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  1. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    He's not in the same mold as Russell Wilson earlier in his career, but he is in a similar role.
  2. Notable Stats and Observations

    I'm well aware it's a joke, but you're the only person on this entire website who would find it funny. Because we all know WHY it is what it is. Nobody else chooses to ignore context for the sake of some dull joke.
  3. But for all intents and purposes that's what the reports are suggesting as to why Reid is basically saying he'll block Kafka interviewing. BECAUSE Bienemy would go elsewhere to take another OC position. He's blocking Kafka from leaving because Bienemy is expected to. If Bienemy isn't going anywhere then it'd be a major disservice to Kafka to block him from leaving.
  4. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    Not at all.
  5. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Shenault's stock peaked too early. he's falling out of favor IMO.
  6. I wonder if Doug is sabotaging the interview process because he just wants to hire someone he already has on staff. It's outright ridiculous the fact that we can't get even a decent person in here.
  7. I think Bienemy is going to go somewhere where he calls plays.
  8. IDK. Matt Holloway SHOULD win this year.
  9. There's only one word to describe that name. It's just.... Cringe.
  10. Yeah hard pass, the dude was straight up demoted and Mariota never developed under him.
  11. Notable Stats and Observations

    It doesn't really matter and isn't really apples to oranges because Dak's only played on his rookie contract so far.
  12. I know the Bengals will take Burrow, but...

    The only way they do is if they themselves trade down to gather a massive haul of picks. And the Bengals likely can't know if they will or won't do that until after the 1st overall pick has been made.
  13. I know the Bengals will take Burrow, but...

    They can't trade out of that spot and take Chase Young. The Redskins would have no interest in trading up for Burrow, and if the Bengals trade down the Redskins will just take Young.
  14. Am I the only one who think Jim Caldwell is overrated? Dude is only known because Peyton was good. TBH