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  1. My birthday is good luck lol. I'll watch the replay on ESPN+ tomorrow after work. Missed the game watching the Bucks ring ceremony and banner unveiling with some friends for the big 35.
  2. We're still the best team in the league and Nwora is gonna be a problem
  3. Yeah I feel like CP is the play. The only issue is the Rams should role and Swift should get garbage time receiving points and what not.
  4. You ain't got $1000 lol Take the $100 and self ban playboy
  5. $100 or a self ban that Memphis finishes with a better season than Houston
  6. The NBA is back tomorrow, baby. The Champs kick it off... Oh and those other franchises...something Nets, something something Warriors and some California team called the Lakers (pfft that makes no sense). I dunno, never heard of them.
  7. He's our best realistic asset. There's still a chance he gets a similar deal to Allen in the off-season but we probably chose Allen due to his ability to stay on the court. It was extend one or the other right now to maintain some flexibility since you can't really move players recently extended.
  8. Donte is likely going to be a deadline trade asset now.
  9. Ohhh Purdue bumped to #25 in the AP rankings. This is going to be Chryst's best shot at ending his ranked losing streak in quite some time but I've got a feeling some kid named Bell is going to prevent that.
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