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  1. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    https://www.patspulpit.com/2019/4/29/18522135/update-jimmy-garoppolo-trade-new-england-patriots-san-francisco-49ers-2019-nfl-draft Patriots used the Jimmy G picked and turned it into six players. If Jags play it right they can turn those picks into a bonanza down the line that keeps giving. . EX for the next 2 drafts they can trade the pick to a team that needs and QB and roll them into future drafts while using there own picks
  2. Who wins a hypothetical Patriots - 49ers matchup?

    They have a great line however, I didn't see you mention the Pats back seven against Jimmy G. Who has thrown a lot of passes of his back foot since coming back from his injury. How much pressure has the Pats created this year. New England currently ranks first in scoring defense, total defense and passing defense, as well as No. 3 against the run. Patriots have 25 sacks compared to 17 to San Fran. Seems like there will be more pressure on Jimmy to come through. Who are you taking when the game is for all the marbles!
  3. Gronkowski hired as Fox Sports analyst

    Gronk is a made up character by the media. Rob is not funny, witty or have any characteristic needed to the medias Gronk. He is only a fun guy that is happy hanging with buddies and friends. He will never live up to the hype, its to bad, I hope it doesn't embarrass him.
  4. Is the Patriots defense for real?

    IMHO People need to look at today's NFL and judge the Pats Defense not with so much (which has been great todate) line play but cover ability. So far its been incredible. They have a group that can challenge any offense in today's game, where the defense mostly are at a complete disadvantage with the new rules of the game. PS They have a rookie DB waiting in the wings that is 6' 4 who I see later in the season being used to cover TE.
  5. Work in a hospital. Gilmore and the McCourty brothers were just admitted for stress management issues !
  6. 2020 4 Round Mock Draft

    51 Jaguars: Jake Fromm Georgia JR QB ????????? No way this happens. IMO He the best prepared for the pros. Big game player that rarely makes mistakes. I question Tua, size, health (especially with Fins) and arm strength at the next level. Based on your draft and evaluation, the Fins would hit a Grand Slam by picking Andrew Young 1st and grabbing Jake later in the draft at 38. I also have my concerns with Justin Herbert Oregon SR QB. He has all the measurables but does it translate on the (NFL) field. I have no doubts Jake Fromm has what it take for the NFL.
  7. Thoughts on Browns after week one loss

    The goal is a ring. Not a watch!
  8. Odell wears 350k watch during game. Stupid or not?

    Insurance company will insure anything in general. It's the value, premium and risk that determines rate of payment.
  9. Odell wears 350k watch during game. Stupid or not?

    Boy you are a smart one.
  10. Odell wears 350k watch during game. Stupid or not?

    i can't believe any you don't see what this is really about! Its money he's getting paid. He didn't buy the watch it was given to him by the company. I hate it, now we are going to see Amozon catalog on every player!
  11. just remember the Patriots have a secret weapon matter of fact two, Scar and Brady. Remember Joey Bosa, Brady gets rid of the ball before I even get out of my stance!He's incredible
  12. CB Duke Dawson Traded to Denver Broncos

    Anytime we take a Florida gator its the worse pick. They suck everytime we take one. I,m pissed at every draft. When they say the pats take from Florida ___!
  13. If you could only watch 3 teams this season

    Ok I know you said three however I couldn't stop my self and added more teams Steelers To see what excuse they give Ra Ra tough guy Tomlin when he doesn't make the playoff again. They need to hire ( the only reason why MT won anything) Cower as GM! They talk how great he is at the beginning of the game and make excuses when he looses at the end. Only in Pitt would he still have a job. Browns To see if all those ego explode when and if they start losing. PS If they start winning I would not continue to watch. Bears Just to watch that defense. Chiefs To watch PM (great) play and to see Andy Reed choke. Raiders excitement if they win or lose. Jets Patriot rival see if they are good or bad. San Fran Jimmy G
  14. Trade Rumors

    I totally disagree here. Nick Caserio, new GM will use the assets just like he did with the Pats and Jimmy G trade. https://www.patspulpit.com/2019/4/29/18522135/update-jimmy-garoppolo-trade-new-england-patriots-san-francisco-49ers-2019-nfl-draft
  15. Arbitration for running backs

    Zeke a very good RB working behind one of the best OL in the NFL. Place anyone of these RBs behind that line and lets see the results. IMO just as good or better. Great I don't see it Michel, Sony Ingram, Mark Chubb, Nick Conner, James Henry, Derrick McCaffrey, Christian