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  1. I hated the call. Why don't you just tell the Hawks were are going to run it to the left. Ridicules. They set up a TE to the left. Than they motion the other TE to the left as well. Than they set the FB to the left. I wanted Cam to run however you spread them out with him in the shot gun. There's no way they can stop him if he get to choose his hole. They have done this several times and he hasn't been stopped once. IMO there isn't a DB that can stop him for no gain one one one. He's a freigh train!
  2. Ok The uniforms are hideous. They are boring. Total crap
  3. I would not trade a 1st for any WR this year. What difference will it make. The other WR still stink and are covered by man. Who ever they bring in will not see a pass in their direction. I would not draft a WR in the 1st RD next year. Get them in the other rounds. What the Pats should do is bring in someone that can actually evaluate WR talent. They have failed with the strategy big and block. How about speed/quickness , route tree for starter!!!! You need both at the position. Remember Bethel Johnson unbelievable speed however he had no clue when it came to running a route. Last, whoever scouted Harry should be fired. Remember Debo and Harderman was in that draft!!!!!!! Speed and Quickness
  4. This is Cams offense however we all heard the announcers during the game saying they better find a way to beat 8 man fronts going forward. The Pats WR group is so bad that they will see man coverage for the rest of the year.
  5. I can't agree with this. 99.9 % of the vets that came here were dinosaurs. I'm not sure but all of therm retired after the Pats. Moss is the only vet that had anything left in the tank. I have said this a thousand times, the draft profile makeup for Pats WR are all wrong. They do much better late in the draft or UDFA when they are only looking for players with any skills for the position. Just look at some of the WR they brought (UDFA) in this year. Some were lucky to break 5'6"
  6. My feelings on Brady have diminished. Here why. I'm getting older and priorities changed. I have a family and I have to spend more time with them. That's what he told the 2019 Patriots fans. The team sucks in 2019, young WR, no Brady in off season. Brady's signs with TB, he working with the team 24/7 in the off season which really peed me off. What happen to the family and changes made for them. Bull crap. He IMO he mailed in the 2019 season. He quit.
  7. Major news coming out of Tampa. The Bucks have traded Mike Evans to the Patriots for Jules and James White ! Major reason for the trade, Brady found in the back locker room whining with his thumb in his mouth. I need Jules, I need Jules !!!! 😁😁😁 Just kidding !!!!!!!!
  8. Is that a drug ! 😁 Just kidding. I also think Sunshine praise out weighs his talent. He's still a top pick but by no means, he walking in leading a team to the SB. Some think he second coming.
  9. This is no doubt a funny year and I look at it as a glorified preseason to 2021. Here what I want to see. 1. Cam QB for future. Please put the issue to rest. 2. Get rid of players that opted out with Covid. See if young talent good enough to replace them. Covid op out, is not the reason I want them gone it future and younger players, cheap RB Brandon Bolden (July 28) No need to pay him. Young guys like Gunner and Taylor OT Marcus Cannon (July 28) Old, injured should retire, cap space S Patrick Chung (July 28) Old, injured should retire, cap space LB Dont'a Hightower (July 28) Old, injured should retire, cap space WR Marqise Lee (August 1) ???? OG Najee Toran (July 27) ???? FB Danny Vitale (July 27) ???? TE Matt LaCosse (August 2) Are you kidding me. 3. The younger players stepping up. This is a complete overhaul, go young. Set up for 2021. See what we have and what we need in the draft and Free agency. Start replacing 30+ year old players that will never be here when the Pats head back to the (2/3 years) SB!!!! 4. Ya that's right 2/3 years! 😁😁😁😁
  10. Reason breakdown. Seen him play? Just asking. I know zero.
  11. Thats the reason. Now health is another matter.
  12. IMO a WR that can't separate is useless in today's game. The CBs are just to good. It's like the big kids in the playing /toying with the younger ones in the neighborhood. Wait do they still play in neighborhoods! 😁
  13. Ok This is just me frustrated again on BB priority's when taking a player. IMO he sometimes over thinks and doesn't look at the most important skill for the position. JR has a big frame and a powerful leg and has a history kicking in cold weather. One major problem he can't make a FG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JR was not even listed as one of the best kickers in the country. Many had Tyler Bass as number one. Who I was hoping the Pats would take. This kid was automatic in college. Just read he replaced the veteran kicker for the Bills. Damn Damn Damn !!!!!!😬 https://nflmocks.com/2020/08/27/buffalo-bills-rookie-tyler-bass-job/
  14. This is the most important part of your statement. Future multiple RTs. I'm sick and tired of be short handed on the OL. I don't want to see another Newhouse in my life time! Same thing thing at TE. How many TEs we have in camp this year, 100+😁
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