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  1. For everything super in depth about OW E-Sports https://www.winstonslab.com/
  2. For real though. The Royal family is basically just the Kardashians of England these days. They aren't good for anything.
  3. Yup, I know a lot of Americans moronically say "I could care less" I used to say that WAY back in the day until I stopped and thought about it. "That makes no sense tbh, I need to stop saying it wrong."
  4. God I couldn't care less about the stupid arse Royal Wedding. Especially given that we're here in the states. Coworkers. Stop talking about it every day for weeks. Heyzeus Crist
  5. Rather lose in the playoffs or Super Bowl?

    This. You get built up so much just to come crashing down, and it's not like other leagues where you'll often see a team that loses in the championship come back again the following year. It could be quite a while before you get another chance.
  6. The Royal family are basically just the Kardashians of England.
  7. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Could just make a new, more general username. It's what I did like 5 years after McNabb was gone and Darren McFadden became a Cowboy...
  8. 2018 NFL Top 100 Players

    If you're talking about 1 game, There's certainly an argument for Calvin over Owens, but there's no argument that Calvin had a better career. Since you're nitpicking Torry Holt. Fine, he played TWELVE seasons, but he didn't have less than 700 ever. Had at least nearly 1200 in 8 straight seasons.
  9. Yeah but I'm pretty casual. Just ask @utley4568
  10. Do Tua Tagovailoa's Comments Raise a Red Flag?

    It doesn't raise a red flag only because he isn't a very good prospect at all so far.
  11. The NFC East Thread

    Alshon is much better than his numbers from last season would indicate. Ajayi is solid, but not special. I think Clement continues to improve though.
  12. Terrance Williams arrested

    I honestly don't believe Williams here. But who knows.
  13. Terrance Williams arrested

    Without performing sobriety tests? I read that he was found to be intoxicated.