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  1. Okay its settled. We get the 8th seed this year, losing on the last tiebreaker with the 7th seed time (likely Philly)!
  2. Diggs had more receiving yards than we had passing yards yesterday. Hopefully those draft picks pay off!
  3. Stick around. Even if this year is a bust, we have a lot of talent on this team to work with.
  4. Would they even show up? I don't think we match up well at all this game
  5. As long as we don't go 1-15 or worse, Zimmer stays. I'm sticking to that. No matter what happens, (barring a catastrophic injury) Cousins is our QB next season.
  6. Don't you ruin this dream with all your logic stuff!!!
  7. He would have been but he only started 2 years, thus not qualifying. We could've won the Superbowl with a healthy, no ACL tear Bridgewater. He was trending up. What he is now is just a shell. Basically a slightly improved 2015 Bridgewater.
  8. He's made a few plays today (strip sack most notably) but nothing crazy.
  9. We just need to unleash Dan Chisena. No one knows what he does, but he definitely does something!!!!
  10. I'd trade up for one. We haven't had a young longterm answer at QB in a long time.
  11. I still think its due to the events this offseason in Minnesota. Football comes second for them this year I guess. Maybe for a different discussion though. I'm just saying football wise they don't look focused.
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