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  1. There is a lot of subtle differences. Basically changed the shoulder stripes, got rid of the shoulder number, updated the font, got rid of the drop shadow behind the number and when to just clean outline, got rid of the white side panel on the black, among other things.
  2. Of course I’m gonna wait. But that’s my expectation. lol
  3. I love the white jersey, gonna be getting me a sexy Ja’Marr Chase one
  4. New Jersey’s are sick. Love the all white and all black combo. I’ll be getting my white Chase jersey soon
  5. Rumors that orange jersey might be the primary and black the alternate
  6. I tried to draft how I think they will draft. They like versatility along the line, and I think Leatherwood offers that. Riley Reiff is gonna be the starter at RT this year. Leatherwood is the starter at RG while being developed to take over at RT in the future.
  7. I truly believe I nailed the Bengals first 3 picks
  8. We also signed in UDFA: LB KJ Britt K Jose Borregales WR Frank Darby
  9. Bengals claim WR Frank Darby Arizona State
  10. Bengals claim K Jose Borregales Miami
  11. Bengals claim LB KJ Britt Auburn
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