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  1. Full Team Fantasy Draft Draft Thread (eagles suck OTC)

    Ah Pete staying faithful to the Eagle ways. Completely ignoring the secondary.
  2. PRESEASON Week 1: Thursday, Aug. 13 at Indianapolis Colts (7 PM, NBC10, 94WIP) Week 2: Thursday, Aug. 20 at Miami Dolphins (7:30 PM, NBC10, 94WIP) Week 3: Thursday, Aug. 27 vs. New England Patriots (7:30 PM, NBC10, 94WIP) Week 4: Thursday, Sept. 3 vs. New York Jets (7:30 PM, NBC10, 94WIP) Just in case you were wondering. We lose out our preseason games against the Colts and the Jets. I know how everyone feels about preseason generally speaking. But going up against the Colts early on would have been somewhat entertaining. We play the Jets almost every year in the preseason. so I don't really care about losing out on that one.
  3. Cleveland Announces Team Name Under Review

    I really can't tell if you're trolling here or not.
  4. This is by far my favorite suggestion I've heard to this point.
  5. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    Certainly would be an upgrade, but I think they'd be better off improving their secondary.
  6. Colts draft pick signings/All draft picks signed

    Same. I think being in a good offensive system with Frank Reich, and being able to learn behind Rivers will be great for him. Definitely think this was an ideal landing spot for him.
  7. Best 2nd Year WR

    1. Metcalf/Browon 3. McLaurin/Samuel everyone else
  8. Sean McVay vs Doug Pederson

    Pro Football Talk is and always has been a joke.
  9. Sean McVay vs Doug Pederson

    The front office, the GM, the scouts (both professional and collegiate). Doug only works with the players he's given. Howie is fantastic at cap stuff. But for the most part he's really sucked at drafting since returning to GM duties in 2016.
  10. I'm 5'11 123 actually. I was on a cut for a while because I wanted a 6-pack. Got pretty close, but I'm now going on a slow bulk process. I'm overly skinny, yeah. But I'm stronger (not necessarily heavier) and in better shape now than I've been in my entire life.
  11. I've heard this a number of times. And I dislike it more every time I do.
  12. Sean McVay vs Doug Pederson

    Honestly? I'd bring Chip back as a consultant just to have practice conditioning and smoothies. It worked wonders.
  13. Sean McVay vs Doug Pederson

    Your offense should be great, defense I think is going to take a step back. Entering the season I'd have you guys as slight favorites, but I think our roster collectively has a higher ceiling this year. A lot of our holes on defense were plugged up and theoretically we'll have players coming back from injury this year. Until they get injured again at least!