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  1. How are the Patriot's reporters and journalists this bad at asking questions?
  2. Yeah, and we are one of them... Not like our d tackles are blowing away expectations over the last few years.
  3. I believe that this was said in one of Joe Woods interviews, but Sendejo is basically filling in the role that Schobert had with calling things and getting the defense adjusted. He just knows the defense better than anyone, so he has been the person we have resorted to being our field marshal out there.
  4. I feel like everyone of these threads is a ticking time bomb only to be defused by news of a false positive.😅
  5. Favorite Team: Browns Week 1 Pick: Ravens Week 2 Pick: 49ers
  6. How do you feel he will compare to Steve Wilks or Greg Williams? Has anyone done an in depth analysis of his defenses at Denver, and would that analysis be relevant to what he is doing here?
  7. Guess we will see. Maybe Joe Woods will cover for our weaknesses, but the center of our defense beyond the d line is shakey. We are extremely vulnerable to injuries due to our lack of depth, so it will only take 1 or 2 ones before we become worse than last year.
  8. Goodson is the definition of a JAG and Taki Taki is a huge question mark. Mack Wilson has potential, but there were too many times last year where he took bad angles or read the developing play wrong. Anyone behind them are going to be scrubs. We are in for a rude awakening due to the absence of Schobert. All we heard about him was how good he was at keeping the defense on the same page and and communicating what needed to happen. Now we have nobody to fill that role, and the only talent that can hasn't developed yet. Probably going to be a rough year for the defence unfortunately.
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