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  1. No I only have hard time when teams make desperate trades and are in no position to do so. I also had Mahomes rated high in the draft. Yes you can hit it big however history shows this leads to failure 99% of the time. A example would be the Bears and Trubisky.
  2. This trade is ridicules for a team with so many holes. You only do this if its Lawrence and Wilson. The other QBs have holes in there games. Yes I know all players have holes but everyone know that Lawrence and Wilson the two elite QB in the draft. Also SF can do this at this point they are in completely different situations.
  3. The greatest FO move ever. Trading a 1st RD pick for Bill Belichick
  4. Not Lazy I'm just not going to waste my time explaining or defending Teddy over CN. Stats are useless, they can be used any way you like to make your argument valid. IMO they mostly used to defend the indefensible . I never use stats. The one's that uses stats are the one's that have nothing else to defend their position. You want to use stats fine I'll percentages! How many people would take Teddy over CN? Answer 99.99% Don't forget to tip your waitress!!
  5. I don't see this happening. I would assume that the Broncos would have a better package for ATL. The Bronco take Fields. I would stay at 15 and pray that Lance falls to the Pats. Than I would trade the pick to the sucker with the highest bid. Lance is a complete reach. He's fools Gold another Jordan Love. Mel Kiper special. .
  6. Teddy could close his eyes throw lefty and have a better chance of completing a pass. CN was God awful. I can't stand him as a player and when we signed him I was pissed, but even I felt bad for him. To compare CN to TB is really a farce A farce is saying he did any thing positive to cover his atrocious play. Also Teddy OL was absolutely horrible, he will look like All Pro behind our line compared to CN. Teddy showed his skill in NO, you give him a OL he will get you wins. I have seen all the excuses why he stunk last year, what happens when the same results happen!!! And we all
  7. Ok I didn't watch the whole thing but all this shows is the OL stinks. Tom Brady would look the same as Teddy!!! He getting JUST 2 seconds in the pocket than getting destroyed!!! Jesus couldn't hold up with that line.
  8. Yup trade down in the 1st or go back in with a trade. Pats better know their market and if they have to piss off the Kipers of the world so be it. IMO you can't wait for him to drop to 46. The next guy up will be Trask after that its a dart throw. I don't care where a guy is ranked that means crap to me. I like Mond but it up to the Pats to fix his flaw. If they can't i would move on with a trade down. I want 5 players in this draft from the 2/3 RDs. That what I would do this year. ADDED No QB left to draft. I make moves to come out of this draft with 5 players. Here's my list.
  9. I would like the trade if we still had our 3rd pick. That pick is kicking our butts. Pats are idiots they should smash every camera in the building. Imagine we lost the pick taping the frigging Bengals for what Patriots All Access, who the heck would watch it!!!! Sorry got off target. If I were running the draft, my strategy would be to (try) trade down at least two times in the 1st and than draft Mond. I would do the same thing Dolphins did this year. Accumulate picks and use them to target a player such as Mond. I have a hard time trading both picks even for ( I can't be a fan her
  10. Any team that's takes a TE over a LT that high in the draft is nuts!! IMO Slater is the best LT in the draft. He a better pass blocker which is the reason over Sewell. You can't hit a TE on your back!!!
  11. Lance against(9 to 5) Central Arkansas, It's sure not the NFL. This is just frightening. I want no part of this guy. He can't read the field to save his life. How the heck will he deal with complex defenses against pros players. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stY26frlN_o
  12. I can't judge any player that played for the Jets and Adam Gase. It pretty much says that Jones is going to SF at three and Panthers didn't like Fields and Lance. Its funny, the so call experts considered them generational talent. Now we know for sure 4 teams don't think so. Sorry Kiper!!!
