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  1. Matt Ryan

    Quite the thread title you got there. I say he does it. I expect Atlanta to win their division too.
  2. Who are the best QB guru’s in the league?

    If healthy, Bradford can be effective. Had his body not been destroyed with injuries, I think he'd be a top 10 QB. That's not the case however and he's become the biggest mediocre QB ever. He's not a career backup level player, and Spielman didn't keep him because he didn't want to invest in someone with so much injury history. I never saw any report that with Bradford or not that Philadelphia was starting Wentz. Do you have a link to that?
  3. Motor City MoJo: Detroit Lion updates

    I think he'd be best at Center. http://m.detroitlions.com/media-center/videos/Breaking-down-Frank-Ragnows-college-highlights/94cb50ed-11aa-4758-a5ca-dce7a676225a
  4. On the Ascension (OTAs)

    Yeah I don't read much into it. I remember reports that Mistral Raymond was going to be like a big time player for us. I think he was called a "leader". I wish I had that report handy.. Anyways, I don't read much into OTA greatness.
  5. Top 10 QB

    I enjoy his work, and he's been tutored under the absolute best...Ben McAdoo!!
  6. Rookie pictures

    Its almost weird seeing receivers wear numbers in the 80s anymore
  7. Who are the best QB guru’s in the league?

    Keenum and Bradford? Slinging Sammy was never a backup.
  8. Dolphins reveal new uniforms

    Nah, these stoormtrooper all whites they have now are slick.
  9. Which rookie QB starts the most games in 2018?

    Bold prediction bro I think the Ravens step up this year and Flacco does well and stays healthy
  10. Which rookie QB starts the most games in 2018?

    McCarron will last about 4 games before Buffalo pulls him for Allen. Darnold doesn't play a meaningful snap all season. Rosen will be stuck behind Bradford for 12 games. I'm giving him that much time before his knees go again. Mayfield starts half the season with limited success. Jackson doesn't play a meaningful snap all season. Mason Rudolph could potentially start with Roethlisberger's injury history, but the Steelers will play Jones instead.
  11. Chargers Hunter Henry tore ACL

    I hate non contact injuries...
  12. Green Bay Signs TE Mercedes Lewis

    He's basically an older Richard Rodgers though, right?
  13. Offseason news/rumours

    Its a mistake that Bridgewater isn't starting in the OTAs already.
  14. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Eric Kendricks wasn't loved by PFF but he had a pretty good season. He'll be better with Richardson and a healthy Griffen in front of him. Isn't Mychal Kendricks awesome in SNF and MNF?
  15. Jets trade Christian Hackenberg to the Raiders

    another PSU great..haha All I can do is laugh. Cook and Manuel should easily beat him out.