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  1. I don't think any will win the division, but I could definitely see some wild card playoff teams.
  2. Washington Warthogs I think would be dope
  3. I’m kind of maxed out on my investment money. It’s all tied in these stocks and I kee buying the dips to bring my price per share down
  4. And yes I missed out on the AMC wave after having 600 shares at $10 per so maybe I’m still Angry about that
  5. Yeah I got into a lot of the energy tech, but I know a lot of the stocks I follow are just down in general. But yes the big ones are still doing fine
  6. Welp I think I’m just screwed with this market. Should have known to sell my **** when Biden took office
  7. I could agree with those. I think CJ Uzomah is extremely liked by the coaching staff and the locker room so I don’t see him going anywhere.
  8. Who are 3 players who need to show something this year to stick around? IMO it’s Billy Price, Germaine Pratt, and to a lesser degree Trae Waynes
  9. 1. Mahomes 2. Rodgers 3. Watson 4. R Wilson 5. Brady 6. Allen 7. Prescott 8. Stafford 9. Ryan 10. Herbert 11. Jackson 12. Tannehill 13. Murray 14. Cousins 15. Burrow 16. Carr 17. Mayfield 18. Roethlisberger 19. Garapolo 20. Lawrence 21. Fitzpatrick 22. Wentz 23. Tagovailoa 24. Dalton/Fields 25. Jones 26. Bridgewater/ Lock 27. Newton/ Jones 28. Winston 29. Hurts 30. Darnold 31. Goff 32. Z Wilson
  10. I’m definitely expecting Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert to take a big step this season. Both looked really good last year.
  11. You might as well, this thread is open for everything
  12. Maybe we will get our first gay couple on the same team soon, that would be sweet
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