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  1. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    I guess I’m not all the enamored with DeGuglielmo. Yes, the Colts had a very impressive year, and their o-line played well, but how much of that was due to DeGuglielmo and how much was due to Reich? How good is DeGuglielmo, really? His track record before this past year is not very impressive, with a number of one year stints. Honestly, with the success that the Colts o-Line has this year it says a lot that Reich was still willing to fire him. I feel like the talk about him is the typical short sighted over reaction that we normally see from the NFL.
  2. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    An experienced math teacher can probably teach a history class, but that doesn’t mean they’d be a very good history teacher.
  3. 17/20! and I pretty much guessed on half, 😆
  4. 2019 Draft Talk

    The lack of production from our first pick over each of the past three drafts, whether it’s been due poor play or injury, has hurt.
  5. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    I’m still guessing that the rumors about Rick Dennison are true, however. It’s likely that no announcement has been made because Dennison is likely still under contract with the Jets. After only being introduced yesterday, I’m guessing Gase hasn’t made any decisions yet on who’s contracts will be retained, and who’s contracts will be terminated. So, while it’s expected that Dennison will be let go, and free to join the Vikings. No official announcement can be made.
  6. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    I’m interested in which coach can teach the ZBS best. I’m sure all of them can reach it to some extent, but who excels at it? I cant help but still want to lean towards Joe Philbin in that regard. However, I’m not sure such an experienced offensive coach like Philbin would take the job with Kubiak now on board. I feel like the request to interview Philbin was not only for the OL job, but as an experienced consultant, like Kubiak, as well.
  7. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    Add WR coach to the list, maybe
  8. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    It all depends on what his duties as o-lone coach would include. Usually o-line coaches are responsible for designing and implementing the run game. I doubt the o-line coach will have those duties with Kubiak aboard. So, if the o-Line coach(es) are simply expected to teach, then I’m not so worried.
  9. What might the KSO look like?

    I feel like Roc Thomas will benefit more from Stefanski/Kubiak than Boone.
  10. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    While he isn’t the offensive coordinator directly, one thing stands out about Kubiak. In 12 seasons as an OC, Kubiak has produced a top 10 scoring offense 11 times.
  11. 2019 Playoffs

    The NFL is cyclical. This year happens to have the top offenses vying for the Super Bowl, last year it was the top defenses. Also, why do people continue to act like Rudolph is a problem? In the last 4 seasons Rudolph is the only TE in the league to play in all 64 games, plus playoffs. He’s got the 3rd most catches among TEs, 3rd most touchdowns, and 8th most yards. If the objective is to cut costs, Rudolph may be a casualty. But if you think a rookie TE is going to come in and easily match or exceed Rudolph’s production, you’re fooling yourself.
  12. What might the KSO look like?

    Expect a lot of play action
  13. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    Stefanski is 36, that seems to fit the trend.
  14. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    Love the Kubiak hire, but I’m not sure how I feel about them being in Rick Dennison as the O-Line coach.