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  1. Any rumors for the Bears? What would you like to see them do? What do you think they will do?
  2. We aren't really comparing Robinson and Cam are we!?
  3. How fast can he get to Halas HAll?
  4. Curious how everyone is gonna handle this in their leagues. In my opinion you can't treat someone going into quarantine for CV the same way as a broken arm or sprained ankle.
  5. Would love to see some double wing formations with Kamara and Montgomery the wings, Murray the full and Hill the QB
  6. Schedule did the Bears no favors.Week 7-12 is gonna rough and i'll take 2-3 in that stretch. What should have been one of the easier gimme games, Jacksonville, now may be the most dangerous. Trap game for sure. Bad team in between Minnesota and GB and the 2nd of back to back road games.
  7. This draft as a Bears fan will forever be vomit worthy.Just start with the fact they took Trubisky over Watson. How? I to this day don't understand what they saw that said yep Mitch is the guy not Watson. Helen Keller could've seen that. I'm not gonna mention Maholmes in this discussion because there were questions and I truly don't think anybody saw what he is, not even Reid and KC.Then you factor in the Bears traded up and gave assets. That impacted them later as well as they moved down in 2nd to acquire more picks to replace what they gave up for Mitch. Its at that point they made an even worse pick on SHaheen. If they don't make those terrible picks and forced trade realistically based on who they drafted in 2017 and what the roster looked like they could have come out of that draft with: Watson (instead of Mitch) DAlvin Cook (went 41 after Bears dropped from 36 to 45) Cooper Kupp at 67 (traded to SF in the Mitch trade) and wouldn't have had pick 119 to take Cohen because they got that pick in the trade when they moved down in the 2nd.
  8. Further he falls the more likely he becomes a Patriot and their dynasty lasts another 10-15 years
  9. If I had my own big board Burrow would be after Tua and Herbert and when we look back at this draft 5-10 years from now I wouldn't be surprised if hes the 5th or 6th best QB to come out
  10. There's ways to screw with the cap numbers especially with the expectation of big raises in cap limit in the next few seasons not to mention the ability to restructure Mack's deal as well.
  11. Oh for sure he will but there's always those little tricks with the cap and base salary etc etc etc that can save them money in 20 and 21 where they would have the high priced Vet QB and when they're gone Robinson's deal balloons up
  12. Well they can restructure Mack's contract to gain about 10 million as well as give Robinson an extension to gain even more space. Thats ehy I don't think its crazy if they go after Brady or Cam, whether we agree with it or not, and go for it in 2020 while drafting either Hurts or Montez on day 3 as the developmental. Not saying I would want this neccesarily but just trying to get in the head of a regime clearly on the hot seat
  13. Floyd for Cam with picks added in on both sides?
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