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  1. So, the rule I was mistaken on is only applicable in the last year of the league year (which is 2030) so it doesn't apply.
  2. I guess that's true. I think there's something in the CBA about year over year pay not growing by more than 20ish percent?
  3. with values depressed, players and their agents won't be signing cheap multi-year deals
  4. I think he's saying reluctance from an ethics/fairness to FAs perspective. They haven't been a team willing to use the tag
  5. It's possible this will be a free agency period with VERY depressed values. There will be a lot of 1 year and 2 year deals, and a lot of guys who are gotten for bargains since there are so many teams up against or over the cap. It's unlikely, but if the top of the market for edge rushers is around $12M/year instead of $20, that is the situation you can move on from Preston Smith. There should be a better player available. If Shaq Barrett and Leonard williams are only getting 12, then I don't see how someone like Ingram or Justin Houston would be getting more than
  6. Jones on 1 year 8 mil would hardly be the worst move you can make this offseason
  7. no wiggle, always hurt, still a good add if he's cheap. Mike Davis is the best FA RB IMO. Excellent receiver. Good pass blocker. Better Jamaal Williams.
  8. soon as the minnesota coach gets fired he'll be on that list very quickly
  9. where's the post about Brett Favre being a hypocritical oafish tool @Leader
  10. somehow you're totally wrong in all the supporting points but totally right with the end main point - there are ways to pay rodgers to stretch out the cap hit into future years. the bill will come due, but It's worth it at this stage. 2 more years. ALL. IN.
  11. he's a normal cog in the offense playing 30-40% of snaps when he's healthy. He's a guy they should keep around. It's really that simple - I never said he was someone other than a change of pace back from a RB perspective. But he brings a really good pass catching dynamic that none of the other players have. To me, he's like a weird deebo samuel or maybe more like percy harvin. Would be good to get another versatile player in this mold and see what comes out of that.
  12. That's interesting because the coaches disagree with you. I guess you must know something they don't
  13. Dillon is fine as a feature back if you can keep Ervin around. That guy was a game changer at the position, not just a ST guy IMO.
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