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  1. I'm sure he will but it probably works out for both sides. He'll get more actual money and team frees up space.
  2. Wouldn't a new contract create more cap space for 2021?
  3. This has Ryan Pace offering 2 1's and a 3 for him written all over it
  4. The Khans have dragged 2 future Hall of Famers out of retirement to help their franchises. Who will have more success: Urban Meyer or The Man Called Sting?!
  5. I get what you're saying but they don't have to trade him. He's making peanuts and showed definite potential at the most important spot in the game. We would have to overpay to make it worth their while and im sure other teams would be involved driving the price higher.
  6. I'm thinking because of what Hurts showed and his contract status it will take more than that. Give them 2021 1st and 3rd plus a 22 3rd gets it done. I imagine other teams will be trying to get him as well
  7. I didn't but I just don't think the Bears have what would be needed to make the move
  8. Not even close. There is already the Dolphins rumor of 3, 18 and Tua for Watson, so thats basically 3 #1's.
  9. Parkins prides himself on being a prick, he won't let Geroge off the hook with BS answers without pushing him
  10. Figure a bunch of us are just chillin during the holidays, so lets shoot the ****! I realize the odds of this trade occuring would be slim but scenario: Texans lose and then Dolphins lose + Colts, Browns and Ravens win. Dolphins end up with picks 3 and 18. Trade: Jaguars get- Tua, 3, 18 Dolphins get- 1 (Lawrence) Who says no? In my mind I think its a win win for both teams. Sure the JAgs pass up on Lawrence but Tua is gonna be really good in my opinion and is their QB for the future plus they got 3 where they can draft Sewell or even trade down for more picks if a QB needy team
  11. Any rumors for the Bears? What would you like to see them do? What do you think they will do?
  12. We aren't really comparing Robinson and Cam are we!?
  13. Curious how everyone is gonna handle this in their leagues. In my opinion you can't treat someone going into quarantine for CV the same way as a broken arm or sprained ankle.
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