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  1. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Brewers new uniforms
  2. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - Home of the Real MVP

    New jerseys
  3. The Streaming Wars

    For anyone that has the Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu bundle, I've got a question for you... So, while watching on my TV, I get ads (because it's supposedly the ad based Hulu as part of that bundle) but, when I watch on my computer, it skips the ads by cycling through the time (so it's a total of like 5 seconds of hangup) and goes right back to the show that I'm watching. Does anyone know why that is? Is it due to ad blocker on my computer or something of the sort?
  4. Has the Devils at 15th which should indicate just how terrible Hynes is.
  5. Astros Stole Signs in 2017

    What am I missing here?
  6. MKE Bucks Thread (9-3) | Kawhi who?

    Giannis is shooting 33% from 3 over his last 200 attempts. Not league average or anything but promising enough.
  7. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | Fultz BACK

    lol at this score....
  8. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | Fultz BACK

    No clue. Check my 2nd post on the topic. That is far more egregious than Layman.
  9. If it were Davey O'Brien, we'd have a national title!
  10. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    If Tu'a comes back to Alabama, he's brainwashed.
  11. 6-6 absolutely has to be the floor knowing PC
  12. Week 12 Game Day Thread

    My dad is 56 and he's never been. He moved to Pennsylvania 23 years ago. I wanted to surprise him for Xmas and it worked out. Best feeling ever.
  13. Week 12 Game Day Thread

    Ha, nice. I'm actually going to the Packers-Skins game in Lambeau on December 8th. Taking my dad to his first ever game at Lambeau.