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  1. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Thames Headshot no Schoop

    What SP could we have gotten?
  2. Who's your favorite actor/actress?

    @BAConrad I love Affleck, my man. I'm just drawn to Sudeikis so he sticks out as my favorite. I'll always love Casey for his role in Good Will Hunting.
  3. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Newsflash Everything gets repeated in wrestling.
  4. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Thames Headshot no Schoop

    The Moose and Schoop trades were fine. Schoop is obviously pressing and it's only been 17 games. You guys know how baseball works.
  5. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Listen, there was nothing wrong with what they did to end the show. Like others have said, it was one of the best endings in a long time. You just **** on it because it's what you do.
  6. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Remember who you are talking to. The E can do nothing right in his eyes.
  7. What movie are you watching v1

    Forgot how good Star Trek: Into Darkness was.
  8. MMA Thread

  9. Also, updated the depth chart in the OP as best I could. The back-up RB spot, WR spots and CB produced a lot of "or" among the group. Don't really have a true feel for what we're going to do on day 1 at CB. Rumor is Deron Harrell has been incredibly intriguing there, DCW has taken a step back and is now 2nd unit, Caesar Williams seems most likely to CB1, Madison Cone has been out hurt so who knows whether or not he'll be a day 1 starter, Donte Burton and the freshman have been impressive and Faion Hicks looks to be in line for CB2. Cone, once healthy, is probably our nickel corner. So, kinda ignore the "or" for now and expect Caesar Williams and Faion Hicks to be the starters IMO. 2 of the 3 DL spots seem resolved with Kayden Lyles likely nailing down one of the DE spots. We know Olive is our nose even though we've tried him at DE. We really like Bryson Williams so don't be surprised if the DL rotates a lot with pure gap fillers in Lyles, Sagapolu and Williams and hoping our LBs can provide the pressure. I could see it due to the fact that those 3 boys could take on most of the blocking lol. If we don't do the big body thing and play those boys together, the 3rd DL spot is up for grabs between Aaron Vopal and Matt Henningsen. Vopal is the space eater but Henningsen is the better pass rusher, so they'll probably split reps depending on the situation. Safety is pretty much set. First unit will be Dixon and Nelson with the second unit likely being Johnson and Burrell. We're good there, I think. LBs are fine IMO. We've got our starters (AVG, Edwards, Connelly and Baun) with Orr as a great 3rd ILB. We've got intriguing depth. Rumor has it we could see a lot of Christian Bell on run downs due to his ability in the run game being better than Baun's. Haven't really heard much on IGM or Farrar though. OL is set everywhere but LT and I think Dietzen has the upper hand there over CVL. We'll still see a lot of CVL this year though. RB behind JT23 is talented but unclear. Shaw is still working his way back from the ACL tear and the rest of the group really hasn't separated themselves but it's not a bad thing. Supposedly Deal and James had the best camps they've had at UW and Nakia Watson will get some burn as well. Our TE situation on day 1 will likely be Penniston and Neuville due to their blocking. Ferguson will get snaps on sure passing downs though. Wouldn't be surprised if he fills the Danny Davis void in some type of WR3 role. Not saying he'll play the position but saying he could see the field over the young WR on passing downs. We've used Austin Ramesh at WR before (seriously, go back and watch LSU in 2016) so I don't doubt we'll use Ferguson there if needed. WR is pretty self explanatory with the legal ****. Pryor and Taylor are the starters but, behind them, it's anyone's guess. Could be Krumholz as WR3, could be Perry. Hell, it could be 5'7" Jack Dunn for all we know. I did the best I could there and that's with leaving Davis on the DC until his situation is cleared up. QB and FB are pretty self explanatory.
  10. Also, with there being a chance that both Cephus and Davis (Cephus for sure, obviously) not being with the team going forward, you've gotta figure they'll move Isaac Guerendo back to WR from RB. They should also put the full on press on Cameron Phillips.
  11. My expectations and excitement remains the same. Let's not forget that all of 2 years ago, we went 10-2 in the regular season (11-3 overall with all 3 losses coming by 7 points) with a vaunted receiving core of Jazz Peavy, Rob Wheelwright and George Rushing (seriously, those were the only WRs with more than 10 catches). Yes, I know our defense was really good that year but our offense is still poised to be a lot better than 2016 with a full-time JR year Hornibrook, a Heisman contender at RB with talented depth behind him (we had post hernia surgery Clement and Dare as our top RBs in 2016), a WR core that has a ton of talent despite youth (that includes the TEs) and, oh yeah, a vastly superior offensive line. Now, we probably aren't serious National Championship contenders anymore but we can still make the B1G title game and give ourselves a shot at the CFP. I'm not worried.
  12. All Things Wrestling Thread

    What happened?
  13. Those two are immensely more talented than Wheelwright and Peavy were IMO.
  14. This should also be a lesson. Don't let players from the same position group be roommates, just in case both of them happen to be idiots, like this.
  15. Pryor and Taylor are better than Wheelwright and Peavy. No question. I think Ferguson is going to have one hell of a season. The kid is crazy talented.