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  1. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    That's my fear... market will drive up the price. I mean, *I* would do a 2nd and 5th, but what would happen if it gets higher and higher between us and other teams. I'd try to get Miami to throw in one of the TE's too.... even the backups are quality for us.
  2. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    I'd give 3 and 5 in a heartbeat.
  3. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Whatever the deal is, take it. We will get an extra 3rd this year for Bell, so we can make up for it. Won't be able to draft a player as good as him in this upcoming draft.
  4. Josh Dobbs traded

    TE Mike Gesicki would be awesome. Hell, Durham Smythe and even Nick O'Leary are upgrades at this point
  5. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Very little truth to that when you consider how often a tryout or UDFA actually makes the 53 man roster in Pittsburgh. Alejandro Villanueva and James Harrison say hi.
  6. Has us making sense at trading for Patrick Peterson. I am 100% down with this notion. I was just wondering, what would the trade have to be?? 2, 4 + BJ Finney??
  7. As a UGA homer, I love the Reed and Hot Rod pick. However, I think Edge is going to be a huge need, even if Bud works out. I can't see Safety again this high, unless we are not resigning Davis. I would expect the Steelers to want to make a long term backfield of Davis and Edmunds, if he plays well this year. I don't mind the mid round WR... he can provide depth. Also, I think that DL might be a high get next year with advanced ages of Tuitt and Heyward. Good job tho...
  8. I know, I know... Free agency will have something to do with this. As will the play of Bud Dupree and the Sean Davis. BUT-- For me, its gotta be all day Edge, unless Ola or Keion blows up. Of course, always a CB with Haden being a year older, and FS depending on Davis's price tag. Maybe a 5 tech with Tuitt and Heyward being older? OL, especially inside?? And a 2/3 round WR, of course....
  9. I agree... Wesco went like right before, and we had to get someone for the room. IDK what the deal was, but Gentry is going to take a lot of time to get right. EVEN if he starts at #3 and gets a bit of PT, he won't be ready until mid-season at the EARLIEST. This means that Grimble 1 play away from starting until then. Maybe we dress one more WR as addressed on another thread. Maybe we go more spread and less 11 or 12. Maybe we find the TE the Lions are about to cut since they drafted two TEs. Maybe whoever finishes #2 in the RT race (Feiler, Hawkins or Ekorafor) becomes the new blocking TE.
  10. Bostic released

    I guess that I see Switz as way more of a multiple use guy at this point. I think that they must have high hopes for him as he was aquired in the preseason last year and yet managed to get all the returner snaps, slot and even some as a running back. There must be something the coaching staff likes, and maybe it is more potential at the point, but with a full season in the program, I cannot see him going down. Now, Rogers is a better pure WR. We knew that when he came out and was a UDFA. HIs slot work is top-notch. Side by side, Rogers kills Switz as a WR. I just think that the Steelers like diversity, and Switz is more diverse.
  11. Bostic released

    I'd release Eli Rogers before Switz, but that's me. +1... Switz seems more versitle and less injury prone. I have to believe that Switz was the Rogers replacement last year. I cannot forsee Johnson getting PR reps if they really seem him as a Rd.1 WR.
  12. well. That is a guy, lol. UDFA time!!! Calling all TE, big WR and safeties!!!
  13. Like Gilbert!!! bostic and dirty red on notice
  14. Someone call 6.207 Maybe Harmon?? TE?? Sills???