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  1. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    Gotta be Denver and Chicago for me as well.
  2. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    So... is this dead??
  3. kurgan's Coach/Film room

    No problem, @MOSteelers56... I am doing end of the year wrapup at school right now, and we have graduation and stuff. I will get back on the horse here in the next few days. I already have about 1/2 of the UDFA class done, and have a good idea about the floors and ceilings piece I wanna do. I love the one the Depot does, but I wanted to do my own. Here is what I have, and if anyone else wants to add something or ask smaller questions, I have no issue with that. Offensive Line Breakdown aka Where does Feiler play? Replacing Mark Barron Breaking down the rookies pt.1--Fits and roles--DONE Breaking down the rookies pt. 2--Ceilings and Floors Breaking down the rookies pt.3--UDFA's camp bodies or projects?--1/2 DONE The Enigma of Terrell Edmunds "Can I Cover;" the Mike Hilton Story
  4. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    yes. Sounds fairest to me.
  5. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    1) Avalanche 2) Caps 3) Buffalo 4) Chicago
  6. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    Love the writeup if not the results. Does make me know a lot of newer hockey players though....
  7. Build a City - Post-Draft Voting

    I am personally waiting for @NickChowaniec to post so I can X2 his selections.
  8. kurgan's Coach/Film room

    You got it... I'll put it in the hopper.
  9. Are we supposed to be posting blurbs about our hockey teams?? And, is voting via PM??
  10. football and basketball for me. I think I did real well in both. In the NBA, I have a mix of young franchise players and vet leaders that will do real well. Football, I love my Defense and think my offense is boring but will do enough to win games. I like my baseball team b/c its different, but I think we can win games as well. Hockey is what it is. I haven't really watched in 6-8 years, and it shows.
  11. Build a City Draft Thread - NFL Rounds

    For my last pick, I am taking my franchise QB. A little older, and missing 'the big one,' but a talented guy who will get us in the right plays and execute the ballcontrol offense that we want to run here in Pittsburgh. Has a good arm that can make the downfield throws to Green and Hardman as well. Welcome to Pittsburgh, Matty Ice.
  12. OK... sounds good. I just want to make sure to spell it out. Also, with dealines and times and whatnot, so there is no confusion.
  13. @jcrell623... i think you need to explain the mechanics of how you want the voting thread to work. Like, are we doing one division at a time?? Like "X" amount of time for Division A, B, C so on?? Or, it is a free for all once we all post our blurbs about our teams?? Also, do you want votes PM'ed?? Someone mentioned using a poll, and you could do it by division, and even then if other people outside the draft wanted to vote, they could see the blurbs/depth charts and vote. IDK.. might mean we have a thread for each division/sport and keep it open for a set amount of time... or, have like all 4 divisions for hockey open for a week on each their own thread with a poll, and the ones at the end of the week (or 3 days) will 'win' the division. Just some ideas to get it more organized....
  14. Great pick @djw4bucs!!! If Michel went, I was taking Carson. He is a workhorse!!!!
  15. Build a City Draft Thread - NFL Rounds

    Instead of a backup RB, I am going old-school. Taking a FB. Instead of making me go 10 or 11 personnel, I am using the FB to go 20, 21 or even 12 personnel. With my stacked defense, and a ball control offense, we will be the most boring team in the league, but are built to win. Best FB in the league, Kyle Juszczyk Guess I get my franchise QB manana.... @CHOMP_CHOMP