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  1. Idk about 13 OT, maybe OL total
  2. I’m stoked. Hopefully they do this right
  3. I’m betting they take the color rush design and just make black and orange versions of them.
  4. Supply and demand will increase his draft stock. The league is hurting for quality OL
  5. Missed another gold mine today. Put in a limit buy that barely missed in SENS, tried to get it at 1.80, never hit, skyrocketed to 2.90
  6. all I know is whatever I do, it will probably be the wrong decision lol
  7. Is anyone planning on selling off before the inauguration, or do you think things will be fine.
  8. Yeah I’m trying to decide if I should sell when it gets me back even then buy back lower. But knowing my luck it will just keep going up when I do that.
  9. Nah then we would get offers for the QBs on the board. Trade down and take best OL or Kyle Pitts
  10. I’m honestly pretty new, I’ve been trying to do the day trade route but it’s a dicey game. I’m learning some lessons for sure this past week.
  11. Honestly I just bought 20 shares for now. I’m in the hole on a few stocks right now, made the mistake of after missing out on ZOM, buying back into it at $1.13 when it dropped a bit after it shot up, figured it would keep climbing and it just has stayed around .90-1.00
  12. Well I bought SRPT this morning, so maybe stay clear of that if we are going by the same logic lol.
  13. Lol I haven’t touched a thing since
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