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  1. LA Rams 30.6 -0.17 Kansas City 29.6 0.50 New Orleans 28.8 1.58 New England 28.5 1.58 Carolina 25.2 0.92 Jacksonville 24.8 -3.00 Cincinnati 24.5 2.00 Minnesota 23.5 2.83 Chicago 22.7 0.92 Philadelphia 21.6 -2.83 Baltimore 21.1 -1.83 Green Bay 21.1 -2.00 LA Chargers 20.7 1.67 Pittsburgh 18.4 2.33 Tennessee 16.3 -2.33 Washington 14.8 -1.17 Seattle 14.5 4.08 Cleveland 13.1 4.33 Atlanta 12.3 -3.75 Miami 11.9 -1.50 Detroit 11.4 3.75 Houston 9.1 0.58 Tampa Bay 9.0 -0.33 Denver 8.4 -4.42 Dallas 8.2 -0.42 Indianapolis 7.9 -2.42 NY Jets 6.4 2.58 NY Giants 4.4 -0.92 Buffalo 3.2 1.92 Oakland 2.2 -1.42 San Francisco 1.1 -2.75 Arizona 0.8 0.25 -------- Add yours here So I started this a bit last season and wasn't quite fond of how it turned out. I've decided to bring it back and improve upon it from last time. Put your name in the top column and then select teams from the drop down. If you scroll all the way to the right you can see useful info such as the average ranks, the teams high and low as well as how far apart the community is on where they stand. Troubleshooting: If you have the same team multiple times it will highlight them in both places When you get to the last 3 left, the remaining ones will be highlighted on the left hand side I'll be posting the results on a week by week basis. And please, don't change anyone else's rankings. ------I'll be sure to post the Power Index and week to week risers and fallers here each Thursday (unless I forget)
  2. Can you argue this QB list post-1980?

    I wouldn't call it venom, but to put him up there with some of these other names is quite wrong IMHO
  3. Can you argue this QB list post-1980?

    Is it wrong for me to say he was the Eli Manning of his generation?
  4. Is Julio still the #2 WR in the league?

    Talent wise? Absolutely. For whatever reason he just can't be utilized properly in Atlanta IMO
  5. Carson Wentz vs Patrick Mahomes

    It's not like the dude is Brandon Weeden lol.
  6. The NFC LEast Thread

    Conflicting reports say no one else offered more than a 3rd.
  7. Mid-Season (Just About) QB Power Rankings

    He has 8 picks and ranks 17th in the NFL in completion percentage. For further clarification, he ranks 20th best in INT%
  8. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Dallas

    We'll try to do our part and lower the Cowboys pick for you.
  9. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Dallas

    You aren't getting anything near that for Carr.
  10. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Dallas

    Now they just need to trade Carr.
  11. Can you argue this QB list post-1980?

    If that's how we're looking at it, I"d say it's probably Andrew Luck tbh.
  12. Mega Millions

    Y'all have fun wasting your cash.
  13. Fire Jim Schwartz

    I mean, was it really all that impressive in retrospect? Look at how we performed in the Super Bowl? The Vikings had Case freakin Keenum as their QB so that looks far less impressive now than it did at the time. Falcons game perhaps.
  14. Can you argue this QB list post-1980?

    1. Brady 2. Manning 3. Montana 4. Rodgers 5. Young 6. Brees 7. Favre 8. Marino 9. Elway
  15. The NFC LEast Thread

    Did we swap coaching staffs during the off season or something?
  16. Rasul Douglas - What Is Going On?

    This coaching staff is holding vendettas against Rasul and Wisniewski and it honestly needs to stop.They're coming across as petty now.
  17. Mid-Season (Just About) QB Power Rankings

    I'm not going to argue much, but why the heck is Luck so high on your list???
  18. Can you argue this QB list post-1980?

    Easily. He's one of the most overrated Quarterbacks in NFL History.
  19. Fire Jim Schwartz

    He's constantly playing not to lose.
  20. No, but we're only 7 games into the season. Is it a good look right now? Absolutely not. We're still in the NFC East.
  21. Schwartz I think should genuinely be on the hotseat. For anyone who genuinely thinks we should be getting rid of Doug right now, to be blunt you're a joke.
  22. And for everyone who is writing off the season. Shame on you.
  23. This loss is mostly on playcalling. I'm so tired of seeing us just be pansies when we have the lead in the 4th quarter. Where is the aggressive Doug of 2017?