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  1. Mock drafts !!!!

    I have to select the first pick without knowledge of the second pick. And, I am not going to cheat by saying if Queen is still there that I would trade back with ILB hungry teams. I would take the BPA in a position of need. So, knowing we are losing Gravedigger, I am taking Raekwon Davis, DL Alabama. I know it is not a direct replacement for 'Digger, but he is a long term 5 tech replacement for Tuitt/Heyward but can also flex inside some, on passing downs, ala Tuitt/Heyward. Base 3-4 is not a thing anymore, and we can get a FA or have Shade Tree do it. The only other thought here is Cushenberry, but he is a longer term option, that IMO is not going to play in 2020. Second pick is easy. If Kmet is there, he gets taken by us. He is most like what we want in a TE....
  2. Offseason Work to do

    I'll take the other side on this. As a huge SEC fan, I was disappointed when it was announced that McClendon was the hire. He was not fought for my Kirby Smart to keep on the UGA staff, and couldn't even keep the OC job at SC. I know he has experience with calling plays, but not successfully. I'd rather have a specialized WR coach to make our WR's better and that's it. I am sure that Hillard will make some points in offensive meetings, but his primary role will be to make our young WR corps better, not get mixed up in schemes and whatnot. I was nervous about a too many cooks situation... I feel on the offensive side of the ball we have a lot of dudes who are good at coaching positions and making their dudes better.
  3. I totally agree, but if we trade UP, the situation gets worse. We would have less draft capital. And not a better money situation....
  4. I see your point, BUT... we need players not PLAYERS. We are thin at places where we are 1-2 injures away from getting guys off of couches. I'd rather use the capital to address depth at TE, S, DL, Edge, IOL, WR, etc, etc than use it all to go grab 1 dude who solves 1 issue, but leaves us with no way to fix other issues. With our cap situation, we have to use the draft to plug holes in the roster
  5. Make The Case: KEEP DUPREE

    Everything I was going to say, @Steeler Hitman covered. Great convo, but I think he and others covered it. I'll just at my social studies teacher POV real quick.... the law of supply and demand. Tag Dupree... spend the money. The replacements will either me more expensive (Yannick/Fowler) or lesser players in OUR scheme (Quinn/Beasley). We won't sniff Matos without selling out the 2021 draft. Highsmith is good as a prospect, but not ready year 1. Anae would be the closest, but again, not ready. Every option will also have the learning curve of playing OLB in the 3-4 for the Steelers, and will be asked to pair with Watt. Yes, he is expensive. Yes, he might underperform his contract. Yes, he might never reach the ceiling we all want him to. But, YES, he is worth the cost... 100%
  6. Ok, so we are devoid of a first round pick. From what I have seen/written/scouted myself, this draft is FAT in the middle rounds, and top heavy with WR and OT. What say on draft night, we are at #49 and player X (the player is not the point, but say its a slipping WR/QB/OT or something else pushed down that is not a primetime DL). Being that TE is our biggest need and other than Hopkins and Kmet, they can be gotten later and DL (assuming we lose Gravedigger), would we all be pissed if Oakland calls and wants #49 for #80, #81, and their 5th?? We'd go from 6 picks to 8, and with our needs being players but not PLAYERS, I see this being a strategy we can use. It would give us 3 3rds, 2 4ths, and one each 5-7. We could end up with something like: 3.80--Van Jefferson, WR Florida (WR is soooo deep, and a good one is gonna fall. Dude is an X all day... but you can have Tyler Johnson if you prefer.) 3.81--Jared Pinkney, TE Vandy (Blocker and RZ threat. More in the mold of what we look for in a TE) 3.100--Tyler Biadsz, C/G Wisconsin (IOL for Finney, falling but still a great player) 4.111--Alex Highsmith, EDGE Charlotte (TJ understudy that can be the rotation piece if Ola/Skipper don't work out) 4.124--Jason Strowbridge, 5 tech North Carolina (Another understudy that can learn from Cam and Tuitt, and shore up the DL if Alualu goes away) 5.150(ish)--Jeremy Chinn, S Southern Illinois (6'3" monster that needs work, but could work as the dime safety) 6.200(ish)--Benito Jones, NG Ole Miss (Bye Big Dan... has some hips that can work in more than a plugger role) 7.210(ish)--Cole Chewins, OT Michigan State (6'8" project LT that can be a mix type guy) So, in this scenario, we are "trading" Jefferson (or Johnson/Mims), Pinkney (or Bryant(FAU)/Stanford TE) and Chinn (or DB of your choice) FOR Hopkins/Kmet/or even a DL guy that is there (Davis/Madibuike)
  7. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    Thanks for the write up @Steeler Hitman I have Rosie on there... I am keeping 4 backs with Rosie, for 5. One will be inactive on gameday. I understand the issues with Safety, and I have been in the camp of trying to keep Sean Davis. I would love him as a backup/slot guy BUT, I think it is going to be his decision to leave. I mean, we have been jerking him around for years on position and PT, and I think the Minkah trade he can take as a slap in the face. I would love to have him back. I cannot see us having enough money to sign any FA Safety unless we start chopping more people.
