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  1. I don't think many 1 dimensional deep threats have gotten big money, especially ones with inconsistent hands like MVS. DeSean Jackson is the closest thing to a pure deep threat that went out and got paid. Based on his play I don't see how MVS stands to really cash in, and I would doubt that he adds a lot of facets to his game to bring him into another tier of player.
  2. this team would be lucky to get to 3-3 by the time bakh gets back to the field. If he's back week 7, they can make a run in the last 10 games, go 7-4 or so and get in the playoffs. next 4-5 weeks are gonna look tough against any decent opponent. Lot of change on the defensive side, and a lot of change on the OL
  3. whole team needs to play better than that. Poor showing and poor effort.
  4. punting... i'm pretty sure I wouldn't cleanly catch the snap. If I did, I probably wouldn't get it off before it was blocked. but if I got it off... man that thing would still be flying today.
  5. I see it as 2.4 million for an average kicker
  6. Agree. It's a hell of a risk to take too. If Love is say, Stafford level, it could be the right call. And, uh, sorry about your divorce I guess.
  7. I'm not commenting on love whatsoever. He's sitting for obvious reasons. Drawing any parallels to starting early or sitting early to Jordan Love is not what my post was about. It's about debunking some strange theory that sitting helps/hurts a quarterback. Brett Hundley had plenty of time to sit. He just sucked.
  8. you're acting like there aren't 15 other potentially vacant stadiums to play the game though. Maybe consider jacksonville or some other stadium that could never sell a concert
  9. maybe it's simply the desire to have a mediocre to bad but not awful veteran option who knows how to operate in an NFL defense. Rest of the options are pretty raw.
  10. I'll leave JK Scott, guy was horrible. Who cares what he did at Bama.
  11. why. Just find another venue. No reason to piss the concert people off
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