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  1. Offseason Rumor Thread

    Webby gonna lock this up soon
  2. Draft watch

    I would like it too. Lap has been pretty on it the last few years.
  3. Bengals signings Preston Brown

    Think DT still is in play at 21. Really LB, DT, DE, S, CB and OL all in play at 21 now

  5. Bengals sign Matt Barkley

    Still think they draft someone?
  6. Bengals sign Matt Barkley

    Waiting to see the contract numbers. Alright signing I guess.
  7. Bills sign McCarron

    I think you guys will be happy with AJ. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if he leads you guys back to the playoffs.
  8. Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict Suspended 4 games

    Everyone wants to jump on Burfict and call him dirty, kick him out of the league, whatever. I get that he’s done some very questionable things on the field in the past and plays physical, but the dude isn’t a bad guy. He doesn’t get in trouble off the field and I get the sense that he is really trying to change his playing style. I’ve watched him every game and I can tell he thinks about how and where he is hitting people. It is hard to turn a negative perception about yourself into a positive one. Just feel like the dude can’t catch a break. I don’t think he took PED to get a competitive edge at all.

    Don’t see the Bengals going OT in round 1 anymore. Center seems to be the obvious need so I’d go with James Daniels or Billy Price
  10. Patriots sign Jeremy Hill

    Hill needed a change of scenery. Not sure he will be getting a lot of carries in NE, but ever since the playoff fumble he hasn’t been right.
  11. Bengals signings Preston Brown

    Apparently the Bengals will be making some moves to clear some cap space according to Hobson. They are also looking at backup QBs to bring in
  12. Burfict suspended 4 games

    Starting to get old at this point. Hopefully he can get it reduced with his appeal
  13. Bengals sign Preston Brown

    I assume we are going Center at this point
  14. Bengals signings Preston Brown

    Wow I did not expect this. Great signing. Looks like the Bengals are finally making competent decisions
  15. Eifert

    If Bodine is coming back to start we won’t be drafting a C in round 1