  8. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    I have not seen that Berry tidbit, but that would change some things. I agree on the TE slot.... I think there are 2 dudes that really fit in Kmet and Pickney. Moss would as well if he comes out. I am not interested in Hopkins or any of the 'big WR' types at all. I would also take a look at any of the big time big bodied WR that fall. Anything that helps the offense out that is not a RB I am down with. I don't see how we have an option at this point. If we don't bring back Dupree, we cannot afford to get anyone else worth a crap. Yea, we could get Hargrave and a mid-tier FA, but I am not sure that is the answer for our window. Plus, with the tag, he is basically on another prove it deal and we are not on the hook for more than a year. Then we will have more data.
  9. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    I can see the argument for the Vannett contract. I had him at 2X2.5 to be fair, but had to trim money and gave him above minumum. For argument's sake, let's say I save some $ in the longer term deal with Feiler and Hilton that I referenced. I can move Vannett to more of a contract that is realistic. Any other thoughts??
  10. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    I am cutting Vance already. I am not disagreeing with you, I am just working on different information. I heard on the pod and on several sites that signing/extending Heyward can save $3, and Tuitt or DDC can be done for $3. If that is not the case, then I need to rethink this whole thing. I am also thinking Feiler and Hilton get longer deals to knock the money down some, but it would not be a ton.
  11. I am going to take a stab at what I think the Steelers might do here with this offseason. I had intended to do this around Thanksgiving, but so much was up in the air, and then X mas break was crazy…. But I think I have a good idea of what I think the offseason might look like here. As always, please discuss and if I missed anything huge, please let me know. I am trying to do this as what I think is going to happen/the Steelers way as opposed to what I would do, but there are some sprinkles mixed in here and there. OK… so let’s look at the numbers. Over the cap says I have 4.8 million to work with here. That is not enough to do much of anything at all. Sooooo…. Lets do the dirty stuff first (easiest to hardest). 1. Mark Barron—thanks for providing us cover for the development/drafting of Devin Bush. Your contributions were good, but you cost too much moving forward. 2. Tyson Alualu—You have fit in well in Pittsburgh and we value your efforts as well. This was my LAST cut, but I needed that 3.4 mill in other places. 3. Anthony Chickillo—I have been one of your biggest defenders, but… for the $ and production, it doesn’t make sense. This one is the scariest for me, but it is what it is. 4. Ramon Foster—I know, I think this is the LEAST likely to happen, TBH. But, production, money and having a person ready to take the snaps makes this a pick that works for me, honestly. Thanks for all the memories. 5. Vance McDonald—This one I waffled on for a long time, TBH. It just comes down to money, and he is not as productive as I want and need from a TE #1. Yuck… I just feel icky now. But, I have 27.5 million under the cap now. Time to look at our guys now. Obviously, the first order of business is ALWAYS our FA, and this is a little complicated. UFA: Dupree, Hargrave, Burns, Davis, Finney, Matakevich, Shazier, Vannett RFA: Feiler, Hilton, Banner, Canaday, Dangerfield 1. Target #1 is Bud Dupree. For me, my feeling is to Franchise him and let him play one more year, and if he performs at the level he did THIS year, sign him long term next year. I know there is a school of thought to get him to sign long term for less than the tag, but I want him to play one more year before I give him a HUGE deal. So, the tag is gonna be 16.26 right off the top of that 27.5. (Aside—I have just priced myself out of resiging Hargrave). 