  13. This sound like Jones, Trask, Mills. https://www.patspulpit.com/2020/4/1/21202570/bill-belichick-scouting-philosophy-virtually-unchanged-30-years-nfl-draft Check out WR. I got sick reading it, speed only counts at the LOS!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  14. I have a major problem trading up for Fields using up draft capital when you can get Mond later. My problem with this strategy is Mond could go in the 20s and you are now screwed. I see the same QBs when I look at the two. They each have different strength however they even out if I were to grade them. EX Mond goes through progression and Field has better physical traits. This is the problem we all have, we can only look at the two on the internet and we don't have the knowledge to truly evaluate them. We can only hope the Pats pick the right one and not the bust of the draft.
  15. Another point i was making is arm strength. Jones has a stronger arm if you compare college tapes. That shows when they get to the next level they have more time to work on their game. EX coaching , training and nutrition. You can see the difference in JG ( before the injuries to his legs) arm strength at the NFL compared to college. I have to assume Jones physical skills will improve at the next level. " No more college (parties) life something Jones looks like he enjoys"
  16. BB would never pick a LB that was 6'1" and 215 lbs. I pretty sure he's never picked a LB under 240lbs. JOK doesn't fit his scheme.
  17. I watched his pro-day. I was not impressed. My concern was his accuracy. Especially on out patterns. Also he was not hitting his receiver in their short routes. Ball was late and off target. Last it was a boring work out, basically it put me to sleep!
  18. Well to be fair. Why don't we compare apples to apples. JG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BD5rn2Y6l8 Jones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oo4aCntvXXQ Looks to me that Jones arm strength was much better when you compare the two. Apples to Apples!!!
  19. You can take him off the Pats board. I see Bengals taking him in the 2nd RD. Watch out for KC, Lyons,Giants and Eagles as well. To bad one of my favorite player in the draft.
  20. Rondale Moore is off the board. Pick 29. The 2nd RD would be CB, OT. Based on the value. I would also have Zaven Collins high on the list. Picks in order. Z Collins ( doubt he will be there at 46 ) If he in range. I would trade a 4th Players drafted in order. CB Asante Samuel Jr. Eric Stokes Tyson Campbell LT Samuel Cosmi Liam Eichenberg Jalen Mayfield Dillon Radunz Player to take if they are off the board Alim McNeill DT Walker Little LT
  21. Here's just a few of the QBs of the past with physical gifts. GM fired, his last words walking out the door. " I thought we could coach him up!!!! Heath Shuler Geno Smith Rick Mirer J.P. Losman Jake Locker EJ Manuel Blaine Gabbert Robert Griffin III Blake Borttles Andre Ware --- Now, my favorite comparison to Fields. Kyle Boller ---- I love this one, we traded the (15/16) pick to them. ESPN showed him every night throwing from his knees at the 50 through the GP!!!!!!!
  22. This is what I read. My comment hit the mark head on. i don't care where the player is in the draft. There is only one thing you can learn at these events and that personality direct connection with the coach. Your one on one. Everything else should be done before you walk in the building, if its not and I was an owner I would fire the GM. EX SF HC look and BB shaking his head. Media, Twitter spin it Jones bad coaches shocked, and disappointed. Give a frigging break. So SF walking out saying they blew it, we should never traded, oh well, FIRED!!!! EX Media guy asked who would
  23. Your kidding right!!! If any GM made a decision on a player based on his Pro-day is a moron and should be fired and never work in the NFL again. " Quarterback Dwayne Haskins received rave reviews " https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/Ohio-State-Buckeyes-Pro-Day-football-2019-NFL-Draft-Dwayne-Haskins-Nick-Bosa-130384620/#130384620_1
  24. JG will be 30 years old this year. He has a body of a 50 YR old with all the injuries. His career will basically over if he get another injury. There will be no team that will touch him if this happens. What do you think other teams are going to do, invest in a 32 yr old coming off another injury, No way. JG SF days are numbered. The only way he stay is if they draft Fields or Lance. SF will have no choice but to keep him. So trade talks is a waste of time. Now if they draft Jones all bets are off with JG staying with SF, however no moves will be made until they see Jones in house.
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