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  1. Don’t tell him Joe Burrow was an Ohio State QB.
  2. No. But a more interesting question becomes, do the conditions still apply?
  3. He walked it back in another tweet. He had the bonus amount and base salary amount reversed.
  4. Kirk Cousins = Matthew Stafford Hard pass
  5. Unless he’s Tom Brady, there’s almost no way he’ll live up to his hype. mom still not convinced that Zimmer is safe. Spielman, yes. But not Zimmer. And even if Zimmer does return, I think we could see a complete overhaul amongst the coaching staff. Again.
  6. One thing I’ve never worried about with the Vikings front office is a player holding out.
  7. Likely not. A move like this probably means he’s safe.
  8. They probably did. But 1-5 changes a lot of plans.
  9. I doubt we see any one else moved. Maybe Reiff, but that’s it.
  10. You’re looking at it in hindsight, which is always the wrong approach. After trading for Ngakoue, there were two options left. Re-sign him. Or let him leave in free agency. Re-signing him was always going to be tricky and require some Brzinzski magic. And letting him leave in free agency would, at best, get you a compensatory 3rd. This move gets back your conditional 5th, and not only guarantees you a 3rd, but also accelerates it a year.
  11. Probably also not good news for the fire Spielman/Fire Zimmer crowd.
  12. I think this is actually a smart move by Spielman. Getting a solid return for someone that you’ll likely not be able to keep us a good move.
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