2. OL time. I can choose, Finney OR Feiler/Banner. I choose…. Feiler and Banner. I pick up their RFA tags. Feiler is a second round tag at 3.2 and Banner is orginal round tender at 2.1. Now I WOULD try to sign them long term, but it won’t take much off the cap hit, so I am going to leave it as the tags right now and try to sign them long term before camp. 3. Mike Hilton is also an intergral part of this defense. RFA tag for second round and we try to get him longer term as well. OK… getting those 4 drained me out and now I am only 2.6 under, so time to go to the vets with extension offers. Here is where things get hinky and I am going to have to assume and round since I am not sure of exact numbers and the OTC stuff is confusing. Also, I am limiting myself to two extensions since that is normally what they end up doing. Also, we have a special case that might take a conversation to make work. But, first the business part. The rule of 30% means that I can save less money than before on these contracts. So, I am going to be conservative. 1. Cam Heyward—extension/restructure/whatever you want to call it. Get the cap number down and add on some more years. I am predicting that I can save $3 million by doing this. This may be low, but it will come out in the wash. 2. Stephon Tuitt—Same deal. I know we do this every year, but we can go to him again and turn some stuff into performance bonuses or something. Again, I think that we save $3 here. With now 8.6 million, we can take care of a couple of other things: 1. 3 million room in season for transactions 2. 2 million rookie draft pool 3. Nick Vannett signing—2 years X 1 years per. Middle of the road price tag. He is a solid #2 and COULD be a #1 if pressed into service. 4. Tyler Matakevich—3 years X 1 per. Just above the minimum. No one can argue that he is the heart and soul of our ST. He is above average as a ST guy, and can, in an emergency… nevermind. 5. Kameron Canaday—2 years X 1.6 per. Just to make it even. He will get about this for the 2 year deal. Now, I am set except for 1 big issue: Al Villaneava. Dude is a straight hoss that is WOEFULLY underpaid at $5 per. Now… we could just say F it and you signed the contract, but I want to take care of him AND extend him. I feel like it would go a long way with him to find a way to pay him even a lower rate for a LT, which is $10 per and get him for 2-3 more years. But, we can’t extend him without giving him a raise, so we are in a bind. So, we go another route. We go to Ben and tell him to “make up” for last year and to make Villy right, we need to move SOME of his money to 2021 to get the $5 mil to extend Villy. I do not want to hamstring 2021 at all by pushing his money that far, but some can be moved to make Villy whole. If we can get Villy on board for 3 X $10 mil, I would be a happy man, and so would he. Former Steelers FA signings: · Javon Hargrave—Arizona Cardinals 4 X $56 million · BJ Finney—Tampa Bay 3 X 15.3 million · Artie Burns—Los Angles Chargers 3 X 3 million · Sean Davis—Las Vegas Raiders 2 X 7.1 millon So, we sign NO outside FA, and do NOT extend Juju or Connor this year. They need to step up their games. Pre-Draft Position breakdown with Numerical draft priority (1-9): 0--QB: Big Ben, Mason, Duck Hodges, Paxton Lynch, JT Barrett 1--RB: James Connor, Jaylen Samuels, Benny Snell, Rosie Nix, Kerrith White, Trey Edmunds, Ralph Webb, Darrin Hall 1--WR: Juju, James Washington, DJ, Holton, Switzer, Cain, Darboah, Custis, Henderson, Anthony Johnson 8--TE: Gentry, Rader, CSW, Vannett 5--OT: Villy, Chuks, Derwin Gray, Banner 4--OG/C: DDC, Pouncey, Dilauro, Feiler 7--DL: Heyward, Tuitt, McCullers, Buggs, Mondeaux 