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  1. I found out through the friggin' news btw. I knew of the house fire that had happened the night prior but I had no idea that my cousin's son was the kid that passed. My last name was in my old username and it's a very rare name, so when I saw the name I about collapsed. TBF to my cousin, I was living in Ohio at the time so I wasn't very easy to reach.
  2. That's unbelievably sad. I know how that feels tho. I lost my 2nd cousin the same way. He was only 15.
  3. This is what he does lol. Pay him no mind. He'll disappear after the Jazz **** the bed in the postseason.
  4. Hell, the more he produces, the easier it is to get them to take Subban. They take Subban, we trade them Zacha. Profit.
  5. He made that amazing play last weekend and I did the whole "wuuuuuuuuuuuut" reaction. Like how the hell do you have the ability to pull that off and then be an invisible player the rest of the time? We took him 6th overall and he flashes why he went that high but it's like he refuses to be a star. Kid should be a 60+ point guy on skill alone. His shot is incredible and he's a big dude. He just refuses to shoot or to use his body. Ugh. If he clicks, amazing. If not, we ship him off to Seattle and he's no longer our issue.
  6. LIS, he's got the talent, that's what makes it so baffling and why we borderline hate him. He just looks like he's going through the motions. He's a good *** player, but he's annoying. If that makes sense.
  7. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeat, he's at 12 points in 13 games! Why would we trade a PPG player!!
  8. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH We're trying to build his trade value here!
  9. I can change my name on HF on July 10th. I don't think JackMeOff is gonna fly so I need another Hughes inspired name...
  10. It's not like we didn't see this coming. Hynes is a terrible coach. We saw it almost immediately in his lines for the Predators. Didn't he have something random like Sissons on the 2nd line and Duchene on the 3rd or 4th line LW from the get go? He's a turd and there's a reason Jack Hughes looks like an all-world player the year after that bald headed **** isn't on the bench.
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