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  1. LFFKL 2017 Discussion Thread

    Whoever took Robert Kelley needs to repick, I kept him. As for my pick, just skip me for now, I forgot my password to espn and the email associated with my account is not accessible either.
  2. Sounds like James Hudson is moving to OT and Nate Johnson is moving to CB
  3. I can't access ESPN right now, so not 100% sure he is still available, but if he is, I select: RB, Danny Woodhead, Ravens. If he's not available someone let me know and I will change the pick. Please and thank you. @Detroitlions703 is OTC I believe.
  4. Your Top 10 RB for 2017

    Good job with the threads @devils1854. That said, no way on this earth is Justin Jackson better than Bo scarbrough.
  5. LFFKL 2017 Discussion Thread

    Sorry for the delay guys. Having computer issues. Can only check in periodically. Issues should be resolved by the weekend at the latest.
  6. Preseason GT #2: Lions vs Jets

    Was only able to catch a few series
  7. LFFKL 2017 Discussion Thread

    Brady Booker Murray Lacy Kelley Green Parker Fitzgerald
  8. The Official Recruiting Thread

    I ultimately agree with your overall point, but Its not so much the Helton effect as it is the usc/LA effect I'd be "worried" about.
  9. Late, but huge BBQ weekend with rumler, Herron and mcgrone committing. Sounds like we might be on commit watch for tomorrow too.
  10. ITT We Discuss Hugh Freeze's Unemployment Claim

    At least he'll have plenty of time to spend with family and not have to worry about satellite camps anymore.