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  1. Favorite Team: Browns Week 1 Pick: Titans I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  2. I'm pretty sure my only meaningful contributions to this forum have been in the ways of gifs and memes. My meme/joke to football post ratio is like 8 to 1.
  3. Look up this quote: "Williams had been told the nerve will never get back to 100% but that he'll be able to play at a high level with it at 85% to 90%. He might not by ready for mandatory minicamp in June if there is one, but plans to be read to start this season."
  4. https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2021/03/greedy-williams-opens-up-about-his-dead-shoulder-hurtful-fake-injury-attacks-and-plans-to-shock-the-world-in-21.html Well, looks like Greedy will be back, but not ever at a 100% again. Sucks. I had a similar injury in high school and my shoulder is still messed up to this day. Hopefully he can manage with what he gets back.
  5. I've literally had a "teams to root for" part of the OP for several weeks now lol.
  6. We clinch with any of these scenarios: Browns beat Jets, Colts lose to Pittsburgh Steelers Browns beat Jets, Dolphins lose or tie to Las Vegas Raiders Browns beat Jets, Ravens lose or tie to New York Giants
  7. Updated the OP. Steeler fall to the three seed. If they lose out and we win out, we take the division. We can't win a tie breaker due to divisional records, so that is our only path. Teams to root for has been updated as well.
  8. Week 15 pick: Rams Gotta pray for an upset for the top players.
  9. This loss might hurt us going forward. If we don't take care of business over the next few games, we very well could have the Ravens or an AFC south team gunning for the 5th seed. I don't know who will lock up the 4th seed, but I would much rather play the winner of the AFC South than the Bills at this points.
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