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  1. We have like $10 Million to play with considering we're not going to trade Brook. It's Donte and/or Nwora along with cap filler like George Hill, Rodney Hood and Semi Ojeleye. I think we're going to look at OKC and go after Kenrich Williams and Mike Muscala. Would like to land a back-up PG better than George but it's hard to see anyone possible in trades. Would need to wait out the buyout market and hope to land one. Dennis Schroder may be the best PG available in a trade but I'm not sure I'd care for him on this team.
  2. Haven't watched any of the centers yet. Been focusing on right shot dmen and natural wingers.
  3. Seeing as Boston and Pittsburgh are running away with the WC, I started getting back into the draft and I seriously cannot decide who I'd prefer at our pick. I'd kill for any one of Joakim Kemell, Danila Yurov, Simon Nemec, David Jiricek or Juraj Slafkovsky. Not sure how I feel about Brad Lambert. Wouldn't hate him but would 100% prefer Kemell, Yurov, Jiricek or Nemec over him. Think he's probably on par with Slafkovsky for me or slightly behind.
  4. Nothing like having to miss a day of work because your alternator goes out. If it happened tomorrow, rather than today, I could've been to work by 9, 10 or 11, at the latest, and gotten a half day in but noooooooooooooo has to happen on a Monday when my stepdad drives to Chicago and doesn't get back until 10-11 am. And, of course, instead of taking 15 minutes or so, everything you can think of fights you and ends up taking almost 2 hours to do. Dropped $100+ just to lose 10 hours of pay lmao. I hate cars.
  5. lol people are really trying to connect Caleb Williams to us. Not a chance in hell.
  6. Has Diontae Johnson always had awful hands? Christ, catch the ball, you midget.
  7. Nonsense. Has nothing to do with Mac. Has everything to do with how I view that roster.
  8. Again, liberal use of that term. They had a good record, they weren't a good team. As soon as the matchup was set, I knew we'd be playing each other.
  9. Very liberal use of the term good ha
  10. lol they call the facemask but not the clear hold
  11. Wrong thread but it's worse than watching the Badgers offense.
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