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  1. Trust me, I can tell you spend time in NFL Gen.
  2. My response was to your comment. I don't care because I've heard it for 2 years now. It's nothing new. Where you been when the Lakers were picking at the top of the draft, homie? Only a fan/**** talker when you on the mountain top, hey?
  3. Thanks Nostradamus How about we let the season start before we start pushing narratives, yeah?
  4. We didn't acquire Jrue for his 3pt shooting. If Miami can hide Tyler Herro on defense, we can hide Forbes/Augustin. You don't need an entire starting five consisting of defenders. Plus, if Donte progresses on his shooting, which he can, we've got an entire starting 5 that can defend. You can mix and match fine with this roster. We'll be fine. How? We took what we could and better options wound up pricing themselves out of our price range. We had Bogie until his agent leveraged us, which he's notorious for doing. It is what it is. The only thing we missed on was not offering Justin Holiday a better deal than Indiana did, but that's also assuming Holiday wanted to leave Indiana.
  5. What else were we supposed to do? We went out and got the biggest name available, who is a clear as day upgrade over an unplayable PG in the playoffs, and we got shooters/players that fit better around Giannis/within Bud's system. We didn't have many avenues to truly improve so we did well for what we had.
  6. Well, we'll find out. We sacrificed on the overall defense and landed a roster full of shooters sans Pat C and Craig. If they can't make other teams in the playoffs pay for the wall, assuming Giannis doesn't find an answer himself, then they'll never win a title and Giannis is off to Miami or Dallas. Bud and Giannis really don't have an excuse this year. The crutch was shooting and that's hopefully addressed with all the catch and shoot guys we acquired and massively upgrading Bledsoe. Guess we'll see.
  7. I mean, I think it's less on Giannis and more on the Bucks franchise.
  8. Really thankful he chose Milwaukee. We needed another wing defender badly.
  9. I actually think we're going to start Forbes. It's the best spot for him as he'll get a ton of open looks when teams gravitate towards Giannis and we can mask him on defense better with the 1st unit than anywhere else. It'd be a small starting backcourt but Jrue plays a lot bigger than he's listed, so I don't think it'd be terrible. Holiday | Augustin | Adams Forbes | DiVincenzo | Merrill Middleton | Connaughton | Craig | Thanasis Giannis | Wilson | Nwora | Diakite Lopez | Portis
  10. Not really. He's simply okay but he's like a 12th man/emergency guy that'll give you 12 minutes in a pinch.
  11. I addressed this already, my man. I've acknowledged that we're not perfect but we literally don't have time to work on situational football because every single friggin' time, our defense ****s the bed and we're put in an corner on "execute or lose" every possession. No offense is flawless. By bitching about situational football in games that we shoud've won easily if we had a competent DC, is just bitching for the sake of bitching. We all know MLF is still learning. He's admitted as much. We're not going to be perfect. If the defense gets a stop at all, we win that game.
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