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  1. Rooting for Conner. Any chance he starts?
  2. I like the Vikings trade. Its unlikely that Spielman just stays with his current picks. We are a big draft day trade team.
  3. Given our success with mid round DE/DT and complete lack of success of OL in any round that isn't 1 or 2, I feel ya haha
  4. Happy retirement Edelman. Great player. Even better person.
  5. Would you rather have James White or Gio Bernard at this point in their careers?
  6. Dion Lewis was a treasure at Pitt. I'm glad he had some success in the NFL and managed to play for as long as he did. Bernard going to TB was a perfect move. Do they let Fournette, Jones or Vaughn go now?
  7. I brought him up since he's an interesting prospect and if Gladney is already done for the year (Not confirmed), there may be talk of drafting a corner early this year.
  8. I figured Waddle could be used as a safety valve/best friend to Goff.
  9. Would anyone be opposed to taking Derek Stingley if he's there in the 2022 draft?
  10. I had a response but we're getting wayyyyyyy off track here. Do you think a possible (but likely) suspension will slow down Gladney's career projection?
  11. I might do a larger draft but looking at your capital I predict jville trades up to get more top level talent. The AFCS is within reach. Might as well shoot for the moon. Would you take a future 4 over a current 5?
  12. Trades: Atlanta trades 1.4 for Denver's 1.9 and 2.40 Carolina trades 1.8 for New Englands 1.15 and 2.46 Minnesota trades 1.14 for Chicago's 1.20, future 2nd and 6.164 Jacksonville trades 1.25 to Green Bay for 1.29 and 5.135 Draft: 1. Jax: Trevor Lawrence 2. NYJ: Zach Wilson 3. SF: Justin Fields 4. Den: Trey Lance 5. Cin: Ja'Marr Chase 6. Mia: Kyle Pitts 7. Det: Jaylen Waddle 8. NE: Mac Jones 9. Atl: Jaelen Phillips 10. Dal: Penei Sewell 11. NYG: Micah Parsons 12. Phi: Devonta Smith 13. LAC: Rashawn Slater
  13. I was really hopeful a few years ago that he'd finally figure it out with Patterson coaching him. Oh well.
  14. If you're going to open it up, might as well let any player pick any number. Not that I'm a big fan of that move, just that it seems to make more sense. I think it would be funny to see #99 at QB though lol
  15. Isn't 2 WRs overkill? Chances are there is only one spot to fight for. Thielen, Jefferson, Johnson and Beebe should be pretty secure. I love the trade though.
  16. Does nobody here care that your team traded for a QB? Lol
  17. I've wanted us to get a KR but now that I think about it, I think that job goes to Hughes. Osborn/Abdullah will handle the PR duties. I think Hughes takes it regardless of what happens to Gladney.
  18. I feel like he'd be a good fit in Tampa Bay. None of their backs fit what Tom Brady does so well.
  19. The top 3 CBs are Peterson, Dantzler and Alexander. After that, Hughes, Hand and I guess Boyd fight for the #4 spot. I don't see Gladney playing this season.
  20. He's probably better off as a backup. For a 7th round pick, he hasn't been too too bad! Will Denver still address the DT position in free agency though?
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