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  1. Fair ranking for Cincy. I think we know Chase is going to be good. So the draft hinges on Jackson Carman being a good RG.
  2. Still stings when the Lions took him just before the Bengals pick. Ended up with Billy Price. Talk about polar opposites.
  3. I would have the Falcons much higher than this. I loved their first two picks.
  4. I think Dax Hill is gonna be a ballhawk top 15 safety 1st round will be dominated by Buckeyes and Bama
  5. I’m very excited to see this Bengals offense this year. If the OL is semi competent I think we have the chance to be a top 5 offense.
  6. Don’t forget about that practice squad rule of being able to call up 2 players per game, we will see if that stays. I have the same starting lineup prediction as you guys. I think Hopkins starts the season on PUP, and if Price improves I could honestly see them cutting Hopkins and moving forward with Price and Hill. Remember Pollack drafted Price. it honestly will be interesting to see what happens with Mike Jordan. He is still so young and it really wasn’t fair for them to throw him into the fire so soon.
  7. He’s never really taken advantage of the opportunities he’s been given to grab a starting spot. I think at this point he’s a bust.
  8. I really wanted Ben Mason for the Bengals. I think he’s gonna be a fan favorite for you guys.
  9. Idk about that one. He’s always be considered “solid”, but never top 10 IMO
  10. Bengals: 1. Ja’Marr Chase WR - A - any time you land an elite player it’s a solid grade. Sewell vs. Chase will always be compared by Bengals fans for the next 10 years... 2. Jackson Carman OG - C - I personally didn’t like trading out with Teven Jenkins on the board, even if we did make out in the trade. The plan is to play Carman at G and leave Reiff at RT, I think it’s an ok pick and at least they traded down first. I would have been irate if Carman would have been the original pick. 3. Joseph Ossai Edge- B - always hesitant to give a sliding player amazing gr
  11. It’s because they let Kings of Leon play for 20 minutes
  12. I wanted Chase. Wish we would have went Teven Jenkins in the 2nd instead of trade down.
  13. I can agree with most of that. I think Trey Hopkins starts the year on IR so maybe add in Fred johnson
  14. Bengals have one of the better Safety duos in the league. Doubt we draft one in the 1st. Would imagine we would go OL or DE if we finish that low
  15. I was fairly happy with the Bengals draft. There was some players here and there I would have preferred, but it was obvious they wanted to beef up the lines. We drafted 7 offensive and defensive lineman of our 10 picks.
  16. I think they probably had Ossai as a 2nd rounder
  17. I liked your draft a lot. I think the entire AFC North did well
  18. I think the AFC North as a whole got a whole lot better.
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