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  1. Independent Music Thread [Re-Issue]

    Not attempting to dissent and definitely like your thread, alternative rather more than independent best describes any music that bends genres.

    Favorite Team: Ravens, My Pick: Bengals.
  3. Poll o' the DAY! Working Out!

    Survey kind of messed up if you answer no to first question of this poll. Says field is required and makes you answer the next poll question for submitting your first answer. Have already answered that I don't do fitness and answering where or why does make for a moot point.
  4. Poll o' the DAY! Working Out!

    Answer was no and my dating site profile specifically says fit body however not much into fitness.
  5. Poll o' the DAY! Game of Thrones!

    Who are these guys and will their possible resemblance to me affect my reputation with the ladies, because this show is popular?😋
  6. Poll o' the DAY! Game of Thrones!

    Maybe you have a single adult sister, female cousin or a niece, maybe know any female who is only a friend, possibly a neighbor who's single, help a dude out, she might be the right one for me and you will be their hero!
  7. Poll o' the DAY! Game of Thrones!

    I don't watch any tv and only a general idea as to what they are always speaking of in terms of some resemblance. Maybe will do a Google to get an idea that's much better.. Honestly often somebody from GOT and unspecific or more frequently it's Shawn Michaels the former WWE wrestler. As for handsome or not, response kind of matters on whether or not you're an adult female. Guessing that maybe I'm not the person to ask. Not any secrets on the internet about being single for some months and only wanting a committed relationship with a truly amazing woman. Definitely have intentions of doing it right and not into a relationship with any woman who wants my affection or who catches my attention. That's really how I've been doing it and have had great conversation with many women. Maybe you are a single adult woman or know of a woman? If you definitely answer yes to either then please pm my inbox anytime for an interesting and private chat with me.
  8. Why Someone Would Make Such A Mistake?

    That article has stated statsistics which are wrong and Baltimore had 344 murders in 2015.
  9. Why Someone Would Make Such A Mistake?

    Alright, then I'll shorten it to analytical nonsense. Why waste time? I'll shorten it to only nonsense. Because that's pretty much the connection with his argument about per capita stats. And stupid, that pretty much covers the basis of his argument. Statistics, the analytical or math, fractions like you have mentioned, have absolutely no contextualization and very certainly not involving societal issues. They are simply a number and statistics are math dressed up to have some added value or special meaning of which it doesn't have. Like the putting lipstick on pigs saying.
  10. Why Someone Would Make Such A Mistake?

    Appreciate the clarification and yes analytical math fraction nonsense seems more appropriate.
  11. Why Someone Would Make Such A Mistake?

    I'd been kind of certain that you were playing along with me, that I've been allowing you to play along and that we are really in agreement. Maybe possible now that you think what you are saying is true. Well then continue in the same line as before. You're using the word kills very loosely and far as I know, beds without rails have not ever actually killed somebody. Kind of the same thought as the guns do not kill and people kill argument. In that situation, both contentions are incorrect because one downplays the human element and another contends that either people do not have any free will or they are in fact idiots. All per capita statistics do matter greatly, however not for any actual or logical gauge of whether a certain area is more dangerous than another. They exist for political parties, politicians, press, those who have got a truly inherant self interest and too many interest groups. Maybe not the answer that you wanted, sometimes the correct answers are not palatable and sometimes truth isn't either.
  12. Why Someone Would Make Such A Mistake?

    No biggie and we have being going back or forth for like 5 hours now. Difficult keeping up with the context sometimes. You did like one of my own comments about films and all is surely forgiven.😋
  13. Why Someone Would Make Such A Mistake?

    I didn't write that quote!
  14. Why Someone Would Make Such A Mistake?

    Furthermore beds without any rails are safe for people to sleep within, people living in or around big cities like Chicago aren't as safe.
  15. Why Someone Would Make Such A Mistake?

    A person who falls out of bed makes their own decision to buy beds without rails and dies based on whichever cause of their own making. People who are murdered do not have that similar control to prevent from being murdered. There's not a present danger or any another person who's imvolved with the death. Beds without rails and a drunk person separately or together often get along fine regardless of the area they are living until somebody dies because of their own doing. Murdered people usually do not have that similar control to prevent from being murdered and thus are victims of something that's specifically labeled as being criminal violent. It's about protecting the greater whole of society from someone or something of which they have not much control of like being murdered. All of the beds without rails remain sitting in bedrooms everywhere and the only risk of death being for the person who actively decides to lie in that bed.