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  1. Preseason Week 2 Chiefs @ Bengals

    i truly think they keep 7 WRs unless there is an injury
  2. UPDATE- Boldin Retires after 2 Weeks with the Bills

    congrats to Boldin on a great career!
  3. Will Aaron Rodgers throw 400 TD before 100 INT

    like many said, it will be close for sure, however, I think he ends up hitting the interception mark first.
  4. Offensive Line Report - Preseason Game 1

    I just find it funny that the team wants to preach "the best guys will play" but keep marching out the same underwhelming players
  5. Offensive Line Report - Preseason Game 1

    Eric Winston needs cut badly. He is struggling this much vs. 2nd and 3rd string players. I have 0 confidence in him.
  6. I'll keep Isaiah Crowell Jordan Howard Golden Tate
  7. Anyone want to see the preseason game this week?

    If I didn't already have plans with the GF I totally would be down. I'll be there Game 1 though
  8. Injuries! - McCarron Trade?

    That would be pretty sweet. Jags are one of those teams that until they then it around count on a top 10 pick. Maybe a 2nd and 3rd, where the 2nd could turn into a 1st based on how he does
  9. Eagles release veteran RB Ryan Mathews

    Last I heard Murray was on PUP and Cook was struggling in TC. But maybe I heard wrong. Dolphins have had some injuries at RB as well
  10. This ain't Bengals Talk

    Also Rhinegeist's Octoberfest "Franz" is pretty good if you like that style
  11. Eagles release veteran RB Ryan Mathews

    Could see the Vikings or Dolphins reaching out
  12. Preseason Week 2 Chiefs @ Bengals

    Couple things i will be watching for: - Continued development of the offensive line. I thought Hopkins, Westerman, and Perkins all looked decent out there. Want to see them against stronger competition. - Want to see the first team offense actually get into the endzone, which some forget was a huge problem last year. - Want to see the defense dominate like they are reportedly doing to our offense in practice. Is our offense just not good? Cover the middle of the field, don't let opposing offenses just march down the field. - Will be watching the defensive line closely. Want to see how Billings, Glasgow, Hardison, Smith, Willis, and Lawson look especially (hopefully Lawson can go) - Kicking competition hopefully keeps going strong.
  13. Preseason Week 1 Buccaneers @ Bengals

    Watch Bodine will get extended to some huge contract
  14. Offensive Line Report - Preseason Game 1

    Beck is just gonna rock the no profile pic look. Ridiculous