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  1. NCAA football

    NCAA Football >>>> Madden RIP
  2. The fact that Bucs is still alive this late in the game and has yet to take complete charge screams to me that he's mafia. He's a better player than that.
  3. Nope. Just gut feelings at this point.
  4. I'm willing to host the next game of mafia if no one else has anything planned.
  5. 2018 Rotation: 1. Aaron Nola 2. Jake Thompson 3. Jerad Eickhoff 4. Vince Velasquez 5. Ben Lively Lineup: 1. Cesar Hernandez (2B) 2. Odubel Herrera (CF) 3. Aaron Altherr (LF) 4. Rhys Hoskins (1B) 5. Nick Williams (RF) 6. Maikal Franco (3B) (He shouldn't be batting this high but he will be) 7. Jorge Alfaro (C) 8. JP Crawford (SS) (Crawford may move up to the 7 spot or 2 spot on occasion) 9. Pithcer
  6. I honestly have no idea at this point. Can I just vote for everyone?
  7. Everyone feels scummy af right now.
  8. Not. At. All. Had elements of Halo 4, but otherwise? It was closer to Black Ops 3 than Halo 3.
  9. I've been saying for how gosh darn long "I don't think Lions is Mafia" "Trust Me" "His role is kinda iffy but I think it's civ" "something something dwight" <- Multiple times.
  10. Are you really that dumb? "You're welcome" for what lmfao? That you and the other mafia tried to hit me but Lions protected me?
  11. I don't trust Tyty tbh. And TLO once again being a relative waste of space.
  12. No but I'm an Xbox user, and funny enough, my place of work we got an order from someone who works for Bungie and sent there stuff to Bungie HQ just the other day.