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  1. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    I don't think looking at tiebreakers is a "terrible take", my man. You may need to take that Internet tough guy stance somewhere else.
  2. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    They lost to a NFC team. We lost to an AFC team. It'll matter for tiebreakers.
  3. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    GB's loss is worse than ours.
  4. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    I just got eye surgery and even I can see that this might be the worst start this team has ever had. I'll see ya postgame. Skol...?
  5. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    This game might go 42-0 buffalo
  6. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    SMH. Unbelievable.
  7. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    The Vikings are happening lol
  8. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    And everyone thought this game was automatic...
  9. Lions DE Kerry Hyder expected to miss rest of season with Achilles injury The Detroit Lions won a game, but all signs indicate they lost a defensive end for the season in the process. And that makes them sick to their stomach. The injury is a grave one for Detroit, which is now without all four of its top defensive ends. Ezekiel Ansah, Cornelius Washington and Armonty Bryant all sat out the preseason win with injuries. Ansah is still on the physically unable to perform list. http://www.mlive.com/lions/index.ssf/2017/08/lions_de_kerry_hyder_expected.html
  10. Barr V Richardson?

    Wow I thought he was near 30. Whoops!
  11. Redskins sign WRs Michael Floyd and Breshad Perriman

    Geez, could you have at least posted his highlight reel? Dude was EVERYTHING to Washington. Tough day for all Redskins fans out there.
  12. Bills CB Vontae Davis reportedly retires at halftime of game

    Dude where have you been?!?
  13. Can Bailey Bail Us Out?

    Bailey will wear #5 for us. I don't think I'm ready for a new #5. Its weird..
  14. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    If the Bills are as bad as some are predicting, do you think the coaching staff should go, in favor of a more offensive minded coach to help Allen, or does the current staff survive this hypothetical 'disaster' season?
  15. Barr V Richardson?

    How long of a deal would he be looking at? Isn't he near the end of his prime?
  16. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    Let buffalo stay in Green Bay. That's extra prep time to beat them!!
  17. Behold Da Bearz!

    if Gould keeps kicking like that, he'll be playing into his 40s. Chicago is making me mad. They are going to be good sooner than later.
  18. Yeah but he was a Tight End going into Pitt.
  19. All abouts the wideouts

    I expect us to draft that player this next draft. Treadwell will be on his last year of his deal and Zylstra hasn't shown anything. Robinson is a rental player.
  20. I love O'Neill but I'd rather see him sit. It takes a while for college Offensive Lineman to grow into NFL players. Rushing him could be disastrous, like it was for TJ Clemmings.
  21. Sebastian Thunderbucket (aka Tom Johnson) Rides Again!

    Brzezinski strikes again!!
  22. Watching Keenum, Bradford, and Bridgewater in 2018

    The interceptions, or lack thereof, for Keenum were due to Shurmur's scheme. Bill Musgrave will do him no such favor.
  23. Week Three - Other Games

    It's good that Cleveland finally got a win. Their fans deserve it.
  24. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    I wouldn't be surprised to see the Bills trying a lot of hurry up/gimmicky stuff to open up the offense. Might be their best bet.
  25. TNF: Jets vs Browns GDT The Battle of the light weights.

    Friendly reminder that the Jets could have just kept Teddy Bridgewater and win more games...