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  1. NFL News & Notes

    This is the best. Also... WHAT?!??
  2. Dalton has played in 78 games where his team was losing in the 4th q, Rodgers 67 over that same period. then don't sensationalize 400 words around 4th q comebacks and pretend they are important.
  3. I can speak Cwood, so I'll try to speak Outpost. This means - "this stat is misleading and I'm aware of it. I'm possibly using this stat to willfully mislead you to a conclusion which is the exact opposite of what the proper statistic suggests"
  4. lol @ 4th quarter comebacks. Just lol. Stick to your lane. I'll be the electric fence to notify you when you move outside the realm of the hypothetical thought experiments of "Trade Rodgers cause possible reasons" and into the more reality and evidence based analysis. Thinking you can use 4th quarter comebacks as a measure of anything other than how much a team spends playing from behind is silly.
  5. 2019 Draft Discussion

    See Gruden, Jon.
  6. if ed oliver falls to 3, trade up and get him
  7. we're like 3 dreams too deep in inception right now, but maybe it's mediocre from aaron's POV since that TD on the offsides counts in his head.
  8. I kind of get it from a "do I REALLY need to be the only way this team can win?" perspective. Last straw kind of thinking. I know I could have played better... but if mike was even competent on some of these decisions can we live through a mediocre game?
  9. I think the context of what lewis was saying was more that the rodgers/mm thing was broken. I see that as weird, uncomfortable, unusual, yes. But i don't see his comments as being anti-rodgers really as much as it was "this is clearly dysfunctional". Which to me leaves it at some split between rodgers/mm like we have been saying for ages. Was Rodgers right to do that in that way? No. Did he deserve a more competent coach who wasn't too sensitive to give up control? Yes. I'm comfortable dismissing what Fin has to say on topics more sophisticated than "I'm hungry" and "I'm tired". The only person in that article who has little to nothing to gain/stand on is DuJuan Harris. I believe every word he said. James Jones values his relationship with Rodgers for media purposes, Crab/Jordy/Cobb are all personal friends, etc.
  10. I do think there was a "rodgers" crew and a "non-rodgers" crew for some time over the past 3-5 years. That part is definitely true. I also think these kinds of things are fairly commonplace in most locker rooms. There's a "Cousins" crew and a "non-cousins" crew. There's an Andrew Luck crew and a non-luck crew. The only issue is the frustration bubbles this to the surface when you aren't winning.
  11. of course he's disgruntled. He's frustrated he got hurt and couldn't continue his career. He's frustrated he never got the fame and attention that he craved under Rodgers. At best, Finley is an unreliable source since that's what he was his entire career - a dumb guy who fumbles to express his opinions. He also often is wildly uninformed on topics which he speaks on. Marcedes lewis is not disgruntled. You're referring to that interview? Doesn't seem disgruntled to me. That seemed aware and valid.
  12. The game was coached well enough to win, special teams screwed the pooch. Also, the game was not coached all that well from a decision making process, specifically in the first half on those calls and the decision not to go for it. Both things are true. To lay the sole blame there on MM is disingenuous at best by the author. But it is possible that this was the fracturing/dividing point between MM/AR.
  13. Many stories are opinions of Jennings, Finley, and other disgruntled former packers. Packers who didn't jive well with Rodgers and didn't get along with the team overall. Everyone needs an explanation to rationalize their decisions and actions after the fact.
  14. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    tre boston after the draft?
  15. Jennings was better than Jordy. Rodgers was better when Jordy was his main target.