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  1. At this moment. 1. Cousins 2. Embiid 3. Lillard 4. Kyrie Irving 5. Victor Oladipo
  2. Madden 19

    Dislike button x 1000
  3. lol didn't want to buy the game before, now I'm DEFINITELY not going to get it.
  4. Appreciate the invite, but I'm going to decline.
  5. How long you been at 70k Yung Roe?
  6. Which rookie QB starts the most games in 2018?

    Mayfield will start a decent amount of games when the Browns do Browns things and have a bad QB in Tyrod Taylor (Not that he's a terrible QB but Browns bring out the worst in this position) Darnold is the only guy I think should start Day 1. Rosen will start a decent amount of games when Bradford gets hurt. Allen will start towards the very end of the season once the Bills are eliminated from the playoffs. Lamar Jackson will be 3rd string this season and won't start a down. Fortunately the best possible teacher he could have will be there in RG3 who is basically the same QB who was just more refined coming out of College.
  7. T.O. "Why is JG still HC?"

    Because of the teams performance in 2016.
  8. Josh Allen has a better head on his shoulders and a stronger arm. The only question is he can learn to be a QB and not just a thrower.
  9. Now that. THAT'S A DOG. Get outta here with them midget legged Golden Weiners dogs.
  10. Overwatch

    There is so much more to it. Positioning is super important as Zen. You play him far differently on attack of Defense.
  11. Chargers Hunter Henry tore ACL

    For some reason I always think he's a Bengals fan TBH
  12. NFL News & General Info Thread

    For a conditional 7th if he makes the roster most likely. Besides, we all know teams give up more than necessary for a QB.
  13. Overwatch

    Am I the only one who liked Dive META?
  14. Overwatch

    There's a good chance the next hero is a main tank honestly.
  15. NBA Top 50 Players: Who Is #6?

    I went with Westbrook but honestly I could see any order of Giannis, Westbrook, Embiid, Boogie, and Leonard rounding out the Top 10
  16. Who are the best QB guru’s in the league?

    Some names on this list I'm not familiar with, but Adam Gase?
  17. 2019 Draft in Nashville

    Better than Dullus
  18. He was a fringe roster guy regardless. He's replaceable if the need arises.
  19. Incognito set to unretire as Bills release him

    I certainly wouldn't, but to each their own.
  20. The Philadelphia Phillies Thread - Are we good?

    Pivetta and Eflin have both been solid so far this year.
  21. Sorry, did I offend you? Plain and simple, this injury doesn't impact our team in the slightest.
  22. Chargers Hunter Henry tore ACL

    They have fans?
  23. Jets trade Christian Hackenberg to the Raiders

    If you guys want a Clemsony offense, go for Bryce Love next year to be your CJ Spiller.
  24. Jets trade Christian Hackenberg to the Raiders

    Trust me, I'm aware. I watched Hack play in person at least a half dozen times. Even after his freshman season, I was still on the fence of whether or not I felt he was deserving of a (late) first round grade, but come year 2 I knew he shouldn't be more than a day 3 pick.