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  1. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Two questions, Titania: 1. As your resident musicology student and "professional" drummer, would everyone be cool with it if I drop everyone a list of my 10 favorite tracks of music + my favorite album from a given week of music listening? I can start tomorrow! 2. @titans0021 Would it be more appropriate to have that be done in here as a regular recurring post or something more deserving of its own thread? Let me know, buddy!
  2. Troy Vincent: NFL Still Planning for Full Stadiums

    Without getting into the politics, the simple answer is volume. I played Irving Plaza in NYC which is a 2K cap multilevel theater. That’s pretty large. Not easy to control that amount of space. How do you enforce a mask policy in there? How do you have enough security to make sure people are distancing? My local grocery store can’t even handle the people in there. A restaurant can be much more easily controlled and patrolled than a 2K cap theater , much less a 70K cap arena
  3. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    I'm 100 percent with you on this. The onside got nerfed by the new kickoff rules, and a replacement is badly needed. I like 4th and 15 because it is low percentage enough but still doable. It's the best of all worlds, and I like the idea that they limit the number of times you can do it, as well.
  4. Ranking The Roster - #8

    I'd probably throw one down for Landry at some point. Jonnu has not shown it enough for my fantasy team to earn my support or trust yet.
  5. Who Is Worth 40M a Year Today?

    I think the larger point is that paying this kind of money is just bad team-building strategy to QB or any position. I mention QB specifically because the contract arms race at this position has been the single largest contributor to the problem.
  6. Who Is Worth 40M a Year Today?

    If the goal is to win the Super Bowl, ask yourself this question: How many QBs being paid even half the 40M price tag have actually won the Super Bowl? One. Wanna know how many being paid over 30 have made the Super Bowl? Zero. No one is worth this money if your goal is to win the championship.
  7. Troy Vincent: NFL Still Planning for Full Stadiums

    Haha!! Love that! What a classic. Certain church gigs would actually be much more doable for me because a lot of those have these huge plexiglass screens — or in some cases, entire isolated booths — for sound cancellation that would serve as an excellent sneezeguard Also, for a man who likes to harp about science, I am kinda dumb sometimes and completely forgot about the distancing aspect. Most athletes playing fields are far away from fans generally that the players are at near zero risk generally from the fan base unless they’re jumping into the stands. Lambeau Leap might have to wait a season to make a return. But as an athlete, the bigger risk is the other athletes. Cancel everything I said about how an athlete might be affected. I retract it. Their situation will be the same regardless. You’re going to have to test weekly, pull athletes who are testing positive from play, same with personnel. As far as fans; I still don’t feel like there’s any way to guarantee their safety, so even stadiums that open to any degree would be wise to put coronavirus disclaimers that essentially say “If you come in here and someone coughs on you and you die, your fault, not ours. No lawsuits.”
  8. Who Is Worth 40M a Year Today?

    No one
  9. Troy Vincent: NFL Still Planning for Full Stadiums

    Yeah, you won’t catch me in an NFL stadium any time soon especially when you have people who can’t even follow simple instructions. How many maskless fans are we going to have, even if you have a mask requirement? How many players are going to want to play when that’s happening and they see fans aren’t taking things seriously? That’s gonna be a serious problem. I’m in the music business, and man, there are plenty of guys right now who can have my in-person gigs if they want them. I’m not playing while I see how the general public is currently behaving. I loved what Blake Snell had to say about all this on his Twitch stream. I very much feel the same way. You want me to play? Hazard pay + mask requirements + heavy, low-tolerance enforcement, and I feel like a lot of athletes are probably going to feel similarly. Our lives and livelihoods are tied to our bodies’ ability to function at 100 percent. It’s tough; I get it. But I’m not sacrificing my life for a gig or a game or a season.
  10. Troy Vincent: NFL Still Planning for Full Stadiums

    You may want to start your 5 stages of grief process now, then.
  11. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    1. RB 2. RB 3. RB 4. RB 5. RB 6. RB/WR 7. RB/WR 8. Me
  12. What should we expect from coaching changes?

    I'm just going to say what I think of the head coaches. Admittedly, I don't know how about the coordinator changes. Panthers HC - Matt Rhule (previously Baylor HC) I am okay with his hire, but I really didn't understand the big hype train about Rhule. Everyone is acting like this guy was gonna be THE slam dunk, home-run hire of the offseason. I never understood that. He's got a year of pro football coaching experience as an assistant OL coach. I don't see how that's going to serve him any better than * YELLING AND FLAILING ARMS* NICK SABAN'S ACTUAL YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AS BELICHICK'S DC. DUDE STILL FLAMED OUT IN PRO FOOTBALL. TLDR; This hire is a huge risk, but everyone was acting like this guy was Pete Carroll. No. Stop. Browns HC - Kevin Stefanski (previously Vikings OC) I love how this hire was basically Paul DePodesta going: I told you so, Jimmy. If you want moneyball to work, you can't fire the moneyball guys in the middle of the moneyball rebuild, hire football people, then expect it all to work. Jimmy Haslam is the worst owner in football, and I feel so bad for anyone who has to work for him. Stefanski seems like a good guy. I'm interested to see if Paul's handpicked man is going to be able to do this gig, especially knowing that he has to submit gameplays to analytics. (Interesting idea.) Cowboys HC - Mike McCarthy (previously unemployed) This was a strange fit. We'll see if McCarthy has upped his game. Don't have more to say beyond that. Giants HC - Joe Judge (previously Patriots ST coach) This was my favorite hire of the entire offseason. Seems like a good fit, the staff he's building looks darn good, and special teams coaches have amazing NFL track records. I really applaud the Giants for going off the beaten path with their hire. NFL orthodoxy is the pits. Redskins HC - Ron Rivera (previously Panthers HC) I like Ron, but I have a bad feeling about this. Call it a hunch. There's no evidence to support it, and the team could work out well under his leadership. I just... can't get there on Rivera in Washington. Feels like Jeff Fisher is about to go to the St. Louis part of his career.
  13. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    If it helps, Tyrone Calico was a multi Pro Bowler with like multiple 20+ TD seasons in my alternate universe where a 15 year old whiz kid took over the Titans and led them to multiple undefeated seasons. He was my No. 3 receiver.
  14. Troy Vincent: NFL Still Planning for Full Stadiums

    One of my best friends is one of the brightest young minds in epidemiology (or, for us not smart people: the study of infectious disease.) To illustrate, she's an M.D./Ph.D. candidate who routinely is near the top of her class, teaches adjunct, and also has been published as a lead author in a major medical journal while still in school. Establishing credentials before I say what I'm going to say is important: Her models currently show something like re-opening/mask restriction lifts causing 50X-60X spike in incidence. Judging by the data we have, you have a better chance at your dreams than Troy does of his. Her models could be wrong, but I've not known her to be wrong often.
  15. Effect of Closure on 2021 Class

    Obviously, we've all heard the talk about potential closures of college campuses during football season and things of that nature in related to the COVID-19 crisis. So the question becomes: What effect do we think that may have on the 2021 draft class? How may the NCAA handle eligibility in this case? Would Trevor Lawrence, for example, not come out until 2022 now? How players make decisions about whether to stay as underclassmen is going to be really interesting to watch. What kind of ripple effects do you think we will see?