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  1. First Round with Trades

    I don't see this pick at all. There is no way Kraft would allow this pick. This guy is on tape beating a woman. Kraft wife had a guy cut right after the Pats pick him when she found out he was the same type of sum bag. He does give a chance on certain players but I don't see it in this case. Yes I know there are other in the Pat past however this is on video which would be in the Boston sports news daily and take away from the Pats. The coverage and outcry would be brutal. This Massachusetts after all and today environment would react accordingly !
  2. 2019 NFL Mock draft (3 rounds)

    OK, Don't get me wrong I like it overall however I don't see WR like Brown for the Pats. IMO the picks would be slightly different . 32 Zach Allen, EDGE, Boston College 56 Taylor Rapp, S, Washington (Chung replacement) 64 JJ Arcegna-Whiteside, WR, Stanford ( ideal for Pats offense) " I see a player on film who can generate throwing windows regularly with great route-running, situational understanding, and good burst. " https://thedraftnetwork.com/2019/02/15/video-jj-arcega-whiteside-can-separate-downfield/ 74 Germaine Pratt, LB, North Carolina Now this would work. Also the Pats have depth at LB, 2 rookies (IR) from last year, one was a starter before his injury, Bentley. They might go a different direction. But I would keep Pratt at 74 because he is a steal at 74 and one of my favorite players coming out. Over all great job on the draft.
  3. 2019 NFL Mock draft (3 rounds)

    There is no way Pats take a WR in the 1st round. Based on your draft I would trade the pick and get one in the second round. IMO the Pats don't value WR position. Pats have used many different guy over the years that have filled in just fine. Many have been free agents or low round drafted players. As a fan I would love to see a big time WR however I don't BB cares !
  4. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    " 2nd most winning active coach behind Bill Belichick " He also the greatest coach when it rains while the sun is shining! Please. He stucks!
  5. 7 Rounds With Comp Picks Predictions

    Nice job hit the mark on needs. New England Patriots 32. Montez Sweat [ EDGE ] Mississippi State 56. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside [ WR ] Stanford 64. Taylor Rapp [ FS ] Washington 74. Jace Sternberger [ TE ] Texas A&MP 98. Terrill Hanks [ LB ] New Mexico State ----- ( missed on this pick ) small side, Question on football IQ which BB rates highly. 102. Penny Hart [ WR ] Georgia State ------ Excellent 135. Greg Gaines [ DT ] Washington -------- Excellent 176. Jordan Taa'amu [ QB ] Oles Miss Possible SWR ? 241. Derick Roberson [ EDGE ] Sam Houston State 250. Montre Hartage [ CB ] Northwestern 254. David Long Jr [ LB ] West Virginia ----- late round sleeper.
  6. First Round - First Mock for 2019

    Patriots TE 1st good choice however wrong player. T.J. Hockenson**, TE, Iowa
  7. This is stupid. Do they know who coming in to coach. A guy that only knows winning. Here the job now tank!!! GMAFB!
  8. Well deserving award. Congrats
  9. Pre-Superbowl Mock

    31. Will Grier- QB- W. Virginia Personal biases aside ! This has to be the worst pick ever in a mock draft.
  10. Who do you think “The Next Guy” will be?

    Jalen Hurts I felt bad for him before he was removed as a starter. IMO he was being used by Saban and the Tide and had no future in the NFL. Should of transferred and found a team that would use him at the RB position. Example, Braxton Miller should have played WR position at OS. He had no future at QB in NFL. PS I understand that the players could/are at fault as well in the QB decision.
  11. Who do you think “The Next Guy” will be?

    OK Watching the QB at SR Bowl They are fringe players at best ALL of them. Duke Jones is slow with every thing but running. Slow reads, moves and natural throwing motion is slow. IMO stinks waste of a draft pick. Drew Lock Has natural ability can play is wild as heck a true gunslinger. If he's teachable and you can rein him in, you could have something. But you are asking a lot to control him. Wild. Finley , he has everything but arm strength . I swear , he can't break glass. I'm not so sure he will have the arm skills at the next level. He will be in the NFL for years!
  12. Hall of Fame Finalists 2019?

    Isaac Bruce, WR No Edgerrin James, RB No Tony Gonzalez, TE Yes Kevin Mawae, C/G No Alan Faneca,G No Steve Hutchinson, G Yes Tony Boselli,T No Champ Bailey, CB Yes Ty Law, CB No John Lynch, FS No Ed Reed, FS Yes Steve Atwater, S No Richard Seymour, DE/DT No Tom Flores, Coach No Don Coryell, Coach Yes
  13. Realistic Trades Mock

    NY fans, IMO would be BS if they went with a OL that high . You need team/ draft management. Based on your mock the 2nd round is loaded with OL prospects. You can't waste a pick when you have the highest paid Left tackle on your roster. Get the OL in the 2nd. Yes I know how good he is however that's like taking another RB and turning him info a FB. Jonah Williams, OT Alabama David Edwards, OT Wisconsin Greg Little, OT Ole Miss Jawaan Taylor, OT Florida
  14. How Many Primetime Games Should Your Team Get in 2019?

    I'll add to the list, Chargers, Cleveland, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans , Minnesota Viking, Atlanta Falcons ,Indianapolis Colts. Seattle Seahawks Left off the list because they are boring to watch. Good team but run run run ! Damn I forgot the Bears!
  15. Pre-SB Mock Round 1

    I will be pissed it the Pats take a WR in the 1st round. WR are a dime a dozen with the Pats and Brady. This draft is set up for the Pats to get a elite TE and they will need one next year. They will have no one at that positions. Gronk will be cut or retired and Allen cut, cap related. Irv Smith Jr, TE, Alabama T.J. Hockenson , TE, Iowa Noah Fant, TE, Iowa Deep class of WR this year