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  1. I drove down Drexel the other day for the first time since I lived off Drexel and Howell in 2000. WTF! I knew they tore down UAW Delphi but Drexel is ridiculous now! (sorry for the off topic post)
  2. Oh I've been on that boat for a while. He can barely get the ball passed the sticks at this point.
  3. lol Brees padding the yardage by throwing over the middle of the field with no TO.
  4. lol did a single ball travel more than 5 yards beyond the LOS?
  5. Brees is cooked. The only way he has success is if DBs and LBs play off their guys. Make him have to throw deep. He simply can't do it anymore.
  6. No team coached by Dana Holgorsen is a lose-lose matchup lol
  7. EXACTLY I mean, just look at Wheeler's response in his write up for Sanderson. It's like he's being a stubborn butthead by putting him 17. I'm 100% convinced he did these rankings just to be different. There's a reason why he's responded to people criticizing him with a simple "lol" on twitter when they do it.
  8. Don't know if the whole thread will show up but here's a presumed Zary fan that's coming to Wheeler's defense... That was the last reaction but there's a little more to it. Am I wrong here?
  9. I know it's been limited stuff but I have 100% confidence in Fitzgerald AS LONG AS ownership stays the hell out of hockey decisions. Just tell him what money he can and cannot spend and let him do his thing.
  10. Oh god yeah. I'm trading him at the draft or the deadline if that's what he's gonna ask.
  11. Look at it this way, it's more fun when something happens!
  12. Eh, I'm not worried about rag arm Brees. He'll give us one or two. We'll win like 35-24.
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