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  1. If you're wondering, the only reason I came off as so confident in my team is because I thought this year would be different because the big game is in Minnesota. I thought it would have a major positive effect on the Vikings and we'd win it all. It turns out that it did have a positive effect, but the Vikings won their Super Bowl last week. shrug I'm not taking anything away from your team. The Eagles are great, and I wish you guys well in the Superbowl. I'll probably be rooting for the Patriots, but I would have no problem with Philly taking the Lombardi trophy home. Good luck and congratulations!
  2. GWT: Week 20 Vikings @ Eagles

    well this season was fun while it lasted. not really upset. It sucks that the trolls will continue to troll the Vikings, but what else is new. Minnesota would get trolled even if we won 5 SB trophies in a row lol!
  3. Playoffs Pick 'em!

    Same concept as the regular season. Anyone can join: Pick the winner and place your confidence points after the pick. Get your picks in on time and do not edit your picks after the start of the game or they become void. I'm a tyrant who doesn't allow you to just lose highest point total if you get your picks in late. Its the playoffs, so get it together!! Here is how the point system will work: Wildcard: 1,2,3,4 Divisional: 2,4,6,8 Conference: 12,16 Superbowl: 32
  4. Why even bother showing up? We gave up. We won our SB last week. It was a fun season though.
  5. Well at least we got one win. It took a miracle, but we did it!
  6. Absolutely pathetic.
  7. Refs missed a big hold there.
  8. That first quarter could've been a lot better, but its 7-7. We need to step up. The RPOs are working for Foles. Rhodes is getting beat on the slants. Interesting game so far!
  9. Let's go win this! Skol! Skol! Skol! Millie>that old Eagles fan!!
  10. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    Lambo looked shaky on the XPs. That field goal was great though. Also,Trey Flowers is a boss!
  11. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    What does New England need to do to get a lead?
  12. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    Is Corey Grant a Hall of Famer?
  13. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    Great start so far to this game. I'm having fun! (Gonna be more fun when the Eagles season finale comes on later though!)
  14. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    The true underdogs aren't the Eagles. It is the Jaguars. Should be a fun game!
  15. Literally every active team forum does this. Every year. Its nothing out of the ordinary. Should be a great game. Skol!!
  16. Playoffs Pick 'em!

    if you haven't already, get those picks in! From what I've seen, no one has taken Jax/Phi. All Jax/Min, NE/Min and NE/Phi...
  17. Gameday. Let's go make history! SKOL VIKINGS!
  18. 2017-Worst Movies

    The Circle book was good. Movie was trash.
  19. Alvin Kamara vs. Dion Lewis

    I love Dion Lewis, but that's mostly because he went to Pitt. He had a few injuries over the years which robbed him of greatness though. I'm taking AK41
  20. GWT: Week 20 Vikings @ Eagles

    Technically 11-3 in the regular season. Bradford had 2 starts for us.
  21. Titans Hire Mike Vrabel as Head Coach

    Is there like some cryptic message I missed? "I'm no coach or expert, but I'm not personally concerned about Mariota. He'll be fine. He's a top 12/10 type QB in this league and has already proven that IMO. I don't really think Robinson is all that concerned about him either. Firing Mularkey was to just get him in to an offensive system that better suited him." You said he's a proven top 10-12 QB in the NFL. I said he's not. I don't think any stat supports your argument. Are you referring to another post, or maybe a different QB (who actually is a top 10 QB)?
  22. Titans Hire Mike Vrabel as Head Coach

    Marcus Mariota wasn't anywhere close to that this year...like at all. He had a nice stretch last year, but never grew on it.
  23. Heard that, Eagles_Bolts1228!
  24. Today is Nick Foles birthday. We should give him the present (a day late, of course) of being able to go home to his family and not have to worry about work for a while!