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  1. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    his position is ILB. If he was getting backup reps at S, he probably wouldn't be requesting a trade I would guess.
  2. Josh Jones wants to be traded

  3. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Suh, Mccoy both still out there. Lots of folks going into the year said they would cut mike daniels for Suh. Would you do the same for McCoy?
  4. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    why do you need to hear it from the packers to believe it? I don't have any concrete evidence that they are done spending. Just a general understanding of the packers, the NFL, the cap, and how things work. What else factors into their inactivity besides being out of money? Clearly there are holes and opportunities that remain on the roster. They are not active in free agency and haven't been tied to anyone but the smallest level of free agents lately (those which won't affect their cap). Unlike a number of other teams like Baltimore, NE, etc. Based on their history and tendency, the packers have already spent all or effectively all of their available cap on free agents. I thought you had something to actually contribute. I see now that is not the case.
  5. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    unless they are gonna dip into the rollover, they are done signing FAs.
  6. Who's your 2019 Breakout Player

    This is really the only choice IMO. Kevin King or bust.
  7. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    y'all is one of the best US words. Also, spain and most romance languages have words for the plural "you" e.g. Vosotros. It would be natural for a spanish speaker who knows english to embrace a word like y'all.
  8. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    It's based on a decision to spend all available cap in the first phase of FA (first week or so) rather than save money for phase 2 (second 2-3 weeks) or phase 3 (after the draft) when more bargains are available. Phase 2 was when TT used to sparingly use FA, and managed to get some bargains. I'm not disappointed in the overall outcome. I'm a little disappointed in the process that led to us sitting out phase 2/3 of FA when history has shown that this is clearly the period when the best bargains and value plays are out there. It's obvious how he's going to be used. He's the starting RG. It's not hindsight to suggest that GB should participate in all aspects of player acquisition - expensive top end FA, draft, UDFA, trades, lower end value FA. My issue isn't really with the player more the process. If Billy Turner is an amazing G, great, fine. I'm singling him out mostly because he was the least popular signing here. Point being that it's unlikely that all 4 of our FA signings are going to be "good signings" when you look back in 2022. To be crystal clear, I'm not singling out Turner or the position. Addressing G was a good call. You could say that signing both of the Smiths was the worse choice compared to Turner, but personally I would rather have them than Turner given the value of depth at that position. My overall point was that GB sacrificed optionality and flexibility by signing 4 FAs in the early period. GB easily could have signed a DJ Fluker level deal instead of Billy Turner, and had 2-3M to play around with in these 2nd/3rd phases of FA. Similarly, having Tramon Williams as a top 10 cap hit and bottom 10 player is a bad contract that should have been dumped for some of these value signings lately. Gute clearly sits on his hands and doesn't sign FAs when he should. He's too scared to make tough calls on veteran players who need to be cut. Still, though. It is rather distressing how the FA period went after the initial surge. Seemed a bit like a kid with a bunch of power that he didn't know how to use right away... rebelling against TT's old ways by signing "top level FAs" and lacking an overall perspective on the process.
  9. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    spending all the remaining FA bucks on Turner. Those chips. Chips that could be spent on guys now rather than turner earlier.
  10. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    The bigger concern is... why isn't Gute participating in the "value" part of free agency? Pushing all the chips in on Billy Turner (the weakest signing, IMO) in the first week seems like a horrible oversight given the current situation.
  11. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    and also the scouts and GM with Oren Burks. Most of the great ILBs run very very fast. A 6th for Darron Lee is an opportunistic and savvy move.
  12. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    color me surprised if collins gets anything close to 5M/year
  13. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    what free agent is signing now for more than like, 2-3 million/year?
  14. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Jamie Collins is a no brainer to me. Would cut Tramon for him.
  15. TEs in the McCarthy/Rodgers System

    2015 richard rodgers was a really bad season from an efficiency standpoint. Jimmy Graham had a better 2018 season than 2015 D!ckrod. Will MLF use 12 or 13 personnel with any kind of regularity here in GB is my big question when it comes to TEs. In TEN, they ran an astounding 39%!!!! of plays with multiple TEs. https://www.sharpfootballstats.com/personnel-grouping-frequency.html Considering that this was without their star TE in 2018 for the bulk of the season, clearly this is a personnel grouping which MLF finds to be favorable regardless of talent. For reference, GB ran 18% in 2018 from multiple TE sets. I don't think we are going to see quite as much multi-TE because of the following factors: Rookie 2nd TE who isn't a viable in-line blocker Star QB should edge the ratio more in favor of pass rather than run Lack of established power RB and power OL Factors in favor of the multi-TE groups: Similar structure to TEN with a clear #1 WR and middling 2nd/3rd options. There is no need to force overwhelming talent onto the field in the form of many WRs such as an LAR or MIN situation where you aren't ok with your #2 playing 40% of snaps. Here in GB it's fine if Adams plays 95%+ and the rest of Allison/ESB/MVS/etc 40%. For the above reasons, I think we will see an inordinately high 3 TE ratio relative to the rest of the NFL, since that puts our multiple passing threats at TE out there as well as Lewis who is a blocker, but I don't think we will see 2 TE usage nearly as high as MLF in Tennessee since that set isn't stressing the defense with our strengths in any way that 11 personnel isn't. 3 TEs and zone outside running was a real standout of the Falcons superbowl run under Shanahan. It's not a staple foundation of an offense, but it's a really nice changeup.