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  1. By what measure? DVOA? I have no doubt things will get better on defense but I don't think average defenses make Andy Dalton look like an all star.
  2. Imagine if we had a clutch QB. Or even an average defense.
  3. A run attempt i think, Tight coverage on Thielen, drop by Jefferson, a lot of pressure on 4th down which led to a prayer that didn't work out. As soon as the announcer said Cousins had a perfect rating, he didn't complete another pass. Not entirely his fault, but he's never going to be this team's savior, I think.
  4. Its short sighted. Are you willing for every other position on the team to go to waste, with multiple coaching turnovers and a culture of losing to take place on your team? Not one team in the NFL is attempting to do what you demand. The Jets and Jags are not intentionally tanking. This is silly.
  5. Offense good, defense bad. I'm surprised at how lowly Bradbury was ranked. I thought he did fine.
  6. You'd be a really bad General Manager.
  7. I hope Teddy plays. I still wish he was our QB!
  8. We should probably win the rest of our games except TB and NO. That takes us to 8-8. After a 1-5 start, that's not so bad. We aren't getting a QB this year in the draft. Spielman will look at Cousins stats the second half of the season instead of the overall body of work and pretend he's our longterm answer. Thankfully, we should be in a position to get an edge or DT early at least! As we are so accustomed to saying: Maybe next year!
  9. But on that note: I like the balance between Zeke and Pollard. They take a lot of pressure off the QB, no matter who it is. They make Dak lethal. Ceedee Lamb is going to be so good. He's a future top 5 receiver in the league. Honestly, your entire draft class is so awesome. Your offensive line is great. Our DL is bad but man they gave Dalton all day to throw. Highly impressed. Your defense still needs work but its getting there. Good luck the rest of the way.
  10. Hahaha oh man. If we cant make the playoffs, as long as GB doesn't win the SB, its a good season for us.
  11. No it actually goes back to 2014. Remember the Buffalo game?
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