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  1. Could teams be cutting vets in order to create a large chunk of cap space to roll into 2021?
  2. Potential connection with Rick Dennison. The team seems poised to give Samia the first crack at RG, but if the team is looking for a more established starter with the complete lack of practice time this offseason, Winters may be an interesting option.
  3. They shut down 3 Disney resorts for the NBA’s bubble, which is roughly holding 600 people. The NFL is almost 5 times the size. All of the equipment, practice fields and facilities that would be needed. Not to mention telling that many people that they can’t be near their families for 6-7 months. And that’s just the players and current team personnel who are currently being paid. What do you do with free agents? Injuries are going to happen, teams are going to want to sign free agents through out the season. Are you going to put every eligible NFL free agent on retainer and keep a bunch of unemployed players in the bubble, too?
  4. They also had better defenses. Primarily when it came to getting opponents off of the field. That, plus competent running games in ‘15 and ‘17, allowed for the team to control the clock. The Vikings didn’t get that in ‘16. They had the worst run game in the league, and the defense wore down considerably as the season wore on. In ‘18, the defense wasn’t as consistent, but solid. But we had an OC that just didn’t believe in a run game, and seemingly tried to get into shoot outs, which we just weren’t built for. And in ‘19, the offense got back to more of what it was in ‘15 and ‘17, but the defense took a step backward.
  5. Bridgewater is just not the passer that Bradford was, and while Teddy may have been more mobile, I just don’t think he would have been able to carry an offense with his arm. And with the complete lack of a running game that year, I just don’t see where Bridgewater would have done better.
  6. I’m not sure that Teddy would have saved that 2016 season, given all of the other injuries that happened. And I’m not sure Teddy would have gone 5-0 to start the season.
  7. I feel like training camp should have started two weeks ago, with every player quarantined.
  8. What guarantee is there that Lawrence enters next year’s draft?
  9. Just because a player was placed on the new COVID list doesn’t necessarily mean they tested positive.
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