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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    I agree with you here. I disagree at 32. IMO one will be there at 56. I guessing Savage. There is no way that I want a WR at 32, its a waste of a valuable asset. The Pats have shown they can win with good receivers that fit the system and in this year draft the are plenty after the 1st round. This is a very deep draft for a typical Pats WR. EX Stanley Morgan, J.J. Arcega-Whiteside and Hunter Renfrow.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    Screw you Mike Reiss. D Jones, Manning association media crap. Here's info that says otherwise. https://www.sbnation.com/2019/4/23/18310437/daniel-jones-nfl-draft-hype-why?utm_campaign=sbnation&utm_content=entry&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR1vPGu_3alN-_E4DJNGnl-Oe5X37h8mASV8NR1p52redNvLNe7XRZpdydk
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    I wanted to reach through the screen a strangle him.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    Here is my draft board. I follow it up at the end with a perfect Patriots draft. I tried to be realistic and I also lost out on some of the players I really wanted. EX. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson [ S ] Florida and Hunter Renfrow. 1st RD Dalton Risner [ OT ] Kansas State Charles Omenihu [ DL ] Texas Clelin Ferrell [ EDGE ] Clemson Dalton Risner [ OT ] Kansas State Chris Lindstrom [ OG ] Boston College Greg Little OL Ol miss 2nd RD Deebo Samuel WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside [ WR ] Stanford Chauncey Gardner-Johnson [ S ] Florida Nasir Adderley, S, Delaware Juan Thornhill cb/s Yodny Cajuste, OT, West Virginia Hakeem Butler [ WR ] Iowa State Mecole Hardman wr georgia Joejuan Williams DB Vanderbilt 3rd RD Dawson Knox [ TE ] Mississippi Hunter Renfrow [ WR ] Clemson emanual hall WR Jace Sternberger [ TE ] Texas A&M 4th RD Nate Davis [ OG ] Charlotte Germaine Pratt LB Antoine Wesley Texas Tech WR Erik McCoy [ C ] Texas A & M DARNELL SAVAGE s maryland 5th RD Ryan Finley QB Stanley Morgan Jr. wr Daniel Wise, DL, Kansas Amani Hooker [ S ] Iowa David Sills WR West Virginia's Kevin Wilkins [ DT ] Rutgers Nick Easley wr Iowa 5/6th RD Maxx Crosby DE Michael Dogbe, DT, Temple ALEX BARNES rb k state Mike Edwards DB kentucky Jalen Hurd. Baylor WR 6/7 rd Alexander Mattison rb Yosuah Nijman [ OT ] Virginia Tech Greg Dortch Wake Forest WR Sione Takitaki [ LB ] BYU Cody Thompson [ WR ] Toledo - ex QB Olive Sagapolu NT wisconsin Andrew Van Ginkel, Wisconsin 1st Round 32nd overall --- Greg Little OL Ol miss 2nd Round 56th overall --- Charles Omenihu [ DL ] Texas 2nd Round 64th overall ---- J.J. Arcega-Whiteside [ WR ] Stanford 3rd Round 73rd overall ----- Dawson Knox [ TE ] Mississippi 3rd Round 97th overall ---- Mecole Hardman wr georgia 3rd Round 101st overall ---- Germaine Pratt LB 4th Round 134th overall ---- Amani Hooker [ S ] Iowa 6th Round 205th overall ---- Daniel Wise, DL, Kansas 7th Round 239th overall ---- Nick Easley wr Iowa 7th Round 243rd overall --- ALEX BARNES rb k state 7th Round 246th overall --- Michael Dogbe, DT, Temple 7th Round 252nd overall --- Olive Sagapolu NT wisconsin
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    I didn't make it clear. JJ in the second and the other players I like throughout the draft. Hardman is a Bulldog and IMO there WRs in general play well at the next level. Renfrow is a winner and know how to play the slot. Had a great 3 cone and I saw a tape on him at the SR bowl and his cutting ability is awesome. He's a football player that know how to play the game. PS IMO Renfrow is a sure thing. No Patriots bust factor with this pick.
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    I hate both moves. AJ Green has a unjury every other game and it will only get worse. He has to many miles on the tires and IMO he is soft and playng for a pay check. I want no part of a QB in this draft except for a lower round. We have to many holes to waste on a asset that will sit for 3 years.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    Little is all about his faith and has said he isn't fond of the "all business" approach Dole where did you see this? I would have a complete different opinion on him. I have seen to many times over the years when the Pats have taken a player that take this attitude and they never work out. Two come to mind, Ken Sims and Ron Brace. This is a big red flag if its true. I would not pick him no matter how good he plays.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    1. What is your final prediction for our first round pick (3 options) Option a): Greg Little Option b): Jerry Tillery Option c): Chris Lindstrom, OG. 2. Which pick will be the first one traded? 32 3. Will we pick a QB in the top 4 rounds? Yes Ryan Finley 4. Name the most popular conference we turn to? (Big 10, SEC etc) SEC 5. Name the TE(s) we pick (if we do) Dawson Knox 6. Name the WR(s) we pick (if we do)1. Arcega-Whiteside 2. Mecole Hardman 3 . Hunter Renfrow 7. We have 12 picks - how many will actually be used on players this draft? 8 8. [Non Pats] - Name the players our DIV rivals will take in the first round? MIA: Clelin Ferrell NYJ: Josh Allen BUF: Jawaan Taylor
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    I would draft. Dawson Knox [ TE ] Mississippi over Irv Smith. He bigger and a much better blocker and he can catch the ball.
  10. Pats fan Greatest mock I have seen. All QBs picked in the top 10. Now I don't have to see Patriots wasting a pick at 32 on a QB that will be average at best in the NFL.
  11. The If Pete Prisco is Right mock w/ Explanations

    Someone had to much holy water today.
  12. 2019 NFL Mock Draft w/ explanations

    32) New England Patriots—Daniel Jones—QB—Duke Complete reach for a team that has so many other needs. Lets say Brady plays for 3 more years. You will have a player that many other teams with QB needs passing on Jones. Why? IMO he the most over hyped player in the draft. Now I completely agree with a trade. Pats needs OL - Both tackles have major question marks. Have no backups, Greg Little perfect fit. DL - Need due to FA loss and age- Tillary TE Have zero --- nothing worth at 32 S --- Everyone is over 50 years old. -- several at 32 or wait to 2nd round. Nice job on the draft.
  13. Yeah, I've got Ed Oliver going Number 2...

    No one is trading the best WR in the NFL. No wait!
  14. Yeah, I've got Ed Oliver going Number 2...

    EO workout numbers https://www.sbnation.com/2019/3/28/18285842/ed-oliver-pro-day-combine-draft-stats
  15. Yeah, I've got Ed Oliver going Number 2...

    Sorry. I also said BB could use him with EO. Look EO IMO is special. The best player in the draft.