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  1. ADDED I hate FLA GATOR especially WR. You try to name one the was successful in the NFL. There been plenty of Jags and washouts.
  2. Oh ya,👍 Moore is my favorite at WR at 15. I mentioned Waddle because I'm a happy camper if we pick one of them. Let say they are neck and neck on my big board.😁
  3. I would have the same concern however I just don't see Saban putting up with any crap. What gets me in general is how can you be a professional athlete and be out of shape. Brady looked the same way in college. I'm pretty sure he still worked. I don't have a clue but maybe college players don't get the one on one training like the pros.
  4. Did his right arm have any fat! 😁 Seriously I don' see any way he gains speed however It would help him within the pocket. Lighter on his feet. He needs to improve on his lateral quickness. That was a concern I brought up earlier. He jumps instead of moving his feet.
  5. You know I'm a old timer so don't laugh. Waddle has the same gait as the great Gale Sayers. 👀
  6. IMO Waddle would give you more than than Ruggs in the Pats system. You can line him up any where. I see him as a Tereek Hill type player.
  7. https://twitter.com/SportSourceA/status/1349407368891813890/photo/1 Jones numbers compared to Burrows. Remember they both played with stars !!!!!
  8. Jones look pretty good compared to Bortles. Bortles College # % 65.7 TD 56 INT 19 Rating 153.8 Jones College # % 74.3 TD 56 INT 7 Rating 197.6
  9. I would not be so fast to get rid of Mini. I don't care who comes out of the battle. I keep the best one and hope that the rookie plays just like Jimmy G. I believe Jimmy Johnson is one of the best ever building a team. Players are just assets to him. You have Troy Aikman, he goes out and drafts Steve Walsh. Who came close to being the starter. Let the best man win and trade the other asset. I still like Trask however as I mentioned earlier, I didn't take Jones seriously. Now that I have, Jones is, IMO better. (always about the Pats and the fit) I'm not like the crazy, know it a
  10. Ya me too. It would seal the deal for everyone. But I like the doubt, so he drops to 15.😁 Brady needed help, his last year was brutal to watch. Jones definitely needs help with the crap there now. I put 7 QBs in the need no help category and other would be just like Jones with out help. I should say 7 without help have a slight shot at winning. I'm guilty on that one. I said once he was a 6th Rd-er. When I was looking up QBs I said screw him he's just another Bama boy. What changed me was the mock draft forums. I'm saying, are they nuts, than I went back and staring researchi
  11. Forgot to add, Jones has everything but legs!😁 Hey no edit button. OH just found it up top. Sorry
  12. I never bought in to the Tua hype. I didn't like him in the draft. I thought he would be exactly what we are seeing now. He reminded me Matt Leinart. A great college QB with a no arm strength. He can't throw without a loop in his pass. He has no zip on his ball to the outside. It amazes me how many "sheeps" there are, playing GM in the NFL. The Mel Kipers of the world had Zach Wilson 2/3 RD talent just a couple of month ago, now they have him going in the top 5. I have been saying that before they knew who he was. Look at what they think of Lance. They are sheeps! They still can ho
  13. Question off topic. Did the screen change. My screen is now white?
  14. I would rather over draft him at 15 even if he's a mid 20 grade. You have to many teams looking for a QB. I see Washington at 19, Bears 20, Colts 21, Jets 23 (Didn't take one at 2), Pittsburgh 24 all looking for a QB.
  15. Well My view is a little different. 1. Pre snap read very impressive. Take what the defense gives him. Check down all day is just fine with me. 2. Patience in the pocket 3. Very smart know where his receivers are on the field. 5. Deadly accurate at all levels of the field. Concerns. 1. Lateral movement, hops to move left or right in the pocket, however step up well. Lastly, when did check downs become a bad thing. The Patriots have made a living do just that. Kevin Faulk, James White and Vereen made a career out of doing just that! Matter of fact a
  16. It's amazes they don't say the same about Fields! Talk about fools gold.
  17. Reminder Big game tonight at 8 PM. Bama vs OHS. Really want to see Mac Jones. I don't care if he has a good or bad game. I want to see what he does in the pocket, reads, progressions. bad game won't change how I feel about him. Everyone has them. Lets say he throw for 10 TD. I don't care its not important in my decision if he's good or bad. . It how he plays the position. Same thing applies to Fields. Last week did nothing to change my opinion on him as a QB in the pocket. I was impressed with his running and toughness.
  18. I'm stuck between the two. What I mean is it all depends what QB (1st RD) available in the draft in a certain year. If you use 15th pick for example you would not take a QB in the years mentioned. they were all went earlier in the drfat. I don't care who was left on the board at QB. Dice stays in my pocket! 2020 Only three in the draft. 2019 One 2018 Four, I left off Jackson. What was I thinking! Didn't considered him a 1st RD talent. 2017 Three This year IMO there are 4 QBs that should go in the 1st RD. Lance IMO is a 2nd RD pick. If one of the four is the
  19. Texan offensive (WR) unit is the greatest of all time compared to the Pats WRs
  20. I also would like to add it about the SB. The Pats are in no position to win one with or without Brady. Brady will be retired before they get there next chance. IMO Brady retires this year if he wins a SB (not happening with their putrid defense). . I say he plays two more years tops if the Bucks can keep the talent on offense.
  21. IMO The DL is one of the weakest positions in the 2021 drafts for the Patriots. I'm talking skill set. The top DL are more pass rushers than run stoppers. The top four are: Christian Barmore, Jay Tufele, Daviyon Nixon and Marvin Wilson. The one closet to what we need is Barmore but IMO he's a waste of a (high) pick for the Pats. Nixon is a extremely athletic player ,but he's not going to give you what you need against the running game. Now if he there for the Pats in the low 3rd round you have to consider him for his rushing skills from the inside. Last, I'm not saying he's a dog it'
  22. Tony the GOAT compared to Charles ( who's still talking ) Davis.
  23. I would not make the trade. I'm 99% sure you would have to give up more ( 2 firsts and a second) to get him. My thought is you have to give up the farm and you can't give him a team to succeed . The same thing that has happen playing with the Texans.
  24. Total BS. Has nothing to do with new generation. It was a total gamble, nothing else. Based on the crap your slinging every team would go for 7 inside the 5. Also why not go for 2 points every time! Make sure you don't miss your next stat class.
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