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  1. Looking poor in all three phases of the game
  2. Gotcha. I believe that writers are suffering from the same thing all of us are - nothing substantive to discuss post-draft/pre-training camp. Therefore, they’re just throwing out these hot takes and some of them find life. It’s amplified because of all the pseudo-journalist bloggers, many of whom don’t know their ear from a hole in the ground. The season can’t start soon enough.
  3. What narrative is that? (No snark - sincerely asking.)
  4. Here’s a take I’d never seen before. This is from nflspinzone.com … Change Redskins name to: Washington Federals When you look at two of the Washington professional sports franchises, the Washington Capitals (NHL) and Washington Nationals (MLB), there is a clear theme playing into the governmental roots of D.C. So an obvious option for the NFL franchise would be to change their name to something akin to that as well. There’s a lot of fun to be had with this idea as they could incorporate various United States symbols into their repertoire, including things like the Secret Serv
  5. He probably doesn't have the money to buy them "outright" but I doubt he'd "write a check" for it if he had it. It's about having access to the money. He runs a hedge fund, that means he moves in big money circles. He has an estimated net worth of $2 BN + Additionally, his father Neil Bluhm (a Chicago native who went to U of I) is one of the founders of JMB realty. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Bluhm. Dad is also partner of Midwest Gaming & Entertainment, which owns several casinos. He has an estimated net worth in excess of $5 BN. These net worth figures are speculation fro
  6. That’s exactly my point in all of this. On a $2BN stadium deal, $86M is less than 5% of that. Than kind of money can be “worked into the package” (not necessarily out of the McCaskey’s pockets, either) in some fashion. We’re talking big, big money troops. Whole different kind of thinking at play.
  7. I'm not an armchair GM, or a fantasy footballer, just a passionate fan. What I also am, is a businessman, and some of the most important things that make a business deal work are already in play: 1) A known brand - The Chicago Bears. A charter franchise that is a crown jewel of the NFL. At their worse, the Bears are always relevant in the NFL and they're in that select group of sports franchises (think NY Yankees, Montreal Canadiens, LA Lakers, and yes, Dallas Cowboys) whose success boosts the overall league. 1b) A known brand - The NFL. A machine that prints money, inspires passion, an
  8. I know it's SportsMockery but this article does a really good job of connecting the dots around all of the recent machinations with the Bear's moves. It's a quickly digestible explanation that makes as much sense as anything I've read lately. Here's the key quote ... "Think about this. They have land for a new stadium. The legalized gambling money comes in. Then on top of it all? They happen to employ a franchise quarterback. Justin Fields has a chance to bring everything together if he’s the real deal ... The fact that the Chicago Bears might be able to hit the trifecta if Fields wo
  9. Absolutely! And the added bonus is that since it’s outside of the city proper, there’s a whole layer of graft/payoffs that is avoided. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that the northwest burbs are any more politically pure (and we’re still talking about Cook County) but taking Chicago out of the financial/political mix can’t help but be a plus.
  10. About that: 1) Vegas is a much smaller market than Chicago. 2). The Vegas stadium’s capacity is 65,000 and it’s expandable to 72,000 for special events (like the Super Bowl).
  11. I hear you -- your point is well made and well taken. But how much money is an old and decrepit Soldier Field going to generate in rental revenue anyway? What if that land is redeveloped and used for something like, say, this?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucas_Museum_of_Narrative_Art#Proposed_Chicago_site Now there's parking revenue, concession revenue, increased tourist money, the whole 9. "Make no small plans."
  12. Actually, I am suggesting that they tear the whole thing down and repurpose the space. Build something that allows the public to truly enjoy the space.
  13. Here’s something to consider: Is there a better use for the Soldier Field space than a football stadium? The Bears to AH momentum is building and I think it’s going to happen. The question becomes “What happens to Soldier Field when the Bears leave?” Since it is no longer a landmark, it can probably be torn down. I’m wondering if that might be an opportunity for something better to take its place? Right now, you have a huge building sitting on a campus along with a world-class Museum, Planetarium, and Aquarium. Yet, it sits empty for most of the year, and the only people who can acce
  14. You already said it without actually saying it. The more money a team makes, the more money the rest of the owners make. The McCaskeys are missing out on alot of money by not utilizing their large market, and in turn so are the other 31 owners. As I said earlier in this thread: Forbes releases a list every year and the Bears finished 10th in revenue while also having one of the largest markets. There is no reason they shouldn't atleast crack top-5 every single year. Having the lowest seating capacity in the league with one of the largest markets is a huge miss
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