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  1. Get an extra dart for a non contributing player, and save a small amount of cap space? Solid move.
  2. Because it’s a TEAM game. And even elite players need a strong team around them.
  3. So, why did the elite QB have a 5 year stretch of sub .500 football?
  4. What has also been a positive from Cousins (knock on wood) is that from what I’ve seen, which certainly hasn’t been every play, is that Cousins hasn’t really made any dumb/careless decisions. I can’t think of any plays where he got away with one, such as a dropped interception.
  5. Signing Brandel instead of Dozier, who they maxed out their game day elevations, to the active roster probably signals some good things about Wyatt Davis.
  6. Sadly, our first round pick really needs to be a defensive playmaker. While Linderbaum would be amazing, you could likely find an upgrade/competition at center on day 2. Plus, outside of Cousins and Thielen, this offense is very young and full of talent. They really need to replenish the cupboards on defense. Find some much needed speed.
  7. Is it wrong to ask for Linderbaum in the draft? I know it’s a terrible use of resources, but gotdang he’d look good in a Vikings uniform.
  8. I liked the way that they used Mason Cole as the blocking TE.
  9. This has always been the way Zimmer has coached. When the team gets a lead, he throttles down, supposedly to limit mistakes. Zimmer has always lacked the willingness to go for the knockout. They could get away with it when the defense was a lockdown unit. But with the defense still prone to lapses, they need to just let the offense swing away.
  10. This’ll probably be the last year Rodgers plays them.
  11. His first three weeks were great. The games against Cleveland and Detroit were not. Today’s game was another game like the first three.
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