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  1. Should Flacco be finished as a starting QB?

    Just one more week of Flacco and then he can be finished.
  2. lions signed DE Datone Jones

    that's what he was set to play for us, but got beat out by Tom Johnson and Jaleel Johnson.
  3. The 2017 Receiving Corp, who's it going to be...?

    is there any news on the Diggs or Floyd injuries? didn't see anything out there.
  4. The Return of the Face of the Vikings (Teddy Chronicles)

    I don't think I've ever anticipated a practice session quite like today. GUMP!!!
  5. Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater cleared to practice

    so the perfect Vikings QB then, huh? lol
  6. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    What do we make of Luke Falk? Didn't watch the game but I've been cooling off on him.
  7. 2018 Draft Eligible OL Thread (OT, OG, C)

    Will! That's it! He's gonna be a beast!
  8. 2018 Draft Eligible OL Thread (OT, OG, C)

    Isn't there a guy named Hernandez who's doing very well out there? I watched him and liked what I saw.
  9. 3 Strikes You're Out Survivor Game. Round Two!

    Week 6: Texans Week 7: Titans and Bills
  10. Motor City MoJo: Detroit Lion updates

    They're on bye though this week. He may only end up missing 2-3 games and be back for the Minnesota game.
  11. Are there any dominant teams in the 2017 season

    New England's defense will hold them back this year though. They'll win their division but I don't see them being any better than the #2 or #3 seed. The AFC will run through Kansas City. NFC is totally wide open, especially the North and South. It'll make for an interesting year!
  12. Brett Hundley will never make it to the Superbowl, let alone the championship game. Quote me.
  13. Which of these hurt their team the most?

    I voted New Orleans defensive problems. If they have even an average defense, they make the playoffs every year, and might even be SB favorites. If you want to talk about a team wasting away a great players career, you look at what these Saints have done.
  14. Stand by Me Standings

    I don't know. I might take O'Donnell over Cohen. But I'd take them both over Glennon
  15. 2017 NFL Pick 'em

    Kansas City at Oakland 14 Tampa at Buffalo 6 Baltimore at Minnesota 1 New York Jets at Miami 2 Arizona at Los Angeles Rams 5 Jacksonville at Indianapolis 3 New Orleans at Green Bay 4 Carolina at Chicago 13 Tennessee at Cleveland 15 Dallas at San Francisco 7 Denver at Los Angeles Chargers 8 Cincinnati at Pittsburgh 12 Seattle at New York Giants 10 Atlanta at New England 11 Washington at Philadelphia 9