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  1. Week #12 GDT Steelers 5-5 vs. Bengals 0-10

    The article on SteelersDepot mentions that some of the guys might be miced up and that the league would have this information already. This confirms that he is an idiot. To make that allegation, you would have to have some type of backing, and the guys would have already mentioned it. For someone to get in his ear and convince him to use this tactic is just sickening. YOu would have to know that the league would have evidence that this did NOT happen. Just deplorable...
  2. Week #12 GDT Steelers 5-5 vs. Bengals 0-10

    I think they suspended him 3, knowing the appeal would reduce it to 2. They wanted to ensure he would not play vs the Browns, and the only way really was to suspend him 3 and then the appeal to 2.
  3. Offseason Work to do

    This is a very solid and Steelers-esque plan. I would expect the real offseason to mimmic this a lot. This is the wall that I am hitting with FA... you have to pick EITHER Dupree OR Hargrave/Finney. I've done it both ways, and with Dupree, you can't really sign anyone else. The Barron/Chick cuts are tricky as they leave the LB corps thin... IDK if the Steelers are ready to kick Barron, TBH. I would, but I don't know if they do. Same with Foster. Vannett, Matakevich and Davis are also guys to look at as 'our' FA guys to resign... and Burns if you want to go that route. They are all tricky as well with $. JJSS also has to be a consideration for an big extension. To answer @wwhickok, I don't see anyone tradable really at all. Should be fun... as I am doing my mock offseason, I get stuck between what I would do and what the Steelers would do.... and that is a true mystery to me. I would expect us to saddle up for a 2020 Super Bowl run and try to max out everything, but that is just a guess.
  4. Yikes.

    We could examine a lot of things and make comparisons. Kyle Allen has Christian McCaffery, Brandon Allen has NFL WRs to throw to, Minshew is not playing.... DJ has Saquon Barkley. They all have also had growing pains as well. Ask any of the fans of those teams if they are ecstatic about about their QB play. Rosen has been coached by 6 different OCs in 6 years, and passed between the two worst teams in the NFL. Just my mindset at this point, and I feel like it is too early to stamp him as the future or a bust. Or anything.
  5. Mason Rudolph's play thus far

    I may be in the minority, but I am still waiting to see if he is the guy. I am willing to give him an extended look here and see if he is the guy or not. To be honest, I am leaning to NOT the QBOTF, but I want to give him more time before I know he is not the guy. Got off to a good start, got knocked out, had some decent games, won some games in spite of odds... by the end of the season I think that I will know. I see the issues, and i know they exist. The next step is seeing if they get better. If they do not, then that is on him/coaching and both should be looked at.
  6. Week #12 GDT Steelers 5-5 vs. Bengals 0-10

    Also says alot about Buggs's development. They signed Walton to cover for Buggs, but it was clear that Buggs is good enough now that they do not even have to have cover. I would Skipper to be activated as long as Ola is hurt.... then inactive on gameday.
  7. Week #12 GDT Steelers 5-5 vs. Bengals 0-10

    I am the eternal optimist
  8. Week #12 GDT Steelers 5-5 vs. Bengals 0-10

    Good job @Steeler Hitman... nice set up. I'll take #2, BTW. Connor, Juju and DJ are inactive. Pounce loses his appeal and Finney starts at C. Rudolph will play and feast on the Bengals. We will try to get a running game going with Samuels and it will have mixed results as the Bengals pack the box. Rudolph will hit some big plays as Fichner simplifies the playbook and he hits JW on some deep routes, and hits Cain on a couple of bombs. With the burners of Cain and JW on the outside, Vance has some big gains up the seam. By the 4th quarter, we are burning the clock out and trying to get Samuels and the other backs some burn. Defense has a great day again... Dupree/Watt get the rookie QB on the ground a number of times. 31-3 Steelers.
  9. WR/TE/RB help

    Yes we did.... and he didn't make the 53. Went to the Giants and played a bit last year, but didn't make a catch.
  10. WR/TE/RB help

    https://steelersdepot.com/2019/11/steelers-sign-wrs-quadree-henderson-amara-darboh-to-practice-squad-on-monday/ I hate that we keep playing games with Sutton Smith, but WR bodies are needed!!! I loved Darboh coming out of Michigan. Another big body speed guy. Great story... some injury history but def worth taking a flier on. Quadree is a strange addition to me.... Not a WR in the NFL, more of a kick returner/gimmick guy. Hopefully he learns his craft, as his speed is sick. He seems to be a true development type at this point.
  11. WR/TE/RB help

    I agree about the TE and OJ would be nice, but he can't be traded now. I really, really like this Cain signing... a Florida Boy, went to Clemson and played very well. Was supposed to be a 2-3 rd pick and fell as stated before. But he is 6'2" and can fly. May be the true Z that we need right now. At worse, he is a cheaper Moncreif that won't cost us a 3rd round pick. IDK about the prognosis of DJ or JJSS, but this will def help the room and should be looked at as at least an upgrade on Holton. I like what Jones gave us in a bit role, and this is where JW needs to step up big time. White is a curious decision. When I made this post, I saw him on the Bear's PS, and went over him even though we brought him in for a pre-draft visit. I would have thought that we would bring in a bigger name or at the very least an every down RB, but he is a speed guy so there is that. Maybe he is an upgrade on Tony Brooks-Jones or whoever that guy was. I am concerned if we have to go some time with Samuels and Edmunds as the 1-2 backfield as I think they are almost used backwards in that Samuels is more of a 3rd down back right now. But, maybe White can be used some.
  12. WR/TE/RB help

    Deon Cain can play guys.... This might be something
  13. WR/TE/RB help

    https://steelersdepot.com/2019/11/free-agent-wr-terrelle-pryor-says-hes-ready-to-go-for-steelers/ I forgot about Pryor!!! Let's GO!!!! I would sign him TODAY.... Can't hurt.... local kid, knows his role now, wants to help. ONLY 30!!!
  14. WR/TE/RB help

    He blew out his ACL last year after he was drafted, then came back this year and played the first game and was waived. He resigned to the PS on 11/9. I liked him coming out of college as a big play deep threat. He would be someone that could come in and help right away, I would think. He is a burner. Depending on how long he will be out this time and how we do in the next weeks, I wouldn't be against IR'ing him. We need someone in the building though, as Samuels is not an everydown back.