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  1. Super Bowl LV predictions

    Philly wasn't that much better, since we match up well with them. But when you lose your starting QB for the year (Bradford at the time was a bit better than Keenum and Bridgewater was better too even though he's not very flashy) and starting RB, its tough to win vs top competition. Heck, it took a freaking miracle to beat New Orleans the week before. And Philly has screwed us over for like 5 years straight now I think.
  2. What team unexpectedly collapses this year

    I mean GB didn't reload their roster with starting level talent. They are more or less relying on players who are 1 season older than last year. For a while that can be beneficial, but then their play ( either individual players or teams in general) can fall off dramatically (Vikings 2010, Broncos 2016, Raiders 2003 etc) For what its worth, I still think GB is good enough to go 10-6 and be in the playoffs. Its just hard to sustain 13-3 level play especially with a very low total point difference from the previous season.
  3. Super Bowl LV predictions

    I want to like this, but I can't. Minny has to win at least one!!
  4. Super Bowl LV predictions

    Buccaneers over Ravens Brady becomes the undeniable GOAT of all GOATs.
  5. What team unexpectedly collapses this year

    1. San Francisco - SB hangover 2. Houston - bad management 3. Green Bay - 13-3 is highly improbable and not much new day one playing talent 4. New Orleans - Brees is slowing down (not rejuvenated) and the division will be highly competitive 5. New England - No Brady (who is rejuvenated)
  6. 49ers RB Raheem Mostert requests trade

    He's 28. No one is giving up more than a 6th for him. He just peaked too late relative to his position.
  7. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    Did you guys know that Mahomes is really good?!?
  8. Vikings by the Numbers

    Yeah, its Foreman. I'm still convinced that Leroy Hoard and Matt Asiata are the same person though. Haha
  9. The Minnesota (insert name here)

    Well they should only change the name if the owners of the team make that decision themselves, with no outside influence. For the sake of the thread though: Minnesota Viking. Just drop the s at the end

    I have a feeling the name won't change and Snyder deals with whatever consequences comes his way from that decision.
  11. Who will be the best NFC team in 2020-2021?

    Tampa Bay. They got the GOAT!
  12. What team goes WORST to FIRST in 2020?

    The best TB in the NFC South will lead his team to victory. Teddy Bridgewater. Say his name!!!
  13. No fans at Bills games during Covid

    So no Bills fans at Bills games... But visiting fans can go right? Lol. Okay I'm done. I completely understand this.
  14. Vikings by the Numbers

    Can I vote Maurice Hicks? Him being dreadful as a KR in 08 lended a hand to us drafting Percy Harvin in 09!
  15. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    I still think he gets traded to New England.