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  1. East Regional Thread

    Whatever you say.
  2. East Regional Thread

    Yep. Overhead view wouldn't show it grazing the rim. That sideline shot was the telling one.
  3. East Regional Thread

    Yes. This **** has got to stop.
  4. MKE Bucks Thread (55-19) | Fr34k's Era #MVP

    Looks like Snell's out for a while too. His ankle is really swollen and Matt Velasquez said he rolled into the team showers on a chair instead of walking.
  5. East Regional Thread

    Enjoy it while it lasts.
  6. East Regional Thread

    I'm sure he did. Just like I'm sure Zion never fouled on non-calls.
  7. East Regional Thread

    I'm SHOCKED you have excuses. Absolutely SHOCKED.
  8. East Regional Thread

    LOL after the way they called this game, they let the contact go on the final play. Go figure.
  9. East Regional Thread

  10. Midwest Regional Thread

    Thankfully, I'll be working so I won't be able to watch and stress out lol
  11. Midwest Regional Thread

    Bring on Bruce Pearl's boys.
  12. Because CGJ is better value????