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  1. Game 0.2, 2018: New York Jets @ Washington Redskins [ESPN]

    I think it needs to be addressed that Tre McBride and Sam mesh really well, could see him on the lowest of keys being a nice slot option this year.
  2. Game 0.1, 2018: Atlanta Falcons @ New York Jets

    Completely agreed my man
  3. Game 0.1, 2018: Atlanta Falcons @ New York Jets

    I feel like Teddy would be a perfect trade chip at the end of preseason. No reason for him to be on the roster if McCown or Darnold is going to start. Seems like a starting QB always gets hurt in preseason anyway.
  4. Gang Green Intro Thread

    Figured id try to start posting on the forum again since the season is starting up and I'm super excited about this team now... Name (first names only): Joe Age: 21 State you were born in/State you live in now: New York/Virginia Hometown: Pound Ridge, NY Occupation or school/area of study: Food Science/Virginia Tech Interests besides football: Golf,Baseball,Music,Skiing 3 People (dead or alive) you would love to meet: Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, The Rock Favorite Movie: Arrival Favorite TV show: House Favorite Musician/Band: Radiohead/Animal Collective/Pink Floyd Favorite current NY Jet: Big Cat Favorite past NY Jet: Brick Favorite current non-Jet in the NFL: Tremaine Edmunds How many Jets games have you been to?: A lot What is your earliest Jets memory?: Blowing out the Rams when it was like 40-0 at the half or something like that. Or going to a Jets-Chargers game in San Diego when I was like 5, and some drunk San Diego guy cursed me out when I was in a Jet jersey.
  5. 2018 Mock Thread

    Facyson is garbage he's not worth a 5th round pick, and this is from someone who goes to VT.
  6. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I like Clayton Thorson, and i think he could be a really good player. He has a TON of physical tools, and could be a great pick at like 4 or 5.