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  1. Sure. If we didn't have a lot of picks I would agree. But given our situation, I don't have an issue with it this year. We can still get a starter with those other picks and *fingers crossed* maybe that QB works out for us!
  2. Ugh. You're right. They'll say they didn't have any time to fix franchise. Then next year when Washington is no longer the "Football Team" they can use that excuse too. By 2023, I'm guessing we go to 18 games. Best bet might be to hold off until 2024.
  3. Is it worth buying a switch just to play Pokemon?
  4. Its hard to get it right with a mid round QB. Most of the time they end up as backups. I think the only QBs starting that weren't picked in the 1st 2 rounds are Prescott, Cousins, Brady and Wilson.
  5. I think Watson is very close though. He's top 5-7. Wilson is probably the 3rd best QB in the league though behind Mahomes and Rodgers.
  6. I think we should use a mid round pick on a QB. We have plenty of ammo to do so.
  7. I could see us going after Griffen and Weatherly. Ideally, I want Wonnum to take that spot and never look back though.
  8. Go with Hill on a cheap deal and see if the young guys can beat him out.
  9. I tried getting a PS5 from repflames.ecwid.com but my bank immediately flagged the transaction, canceling it and an hour after putting my order in I got a fraud notice about the same card I had just used for the transaction. Buyer beware.
  10. Are these the right moves for Green Bay? It seems like their young guys really stepped up this year.
  11. I could see him joining the Giants if they cut Golden Tate.
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