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  1. He would have had it. He almost got it with just the back side arm.
  2. King finally gets over the quad injury and now he has an Achilles issue- STFU! He is now know from this point forward as Mr. Glass... I wouldn't sign Mr. Glass to anything other than a vet minimum deal.
  3. Shees, I really got to ya. I'm living rent free between your ears... Just quit making stuff up & you'll be OK; and, learning how to spell philosophy would nice, too- just funnin' ya 😂 I'll go along with ya here: Holly stupid, Batman (FYI, you're not Batman, you're the "stupid" one)... As I clearly stated the team needed a "talent upgrade" on the DL, ILB & WR. Gute clearly brought in replacement vets at ILB & WR, but there was no "talent upgrade". The move at ILB was actually pretty bad. He replaced a player who's always available with a player that's never available, and of course that's how it's playing out this year. Again, thank goodness for the fortunate "upgraded talent" with the hits in 5th round and rookie free agency... I kind a had some hope with the replacement player at WR if the Packers were getting the 2017 version of that player. Same theme here though. The replacement player hasn't been available much recently and of course is unavailable this year... Yet another complete miss. Your ramblings about the RB room are pretty silly. The RB room produced a lot on last years flawed team. So, your rant about offseason moves made to win this year is another whiff. OK, have fun with this nonsense. I imagine this type of thing is a fun Saturday for you- enjoy!
  4. That's a good spin, yet not apt at all. The Packers were a good team in 2019 with a good record and the same is true this year; yet, they are a very flawed team. They were vulnerable, and still are, to getting runover by physical teams. To help fix that they needed upgrades on the DL, ILB & WR. The team was fortunate to get a talent upgrade at ILB with a 5th rounder & undrafted RFA. Gute almost completely ignored the other needs to the detriment of this years team and parlayed the 1st, 2nd & 4th round picks on developmental replacement players at QB & RB... So, the Packers remain an incomplete good team. Just the way it is. The team still has hope. Rodgers has to be in Godgers mode and need some favorable matchups... We'll see.
  5. Alright- no punting tomorrow... It's gonna be fun.
  6. Yep... What a shame. Gute leveraged the 1st, 2nd & 4th round picks into future replacement players at QB & RB- still shaking my head. Imagine what this team would be like if Gute turned those assets into a D-lineman & WR.
  7. Yep... The kicker is it's actually terrible picks... A 1st & 4th for Love is the awfulness.
  8. lol- Herman is such a worthless hack. I didn't even click on the article to know he's talking about trading Rodgers. He's been doing since the draft when he learned that subject generated clicks. Unless he's talking about Rodgers forcing a trade this offseason, then there's nothing new to talk about. That's the true article. Lots of new rumblings Rodgers will want to play for a new team next year... Can't blame him. With the Gute building for the future this year rather than a championship run in the wide open NFC, that's not good for a 36yr old QB. Then add in the spoiled ignorant fanbase, I can totally understand Rodgers wanting out after this season. Heck, I'd be surprise if he didn't want out.
  9. King is gone... 2021 isn't a year for a 1yr "prove it" deal. No cap space for that, so it would have to be long term deal. Love King when he's playing which is not much. It's another Nick Perry situation and this time the Packers let the perpetually injured player walk.
  10. And a holding penalty that took down a TD (later converted into a FG).
  11. .Why has it been a revolving door, though?!?... Certainly not because of poor play. The Packers had great production at RT going into this game.
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