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  1. The talent along the line isn’t great, but I’m starting to believe that the problem with the o-line is more a problem of scheming than it is overall talent. This line, with similar players and talent, was much better last year. Especially in the run game.
  2. Week 11: VIKINGS (5-3-1) at Bears (6-3)

    I can’t disagree.
  3. Week 11: VIKINGS (5-3-1) at Bears (6-3)

    It still comes down to coaching, in my opinion. It’s a coach’s job to know his players’ strengths, as well as their weaknesses, and put them in a position to succeed. I can’t say that DeFilippo does that. Last year we saw Shurmur scheme around the weaknesses of this team. While this year, DeFilippo seems to be rolling with the “sink or swim” mantra. Players certainly aren’t absolved from their mistakes, but it seems that when a player makes a mistake it’s compounded by the way the game is being called. This offense is lacking energy, and it’s lacking imagination.
  4. Thoughts on DeFilippo so far?

    I can’t say he’s a very good coordinator. DeFilippo seems to have his philosophy, but he’s unwilling to change it when it’s not working. I have not seen many, if any adjustments made in game to help solidify a weakness. Worse yet, I can’t say I see an offense where he’s putting players in their best position to succeed.
  5. Week 11: VIKINGS (5-3-1) at Bears (6-3)

    I’m glad you agree
  6. Week 11: VIKINGS (5-3-1) at Bears (6-3)

    And they gave up up the game clinching field goal. When the team NEEDED the ball back. This is supposed to be an elite unit. They are not.
  7. Week 11: VIKINGS (5-3-1) at Bears (6-3)

    The offense isn’t free of blame, but they aren’t the unit that’s been together for 5 years. They aren’t the unit that this team’s foundation is built on. They aren’t the unit that the head coach is personally responsible for. The defense was solid for 57 minutes. Unfortunately it’s a 60 minute game. And when the team NEEDED the defense to get off the field, they failed.
  8. Week 11: VIKINGS (5-3-1) at Bears (6-3)

    The defense, once again, failed to get the ball back at a crucial moment. It’s become a theme.
  9. Week 11: VIKINGS (5-3-1) at Bears (6-3)

    Need the ball back? easy peasy for this defense. Oh wait.
  10. Week 11: VIKINGS (5-3-1) at Bears (6-3)

    Name one big game that that this team has come out prepared to play. This coaching staff just doesn’t know how to get this team prepared.
  11. Week 11: VIKINGS (5-3-1) at Bears (6-3)

    Two weeks to prepare. They obviously didn’t.
  12. Week 11 non-Viking games

    Carlson makes that 35 yarder...
  13. Week 11 non-Viking games

    I believe that’s correct. As well as we want the Saints to beat the Eagles.