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  1. I agree. He has enough tape and the smart NFL teams will not pass up on a quality WR. If he falls in the 2nd because of the injury its good for him in the long run., ends up on a better team with a good QB. Also his contract will only be for 4 yrs. I read that all the FA contracts they signed can be terminated without a major hit to the cap after 2022. I not sure if that's the case. I'm not sure I agree. LB replace Jamie Collins, Ja'whaun Bentley cap hit. , Hightower T Brown S Devin McCourty WR Jakobi Meyers, Harry. Meyers could be replace
  2. If they take one in the 1st and based on where they are drafting the one WR I would love for Mac and the Pats. Jahan Dotson Penn St. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCktD0UdB70 1:06 mark Wow!! The 6 WR on my list. Garrett Wilson ---- Stud Jameson Williams --- Keep dreaming!!! He's should be the 1st off the board. John Metchie III --- Mac's boy can play. Justyn Ross ---- Top 10 pick however had a spinal injury, could fall. Take him if the doctors OK the pick. Jalen Tolbert --- Small school but really impressive Jahan Dotson ---- Can do it all and h
  3. Any one concern with Jones in the cold? He looked off target on some passes
  4. What the frig was Verbal thinking 2nd on the three and they averaging 100 per carry!!!
  5. Will they please run the same play again the out is wide open.
  6. We have the radio on. He's driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Watched the Mich/OH ST game. Here my opinion on some of the players. Mich. Daxton Hill ---- Forget him he's more in the box safety, which we don't need. -Also IMO doesn't have a head for the game. Josh Ross ------ LB be a perfect fit. Smart hits and all over the field. Hell of a game. Trevor Keegan ---- He had a incredible game. He destroyed OS D-Line. Mich ran behind him 99% of the time. OG 6'6' 324 lbs David Ojabo ---- Strong POA. I can see BB taking a long look. Impressive today. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. I not so sure. CB talent in the 1st rd is impressive. Some say 6 could be taken in the 1st RD. LT position IMO is not a deep position in the draft. The skill level is about the same with players rated at the bottom of the 1st and the 2nd RD. Pick a flavor !! IOL is a different story you might have a chance at some high level talent falling in the 1st. So far the player I like the most is, Ikem Ekwonu but he is flying up the board and could be a top 10 pick. Next on my list Daxton Hill S Mich. High school " he logged a 4.3 40-yard dash and a 43-inch vertical, as well as a 4
  9. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/georgia-lb-adam-anderson-charged-with-felony-after-allegedly-raping-21-year-old-woman/
  10. BB will take CB here. Jackson contract is up and after him, they have nothing close to a SD CB. I would not take a WR or RB in the 1st round. QB, LT and CB are the building block for success.
  11. The ref crew is the 2nd highest calling penalties. We have now 6/7 penalties called. average 18 call per game.
  12. I would go with the Pats losing against the NY on a miracle catch and losing out on a perfect season.
  13. I think he has the physical skill to play outside however he needed to learn technique which was awful. Pats have great teachers hope it works out.
  14. https://www.on3.com/news/former-ohio-state-standout-shaun-wade-make-nfl-debut-for-new-england-patriots-thursday-night-football/ Wade makes his debut. Lets see if they work with him. He has physical skills but tech was lacking. ADDED Sorry SB I didn't catch your comment.
  15. I think Crimmage is right more than likely there's a trade in this draft. There's not many standouts however there are good players that will be in the 2nd RD. Here are three players I like that the Pats could look at in the 1st RD. I know the positions might be questioned however these players have skills and traits that match what the Pats look for when they target a player. Mostly they say screw the so call experts and take the player that fits their system. Ex Mankin and McCourty 1st RD. Daxton Hill, S, Michigan --- Highly skilled Safety has played CB. Sideline
  16. I think we need a 3rd down back. Taylor is not the answer and I assuming Smith is the TE. Bolden is now 3rd down back. Just think what it would be like if James White was playing. He's perfect for Jones and much more explosive than Taylor and Bolden. It would be great if we can find one later in the draft. I look at LT as the 2nd most important position on the field. I would take one if the CBs left on the board don't have the value. I'm not waiting, Wynn could be gone and he is injury prone. He goes down we are screwed. There is no way I want to rely on what we have on the current r
  17. BB can drive you (pats fan) crazy when it comes to the draft however overall he's pretty damn good. He's had really good success picking 1st rd talent that works within his system. Here a list. https://www.forbes.com/sites/oliverthomas/2018/04/25/hard-to-miss-patriots-first-round-hit-rate-under-bill-belichick/?sh=33503b73211d Over the last several year he's been below average. I read somewhere that he has over ruled his scouts on several occasion and the results weren't good to say the least. Example the scouts wanted AJ Brown, BB went with Harry. Ouch!!!! It looks like the Pa
  18. There is a RB that caught my eye watching him play. KYREN WILLIAMS, NOTRE DAME (Junior) He can catch and he can block in game passing game. https://twitter.com/i/status/1246578777750110208
  19. I would flip OG/OT to 2nd. I haven't looked deep into the draft however with the limited time I spent on the draft the OTs look like they will come off the board around the 15th or lower in the 1st RD which will push the 2nd tier down into the 2nd RD. Also we all think OT is a big need however BB might not consider OT a need and look for a developmental player in the middle RDs. IMO your needs list is spot on. 🤙 Here's a nice list to work off of for the draft. https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/38281-brownleader-2022-positional-rankings/ Forgot We als
  20. So what your saying is the other QBs will learn the game and add to their physical gifts and Mac will not add much to his (solid decision making, accurate, will pick things up quickly) mental gifts. Well I look at it a different way. I see the other QBs learning the game over time however I see Jones being a QB savant as he gains experience. This kid is mentally gifted and many basically brush over this fact.
  21. IMO OBJ is a waste of time with the Pats. He has absolutely no future with the team or MJ. Exactly, why waste any assets when this team is not ready. They have major holes going into next year and I rather see them plan for the future. The Pats still have major holes to fill and need YOUNG players for the future. CB,LT,LB, S and WR. Forgot replacement for RB White as well. OBJ will be long gone before the Pats are ready.
  22. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-betting-someone-wagers-650-k-on-the-rams-to-beat-the-titans-on-sunday-night-football-183208860.html That hurts!!!! 650 for 200k
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