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  1. Great job on this... I was going to make my first attempt here in a bit. I will only state two things that jump out to me on things that weren't addressed. #1, I do not think Samuels is 100% gone. Canada knows him, and used him well at NCSt. He knows the HBack, RB and TE stuff, and might be more valuable than we think as a steady hand. #2, Gentry might surprise us. Again, Canada is big in HBacks, and with 'Muth being a true TE and EE being a WR, Gentry does have value as a wham blocker and size mismatch in space (possibly). Also, don't sleep on Boogie Watson as a UDFA, or at lea
  2. OK... I wanted to a bit more of a writeup on these guys than just grades. I've slept a couple of nights and done more research on these guys, and I thought I would talk about what I see on film, fits in Pitt, and what I think they can be. 1. Najee Harris-Drafted to be the face of the franchise here in the conclusion of Ben's reign, and for the years after Ben. I think this is 100% a signal that we are going back to what made us a problem to begin with back in day. Both in support of Ben now and to lead the team to the next story, whatever that is. I have been on record that I
  3. UDFA wishlist: Kenny Yeboah, TE; Trevon Grimes, WR; Sage Surratt, WR; Marvin Wilson, DL; Jaret Patterson, RB; Alaric Jackson, OT; David Moore, OG; Charles Snowden, LB; Malik Herring, DL; Felipe Franks, QB; Dax Milne, WR; Tommy Kraemer, OG; Bryan Mills, NCCentral; Miller Forristall, HBack; Eli Stove, WR, Jamar Watson, Edge
  4. UDFA lists are gonna be crazy. There are some high level dudes left.
  5. Forgot he was still available
  6. Height 6' 6⅜"* 96 Weight 274 lbs* 73 Wingspan 81¼"* 64 Arm Length 32⅝"* 16 Hand Size 10"* 59 10 Yard Split 1.71s* 21 20 Yard Split 2.88s* 10 40 Yard Dash 5.08s* 3 Vertical Jump 28½"* 7 Broad Jump 112"* 33 3-Cone Drill 7.52s* 1
  7. TL:DR on the last two picks for those that are not sure who they are: Buddy Johnson is a shorter but more athletic VWill. Sideline to sideline LB at 6' 230ish. His testing #s were pretty sick. Excellent head in front run defender. Not great in processing and will get fooled on misdirection. Zone drops ONLY and hook/curl. Early down base 3-4 Mike Backer for us, and 4 Phase ST. 2 down player but plays all ST. Isaiahh Loudermilk is a 6'7" 290 DL who is an old school grinder. 4 year player at Wisconsin and is solid vs run and not much vs pass. Moves down over guards where his ar
  8. To move up in 2021, the Steelers have surrendered their 2022 4th round pick.
  9. Jesus. What did we give up?? Please no 2022 picks for another UDFA 5 tech.
  10. Don't dislike Buddy. I actually mocked Buddy to us as the VWill replacement as a UDFA/7th rounder. Never in the 4th. Look how many other guys are still there at the position with more of a resume AND measurables.
  11. Why re-sign VWill if you are going to draft him in the 4th round?? How is this kid gonna make the roster with Spillane, VWill, Bush, UG3, Allen, Brooks?? I love his ST ability but dang...
  12. Wow... I understand the LB want (not need) but how do you reckon Buddy Johnson over Moses, McGrone, Wallow, Snowden and Hilliard?? How do you take ANY of those when you still have no slot corner on the roster?? OR an EDGE #3. You guys can say FA all you want, but there is a reason they are FA and we are tight against the cap. This is gonna be a stupid long wait until 216. As I see players come off the board that I would have rather had than Buddy Freaking Johnson.
  13. 4 straight Offense... is 5 even a possibiity?? WR?? (Shi Smith, Marquez Stevenson) CB (Shaun Wade, Ar'Darius Washington) Edge (Patrick Johnson)
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