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  1. Who knows. We’ve seen 2 different teams show up, it depends which team we see on Sunday
  2. I’m really hoping the poor defensive effort was a result of a short week/early season geling if our right side OL doesn’t show vast improvement this week, we better see some Changes
  3. That’s not Michael Johnson, he’s not in the league anymore. I think that’s Khalid Kareem, another rookie.
  4. Yep the answer is right in front of them. You have all these huge redzone targets and don’t use them
  5. Hope he makes a speedy recovery. In the meantime looks like we get a Sample of Drew
  6. Our defense is missing that dominant edge rusher it seems almost every team in the NFL has one but us
  7. Yeah I think AJ is done too. 3 catches on 13 targets. Geez
  8. If I ever see another Bobby Hart/Fred Johnson fluff piece, I’m gonna punch my screen. It’s beyond amazing this organization continues to trot out this garbage week after week
  9. That was a horribly missed call. I would be livid
  10. The difference between Burrow and Dalton is night and day to me
  11. I truly hope next years Fa and draft is all focused on OL
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