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  1. GDT Week 3: Bills

    Really weird
  2. GDT Week 3: Bills

    Bills- 17 Bengals- 10

    Week 3- Packers
  4. Would you rather...?

    I wouldn’t want that because I don’t like any of the QBs that much. I want BPA round 1. Which may be CB
  5. 2-0 but don't trust them.

    Buffalo, Seattle, and Packers haven't impressed me that much. Baltimore seems to have a hold on the division but their schedule also gets tougher.
  6. No ups, lots of downs - 49ers Version

    I meant last week we went 5DL heavy with 1 LB and 5 DBs, so that masked our weakness. This week we had to matchup with speed at receiver and best TE in Kittle. I think they should have maybe tried something different in the 2nd half, but think they were a little gassed.
  7. No ups, lots of downs - 49ers Version

    I think we will be better moving forward, but your speed at receiver forced us to play our weaknesses. But your right, your front 7 is probably the best we will face all year. Hopefully we get Cordy Glenn back soon. We were down to our 4th tackle playing LT yesterday, and he isnt even a tackle and didnt play football last year...
  8. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger done for season

    sucks to hear for Steelers fans. But maybe it just forces the rebuild now
  9. GDT Week 2: Niners

    the good news is the Steelers are 0-2 as well and have lost Big Ben for the season. That is huge. If we can go 2-0 the next two weeks that would help turn things around. Browns are probably gonna win tonight but I expect it to be a sloppy win. If we get our tackling fixed that was 80% of the problem yesterday.
  10. No ups, lots of downs - 49ers Version

    Pretty good summary. We knew our linebackers and O-line were issues before the game. It was night and day difference between last week and yesterday. I think thats why it was hard to watch. You literally saw them do what they need to do last week, and this week its like they weren't ready.
  11. No ups, lots of downs - 49ers Version

    I doubt it, I think we don't see him till the midway point
  12. GDT Week 2: Niners

    That’s what happens when your oline is crap
  13. No ups, lots of downs - 49ers Version

    Couple of thoughts: - that was probably the best front 7 we will play all year - cornerback is a huge need moving forward - the lack of moves to shore up the oline is rearing it’s ugly head - really poor preparation for the 49ers offense. Could not stop them even if they tried - Boyd is a stud, glad we locked him up - we need AJ back, but if we start 0-4 it may be time to start thinking about trading him - Defensive line did not play sound gap responsibility. Everyone was doing there own thing. Actually the whole defense looked lost. - Preston Brown and Vigil need replaced soon - Bates needs to step it up. Lots of bad secondary play yesterday. - We need to put Phillips in at corner over BW Webb. - Penalties killed us again - can we please draft a kicker next year.
  14. GDT Week 2: Niners

    Welp talk about Jekyl and Hyde. Sure hope Zac gets in their butts this week. That was pathetic