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  1. Unlikely but if he does, I could see him go to Vegas with Carr around.
  2. I want to see a kicker who isn't terrible take the job and run away with it in TC for the Vikings. Is that too much to ask for?
  3. Not really. Tell me all the players that could though.
  4. Personal autonomy will always be acceptable, no matter the circumstances. Its not my right to tell or force others what to do with their body, even if I vehemently disagree with what they are doing. We're getting off topic though and I'll leave it at that. I'm truly curious if the NFL draws a hard line in the sand or bends at the last second if things get out of control. Like, all of a sudden, these rules wouldn't apply anymore.
  5. No one can quantify faith. That's why its called "faith" lol Yes we can, but I don't think having faith/certain beliefs is synanomous with being anti-science or anti-math. There isn't one true way of thinking, or one correct way of thinking. It just is what it is. I'm cool with whatever these players choose, that being to be vaccinated or not, as long as they personally are satisfied with their decision.
  6. As someone who got the vaccine, I think its wrong to belittle people's personal beliefs, even if those beliefs are based on nothing more than faith. My hope is that players, regardless if vaccinated or not, practice good hygiene so that they don't get sick and risk their football careers.
  7. QB: Christian Ponder RB: Matt Asiata FB: Zach Line WR: Troy Williamson WR: Laquon Treadwell WR: Travis Taylor TE: Jermaine Wiggins LT: TJ Clemmings LG: Charlie Johnson 😄 Melvin Fowler RG: Bernard Dafney RT: Ryan Cook DE: Stalin Colinet DT: Remi Ayodele DT: Jaleel Johnson DE: Erasmus James OLB: MLB: OLB: CB: CB: S: Tyrell Johnson S: K: P: Jeff Locke Dang this is tough lol
  8. Usually we do a best starting depth chart/roster all time for teams but I want to see the worst. Its simple. Make a starting depth chart with the worst regular starters all time. That means your worst QB, then your worst RB, etc. The only catch: That player had to be a regular starter for a majority of one season (9+ games in a season). So for instance, Spergon Wynn wouldn't count because he Only started 2 games for Minnesota back in 2001. Aaaaaaand go!
  9. I think I recall him always being a HC after you complete your 1st year in Madden back in like 2006. RIP guy.
  10. I thought Elijah Lee had a chance to be a nice sleeper for us. Turns out he's had some success elsewhere after not making the roster. Moritz Boehinger did nothing in the NFL but had some juicy tools. I think Cincy tried him as a TE but that didn't work out either.
  11. Washington Redskins But instead its a potato!
  12. That's what she... Oh wait. Family friendly site. My bad😝
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