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  1. Yes but game consoles are sold at a loss because of the software/game sales. They make no money off of Playstation Hardware. It's just not a good business model in this day and age.
  2. Time to do away with the Pro Bowl, except in name.
  3. Please, for the love of god, put a more descriptive title.
  4. will confirm, never had a DM Matts chose wisely, cus it'd have been wasted on me.
  5. Malf with the self preservation vote ok. BTW matts, Phire is MIA, oh and not a mod anymore. Nor is LBC
  6. Hi my name is Danger and I'm an alco- an Eagles fan. same thing I like cooking, hunting, and yeah I play video games.
  7. He was a Franchise guy, but he's clearly not Hall of Fame IMO. Hall of Very Good and consistent. But all timer? Not by any chance. It's also disingenuous to say "he kinda sucked". Baker Mayfield, kinda sucks.
  8. I had a dream last night we traded one of our firsts and a 3rd in 2023 for some Edge Rusher in the NFL. And he was 30. Needless to say Ninja was not happy.
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