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  1. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur AFC Bournemouth Huddersfield Town GOTW Brighton & Hove Albion Stoke City Burnley Swansea City Crystal Palace Everton Leicester City Manchester City Liverpool Southampton Manchester United Newcastle United Bonus 3-0 Watford West Ham United-Draw West Bromwich Albion Chelsea
  2. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    Tottenham vs Arsenal.
  3. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    Stoke City Leicester City-Draw Huddersfield Town West Bromwich Albion Newcastle United AFC Bournemouth Southampton Burnley Swansea City Brighton & Hove Albion-Draw West Ham United Liverpool-Draw Tottenham Hotspur Crystal Palace Manchester City Arsenal Bonus 2-3 Chelsea Manchester United GOTW Everton Watford
  4. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    Saturday 21 October 2017 Chelsea 12:30 Watford-Draw Huddersfield 15:00 Man Utd Man City15:00 Burnley Newcastle 15:00 Crystal Palace-Draw Stoke 15:00 Bournemouth-Draw Swansea 15:00 Leicester - GOTW Southampton 17:30 West Brom Sunday 22 October 2017 Everton 13:30 Arsenal Spurs 16:00 Liverpool - BONUS 2-1
  5. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    Chelsea vs Watford-Draw.
  6. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    The latest reports have pretty much said that a behind the scenes negotiation has been happening for a while and it makes sense that both sides might want a deal. It’s become essentially a pissing contest between Goodell and the players union. What’s forgotten in all of this is the principle. Elliott is fighting for the right to say that you can’t suspend me only based on allegations. Ohio prosecutors declined to prosecute Elliot based on lack of evidence then what makes Goodell think he has enough evidence to suspend this guy. Goodell was sole person who made the decision to suspend. The bigger picture is what happens in the future and Goodell will keep on suspending players based on allegations. That’s what happens when you have got a head honcho with a background in economics and business. Made his way up the ranks in the NFL league office and was voted in by the owners to protect their interests within the league. His only care being to increase up the revenue the league makes. He goes against anything that negatively effects the numbers. Frequently that means going against fairness and the rights of the players. Proof of this being the concussion interest from the league office didn’t begin until large publicity surrounding former players who allegedly committed heinous acts because of concussions sustained during their playing days and after former players decided to sue the league. The pensions of players in byegone eras is a pittance. Meanwhile he has made a little more than 179 million dollars in salary and bonuses in only his first 9 years as the head of the league. All for this man who’s got no background in sports and admittedly knows very little about football. Keep on fighting it Zeke. Even though you are famous and making the millions. You somehow strangely are like one of us regular dudes. http://www.latimes.com/sports/nfl/la-sp-goodell-football-expert-20170907-story,amp.html
  7. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    PREMIER LEAGUE Liverpool vs Man Utd Burnley vs West Ham-Draw Crystal Palace vs Chelsea Man City vs Stoke Swansea vs Huddersfield-Draw Tottenham vs Bournemouth Watford vs Arsenal PREMIER LEAGUE Brighton vs Everton Southampton vs Newcastle - GOTW-Draw PREMIER LEAGUE Leicester vs West Brom - BONUS 1-0
  8. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    Livertpool. vs Man Utd.
  9. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    Huddersfield Town Tottenham Hotspur AFC Bournemouth Leicester City-Draw Manchester United Crystal Palace Stoke City Southampton-Draw West Bromwich Albion Watford GOTW West Ham United Swansea City-Draw Chelsea Manchester City Arsenal Brighton & Hove Albion Everton Burnley Bonus 1-0 Newcastle United Liverpool
  10. WK 3: Ravens (2-0) @ Jaguars (1-1) - International Series

    Referree whistles the punt dead first then calls bad touch on the Ravens and that is wrong.
  11. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur-Draw. Burnley v Huddersfield Town Everton v AFC Bournemouth Manchester City v Crystal Palace Southampton v Manchester United Bonus 2-3 Stoke City v Chelsea-Draw Swansea City v Watford Leicester City v Liverpool Brighton & Hove Albion v Newcastle United-Draw GOTW Arsenal v West Bromwich Albion.
  12. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

  13. Independent Music Thread [Re-Issue]

    Not attempting to dissent and definitely like your thread, alternative rather more than independent best describes any music that bends genres.

    Favorite Team: Ravens, My Pick: Bengals.
  15. Poll o' the DAY! Working Out!

    Survey kind of messed up if you answer no to first question of this poll. Says field is required and makes you answer the next poll question for submitting your first answer. Have already answered that I don't do fitness and answering where or why does make for a moot point.