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  1. Wow, I didn't know that. Thank for your input. You solved it all with big guy small guy history.
  2. Nixon 40 time. Around the 6 min mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mantwWFhGto Here is a great article on accurate 40 times. I pretty skeptical on all the 40 times this year. Nixon runs a 4.4 and Micah Parsons a 4.3 !!!!!!! Nixon 190 lbs. Parson 2.45 lbs 50 pounds difference !!!! Give me a frigging break!
  3. I posted 236 times!!!!!! I need a frigging life! Nothing worse than a loud mouth know it all!. 🥵
  4. I wonder who the rat was? There were what 3 people in the room!!!! We know by the news reports the scouts know crap!!
  5. Open your eyes!!! I have 4 boys in there 20's with several friends You need to check out spring break and see all the BG fools!!! You comment is so laughable I'm done.
  6. Felgers buddy. OOOOOK! I think I will go to their coach. Hey Sabs whats up. Do you really believe Saban would not mentioned this to BB!!!!! https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/28/nick-saban-disputes-criticism-of-christian-barmore/ Have two just like it. Zac Wilson is bad!!! Reliable (rats) sources !!! I love this one, Phil Perry. Pats interested in Mariota. Two days later its national news, lead story! Boston Sports Journal’s is owned by Bedard. I wonder how many clicks he gets for this one !
  7. Mel Kipers so call experts picks. Many mocks had them much higher in the draft. All the player listed were on my "please don't draft these dogs!" Bold number one on my list Jamie Newman I went to church and prayed we didn't take him. He's awful. Jaylen Twyman Demetric Felton Seth Williams Daviyon Nixon Amon-Ra St. Brown
  8. 1-15 QB Mac Jones, Alabama: A+ Perfect. I love what he brings to the table. The skills he has are what I look for when you need a QB. Brains, accuracy and doesn't turn the ball over. IMO he fits our offense. The only reason Field is considered better becasue he can run. Take that skill away and now judge its not even close. 2-38 DT Christian Barmore, Alabama: A ; "Dude has a motor. Reminds be of Fletcher Cox" Exactly. I did have a small concern if he would fit based on the style BB likes. 3-96 DE Ronnie Perkins, Oklahoma: B, I never look at the player before the draft. This
  9. No. I thought he was a real good college QB however I didn't see it translating to the pros. I never like his throwing motion. He had to use his body and flick his wrist which slow down his setup when pressured off his spot. Make this simple he threw with his body.
  10. I think some people think Allens the norm. They forget there have been 1000 others just like Lance/Allen that have failed. The NFL is the grim reaper when it comes to upside! ADDED If you’ve never heard of Carmazzi, you’re not alone. He never played a down in the regular season for the 49ers or any other NFL team, despite Walsh’s belief that Carmazzi had the skills to follow in the footsteps of Montana and Young. Carmazzi played his college ball at Hofstra and he was the second QB chosen in the NFL draft after the New York Jets took Chad Pennington in the first round. Still, the id
  11. (45) New England Patriots: Joejuan Williams, CB - Vanderbilt He's got a lot of work to do. You wrote this (praying) on your knees! 😀
  12. https://patriotswire.usatoday.com/2019/04/26/patriots-trade-joejuan-williams-draft/ You forgot this hot mess
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