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  1. Being a teacher, spring break is the most important part of our second semester. Since I am in happy mode now, I will do a quick mock. Used TDN Mock Draft Machine. Tear away!!! 1.20--Chauncy Gardner-Johnson, S Florida Just got done with a discussion on this. This man changes our defensive backend. Does not help longer term with our future Edge and CB issues, but it changes our secondary long term. The youth trio of Davis, Edmunds and CGJ rule the backend for years to come. 2.52--Julian Love, CB Notre Dame Long term answer for Haden's advanced age. Sit and learn, play some slot, take over in 1-2 years. Good solid kid who will need an alpha long term, but is a great #2 down the road. 3.66--Jace Sternberger, TE Texas A+M Didn't like the WR here, so went with a TE weapon instead. Smooth route runner that was a checkdown and YAC machine for Jimbo. Good blocker and potential seam killer. Will be good tandem with McDonald 3.83--Blake Cashman, LB Minnesota Combine master that came up from nowhere. More of a Will linebacker type, Cash can get to the ball. He makes bad reads at times, but can flat get there. Makes the ILB corp more diverse, and will be a special teams deamon to boot 4.122--David Sills V, WR WVU Easy pick here. Need a X receiver, get one here. Made to run verts and take the top off. Also a contested catch machine. Not much more than that, but a guy that can run and is tall as hell. 5.141--Sutton Smith, Edge Northern Ill. Something had to give with taking the S first, and Edge was it. After the first 6-7, there is a cliff as wide as you can get. So, this pick does not solve the edge issue. Save that for next year, I guess. In the meantime, Smith gives us pass rush on 3rd down, a subpackage blitzer, and a special teams warrior. 6.175--Trey Williams, RB Texas A+M Gimmicky back that is great at pass pro and catching passes. Worst case is he can be the 3rd back and a 3rd down weapon. A different looking back for our stable of backs to choose from. Another special teams guy here as well. 6.192--Isaiah Prince, OT Ohio State The requiste OSU player selected here. A project tackle with size and length that can be worked on. Needs to be more aggressive, but at 6'7" 350, a nice sized project to have 6.207--Jamal Custis, WR Syracuse Surprised to see him here, so took a flyer. Another true X guy that can fly. Safety net for Sills and Moncrief. Has done some work in the slot as well. 6'5", 220 pound HUGE target 7.219--Albert Huggins, DL Clemson Bit of a personal pick, as the high school team I coach played against him. Great kid and great player, overshadowed by all the D-Line talent at Clemson. Can play some nose, and also some 3-5. Overall, mad I didn't deal with the Edge, but I got CGJ instead. On reflection, I would prolly take a slot WR over Custis, but oh well. Or a punter.
  2. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Yes... his best role is that of a true FS, but he is just so damn versitile. The combos make your head spin. One play, Davis is the FS, Edmunds SS and CGJ in the slot. Literal next play, CGJ to FS, Davis at SS, and Edmunds erasing a TE. Dime... CGJ and Davis 2 deep, Hilton over 3rd reciever, Edmunds is $ backer, Haden and Nelson on outside. It is just too much sense.
  3. OLB/Edge Class Thoughts

    Ok, did some work on Ferrell the past few days. I was intrigued by some of you guy's evaluations of him and what he can bring, so I wanted to do some work for myself. Film and stuff, along with some other sites and observations and whatnot. I admit, I am torn. I see a monster pass rusher and a very plus run defender. He is a guy that I would LOVE to put in the 4-2-5 nickel and set loose. Yes, he is stiff and does not have the bend that we are used to, but he has hand usage and counter moves that are elite. It is almost more impressive than Burns/Allen in that he has to do it more with technique than just being athletically better than the other guy. I think that translates better to the NFL. I can imagine a DL that looks like some combo of Tuitt/Hargrave/Heyward for the two inside rushers, and Ferrell/Watt/Dupree on the outside. On the negs... simply put, the guy has not been put in a position of having to cover at all down the field. Yes, some flats and boundary trips but no dropping into zones, man seams, nothing. At least, not that I could find. I am not sure if he can do it at all, was not asked to, was not schemed for... whatever. That all being said, I have reservations with him playing in our base defense. Now, say what you will about our base and scheme, but we were in our 'base' defense 30% of the time last year. I realize that we can say just change the scheme and that it shouldn't matter, but the charting shows that it does. If he goes in at 3-4 OLB, he can be an elite pass rusher, and has played some standup. But, every OC will know that when he is in, he is coming, meaning the other guy will be the drop OLB. While that may not sound like a big deal, knowing who is coming and who is dropping is something that can make a big difference. Now, I could be wrong and he might can do some drops just to keep them honest, but it cannot be a skill that he is elite in or he would have already been doing it for Clemson. So... I am left with the overall question... would he be a good look at 1.20?? Well... he checks all the boxes. Power 5, Underclassman, Tombert was at Pro Day. Maybe he showed something that they like that means they are not worried about it. Maybe they are looking at him as a nickel pass rusher for the 70% of the subpackage snaps that we do. Hell, maybe we are transitioning to the 4-3. All of that said, the future of our Edge is so murky that I am very intrigued. Watt is a keeper, but Dupree is on his last year. Maybe Ferrell is the pick here as we start to look more like a 4-3 team. Maybe he is the pick and surprises me with his ability to drop and cover in a 3-4. Maybe he will be picked as a subpackage specialist. If Watt and Ferrell are the future Edges in whatever capacity we put them, I think that I am OK with that. If we took him at 20, then CB at 52, then WR and ILB in 3, I'd think I'd be OK. How close am I??
  4. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Yes to this. Yes, Yes, Yes.
  5. Post Combine Mock using Draft Network

