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  1. Good run blocking + good running creating more yards than expected= gooder running
  2. oh, cause we still woulda got stomped by the 9ers unless he plays DT or something I'm not aware of.
  3. lions are/were missing a bunch of DBs. If they don't come back this is packers in a laugher.
  4. you mean if he signed with the 9ers?
  5. they need to be better than awful. Like, below average.
  6. you can pretty much ignore run defense against most teams, including minnesota, so long as the game is competitive. Once you're down 10+, you really need to be able to stop the run and get the ball back if you set your mind to it.
  7. man corey davis looks really good right now. Surprised to hear he's been in the league 3 years already, and that they declined his 5th year option. Someone to look at for sure next year.
  8. paying jones more than 10m/year would be a mistake. Guy gets hurt, and while he's a plus back, he's still just a RB. If they do pay him, I wouldn't be happy.
  9. thinking this means 1 good news, 2 bad news... teams are quick to report good news slow to report bad news. Hopefully clark didn't like pop the groin off the bone or anything catastrophic.
  10. yeah it looked a little foreign to my eyes, but I guess you do see people try to hurdle blockers on the outside now and again
  11. It's not fun to watch but in the scenario where you're up 17 with 8 mins to play... it's actually the right playcall. Jaire just totally screwed the pooch by NOT playing prevent on the late thielen TD. It still took a pretty amazing touch throw by cousins to drop it in the basket. Savage gave up a horrible TD to thielen at the end of the 3rd, but re watching that, it might have just been a tough spot with him in man-1 coverage on their best guy and a really great route/throw/catch by the vikings
  12. he had a MEAN tackle though against cook I think Left the vikes guy shook after that hit.
  13. Is that a legal block? No reason to suspect it isn't, I just haven't kept up with all the rules and you don't see that kind of block (aim for the legs) too often.
  14. Dr. David Chao, gimme a friggin break. this guy is wrong all the time. still, didn't look good for lane. Why was patrick in the game? he was starting for billy turner?
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