4--OLB: Watt, Ola, Tuzar, Dupree 3--ILB: Vince, Bush, UG3, Spillane, Matakevich 0--CB: Haden, Nelson, Sutton, Layne, Myres, Hilton 3--S: Edmunds, Fitzpatrick, Matthews, John Battle 3--ST: Berry, Bozwell, Canady Draft Needs Tiers— 2-3—TE, DL (tweener) 4—OT, OLB 6-7—ILB, OG UDFA—QB, RB, WR, CB, P, S, TE, NG Quick Draft Pool Outlook— Draft is deep in WR/CB, which does not help us, but we should be able to get OL deep, as the IOL is good too. TE SUCKS!!! No pure inline blocker TEs that have pass skills, so Gentry is gonna be key here… DL is also short, so we have to get lucky with a DE/DT tweener. Edge is a sweet spot in 2-4, so I might steal one to replace Chick. Also, a quick note… I am going to do a lot of my own opinions here. I may vary on what everyone else thinks is important, and also may not take the players for the reasons they would. 2.49—Cole Kmet, TE Notre Dame 6’6” 255 So, this to me is a two horse race. It is either Kmet or Pickney. I want a TE that is the best combo of receiver/blocker. Hopkins may be higher ranked as a TE, but he is a big slot WR, not at all an inline TE. Both Kmet and Pickney give me the idea of what we had with Heath (not saying they are Heath, mind you) in that they are capable of playing the inline TE, and can make catches and a difference over the middle of the field and know how to be a big bodied WR when needed. For me, Kmet is better at it, so I will take him here. He gets added to the slurry that is Gentry, Vannett, CSW and Rader and another UDFA. Hopefully, Kmet becomes the best rounded of the guys and can play as TE #1 one day. He will have to take reps and he will take the job from Vannett by midseason. Gentry can be the RZ threat, CSW blocker, and Vannett can be old reliable that knows the playbook. Also, will help us in the middle of the field on big downs and open up the big 3 WR to work off of him. ONLY other thought here for me is Pickney (I know it is high) or if some DOMINANT WR slides for some reason. Idea is the same. Ben needs help. Not OL either… 3.100(-ish)—Bradlee Anae, Edge Utah 6’3” 265 I know DL is a bigger need, BUT… this dude is here and we need a difference edge, and he is MADE for our scheme. A standup OLB with heavy hands AND pass rush ability. Willing and able on the front, he moved around some for the Utes, but will come in and take out Ola and Tuzar for reps on day 1. Makes losing Chick less of deal, and will play ST. A pick that makes me excited and a guy I want in black and gold. 4.114—Ezra Cleveland, OT Boise State 6’6” 310 Late add here, as he JUST declared. This was the kid from ULL before Cleveland declared, but the reason is the same. OL help at both RT and if not, CAN move inside and maybe can play guard with his good footwork. I see him as a rougher but more technical Feiler from a couple of years ago. Is a bit on the smaller side for OT, but has the ability. Is athletic and can add to the RT comp in camp and then let the chips fall on the inside. 4.117—RaeQuan Williams, DL Michigan State 6’4” 304 Honestly, if we don’t take a DLman in the second round there is nothing right now between the comp pick and here to really make the need jump up. Williams is NOT a replacement for Gravedigger at all, he is a gapper and pass rusher that can help us with 5 tech reps and MAYBE some penetrating A gap stuff that Wobble did. He will pair nice with Buggs to make two young guys that can work and develop. With Alualu leaving, Buggs will have to step up and Williams becomes the guy that is working behind and getting ready. Tuitt back here will also help allow him to be more of a project guy. 6.179—Logan Wilson, MLB Wyoming 6’2” 225 WOW, what a long gap in picks. Ok, another guy like UG3, this guy was a safety that turned/grew into a MLB that plays like a cover backer for the Cowboys. Not a solid MLB prospect yet, but a willing and violent tackler that will play ST on day one and hopefully take over the Vince role in the future. 