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  1. Who comes up with these prime time games
  2. I think we found the secret to our success. Just don’t have an active forum and we win!
  3. Will actually pair nicely with the turkey overload to put me right to sleep
  4. Nice try with the reverse jinx thread
  5. The feeling is mutual, I think our teams are a lot alike, just very inconsistent.
  6. Hi guys! Bengals fan here! How confident do you guys feel? This feels like a massive must win for both teams
  7. At least you’re preparing yourself for it
  8. This is gonna be so good. Hope Roger goes down somehow.
  9. Was a rough game to be at. Just everything went wrong after that pick 6
  10. Nice try with the reverse jinx
  11. We will never reach heard immunity, so what’s the next option
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