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  1. Fulton is easily BPA, the only thing is. Holy crap do we need receivers. Still with how deep it is, I think the wisest decision is take Fulton. Trade up in the 2nd if someone you like is dropping.
  2. Scalamania mock offseason v2 (Update 4/3)

    I see absolutely no way Delpit is there at 44. If he is then I'll eat crow, but that's just wishful thinking.
  3. Chiefs Restructure Sammy Watkins

    So long as this doesn't prevent them from potentially extending Chris Jones long term.
  4. This. Disappointed the trade up didn't go through.
  5. I'm for it, especially assuming we're moving up to 14/15
  6. Goedert has a higher ceiling is 90% as good right now, is younger and cheaper. Ertz probably has more immediate trade value too. Trading Ertz makes the most sense. His value is going to decline in the coming couple seasons, and Goedert's will rise.
  7. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    I will never go near another USC WR ever again.
  8. Alshon for anything sounds appealing to me.
  9. Tampa deal sounds more appealing to me. You're basically giving up a 5th round pick for moving up 19 spots in the 3rd.
  10. PSU AD: Two month lead time for CFB season

    I'm going to continue to be optimistic. I think we'll have cfb this year. Though you'll have guys who are definitely out of shape
  11. You're not seeing the forrest through the trees. Would you rather have Tee Higgins/Donovan Peoples-Jones, or Jerry Jeudy/Henry Ruggs?
  12. Going from Ertz to Goedert is not a big loss for us. There would be some drop off no doubt. But we can get more value right now by trading Ertz than keeping him. I'll forever be a fan, but this team can maximize what it has now if we flip Ertz.