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  1. Nothing done on OL? A third round pick on a top of the line ACC tackle is not nothing. I felt that keeping continuity on the line is key. Elflein has been solid, McGovern has been a quality vet for a while, GVR has proven to be a quality guard in the past. The oline isnt our biggest problem. The proven veteran starters are there, the scheme they were in was not good. If its because I didn't go after thuney, I feel that the patriots will do whatever they can to keep him away from us. And also two quality starting receivers in Jones Jr and Samuel plus Grimes in the third isnt much? Okay lol
  2. I picked Denver since they are probably gonna be out of the running the top 3 QB’s at pick 9 and nobody else is really a sure thing, and I don’t see them using a first round pick that early on a QB that would be a gamble. Lance is raw, Jones is helped by all the talent around him and I’d say trask is helped there too. Darnold has little risk about him since he’s still on his rookie deal and it seems like a quality competition between him and Lock. Darnold has a few years of experience and Denver has the weapons to help him.
  3. New HC: Arthur Smith (Titans OC) -Smith is a hot commodity on the market, and some GM’s have listed him as their top choice (No names specifically, but I would not be surprised if one of them is JD) New OC: Pat O’Hara (Titans QB coach) -Smith brings on his QB coach as OC. O’Hara was with the Texans in 2017, and played a crucial role in developing Deshaun Watson during his rookie year, as well as helping take Ryan Tannehill to the next level as a passer. DC: Frank Bush is retained Cuts: DL Henry Anderson
  4. For anyone who still likes Sam, how can someone who you believe to be a future QB of the team make rookie level INTs like that in his third year? Pathetic.
  5. And that’s all she wrote on Sam Darnold!!!!
  6. lol these linebackers are awful in coverage. Hager might be the slowest this team has had.
  7. I hope whoever the new Jets HC is pays attention to throws like that when deciding what to do with Sam. Three years into his career.
  8. My thoughts from the first half: -Defense looked great after that first drive. There are definitely some decent pieces there, although I think the linebackers are horrible. D-line has plenty of good pieces. -Hewitt can’t cover at all. Hager shouldn’t be on this team. Basham and Luvu are making plays out there. MLB is our weakest spot IMO. We need help there. -I can’t judge the corners/safeties too much since Cam can’t throw the ball downfield at all. -Ty Johnson needs to be a part of our future. He’s very quick he hits the hole fast and he can break tackles. Adams is sol
  9. I’m a huge fan of the players both FA and draft. Don’t know much about the Iowa State coach but they’ve been great this year so can’t complain too much. Great job boss.
  10. As much as Darnold doesn't always make the most accurate throws, he hasnt really had a clean pocket at all today. Bills do have a good defense but he cant be running for his life every play
  11. Wow that overturned fumble was trash, Basham got robbed of a sack fumble
  12. I think it needs to be addressed that Tre McBride and Sam mesh really well, could see him on the lowest of keys being a nice slot option this year.
  13. I feel like Teddy would be a perfect trade chip at the end of preseason. No reason for him to be on the roster if McCown or Darnold is going to start. Seems like a starting QB always gets hurt in preseason anyway.
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