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  1. OK. You still take Dracovish over Gyrados too, right? I've never ran with Gyrados because of stupid typing. It should be Water/Dark like the mega evolution.
  2. I figured Watts would be traded since he fits what Pierce and Tomlinson already do. I kinda forgot about Hughes. Man, what a bad pick he was.
  3. QB: Cousins, Mond, Stanley (3) RB: Cook, Mattison, Nwangwu, Abdullah, Ham (5) TE: Smith, Conklin, Davidson (3) WR: Thielen, Jefferson, Beebe, Smith-Marsette, Johnson, Proehl (6) OL: O'Neill, Darrisaw, Hill, Udoh, Davis, Cleveland, Jones, Brandel, Bradbury, Cole (10) ---(27 offense) DE: Hunter, Weatherly, Jones, Robinson, Wonnum (5) DT: Pierce, Tomlinson, Lynch, Twyman (4) LB: Kendrick, Barr, Surratt, Dye, Vigil (5) CB: Peterson, Dantzler, Alexander, Hand, Boyd, Gladney* (5) S: Smith, Woods, Bynum, Martellus (4) --(23) K: McLaughlin
  4. That'd be good. Another veteran WR could help and Westbrook is still only 27. I wonder if our team has soured a bit on Bisi Johnson? He's good for a 7th round guy I think.
  5. Yeah. I'm not into this whole big Pokemon thing. I liked mega evolution but they cut that and regional form is okay. I get it. As for my question, I think Lapras is the better Pokemon. I really want Greninja but Sword/Shield isn't allowing that one to go through. My ideal squad: Charizard Greninja Sceptile Mimikyu Aggron Toxtricity
  6. Pokemon is serious business, my dude. Gotta get it right. Lapras or Dracovish? Who are you taking and why?
  7. https://twitter.com/MySportsUpdate/status/1390686620274368512?s=19
  8. He has an uphill battle too with Jones and Robinson being drafted and Hunter returning. Plus Weatherly being signed back and Wonnum showed some promise in limited action. His best bet is to beat out Holmes (who is probably worse than Mata'afa anyways), Brailford and Willekes and maybe one of the top 5 guys get hurt. I'll root for him, because anything could happen but realistically he's pretty much doomed.
  9. Yeah, this certainly was not the highlight reel for Nate Stanley lol
  10. Yep. Wasn't KJ Osborn tearing it up last training camp? I don't think he got one snap on offense and we've already drafted what could be his replacement!
  11. I think Carolina will be disappointed when they get the same results from Darnold as they did Bridgewater.
  12. Beebe has been with us since 2018 and our team seem excited for him. I think he stays. Thielen Jefferson Beebe Johnson Smith-Marsette Proehl
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