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  1. Ehhhh. Overpay. He's worth 12-14M per based on the market IMO. He's not bad, but he ain't in that level.
  2. It was also the Eagles best position on the O-Line last week.
  3. "Carson is the only one who didn't play well enough to win."
  4. I haven't the slightest idea frankly. It seems intentionally vague.
  5. In every medium, I find super heroes super cringey.
  6. You know what else the Patriots are known for? Letting a player go a year too early, rather than a year too late. Meanwhile we've had Jason Peters for 2 years more than we should have now.
  7. I always found Harry Potter, relatively boring. I'll wait on the reviews and might pick it up depending how it scores.
  8. I am cautiously optimistic because we've had their number the last hand full of years.
  9. I think the only other place I've seen you is in the PS5/XSX threads.
  10. 1 game in a season is way too soon to be getting into that mindset. I personally feel we need to wait until at least midseason before we start even entertaining those ideas.
  11. Oh.. you meant Hurts. I missed the "round 2" part. My bad.
  12. I thought it was overall a weak QB class, but I did think Carson was the best guy available.
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