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  1. Draft Picks: 1) PHL 1) MIA (Trade down from 6 to 12 in 2021 Draft) 1/2) IND (Carson Wentz Trade, dependent on Wentz playing 70% of the teams' snaps 2) PHL 3) PHL 4) PHL 5) PHL 5) WAS (2021 6th + 7th for WAS 2022 5th) 6) IND (Matt Pryor Trade) Carson Wentz Snap Tracker: 138/143 ( 96.5% ) Current Draft Spots IND #5 / #36 MIA #9 PHI #13, #44
  2. Sorry tua, but miss more games please. Need the Dolphins to keep losing.
  3. Brandon Smith looks like a day 2 guy this year and I honestly think Ellis Brooks on the inside is a good day 3 guy. Very cerebral player that plays with passion.
  4. So... according to PFF, who was at fault in our loss? The key flaws I've noticed that I do want to give Pederson credit for usually being good at (yes, I know). Short yardage and redzone efficiency. Those two things we definitely seemed to struggle with yesterday.
  5. Because of the Frank Gore effect. He was only elite-ish for like the mid-late 00's.
  6. 4-11-1 Thank you. We would've been 5-10-1 if we actually wanted to be. And we'd have had a better record than you in this year and last year combined if we did. But hey, whatever helps you sleep at night. Eagles went to the playoffs all three of the previous seasons and won a Super Bowl, Your team in that same time span has been the worst in the league.
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