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  1. More Televised Games for Teams on the Rise

    No thanks. What I'd like is to stop seeing teams playing a schedule that runs as TNF, and then SNF and then MNF. They did that to Miami and Pittsburgh last year from what I recall and I find that ridiculously stupid. Spread the games out a bit, but don't bring these "up and coming" teams up like the OP asks.
  2. 2018-2019 NFL Season Predictions (Awards)

    If you asked fans from every single team what they think their season would be, you would conclude that every team in the league improved this offseason, that the team is at worst going 10-6 and at worst making the wildcard playoffs.
  3. Case Keenum wasn't that good last year. He had just a small stretch of games where he played very well. Otherwise he had a bunch of games with 1 TD or less.
  4. Football's Future Top 100 -- #7

    Anything Vikings is a losing battle and I'm numb to it all. Haha
  5. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    What platform will it run on?
  6. Relationship Advice Thread

    Sounds like she has serious emotional issues/daddy problems. If you truly are a nice guy, tell her that you think she's a good worthwhile person, but you just don't see things working out between you two. Tell her that she has more value than just her body and that looking for a real boyfriend instead of a "pretend" one is 100% more rewarding in the long run.
  7. Will the Vikings be Wayne's World...?

    I find it interesting that JR calls Trae Waynes "Crock Pot". Makes sense though!
  8. I think Star Wars would rather play the stupid good vs bad guys theme than anything that requires intellectual thought like you are suggesting.
  9. Best case for the Vikings: Kirk Cousins lives up to his deal, Dalvin Cook comes back without any lingering knee problems, Diggs and Thielen steal the show again and the defense continues to be dominant. The Vikings don't hit the injury bug and make it all the way to the SB....and (gasp!) maybe win it this time. Worst case for the Vikings: Cousins struggles early and never finds his groove, Cook doesn't look the same The entire Oline looks like they've taken lessons from TJ Clemmings and become a total mess, and the defense manages to get exploited weekly like they did against the Eagles in the NFCCG. The Vikings struggle to go 7-9.
  10. DeMarco Murray announced his retirement

    He probably had a year or two left in him if he wanted to keep playing, but retiring now makes sense. I hope he's smart about his money though going forward.
  11. Purple Haze - State of the Purple Pass Rush

    I find this very amusing!
  12. Behold Da Bearz!

    In general, QBs stay away from ballhawking CBs. If PA becomes a ballhawking CB, QBs will stay away from him.
  13. 2018-2019 NFL Season Predictions (Awards)

    Tannehill is okay. He's not worth that contract, but then most QBs aren't worth theirs either. I don't expect the RBs or WRs to help him that much either. I think Adam Gase is a glorified Offensive Coordinator who will show he's over his head. I think Miami has some good young talent, but New England is still New England and I expect the Jets and Bills to be tough, but not particularly good. Add in the NFCN and an improved AFCS, and I don't expect much from Miami this year.
  14. Football's Future Top 100 -- #7

    I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle here haha
  15. Worst Songs Thread

    It is sad that Drake is the rap version of Nickelback. That statement could not be more true.