    I like 1, but don't like Bush. 2 is too offensive in the first two rounds. So, I'd probably pick #3 if I had to, but I even have concerns in this one. Maybe like #1 if you took Bush out and took the best CB available, and then took a LB at 66 (Mack Wilson if he falls, or even Giles-Harris) RD1 CB B. MurphyRD2 OLB C. MillerRD3 WR E. HallRD3 LB Giles-HarrisRD4 TE A. MackRD5 DL K. KekeRD6 IOL L. GaillardRD6 FS E. WorthingtonRD6 RB J. WilliamsRD7 SS B.J. Blunt
  6. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    In a sense he will be a replacement for both. We all remember LJ Fort trying to cover pro bowl WR Keenen Allen. They play a lot of Nickel so, I believe he will be more of a Nickel LB/Safety. Although he can and probably will be used to play some ILB next to Vince even if they draft an ILB high. I think that Barron will be day one starter, then as the draftee gets comfortable hand that role to them. This is not a sexy pick, but a practical one that will improve the defense based on what they like to do and are transitioning to. We are hoping to get the next great Steelers ILB very soon This... simply put, he starts next to VWill in 'base', and then stays on the field as the nickel backer when we go nickel/dime, whether 3-3-5, or 4-2-5.
  7. Steeler Pro Day/Visits

    That's a helluva hot take.
  8. OLB/Edge Class Thoughts

    While not what I was looking for on this post, I 100,000,000% agree. Interesting. I will have to look at more tape on him. I did not pick up on this, but it may be confirmation bias.
  9. Steeler Pro Day/Visits

    Interesting. Gotta be Justin Layne?? Lots of talent here. Christian Miller, Dionte Thompson, Mack Wilson. Later would be Smith the CB, Buggs and Piersenbacher. Please no on Irv Smith though...
  10. OLB/Edge Class Thoughts

    This is the feedback I was looking for. I think that Ferrell is a great player, but I am not sure what he does for us that does not make a scheme change. I cannot see Ferrell as a 3-4 OLB that drops. He is a bigger dude that sets a great edge in the run and can get after the passer at times. I am not trying to get into a scheme discussion here, but without a major change up front, why would Ferrell be a good pick for us at #20??
  11. OLB/Edge Class Thoughts

    lol.. OK... not suited for 3-4 defenses?? Ummmm... ONLY 4-3 pass rushers.... Ohhh... gotcha... hand in the dirt 7-9 techs.... I agree, but his versitility is key. He can play some 5 tech as well. I did... him, Bosa and Allen will be long gone. I read that article (love the site, BTW), and that is actually what started this process for me. Well, that and realizing that with Barron signing, we are not married to drafting Bush in the 1st (thank God). And... you have to take into context that those draft dudes don't really rank them in traditional rounds (they have said on their podcast that only 15-20 are first round grades for them, on the most part). From most of what I have seen, Ferrell, Sweat, and Gary have been round 1 guys, and some have been having Polite bounce back. For sure, they will not be there at 2.52... I got to thinking, who would best suit Pittsburgh?? I mean, if an Edge "fell", who would it be and would they be a good fit for us?? I would make the argument that if the four guys I mentioned above, none would be who I would want at #20. Basically, for me, all four are off the board at 20. Saying, in less words... I'd rather have Miller or Winovich at 2.52 than those four at 1.20...
  12. 2019 Draft Discussion

    BPA/Need combo. TE is not the BIGGEST need, but if Hock is there, then it seems TOO easy. Especially if Murphy/Greedy are gone. We do not need Polite in Pittsburgh... man is a headcase. And doesn't defend the run...
  13. I am struggling with the Edge/OLB group in regards to scouting. I realize now that with Dupree in his last year, this is a position (in addition to CB) that we need to address early. But, I am left feeling empty when I look at this group. Obviously, I would feel awesome if Bosa, Burns or Allen fell, as I would take them at #20 with no issue, but that is not likely to happen. So, looking at the other guys in low 1/high 2 range, they have issues: Ferrell--too big, not a scheme fit Sweat--not bendy, not a scheme fit Gary--not a set position, more of a 5 tech tweener Polite--head case, doesn't run defend So... looking on down... I see two guys in mid-late 2 that I really like for us that I would love to get some feedback on. Chase Winovich and Christian Miller. I've seen some of the posts about Winovich and we are mixed between starter and basically another Chickillo. I think the mean is mean, and he is a high motor, high character guy that will stop the run, do some good stuff in the pass rush, and work real hard. Miller is an enigma in that he hasn't played alot, but his skills and measurables are outstanding. But, I love what I see when he plays. High pedigree, hard worker, Bama guy. In addition, looking down further, I see some other guys that I like as developmental guys that could learn a year and then maybe be in the mix. These are guys are OX from ODU and Maxx Crosby from Eastern Michigan. Both play the part of big time 3-4 OLB with pass rush motors and run defense. Thoughts??
  14. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I disagree about CB being that low of a priority. Haden is past 30, and Nelson is not a true #1. Sutton, Burns and Hilton all are not ready to play meaningful snaps if one of the starters go down. Sensabaugh was not resigned. I would think that CB would be one of the first 3 draft picks, for sure. I mean, like it or not, both of our starting safties are young. First four picks are CB, LB, Edge and WR in some order.
  15. Post-Early FA Mock

    I'd like to know the trade parameters, but the top one is pretty nice in the top half. Round 4 down is a bit sketchy for me, but I like the top picks