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  1. The past three games have been decided by a combined six points. We're 3-0. Hats off to Mike Vrabel, Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry and the rest of this team. They're a team that is showing that it knows how to win. I'm beyond impressed. It's fun to be a Titans fan again!
  2. The amount of people not wearing masks in the stands is only proving my point about how nobody, not even the NFL, can enforce their stands.
  3. I can't believe teams still think paying QBs 20 million dollars or more is a winning strategy.
  4. Just traded N'Keal Harry for Sony Michel in my dynasty LOR. I figure they're probably going run-heavy. Sony's got the talent. Cam Newton at QB with hardly any training camp? Late offseason add? I think Sony's going to be the man, and I'm not sold on Harry. I can afford it if I lose out on Harry. Look at the rest of the WR group. I now have the USA COVID-19ers () poised for a title run with: QB: Russell Wilson | Drew Brees | Joe Burrow RB: Saquon Barkley | Melvin Gordon | Sony Michel | David Johnson | Kerryon Johnson | Justin Jackson WR: Davante Adams | Courtland Sutton
  5. The world being upside down right now is probably why we're good and KC won a title tbh
  6. I'm not a big pay the RB guy, but 12.5 million a year for what Derrick Henry does for the team, when you consider what most teams pay their most valuable players (and what we're paying our QB,) this is an absolute steal for the talent.
  7. As Dan Snyder just learned, never say never.
  8. I'm amazed no one has mentioned my top pick for backup, which is one Colin Kaepernick. Not trying to be political here. I just genuinely think he's a clear upgrade over both of our current options at the position behind Ryan Tannehill, and I'd rather have either of THOSE guys than Josh McCown.
  9. PSH. WHAT A SCRUB ..... I totally forgot.
  10. Cam's infatuation with throwing to tight ends couldn't POSSIBLY have ANYTHING to do with the fact that the best receiver of his tenure was a 40-year-old Ted Ginn and his tight end was a future Hall of Famer, right?
  11. I hear ya, but we didn't hear them say anything about removing Washington gear. The press just noticed and ran with it.
  12. In many ways, the modern 3-4 can be similar to a 5-2 anyway with the way OLBs and edge rushers tend to come at you as basically converted DEs
  13. Or since Nike is busy making social statements, it’s no coincidence they left only a Titans women’s jersey up while Tennessee is preparing legislation to enact a total ban on abortion in the state. I am not debating the merits of it with any of you. But that is probably why.
  14. I actually think I know why, but I'm not gonna get into it on this forum.
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