stidham turns out to be a NFL QB. The tools are there and with the roster loaded with young talent BB keeps it rolling. Note BB trades up for one of the QBs in the 2020 draft if needed.
  3. Early roster predictions?

    Patriots Re-Sign Defensive Tackle Danny Shelton
  4. Joejuan Williams-CB-Round 2, Pick 13 (45 overall)

    Greedy Williams is the next Morris Claiborne. Williams is soft, he can't tackle to save his life. BB would never look at this type of player. Joejuan Williams will play all over the field. BB will use him to match his skill level to whatever the other teams bring on offense. One week he a in the box safety the next week he cover a big receiver on the outside. I pump to see how BB uses this kid!
  5. Favorite Patriots players?

    Chuck Foreman, Joe Kapp, Bud Grant My fav Vikings
  6. How will the dynasty end?

    This is the part you have to leave out. Our beat writer don't know crap when it comes to BB. They are idiots and mostly make crap up. We on this board know as much as they do.
  7. Dolphins sign CB Xavien Howard to record deal

    Perfect signing. Smart coach learned from the master. Sign and lockup one of the most critical position on the field. Brian Flores now has his Gilmore. PS You can debate the money and player however this was what (player) Flores wanted.
  8. Patriots sign WR Dontrelle Inman

    TB12 will love the guy if he does what he did at the 45 second mark! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR-foLWKsmQ
  9. Which was your favorite draft pick?

    Yodney Cajuste ----- Major need Joejuan Williams ----- CB premium position Damien Harris ------- Stops the dependency on " made of glass" Burkhead
  10. Favorite Patriots players?

  11. I have a worst scenario that Rosan. Jim Plunkett!
  12. Hollister to Seattle for a 7th / 2020

    You forgot part of the sentence. " on other teams"
  13. First impressions of Mike Mayock's first draft as GM

    Well let me tell you, its insulting
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    Nice write up however I can't agree with this assessment Harry is light years ahead of Patterson when it come to WR play. CP is a super athlete that's it. He can't play WR to save his life. IMO Harry will be the go to guy with JE. The ability to separate issue is just bad mechanics that will be fixed at camp.