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  1. He may be the best they have but it’s not worth overpaying for, and Berrios, reportedly, wants to break the bank. If that’s true, let him do that elsewhere.
  2. We’ll see. Westbrook was a healthy scratch in all but one game before his injury last year. It shouldn’t take much to surpass him, either.
  3. Doesn’t take away from the throw And, has anyone actually ever heard of something Ksiezarczyk?
  4. While there’s a lot of camp and preseason left, and no jobs have been set. It is very notable that two players that Zimmer and Spielman mentioned, unprompted, all saw reps with the 1st team today.
  5. Time will tell. I think this says more about how well Udoh has developed. They’ve been high on him since he got here.
  6. That’s still not surprising. But the fact that Udoh took the first reps with the 1’s is likely a sign that it’s his job to lose at this point.
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