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  1. I mean there are arguably 4 reasons why Reagor disappointed. 1. Doug and his staff were utterly inept when it came to player development. 2. Carson/Jalen and the scheme they were operating under from Doug was complete garbage. 3. He was playing at too high of a weight. 4. And probably less so, his thumb injury.
  2. My guess is the 10-12 range TBH. If we are picking top 5 we're taking a QB.
  3. And Stoutland was here before from the Chip Kelly days. Doug was not a good coach, and he didn't have the sway or confidence to actually convince any good coaches to come here and work with him. Beta male of a coach if I've ever seen one.
  4. Yes, I don't want to keep reliving this pain over and over.
  5. It's different in a number of ways. Gameplay wise it's the same, but has custom regional variants, custom level up movesets as well as a feature you won't find in vanilla games; field effects, which really effect the strategy you want to employ when battling on them.
  6. Just a Fanmade game that I've been working on with a couple of other people. There are many others that have been around for a lot longer and Nintendo can't be bothered to complain about them.
  7. It is time: We're live! I encourage any of you who wish to play this to join our discord server here: (Note this will be released episodically and is not a full game at this time) https://discord.gg/n4wCrrJG DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/s61uor4hzdt6vcu/Pokemon_Redemption.zip/file
  8. I mean next years class doesn't look as good as this years, but I'd say it's comparable to the 2018 class, considerably better than the 2019 Class.
  9. he played 5 games under a pathetic coach with a bad team around him. I don't expect him to be the answer, but by seasons end I expect him to be a better QB than Fitzpatrick.
  10. When your head coach is Doug Pederson. Most coaches are a likely improvement. I'm thankful for him drawing the winning Power Ball ticket a few years ago, but that doesn't make for a good coach.
  11. was in jest. We've all moved on from Wentz. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's sick of hearing about him, especially coming from you, one of his biggest critics on this forum.
  12. Good sir, please take your Carson Wentz takes to the Colts forum. @Wyld Stallynsis a real swell guy.
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