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  1. MKE Bucks Thread (53-12) | Season Suspended

    ESPN put a panel together and did votes on the NBA awards. They have Giannis winning the MVP and DPOY and rightfully so. The only other players to do that in the same season are Hakeem and Jordan.
  2. TAPT Version 70.0 Steve Dowden follows the rules

    You both are mentioning animals that live in the ocean, a place I'll never have to go unless the entire world floods, thus neither animal is on my list. I'm far more terrified by poisonous spiders and snakes which is why where I live is perfect.
  3. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    Broke out my new grill yesterday. Went classic with it and did chicken and corn on the cobb. Was perfect. Got some Usinger's brats with sauerkraut for next weekend. Yum yum.
  4. lol I have zero IRL friends that are hockey fans so, when I got the chance to talk hockey at Lambeau Field this December with some Canadians at the game, I baffled my dad with my ability to talk hockey. He's like "I didn't even know your were a fan of hockey but I shouldn't be surprised since you watch Tennis religiously" and he laughed. That hour at that table in the atrium, I think my dad said a whole 2 words while I talked the ears off these random people. I think that's why I post in here so damn much. I don't get my hockey fix IRL. I also used to ask people if they could spell Khabibulin or Ponikarovsky or Fedotenko when we were flexing our wits. I have fun with people about hockey IRL. They all think I'm weird because hockey's my favorite sport.
  5. Also, I really hate that I can type some of these names without having to look them up lol. Simontaival, Mukhamadullin, Khusnutdinov, Ponomarev If you want to learn how to use your phonetics, become a hockey fan. Screw hooked on phonics lol.
  6. I have him ranked 23 based on natural skill but, yes, if a far more talented player like Arthur Kaliyev falls to the 2nd round in a weaker draft due to motivation concerns (though not much weaker, just not as top heavy) then there's no reason for Noel Gunler to go in the 1st this year. I think I'm more pissed at him for where he's got Peterka. That ranking is flat out inexcusable. ESPECIALLY when you have Kasper in the 1st. Peterka skates circles around Kasper as a player. Feel like he's being different just to be different with some of these rankings.
  7. I don't think we'd take him if we had our pick. We'd have to be picking #8 and not in love with Sanderson or Askarov to take him IMO.
  8. Things I commend Wheeler for Mysak (11) at 12 Quinn (14) at 14 Nybeck (35) at 24 Things I disagree with completely Perfetti (9) above Stutzle (3) Lundell (20) and Gunler (23) in the top 10 Sanderson (8) at 19 Helge Grans (NR) and Kasper Simontaival (40) with 1st round grades - I'll let Andrae (47) slide because his skill places him there, I'm just not a fan of dmen that small Kaiden Guhle (21) at 33 - he should be much higher Braden Schneider (16) at 37 - far too low - he's putting far too much stock into offensive skill dmen but that shouldn't be surprising considering the modern NHL JJ Peterka (17) at 43 - criminally low, he's a top 20 talent Luke Evangelista (NR) is WAAAAAAAY too high at 54 - I don't even think he makes my top 100 if I expanded my top 50. Another analyst who doesn't even have Jack Finley (42) ranked...makes no friggin' sense to me. He's going to be the steal of the draft at this rate. Doesn't even have Will Cuylle (49) ranked. That's unforgivable. His shot alone should have him top 75 at worst. No Yan Kuznetsov (50) either. Makes no sense to me. My rankings are in parentheses
  9. Yeah. I've never seen a 2 PPG player as polarizing as Perfetti is.
  10. Surprised you didn't give Wheeler **** here or on HF for having Perfetti at #4. and having Stutzle at 7.
  11. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I was wondering where that came from...I just had a hearty chuckle lol
  12. Most overrated individual seasons?

    And he owns Jerry World.
  13. MLB could return by late May

    I love how they are okay with "losing" 600k for 50 games but it was a non-starter at 80 lol. I want to see how they backtrack on that number.
  14. MLB could return by late May

    It'll probably come with some form of extended playoffs where they make the TV revenue on lesser player salaries.