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  1. I think the biggest frustration is, it seems he is determined to run the offense his way and not cater to areas of weakness. It just "we have to be better". Well Zac, your oline sucks, maybe we should scheme around this weakness, instead of ignore it.
  2. Front Office: Like many have said, the continued forced narrative of "we like our young offensive lineman, we expect them to make a big jump this year" continues to haunt this team. Everyone with eyes and a semi functioning brain can see our right side of our offensive line is horrible, yet we keep marching them same guys out there. Also, Jim Turner, in my opinion is not a good coach. Instead of scheming, he seems like a "you just gotta be a man and handle the guy in front of you". Well if you know your weak side is the right side, why not give them help? Why are we leaving Drew Sample to block Derrick Barnett 1 on 1? I see many teams in this league with struggling defenses, so I can't say they are the ones hurting us primarily. In fact they have given us multiple chances to put teams away, our offense can't close and puts the defense in hard situations. Start with axing Jim Turner and go from there. Still in disbelief we didn't go after Bill Callahan. QB: Burrow is the real deal, and is the only reason we have been in all these games. I just pray he somehow makes it through the year. RB: No running lanes and poor schemes continue to kill this team. Not sure why we don't use more block and release plays/screen plays, to these backs. Slow down the pass rush, get these guys in open space. WR: AJ looks like hes lost a step/ still learning the offense. Boyd is legit. Higgins is getting better and better. I'd like to see them give Ross a few more chances before throwing in the towel/ giving him more crossing routes in open space, instead of throwing him 50:50 balls. Tate has produced when given chances, Thomas has been a pleasant surprise, and Erickson is solid ST. TE: Still waiting to see the amazing blocker Sample was touted to be. His hands have actually been better than his blocking IMO. This group took a big hit when Uzomah went out. OL: Not much more to say than whats already been said. I think our starting group needs to be: Williams- Jordan- Hopkins- Adeniji- Johnson. Bobby Hart just doesn't have the push, Johnson looked better at tackle than guard, so i would give him a shot on the outside, and Price/Hart aren't suitable to play RG in this league. Give Adeniji a chance, do NOT go back to Alex Redmond. Also the scheme needs changed. They are not working as a unit at all, its every man for himself. DL: Flashed potential, but until we get healthy, our best players will continue to get gassed. We have too many "pass rushers" and not enough "run defenders" up front. We aren't getting enough push. LB: Inconsistent play, one moment they look awesome, the next a complete liability. Hopefully they will get better with more experience. DB: Most of there problems seem to stem from communication issues and getting too handsy. I think this group can play much better if they would eliminate the mental mistakes. ST: Bullock has bounced back and Huber continues to be solid, same with kickoff and punt teams. I think if we can somehow fix this offensive line, we will start winning games again, in fact we may win convincingly. But until that happens, we will be holding our breathe each week until the clock hits 00:00.
  3. I think the scheme is also very bad with this group. It seems like there’s a lot of 1 on 1 going on and not moving as a unit. Leaves lots of lanes to the QB
  4. I believe he did opt out. Ron Leary was another name thrown out.
  5. So how much longer does Zac get? When does he start firing his coaching buddies. I would def axe Jim Turner first. Can’t believe we didn’t pounce on Callahan
  6. Seems fitting for both teams to end in a tie. Why can’t this team finish. I don’t get it
  7. Our DEs can barely tackle after they get the pressure. Think he’ll be fine
  8. Hoping we see a more balanced attack this week. Should be a close game like the last 2. Can our Defense stop the run and play action to the TEs? Can Joe Burrow finally connect on some of these deep balls? Seems like a must win game for both teams.
  9. Unpopular opinion maybe, but if we struggle this year, we should absolutely unload Green, Atkins, and Dunlap at the deadline.
  10. I re-re-re raise you John Ross (who was selected before Patrick Mahomes) /thread
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