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  1. Thanks for the feedback... I tried to cast a wide net and cut it down with the data I had. In Stokes vs. ASJ, I guess it is how much athletic testing means vs NFL bloodlines in the end. Stokes is much better athlete, and is taller. I don't think it was a coincidence that the Steelers brought along the new DB coach to the UGA Pro Day. I was shocked he made it this far, and I can tell you he is slot/outside versitile like Sutton. He may not have the name/swagger of ASJ but Stokes may actually fit better. It also depends on how much the reported Zoom meeting actually means. BUT
  2. Ok... I am going to try to use science to find out who the Steelers are taking here at #24 (Sorry, married a science teacher). One of my favorite sayings is 'the best indicator of future events is past events.' (Sorry, I'm a history teacher). THINGS WE KNOW: We are not trading this pick. In 19 drafts in charge, Colbert has only traded up 3 times (for a 100% target that was plain as day) and down once, way back in 2001. So, be prepared for pick #24. Since 2009, Colbert/Tomlin have ONLY drafted from teams that both went to the Pro Day. That gives us this list: Clemso
  3. I think, in theory, it makes it less than a need with the obvious BPA caveats applied. I'm actually the opposite... I think this makes a middle round ILB LESS of a chance. With guys that can take snaps that we already need to see more from (Allen/UG3/Brooks) I really can't see us taking a guy in 3-6 that is a ILB mold over a bigger developmental need like OL/TE/Edge/CB. You also have to remember that schematically, a ILB partner with Bush would really only play base unless they are a nickel/big S capable player. I really see it as JOK in round 1, and maybe Collins at #55 if he
  4. Nope... you are good. I have to leave now, and I will leave it in your hands. We can pick a 3:00 guy, BTW. I'll catchup tonight. If you can, post our UDFAs at the end of the draft thread you did on the other page and I will do a writeup....
  5. Nice... Thomas/Bootle would seal it up for me. Is there is anyone else that floats your boat?? EDIT: Actually, check that... we never got a 5 tech body did we?? Forrest Merrill, DL Arky State or Isaiahh Loudermilk, DE Wisconsin.
  6. Good call.. I think the Eagles wanted him and had to change to Christman. Jones as a PS edge would seal the deal for me. Thomas would be a great addition as well. Bootle is icing on the cake, but of you want to flip those last two, I am good. Jones fills the last real need.
  7. Jones, Bootle, Thomas and Duffy are my targets. For me- Jones Duffy Thomas Bootle
  8. OK... my board didn't update. I'll give you ideas, you make the picks, lol. Edge is all Kobe Jones. That is the last one really left that is a scheme fit. Himmelmann would be a super project but has measurables we love in the burg. Josh Ball of Marshall is another huge human that is a project, but may have already been taken. DiCaprio Bootle (CB, Nebraska) is a crush as a scrappy slot corner with a cool name. Zach Thomas (QB, App State) is an interesting prospect for me, but not really as a QB. Could be a nice gimmick/slash guy. P Duffy is a super get here l
  9. Drew Himmelman (OT, Illinois State 6'9 315) and Landon Young (6'6" 315) are OL prospects to take as well.
  10. Edge-Kobe Jones, Edge Miss State is a good fit if you want it. He is a lower prospect, but the best scheme fit that we have.
  11. Shoot... Milne, Franks and Fields all went. Get a WR at 11. Milne and Fitzpatrick went. I am all about Philyor, with Adams as a fallback, and McKoy if we have to.
  12. IOL, WR, QB, P, 5 tech, Edge, Outside project CB Pretty much in that order
  13. WOw... 2 RBs is stout. I would have def went WR/IOL there. Kraemer would have been gold. Or Milne. IMO, we need Morrissey and Young at this point in UDFA. Ealy maybe as a long, long, long term project. Felipe, Duffy are also good takes in UDFA.
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