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  1. NFL QBS 2019

    Where is Haskins? Kyler Murray is where he belongs, not in the top 5 because he'll have no longevity among other hindrances due to his size.
  2. Man people are just looking for way to hate on Carson. It's honestly pathetic.
  3. D82's 2019 Mock Draft/Off-Season

    I would prefer another offensive lineman selected for Philly rather than a RB in the 2nd, but otherwise I'm not really gonna complain with this draft.
  4. Trevor Lawrence

    So next season will be Brees' last?
  5. Some of y'all kept posting in the week 1 thread instead of making a new one. I guess I'll just try to remember to make this each week. Joe Flacco reminding everyone tonight that he's Joe Flacco.
  6. When will Andy Reid win a SB with the Chiefs?

    Andy Reid is a chump and he always chokes.
  7. 2010's All-Decade Team

    QB: Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers RB: Adrian Peterson, Todd Gurley, LeSean McCoy, Le'Veon Bell WR: Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Calvin Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins TE: Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce/Jimmy Graham (Can't decide, try to forget recency bias) That's all I can really do for now. Harder to judge other positions, but I'm sure someone can.
  8. Super Bowl LIII - Rams vs Patriots

    I'm pretty torn. I really enjoy having a leg up against y'all when arguing, but I really don't want the Patriots to win. Ever. Ultimately I'd prefer y'all win, but I'm not really super happy with either result. So... good luck?
  9. Trevor Lawrence

    Yeah. It looked pretty bad, not even statistically really, but his footwork, and his arm were both pretty poor that game.
  10. Best mock draft site(s)?

    I like to use Walter football for their database of mockdrafts from various sites.
  11. Is the Saints Window Closed?

    As long as Brees is playing their window is open. That said, given the nature of his contract, it would make sense for Brees' last season to be next year.
  12. NFL News & General Info Thread

  13. OROY

    I would give it to who is the best at their position amongst Rookie's. Either Nelson or Barkley for me.
  14. OROY

    Except Baker wasn't a top QB as a rookie, he was a middle of the road QB.
  15. Goldfish's 3 Rounds

    Hate the Josh Jacobs pick for the Eagles. Taking a RB in the first who plays 2nd fiddle on his own team from a school that is known for having RBs bust, or at least be underwhelming in the NFL isn't a good pick. Give us either David Edwards or Dexter Lawrence there and I'd adjust the following picks accordingly. Eagles first 3 picks ALL need to be in the trenches.
  16. Man, the 2020 draft looks like it was all peaked, mediocre Seniors and no talented underclassmen.
  17. Only in Madden could the Cowboys win the Super Bowl.
  18. JFC simulation stats are absurd.
  19. Eagles Offseason Outlook: Offense

    Would love to bring in either Cordarelle Patterson or John Brown at WR to see what we can do with them. Think we should draft a mid round RB, I don't really think we need a great RB. Just 3 guys who we can count on to be consistent. So long as they can reliably get 4-5 yards per carry, I don't even care if we just run with Clement Smallwood and Adams. QB just bring in a low tier FA to be our 3rd string guy. Even if it's someone like Osweiler or Siemian or Landry Jones TE is fine where it's at. I want to invest heavily via the draft and free agency into the offensive line. It feels like it's a good system that's being held together with duct tape and chewing gum right now. It's still working well enough for now, but could fail at any time in explosive fashion. It may already be at that point depending on Brook's health.
  20. If they really wanted a "Mount Rushmore" Jerry Rice - Undisputable GOAT Terrell Owens Randy Moss Calvin Johnson - Shorter career, but most physical freak to ever play the position while putting up great numbers in his prime.
  21. Morey-ball

    Heinke died for our wins!
  22. Future NFL Expansion?

    I agree. Lets get rid of the: Detroit Washington LA Chargers Denver
  23. Cowboys fire OC Scott Linehan

    Too bad for them they still don't have a QB.
  24. How do we feel about Jim Schwartz?

    Keep in mind, his lack of ability to adjust cost us the games against Carolina, Tennesse, and Dallas #2