7.210—Lynn Bowden Jr, WR Kentucky 6’1” 199 Gonna get killed on pre-draft and film due to him having to play QB for the Cats this past year. Dude is a real player, and needs to work on his WR skills as he is able to come in and affect games with gimmick roles and throws; ala Randle-El. Can be a long term WR in the mold that the Steelers like; small, quick, explosive. A weapon that can be used in many ways as he works to perfect his WR craft. UDFA— QB—Cole McDonald, Hawaii 6’4” 220 (HUGE big armed prospect that is wild and crazy. Will be fun to bring into camp and have him throw it around) RB—Kennedy McKoy, WVU 6’1” 204 (Local kid that carried the team the last few years. Can be used for a camp body and to challenge/mimic the abilities of Samuels) OL—Steven Gonzalez, Penn State 6’4” 331 (Our requiste big OG guy that will come in and battle. Another ‘local’ kid that has at times been dominant in the Big 10) CB—Kindle Vildor, Georgia Southern 5’11” 190 (Love watching these kids play, and he is a small dog, big dog dude who plays bigger and talks even more.) S—Nigel Warrior, Tennessee 6’1” 220 (Biggest UDFA this year for us, best S available. Real shot to make the roster as a well coached free safety type with great bloodlines.) P—Billy Cate, ODU 6’4” 193 (Huge big legged punter) TE—Charlie Taumoepeau, Portland State 6’3” 245 (Move TE/H Back role. Soft hands as well) NG—John Penisini, Utah 6’2” 333 (Camp comp for Big Dan) OT—Alex Taylor, South Carolina State 6’9” 305 (Small school mountain to work for long term) OK, so carried 62 into the draft, and now adding these guys gets me to 77. Add in 13 for the 90 man roster, but you get the idea. FINAL 53 for 2020 season: QB: Big Ben, Mason Rudolph, Paxton Lynch RB: James Connor, Jalen Samuels, Benny Snell, Rosie Nix, Kerrith White WR: Juju, James Washington, Dionte Johnson, Deon Cain, Ryan Switzer, Lynn Bowdon Jr. TE: Vannett, Kmet, Gentry, CSW OT: Villy, Okorafor, Banner, Cleveland IOL: Feiler, Pouncey, DDC, Gray O=25 DL: Heyward, Tuitt, McCullers, Buggs, Williams OLB: Watt, Dupree, Ola, Tuzar, Anae ILB: Bush, Vince, UG3, Matakevich, Spillane CB: Haden, Nelson, Sutton, Hilton, Layne, Myers S: Fitzpatrick, Edmunds, Warrior D=25 K: Boz, Berry, Canady ST=3 (IA—Hodges, White, Bowdon, Gentry/CSW, Cleveland/Gray, Williams, Spillane, Myers/Warrior) PS: Logan Wilson (MLB), Cole McDonald (QB), Trey Edmunds (RB), Anthony Johnson (WR), Kevin Rader (TE), Gonzalez (OG), John Dilario (OG), Alex Taylor (OT), Kindle Viador (CB), Reggie Floyd (S—from another PS). Overview: Offense: · QB is led by the man, Ben. He is backed up by Rudolph, who has a great offseason and starts to calm down and see the game. Lynch beats out Duck as the salty veteran that can play and help out if Ben goes down again. He will have a whole offseason, and is talented, and will be chagrined by his last true shot. · RB will be a four headed monster. Connor is the A back, and Snell moves into the role of a true backup. Samuels will keep his role as a 3rd down option, and takes on more special teams. White comes back as the speed option/returner that can give a kick to pants when needed. · TE… I am keeping 4. I know that is not the norm, but each will have a different role. Vannett and Kmet are the true TEs of the bunch, and Vannett will function as the TE guy until Kmet takes over. Gentry and CSW become role players with a point. CSW will be the power blocker/pop pass guy and Gentry is the red zone weapon/seam buster, depending on matchups and teams. · WR: the added TE and RB come out here, as I am only keeping 6 WR. Obviously, JJSS, JW and DJ are the true WR locks as Cain becomes the long burner/gunner guy on ST. Switzer comes back as Ben’s blanket, working