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  1. I mean if we're playing that game. Who would you rather play with Antonio Brown, or Calvin Johnson?
  2. Probably not, it did give me pause though. Let's not compare Terrry McLaurin to AB in his prime though. Stop.
  3. Because you treat it like it's an accomplishment. Nah, you were just gifted the privilege to be the tallest midget. Look at it objectively.
  4. That's on Webby to either change your name or not.
  5. Predicting the Redskins would win the lowly NFC East in late November? How bold. What's funny is you only won it, at 7-9, because the Eagles threw the game LOL
  6. If he's dropping, it's because of off the field issues.
  7. Eh. He's not bad, he's just not good either. We'll probably overpay.
  8. Would low key be helpful if someone kept a log of who changes their name to what. Having a hard time remembering who is who.
  9. Honestly ever since the Super Bowl parade. It's impossible for me to ever be unhappy with Kelce.
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