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  1. I think this is a chicken/egg scenario. I'd be looking for something more like Lazard than MVS. More like James Jones. A guy who can win on routes vs 1-on-1 coverage, and who knows how to read the coverage to anticipate the back shoulder throws that rodgers likes to use. If this offense had a better 2nd option, they wouldn't be playing the same heavy personnel style that they seem to prefer with just adams.
  2. who cares what he says to the media. Guy had a good-ish game. Let's see if he can keep improving. The other ILBs were way over-hyped here for almost never making plays.
  3. I thought the D played really hard and really fast, even through the 3rd and beginning of 4th quarter. They obviously had some huge lapses as well, but I think on re-watch this is gonna look like a death by a thousand paper cuts in all 3 phases. Bad punts, bad missed assignments, bad blocking, bad routes, bad decisions, bad returns. And then 3-4 back-breaking plays, some of which were made up for with our own turnovers. Defense forced 2 turnovers, offense surrendered 3 turnovers, ST one. But we also created 2 turnovers with the lancaster pressure and the raven greene forced fumble. Those are big time plays.
  4. defense did get put in some pretty bad spots by the turnovers. Especially the Rodgers interception. They played an ok first half I thought, outside of 2 completely blown coverages. There was good pressure on Rivers a lot of the game. The 2nd half was very bad from the defense, but the offense was worse.
  5. This game was basically for the #1 seed. The #1 seed is incredibly important because it's the only bye. A bye is a free playoff win that you earn in the regular season. Now we can still TCOB by winning out and lose out to the seahawks. That's the source of my frustration. The other reason people are so irked is that there were so many uncharacteristic sloppy errors with ball security. Credit to the Colts, they are the best defense we've played since the Bucs, and they made plays, but some of these are really unforced errors.
  6. that was so glaring. Rodgers looked to the sideline for the call to clock it. I was expecting a fake spike but... no. How do you call that play to tonyan and have no follow up?
  7. last season was our healthiest season, possibly ever
  8. those grades were determined by an algorithm looking at dots... which is to say they're far more qualified than PFF
  9. well I'm talking about this year's line to make the point that we should keep it intact at all costs
  10. Top OL in the league. Don't mess with that
  11. I do think the ILBs and off ball people are getting too free of a pass here
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