underneath and getting easy yards with his boy. Bowdon is kept as a developmental WR and also gimmick guy as the gameplan calls for it. · OL: Another less body than the 2019 roster with the added TE and RB. 4 tackles and 4 IOL. Starters with Villy and Banner/Chuks and swing with the other. Feiler can play in a pinch. Cleveland is the developmental guy and can play inside. DDC, Pouncey and Feiler play the inside slots, with Gray serving as the backup and Cleveland in a pinch. Feiler is the backup C in this scenario, although Gray might be flexible. · DL: Tuitt, Heyward come back to man the edges in base, and the inside gaps in nickel. Dan takes over as the nose right now, but being pushed by a cross training Buggs and Williams. · OLB: Watt and Dupree are the guys, and are unchallenged. Battle emerges for the relief role, and will go to Tuzar at the beginning, and Anae longer term. All are active since they will be special teams deamons. · ILB: Best core IMO. Bush is the man, and will be flanked by Vince in base, and the emerging UG3 on passing downs as a better LJ Fort. Matakevich and Spillane make the team in special teams roles, with only Spillane being able to be playable. · CB: Deepest spot on the roster. Haden, Nelson and Hilton man the 3 starting slots (yes nickel) and Sutton is the man who backs up everything. Layne is making strides as both a special teamer and as a corner. Myers was kept for a reason and he is the guy that will step up with a year on the practice squad and will allow the backend to me even more flexible. · S: Minkah and Edmunds are the starters and players. Warrior makes this squad as a 3rd safety but more in the role of a new Dangerfield that is a special teams demon and can play in a pinch. In this idea, the actual backup safety is going to be Hilton/Sutton or even Myers if one of the starters goes down. · ST: Boz is a top 5 kicker again. Canady is the man on long snappers. As much comp as is brought in to camp, Berry still stays as the man. · PS: Wilson is the gem here, looking to be a long term Matakevich role. McDonald will play QB if Duck moves on and will provide a big arm camp dude that can throw it like a lot of dudes in the league. Edmunds is back on the taxi squad if eligible, or another back. Johnson is a dynamic player that can be a big body project. Gonzales, Dilario and Taylor are developmental OL that will make the numbers even and allow the older guys some rest days. Rader comes back as the local long term TE guy. Defensively, there is more younger guys on the roster, so Viador as a CB and Floyd as S fill in the lines. Projected lineups: Offense: Offensive Line: o LT: Alejando Villianeava o LG: DDC o C: Pouncey o RG: Matt Feiler (Derwin Gray/Cleveland) o RT Chuks Okorafor (Zach Banner) Skill (11 Personnel): o RB=James Connor (Samuels/Snell) o X=JJSS (Cain) o Z=James Washington o Slot=Dionte Johnson (Switzer) o TE=Nick Vannett (Cole Kmet) Defense: o Base o DL: Heyward, Tuitt, Dan/Buggs o OLB: Watt, Dupree (Tuzar) o ILB: Bush, Vince (UG3) o CB: Haden, Nelson (Hilton) o S: Minkah, Edmunds (Hilton/Sutton) o Nickel o DL: Watt, Heyward, Tuitt, Dupree o LB: Bush, UG3/Sutton o CB: Haden, Nelson, Hilton o S: Minkah, Edmunds (Sutton) Special Teams: o 4 phase (KO, KOR, P, PR) o Samuels, Nix, Kmet/CSW, Ola, Tuzar, Anae, Matakevich, Spillane, Warrior o Specific Roles o Gunners: Cain, Layne (Myers) o Returners: White, Bowdon I think this sets us up pretty well. Not much change from last year, lost Finney and GraveDigger, but might get comps in 2021. Dupree gets a year to prove his worth, and Ben gets his weapons back and a couple of new toys, maybe. Otherwise, I was so cap tied, I could not make a big splash like I wanted. I realize that I am one IOL injury and one S injury away from disaster, but that is just where I am right now. Thoughts???
