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  1. Packers Regression

    yeah it was a joke
  2. Packers Regression

    I'd trade Rodgers for Matthew Stafford RIGHT NOW @incognito_man
  3. Why not always trade up in the draft?

    if you measure by Approximate value (pfref stat) you can see that the 1st round is not worth trading into or up in under the currently used trade value charts.
  4. Packers Regression

    for sure. And it's super unlikely this team is gonna be nearly as healthy next year as they are this year. And they will play a 1st place schedule. So it's a real uphill climb just to get back to the bye position they were in this year. As much as the team is trending toward next year and the year after being the ideal window... the health and fortune window was this year. Can lightning strike twice?
  5. Packers Regression

    man Reggie Ragland looked AWFUL in the SB didn't he though? It's possible to win with that guy, but I think you need Travis Kelce Tyreek Hill and Patrick Mahomes.
  6. Packers Regression

    this team was the healthiest team in the NFL (no source here, just my feel for what happened). It still won way too many games than it should have. So, my question to the forum is... can this team win the SB as a wild card? Can it win as a 3 or 4 seed? Or does it need to have a bye? If you answer is that the team needs to have a bye to win the SB, the numbers suggest that this team will win 9 or 10 games next year and maybe squeak into the playoffs. My personal thoughts is that a bye is the best way to win the SB because while you might come out a bit slow in the divisional round, you are often on much better footing than a non-bye team come the NFC championship. This team has a lot to overcome and needs to take a significant leap just to win 11 or 12 games. Keeping the status quo and "running back this year" will in all likelihood not end with a playoff bye. Schedule will be tougher, team will be more injured.
  7. Packers Regression

    On paper, the 2019 Packers are the 2nd biggest "overperformance" of the 2000s and beyond from a wins perspective. They overperformed their point differential by over 3 wins (3.29). So, Packers would have to really overcome the trend to make it back to the 1/2 seed. Why are we the 2012 Colts or the 2014 Cardinals rather than the 2016 Raiders or 2015 Panthers? I think there's 2 or 3 things in our favor right off the bat, but would be curious about other thoughts: 1) Experience and stability at QB. Outside of the Manning Colts (who did fairly well below) these teams don't have good QBs and relied on a good year from their defense. Defense is historically much less stable from year to year than offense. And QB is the most stable and predictable part of an offense. And yes, Rodgers wasn't great this year. But he's still an edge. 2) Stability and improvement in the offensive scheme and in the overall personnel. Despite the 13-3 record, this was a brand new team which underwent massive changes on the defensive personnel and overall coaching staff. If this is indeed a great staff, they will do some serious self-scouting this offseason and come back with reinforcement of the stuff that works and should work again, as well as additional wrinkles that suit the players they have. This staff has a much better feel for who their players are now, and they can start to bake in the concepts that work best for them as core concepts for the team. 3) there aren't any long term injuries at this point which carry over from this year to next. Team W L PF PA Pythagorean Wins Pyth Difference Following Year Wins change in wins 2012 Indianapolis Colts+ 11.00 5.00 357 387 7.20 (3.80) 11.00 0.00 2019 Green Bay Packers 13 3 376 313 9.77 (3.23) ??? ??? 2016 Oakland Raiders+ 12.00 4.00 416 385 8.79 (3.21) 6.00 -6.00 2009 Indianapolis Colts+ 14.00 2.00 416 307 10.88 (3.12) 10.00 -4.00 2011 Kansas City Chiefs 7.00 9.00 212 338 4.07 (2.93) 2.00 -5.00 2011 Green Bay Packers* 15.00 1.00 560 359 12.22 (2.78) 11.00 -4.00 2013 New York Jets 8.00 8.00 290 387 5.29 (2.71) 4.00 -4.00 2014 Arizona Cardinals+ 11.00 5.00 310 299 8.34 (2.66) 13.00 2.00 2017 Buffalo Bills+ 9 7 302 359 6.35 (2.65) 6.00 -3.00 2015 Carolina Panthers* 15.00 1.00 500 308 12.40 (2.60) 6.00 -9.00 2016 Houston Texans+ 9 7 279 328 6.49 (2.51) 4.00 -5.00 2016 Miami Dolphins+ 10.00 6.00 363 380 7.54 (2.46) 6.00 -4.00 2017 Pittsburgh Steelers* 13 3 406 308 10.63 (2.37) 9.00 -4.00 2006 Indianapolis Colts* 12.00 4.00 427 360 9.71 (2.29) 13.00 1.00 2015 Denver Broncos* 12.00 4.00 355 296 9.73 (2.27) 9.00 -3.00 2011 Denver Broncos* 8.00 8.00 309 390 5.77 (2.23) 13.00 5.00 2008 Miami Dolphins* 11.00 5.00 345 317 8.82 (2.18) 7.00 -4.00
  8. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    yeah don't worry agholor does plenty of freelancing and running wrong routes. The number of times I saw wentz throwing to the zig when agholor zagged was... more than a handful. I think agholor is an intriguing change of scenery guy, but not sure he's the best fit in GB. He is a slot guy, which is something this team could really use. I don't hate it if he's fairly cheap and the team can just move on after a lackluster camp.
  9. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    I think the linsley cut move was thrown out as a pull this red lever if you REALLY want to revamp the entire team. And somehow we misconstrued that as "Linsley is a legit cap casualty" option. Linsley is the last move they will make. Letting bulaga walk even makes more sense, and I wouldn't make that move. Cutting Jimmy Graham seems like the cleanest way to cap $, and Lane taylor is a little bit of room. On blake... I think the market will be pretty high for him. Let's get a 2nd or 3rd rounder and a just above scrap heap FA and call it a day.
  10. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    He drops perfectly thrown balls in the worst spots. He will be in rodgers' doghouse immediately. Most inconsistent player I've ever seen. Only reason he's still playing is philly had SO many injuries.
  11. 2020 Tight End Titillating Talk

    a position cursed by lord voldemort?
  12. Plans for Aaron Jones?

    would you do 4 years 32 mil?
  13. TCMD 2020 GB Packer WAR ROOM

    NERD! jkjk but... NEEEEEEEERRRRD!
  14. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    let's sign phil rivers just to see what would happen