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  1. I went with Waddle. Weapons are sorely needed for Philadelphia. Although, Christian Barmore is my sleeper at this spot.
  2. O’Neill - Cole - Bradbury - Cleveland - Hill I’d bet money this is the penciled in starting offensive line before the draft. Certainly not something to be excited about. But, while the Vikings have positioned themselves where taking an o-lineman is necessary, they can be flexible as to whether it’s a tackle or guard.
  3. Sloter can’t make it off of team’s practice squads. Hell, he didn’t even make it to the Raiders’ offseason, on a 90-man roster, before they cut bait. The guy just isn’t any good.
  4. The developing of Kyle Sloter has come and gone, and the result is that’s he just very good.
  5. Since Rick Spielman took control of the team’s scouting and personnel department in 2007, the Vikings have used a 1st or 2nd round pick to draft at least one player from every position group...except for defensive end. Given the team’s history, and success, with drafting defensive ends in the 3rd and 4th round, it’s hard to see them drafting a defensive end in the 1st round, or finding their way back into the 2nd round to draft one.
  6. I’ve always been in professions with an abundance of swearing, and I’ve always come to the conclusion that the more cursing that a person uses in their everyday conversation, the lower their IQ. If a person can’t open up their vocabulary enough to find better, if not more accurate, words, that doesn’t say much about them.
  7. Round 1: Which prospect gets drafted first? (1) Justin Fields vs. Mac Jones vs. Trey Lance Javonte Williams vs. Michael Carter Elijah Moore vs. Rondale Moore Anthony Schwartz vs. Seth Williams Aaron Banks vs. Robert Hainsey Gregory Rousseau vs. Jaelen Phillips Daelin Hayes vs Adetokunbo Ogundeji Jay Tufele vs. Marlon Tuipulotu Baron Browning vs. Pete Werner Trill Williams vs. Andre Cisco Round 2: What round does each prospect get drafted in? (2) Davis Mills, QB, Stanford Feleipe Franks, QB, Arkansas Jarret Patterson,
  8. I certainly wouldn’t mind bringing in Hurst as a rotational 3T. Some familiarity here with Guenther.
  9. I hate it when customer orders don’t end in divisible by 5. For example, the job I’m working on now, customer ordered 180 parts. Awesome! Boss comes by two days later and tells me customer wants an extra 10%. 180 plus 10% equals... you monsters!
  10. Yep. It’s always why I laugh when people complain and bemoan that a team “over drafted” a guy because they saw some top 100 list where the player drafted was listed as the 40th player, and their team picked 20th. When in reality, teams likely had guys 15 through 50 on the list all with second round grades.
  11. For those who are unfamiliar, this is a great snap shot and template on how NFL teams build their draft board. It’s not a 1-256 list like how the media likes to make it seem.
  12. Sinclair massively overpaid for the Fox regional sports channels and then tried to increase their price to tv providers substantially. Almost all providers told them to go pound sand, and those channels were pulled.
  13. I’m guessing that most are titles out of respect, and that his duties haven’t changed. He’s still primarily the d-line coach. Despite what the titles are, I still view the breakdown of responsibilities as such. Mike Zimmer - Gameday DC and play caller Paul Guenther - M-F DC responsibilities, same role as George Edwards Andre Patterson - D Line coach Adam Zimmer - LB coach I think last year, after Edwards left, Zimmer split the responsibilities that Edwards had during the week between himself, Patterson, and his son. And I think it spread them out too thin. That
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