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  1. Fureys49ers Mock Draft (2 Rounds) 1/15

    It's very unlikely that Graham is resigned. At his age, and what his dip in production this season leads me to believe is he's going to want far too much money for what we find him to be worth at this point in his career, especially given our cap situation. Long is more likely to stay. Jernigan is a shell of his former self due to the off season injury we suffered. Ngata needs to retire. We don't need playmakers to help Wentz. Wentz can makes plays with what we have. Two hugely threatening TEs, Alshon Jeffery, and Nelson Agholor. The only thing I'd say to add is a mid round WR speed threat. Just about any RB is interchangeable in our system. Unless they're like Barkley/Zeke/Gurley tier, which you ain't getting where we are. Eagles will likely role with Clement/Smallwood/Josh Adams and a late round pick at Runningback next season, and that's completely ok. Another thing to note is 1. Brandon Brooks very well may miss the entire season and 2. There have been rumors of Jason Kelce retiring. Even if he doesn't this season, it's probably sooner than we'd originally have expected. I can't say who'd we rather take instead, but a runningback from a school that's notorious for runningbacks busting, and who wasn't even the first option on his team most of the season, is not a good selection.
  2. Fureys49ers Mock Draft (2 Rounds) 1/15

    Poor draft for the Eagles. We need to invest heavily into our Offensive and Defensive Line.
  3. OROY

    Because it's a cop out on PFWA. They've had this overall ROY award for like 6 or 7 years now, and I'm pretty sure this is the first time they've had someone different for all 3 awards.
  4. OROY

  5. Don't think it works that way.
  6. Don't think the rules were posted in full before. So lets take a crack at it again. 1. QB Nick Foles (1st $$$) 2. S Rodney McLeod (10th $$$) 3. RB Boston Scott 4. DE Daeshon Hall 5. CB Elie Bouka 6. LB BJ Bello
  7. (Note I'm assuming the following players retire) OT Jason Peters RB Darren Sproles DT Haloti Ngata Eagles: 1. S Rodney McLeod 2. DT Tim Jernigan 3. CB Josh Hawkins 4. CB Elie Bouka 5. LB BJ Bello
  8. Looking forward to next year (a case for Eli)

    You guys need to sign a free agent to be a hold over for this season.
  9. Trevor Lawrence

    I without a doubt would take TL #1 this year.
  10. He was successful under Chip Kelly. The only time he was genuinely a bad QB was under QB Killer Jeff Fisher.
  11. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Dumb? No not really. It's not a strong hatred, I said I loathed him. I honestly couldn't care if he wins or not. I'd rather see Brees win another Super Bowl.
  12. NFL News & General Info Thread

    I loathe Andy because he's a chump who'd always choke when it mattered most. For all the success he had here, he just managed to break our hearts time and time again.
  13. Kyler Murray QB OU

    He'd be far more in baseball than he'd be in football. He's going to be constantly hurt.
  14. NFL News & General Info Thread

    I'd rather see the Saints win it all tbh.