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  1. I use to as well however his film is outstanding and he has the playing style of John Hannah. IMO in today's game is more about speed on the edge. EX, Von Miller, Harold Landry and others. You don't see that many Bruce Smiths on the end. Winn has shown in college he can block what every size comes at him. He will do it in the pros. I'm not the least bit concerned with the bull rush with him and the speed to the outside well that missed block went to NY! PS Just busting on NS he was a good player.
  2. A Way Too Early 2019 Mock v.2.0.

    Pats will take Ryan Finley in the 1st.
  3. Montana on Brady's longevity

    If that is true, The best QB of all time was, Mr. John Unitas, hands down. Because Brady and Montana wouldn't of lasted a season. They had no rules. Dl could rush and punch the QB in the head, pile drive him and gang tackle. He played in 90+ consecutive game which is incredible. That not even talking about his numbers. Pats fan here and it still amazes me.
  4. What's special about D.J. Moore?

    Because Steve Smith the idiot, said so.
  5. The blind side has been a myth for a long time

    So based on X 10000, Chubbs was a waste of a high draft choice!
  6. I agree. Only football junkies watch after the 1st round. I could give a damn about Shaquem Griffin, 15 friggin minutes of we are treating him like a fooball players while showing his story over and over. I WANT TO SEE THE PICKS, VIDS AND BIOS. That's it. After the 1st round throw out everyone but Mel and Todd and let them do their thing. Know your audience, idiots I'm a Pats fan and i have to sit there for hours and friggin BB trade the pick. Now we are finally making a pick and wait what this Griffin crap. nothing on two Pats picks. Nothing on Sam pick and than the CB pick I get a frigging punter show for fat *** Richie I. They lost me after that the TV went off.
  7. I almost forgot the Steelers drafted, Chad Henne !!!
  8. IMO we got the second best OL in the draft. THE # 1 LT IN THE DRAFT. It's not even close. Winn is a frigging steal. We also got another steal with Braxton Berrios. Outstanding reliable PR and future starting SR. Not sure but is Christian Sam our 1st speed LB that can go sideline to sideline. He looks good in the HL vids?
  9. DRAFT DAY- Round 1 Discussion

    Michel reminds me of LT, plant foot, cut, explosion. He gets to the 2nd level and it " Look out". IMO, He will be the most (home run) dangerous RB in his Pats history, if he stays healthy. PS I said dangerous not best, also i was shocked that we took him. I just prayed we didn't take a QB because they all suck . Wait til next year. I was pissed we didn't take Landry however I did see a game film on him and he IMO isn't a complete player. He is not as effective in the run game. Do you take a guy and use him only as a rusher. I don't think BB would do that in the 1st. Also Mayock said he slide because he was flagged at the combine with a "injury flag" what ever that means.
  10. NFL Draft Targets?

    Ya You could be right. I have heard his name, Rudolph, Miller and Jackson. Rudolph is who I hate the most , so that's who the will Pats take. It happens almost every year
  11. NFL Draft Targets?

    The players I like in this draft Rashaan Evans LB Justin Jackson RB Jaylen Samuels EP Duke Ejiofor DL Jaire Alexander CB Christin Kirk WR Danial Carlson K Kolton Miller OL Martinas Rankin OL Harold Landry LB Braxion Berrios WR Breeland Speaks DL Tracy walker S Shaun Dion Hamilton LB Leon Jacobs LB Joel Lanning LB Josey Jewell LB Isaiah Wynn OL Ronnie Harrison S My last attempt, here is how it will play out. From BB himself! 23: R1P23 LB RASHAAN EVANS ALABAMA 31: R1P31 OT KOLTON MILLER UCLA 43: R2P11 S RONNIE HARRISON ALABAMA 63: R2P31 QB KYLE LAULETTA RICHMOND 95: R3P31 TE IAN THOMAS INDIANA 198: R6P24 DL BREELAND SPEAKS MISSISSIPPI 210: R6P36 RB JUSTIN JACKSON NORTHWESTERN 219: R7P1 S TREY WALKER LOUISIANA-LAFAYETTE
  12. Bridgewater's 2018 NFL Mock Draft Rounds 1 & 2

    Pats That seems to hit all the needs. However there is no way they take Jackson with Harrison still on the board. Pats safety's are 30yrs + and Harrison is from the Sabin tree.
  13. Pats You owe me one TV! A WR, RB in the 1st 2 rounds. No way in hell!!!
  14. First round mock draft

    Pats. Will someone, "Bring me a bucket"