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  1. Screw a play-in tournament for the 7/8 seeds, they should make these teams play for the #1 spot in the draft. This is some all-time level tanking by OKC, Detroit, Houston and Cleveland. Round robin tournament to determine the top 6 spots. Best record gets the #1 spot and so on down the line until the 6th spot is filled.
  2. Wonder if they'll go after Gallant
  3. Sharks are going to get bailed out of irresponsible spending by being bad enough to land Shane Wright next year and then Matvei Michkov in '23. Just watch.
  4. Plant stand a chance? Haven't seen him box since the Jose U fight...
  5. I dipped out before the interview...did they say who was next for Canelo?
  6. They can have the Isles pick and Nolan Foote, considering his ELC is sliding another year. Gives them 3 years of something they can afford.
  7. Send him our way for that Isles pick tbqh
  8. Evander Kane (29) at $7m AAV for 4 more years is somehow not their worst contract.
  9. Sharks are paying Erik Karlsson (30) $11.5m AAV for 6 more years, Logan Couture (32) $8m AAV for 6 more years, Brent Burns (36) $8m AAV for 4 more years and Marc-Edouard Vlasic (34) $7m AAV for 5 more years. Christ are they in a bad spot.
  10. Yep. I agree 100%. Smith can't box for ****. I was hoping that Canelo would take a fight with him, knowing he would win, and then getting that big head of his going prior to a Beterbiev bout. God, just let me have this for once in my life! Canelo is an amazing fighter but I mentioned that Beterbiev would walk through him and multiple people on Twitter said I was either "hating" or had been watching gay porn lol.
  11. I missed it. Was finishing up some hockey games while watching the ME of the ESPN UFC card.
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