  12. 5 ups/downs on the 2019 steelers season

    UP: 1) MINKAH!!!! Dude is a stud, and what a trade by Colbert. 2) Rookie play: Bush and Johnson are PLAYERS!! Snell looks like a future player as well, and had a good end of the season. Layne, Buggs, and even UG3 early made themselves players on this team in roles. Gentry is too early, hopefully he grows into the role. Gray as well. I am not going to bring up Sutton Smith... 3) Tomlin... for all of the negatives, dude can keep a team together. Consumate professional. 4) Haden/Nelson/Sutton/Hilton. Can't tell you the last time that CB hasn't been a worry at the end of the season. Dudes can ball, and are all retainable. 5) Boswell's return to glory--should be a study in sports phyc. How did he manage to overcome his yips from last year?? HON Mention--Emergence of James Washington DOWN: 1) Injuries are the obvious--Ben, Tuitt, Connor, Juju... all banged up and missed time. 2) Regression of the OL--All of the guys were not great. In context, many teams would like our problems, but we went backwards. IDK if its Munchack leaving, guys getting old, offensive change after Ben's injury, or what, but ALL of the OL went backwards. DDC regressed the LEAST, and Feiler was exposed on the edge at times. Lack of development of Chuks also goes here, as a 2nd round pick should not be inactive for most of the games. 3) JUJU as a #1 WR-- Missing AB was always gonna be an issue, but anyone that thought that Juju was a shoo-in #1 WR and Top 10 WR in the league has to reassess. Even when healthy, he was missing most games. I would argue that the last 1/3 of the season that he was 2nd or 3rd best in the WR room. JW stepped up more, and DJ looks more dynamic and reliable. 4) Offensive player game management--This might go to the OC, but late in the season the offensive player management was suspect. We have 4 active RBs, but don't put any of them in a position to succeed. White gets two carries and plays on KR. Samuels is the 3rd down back, but was not targeted late in the season as much as he should have been. Snell should have been feed 15-20 times every game once he established himself after the first Connor injury. TEs are afterthoughts, even though Vance SHOULD have been Duck and Mason's best weapon. If you just want to block with McDonald/Vannett, bring up CSW and use him as the 3rd TE to block edges. Yesterday, Duck looked lost and we had Lynch sitting on the bench and we could have at least seen what he could do. Don;t get me started on Deon Cain.... dude made some clutch catches and broke his neck to learn the offense, but lost time yesterday to Holton?? Makes no sense. Even OL play was strange as the Banner package that was working wasn't used late. 5) Future of OLB room--had to put something from the D on here. Basically, we have painted ourselves into a corner with Bud. SInce we have NO OLB in the room with play time other than Bud, Watt, and Chick, we HAVE to resign Bud at this point. We made a big deal about Ola and Skipper, but neither emerged as a real threat to even take the backup spot from Chick. This means that we essentially have to bring Bud back, and we might have to cut Chick to do it. In the end, we have not addressed this spot, and it makes it even worse if something bad happens. HON mention: Edmunds lack of progress, Special teams as whole Optimistic: Assuming we resign Bud, we will have almost all the defense back. (RIP Hargrave). This defense is excellent right now, and should be feared. We can get Bud, resign Hilton as a RFA, and the rest should be good to roll into 2020. Pessimistic: WR room. Yes, I know that we have 3 young guys with JW, DJ and JJSS. One thing that I notice though is that we are lacking a true #1. We do not have a #1 pick, and we will not have money to address this issue. Without fear of our WR, the run game is going to suffer. I think the OL stuff can be fixed as we KNOW those guys can play at an All-Star level, but none of the WRs have been forced to play as a true #1 and that is an issue. I hope they can prove me wrong, but that is my biggest worry, by far.
  13. 2020 O-Line

    Honestly, Pouncey aint going anywhere until Ben retires. Consider him as good as a lock for the 2020 OL. Also, we will not be able to retain Finney if we are resigning Dupree. I LOVE the move of Feiler to OG. The easiest way is to cut Foster, slide Feiler to Guard, and open up the RT job to Banner/Chuks. I just don't know if cutting Foster is the Steelers way. Draft a IOL and OT in the draft to develop. Remember, we also have Gray on the PS that is making the switch to Guard, so IDK where he is in development but he is a factor as well.