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  1. I really hope for the Packers sake they don't take McDaniels.
  2. Joe Thomas; Sam Darnold IS a BUST

    Man remember when we realized that Rookie QB numbers don't mean much at all?
  3. Just took the head off while maintaining as much of the neck as possible.
  4. Day 1, Evening session. Got my first dear around 4 PM. Field dressed it and skinned it. Had the Tenderloin for dinner, hauling it off to the butcher tomorrow.
  5. @James @johndeere1707 @Jakuvious @EaglesPeteC @Hunter2_1 @Superman(DH23) @Nzd07 @SBLIII @Nozizaki @TheKillerNacho @RandyMossIsBoss @TedLavie @TankWilliams @AlNFL19 @Bolts223 @evilflamingo @SmittyBacall @Yibbyl @megatechpc @DoleINGout Week 11 Open
  6. The 2018 Eagles Forum Baldie Awards

    Nope. We do thinks proper.
  7. Rookies of the year

    Pretty much this.
  8. The 2018 Eagles Forum Baldie Awards

    I won't be home until about 4 PM at the earliest that day.
  9. Who gets the top two seeds in AFC

    Chiefs Steelers IMO
  10. The 2018 Eagles Forum Baldie Awards

    It might have to be the following Weekend. I forgot I was going to be on a hunting trip until Sunday evening. If Kiltman and I can get our ducks in a row beforehand, I suppose we could announce the winners and do the usual shebang Sunday Night (after we lose to the Saints)
  11. Andrew Luck has quietly put up 26 TD's this season.

    Every team has drops. It's not an excuse. It would make sense that his team is 3rd in the league in drops considering he's tied for 2nd in attempts.
  12. Andrew Luck has quietly put up 26 TD's this season.

    What I can get on him for is only completing 66% of his passes when he's only throwing it on average 7.2 yards through the air. If you're doing relatively safe throws. Then he should be completing a higher percentage of his passes.
  13. BrownLeader 2019 Positional Rankings

    Biggest gripe is that I disagree 100% on Kyler Murray. Don't think he can succeed in the NFL.
  14. Detective Pikachu

    Unfortunately this will probably be a PG movie.