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  1. Guess we'll see Regardless, that's just one prospect. I think you're underselling the top of this class as much as you may think I'm overselling it.
  2. The top pick talent, sure, not the overall top end talent. There's no clear cut #1 but that doesn't make the talent "meh" IMO. Beniers is a Bergeron/Kopitar level talent. Find me one team that would be pissed at getting a Patrice Bergeron or Anze Kopitar at #1.
  3. Yep. Showing fight and taking the L is still probably the best result we could hope for. Obviously, you'd like to win but, at this point, it's probably more hindering to win. Fight, get better, learn, get another blue chip asset.
  4. The fight this team has is what makes me so excited for the future. Just clawed back AGAIN down 3-0.
  5. Why are you guys talking about that joke of a fight and not Bobby Knuckles looking like a champ? We need Izzy-Knuckles 2. Bobby's taking his belt back.
  6. He slapped his stick on the boards after a tripping call where the Rags skated over his stick. I'd be pissed too.
  7. Missing the game. What did Jack do to get the 10 minute misconduct?
  8. A real off-season, a real camp, a real preseason and a real schedule and I think we'll see a very different type of team next year. They fight hard, man. I'm proud of how they play. Because we are who we are, we'll be good enough to be a bubble playoff team and we'll miss out on the chance at Shane Wright because of it. I'm okay with that because I don't think I can take another poor year with the fanbase, not the team. I'm not worried about the future of this club. Not one bit.
  9. They've shown promise, that's all that matters. I think we both made fun of the fact that we were guaranteed a top pick in this draft because of the divisions before the season even started. We've been competitive and that's all I care about. Small portions of the games have let them get away from us but, the other 40-50 minutes on the ice, they look like NHLers. That's a huge jump from where we were under Hynes and Nas. Of course, people on HF are too narrowminded to see that. Well, most of them anyways.
  10. Just keep fighting. Results don't matter right now. That was a great effort to get back into it. Of course, the only thing the naysayers will focus on is the loss but they're as predictable as it gets. We borderline iced a team full of bottom 6ers and competed. That shows something.
  11. Hughes working some 4 on 4 magic man. Two dimes on slappers. EDIT - Well, Rango's was more of a wrister.
  12. They're fighting, man. That's all I care about. They don't look like pushovers. It's not like we're letting scrubs beat us. It's Panarin, Mika and Buch. They score on everybody.
  13. I mean... Kuokkanen-Hughes-Sharangovich Johnsson-Hischier-Merkley Maltsev-Boqvist-Studenic Wood-McLeod-Bastian Murray-Severson Smith-Subban Siegenthaler-Tennyson Dell Yeah, that's "worst lineup in hockey" bad.
  14. First round is straight up legit. It's the rest of the rounds that are going to suffer. Brandt Clarke is as good as it gets at RHD. Dylan Guenther is probably better than both Lucas Raymond and Alexander Holtz. Kent Johnson is straight up electric. Eklund is Beniers lite. Cole Sillinger is dynamic but his skating is an issue. Chaz Lucius has a clapper of a shot. I'll do a deeper dive in time but it's a good class, man. People call it weak because of the lack of exposure but the first round is going to bring it.
  15. It only makes sense if GDR said no so she could continue to work on her grappling and make a legit run at Nunes.
  16. Yeah, watching this fight again refreshed my memory on how it went the first time. Amanda was in trouble multiple times. I think an improved GDR can beat her. I think it's kinda bull**** that Pena is getting the title shot despite the fact that GDR subbed her lol.
  17. I'd like an original name lol. I don't like that Bingo/Albany/potentially Utica are called the Devils. Would rather just type something like "the Moonsaults won again!"
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