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  1. Marvin Lewis done

    I don’t see Lewis going back to a coordinator job. He probably feels like he’s above it. As for if he would be a good fit, if I were you I would rather Zim call the Defensive plays, but they have similar schemes so I don’t know if it would matter that much.
  2. Bengals/Vikings

    Aaaaaaaand game
  3. Marvin Lewis done

    He will. Some desperate team will hire him
  4. Marvin Lewis done

    Our only saving grace is Mike Brown goes into a retirement home soon
  5. Bengals/Vikings

    Should be game over after the coin toss with all our injuries and lack of energy/focus/coaching/talent/luck
  6. Draft watch

    I’ll take Connor Williams all day
  7. If the Bengals left Cincy...

    With reports about Hamilton County wanting out of/renegotiating the stadium deal I questioned myself if the Bengals left cincy, would I follow them? Would you follow them in their new location? if not would you follow another team or just stop watching altogether? i couldn’t imagine having the browns as the only Ohio team to root for, so I would probably be done with the NFL or await an expansion team in Dayton
  8. AFC - Which teams get a bye?

    Jaguars will become the new Bengals. Make the playoffs and lose in the first round every year
  9. Giants trade for Luck?

    Luck is overrated and is a huge question mark. Why would anyone trade for him?
  10. The new 2018 head coach is...

    Quite possible the Browns May leapfrog is next year. This offseason is pivotal for the future
  11. Draft watch

    Dennard will be under contract still? i also think we should look into drafting a MLB at some point, hopefully we can deal McCarron at some point or at least get a 2nd round tender 1. LT 2. C 2. MLB 3. G
  12. The new 2018 head coach is...

    Hire Peyton Manning as our HC might bring a winning attitude to the team
  13. The new 2018 head coach is...

    Yeah I keep thinking the same
  14. The new 2018 head coach is...

    Pat Shurmur is an interesting option. Or either Patriots coordinator
  15. Bengals/Bears?

    I just have a feeling it’s going to be an extremely disappointing offseason