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  1. Ironically you proved his point. They aren't that far from each other on the chart(with a large draft difference)... And are you prepared to say Barkley is an average back based off those stats too? Lol
  2. So are you extrapolating to the future as well? Odell plays injured throughout the entire the season in an offence run by the human embodiment of a traffic cone (AND gets 1000 yards), and suddenly there is no chance for improvement? Meanwhile Dexter Lawrence is tearing up the league with an intimidating .15 sacks a game. And Jabrill Peppers is doing what exactly? Hmm....
  3. That property is worth 10 million dollars and it's on an island built on tourism and luxury lol. It's not like he's living in some humble abode.
  4. The median price for a house in Nantucket is 1.5 million dollars and they all look like that. It's definitely a status symbol.
  5. It's Nantucket. All the houses there look old by design.
  6. What about Trent Williams with a 3rd and Wirfs?
  7. Is Shaheen considered a bust at this point, or is there still hope for him? Otherwise, the tight end room looks kind of "bear" at the moment.
  8. Sucks to see him go. We just didn't value him enough to make it happen.
  9. 0% chance he makes it to 10. Or that we trade up.
  10. So how much worse is this defense going to be this year? Compared to our last 5 defenses?
  11. Love the atmosphere at the game. Crowd is really into it, players are passionate about playing, and there are a lot of great plays happening on the field. More fire here than any game of the AAF. NY does look like a team going south quickly due to ineptitude, however. Might get ugly near the end of the season for them. Edit: nice 58 yard field goal as well lol!
  12. So Houston, DC, and St. Louis look like playoff teams. Who takes the last slot in the west?
  13. I'm curious if Columbus could support a team. Bigger city than Cleveland or Cinnci and can draw from both markets. Also one of the fastest growing cities in the country.
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