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  1. Bills waive WR Terrelle Pryor

    Why stop there? Next year your team can trade for Edelman, Logan Thomas, Keenan Reynolds, Blake Bell, Blake Sims, Flowers and get Antwaan Randle El out of retirement and have the ultimate 11QBs package!!!
  2. Bills waive WR Terrelle Pryor

    He missed out on millions by pretending to be a QB early in his career.
  3. Week 11: VIKINGS (5-3-1) at Bears (6-3)

    Losing David Morgan for this game stinks. He's a great and Chicago has an amazing defense.
  4. Lions signed WR Bruce Ellington. waived Ameer Abdullah

    So... you guys are not a fan of Abdullah, huh?
  5. Motor City MoJo: Detroit Lion updates

    But he'd be just as good as anyone we've had a LG this year right? Even so, if we need a backup, wouldn't it be better to see if Danny Isidora develops into something?
  6. Motor City MoJo: Detroit Lion updates

    Is Lang someone we should be interested in?
  7. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    Now where have I seen this before..?hmm Haha
  8. The 2018 Playoff Hunt is on!

    what ever happened to the NFC being this amazing conference? Seems kind of lackluster outside NO and LAR.
  9. Week 11 non-Viking games

    Oh man I was planning on blocking you this week though. Awkward.
  10. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    Kyler Fackrell looks decent. I don't remember him ever being good?
  11. Week 11 non-Viking games

    Lol that'd be hilarious, but Norv Turner is gone, so no 80s offense. 😥 But plenty of lulz
  12. Week 11 non-Viking games

    100% of the focus has to be on the Bears though this week.
  13. Week 11 non-Viking games

    I saw it was 21-17. Is Seattle even putting up a fight? They should win this game.
  14. How did our defense become so offensive??

    Yeah, he can walk and we wont miss a beat.
  15. Week 11: VIKINGS (5-3-1) at Bears (6-3)

    Let's keep it going then!