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  1. I’m guessing that Zimmer’s desire to keep cohesion among the offense is going to override his concerns over experience.
  2. Providing that Hunter comes back, I don’t see the team breaking their pattern of draft mid round defensive ends.
  3. Why don’t you think that Klint Kubiak could do the job?
  4. Klint Kubiak to OC, Andrew Janocko to QB coach, and hiring a new WR coach seem to already be the foregone conclusion. I certainly can’t say that I’d be surprised by those moves given Zimmer’s post season press conference where he spoke about his desire to keep things the same on offense.
  5. My guess is that the Vikings will bring in Anthony Lynn for an interview for the position. If he’s not the guy, they’ll just promote Klint Kubiak.
  6. Run play to the left, Hodges to the right, won’t be stuck in the middle with you...
  7. Anthony Lynn and James Campen, please. Or... Adam Stenavich (Get an early start on my 2022 coaching staff)
  8. The Eagles hire is baffling. Hire the guy who was the OC to the OC of the guy you just fired. Crazy. I think the Jets, Falcons, and the Lions made very good hires. The Chargers screwed up, imo, by not hiring Brian Dabol. I don’t understand the point of going from Lynn to Staley. What’s going on in Jacksonville is what you get when you have a football fan running the team. Houston...at this point there doesn’t look to be a good way to fix Houston.
  9. Probably his last chance. If you get cut by Rivera and Tomlin, that’s not going to embolden you to the rest of the league.
  10. This would be a tough discussion for me.
  11. The Vikings run a wide zone offensive scheme that takes advantage of an offensive lineman’s athleticism to create running lanes. Who along the offensive line doesn’t fit? The wide zone also is best utilized with running backs with good vision, patience, and the ability to accelerate quickly. Does that not describe Dalvin Cook? Kubiak likes to use play action, and he likes to set up the big pass play using play action. Two areas where Cousins excels. Zimmer himself has said multiple times that he brought Kubiak in specifically because it’s a scheme that fits the strengths of his quarterbac
  12. And for being predictable on offense, teams had a hard time stopping them.
  13. Why does this team need to change its schemes to signify any type of urgency? The Vikings defense has been one of the best in the league for the past 5 years prior to 2020. They had a good deal of turnover and some significant injuries that led to a bad year defensively, but there’s no reason to suggest that changing the scheme would make anything better. As for the offense, the team had one of its best years in franchise history. They run a scheme that is the hot commodity in the league right now. Their ratio of run to pass may not be to some people’s liking, but with the players
  14. Ryan Saunders was a good story, he got his chance, but he’s just not the guy.
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