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  1. Agreed. They’d have either traded it for more picks, although I think they’d have a hard time finding a buyer. Or they would have taken Sewell or Pitts to put around Love.
  2. Fun fact about Mata’afa. He came in his rookie year and they put him at linebacker. It didn’t work. Then they put him at defensive end. It didn’t work. Then they put him at defensive tackle. It didn’t work. Then they put him at defensive end again. It’s still not working. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Mata’afa just isn’t going to work out. Fun guy to root for, but it’s time to move forward with better players.
  3. I don’t remember Osbourn being talked about last offseason. At all.
  4. And, certainly in Minnesota’s case, it’s most likely a better facility, better equipment, etc. than anything you’re going to find elsewhere.
  5. I’m guessing players won’t be skipping workouts.
  6. Anything short of a top 5 unit, it’s going to be talked about.
  7. I think Mond probably goes top 50 in last year’s draft. And he may have even gone higher than 66 this year had their been a normal pre draft process.
  8. I’m certainly expecting a couple. Spielman mentioned about another wave of free agency. I’d like to see Golden Tate brought in as WR3.
  9. I believe that puts the roster at 84 players
  10. One thing about the Mond pick that seems to be going unnoticed is what the pick says about the team’s confidence in Klint Kubiak. There were multiple reports over the course of the pre draft process that linked Kubiak and Mond. If the Vikings drafted Mond to get Klint “his guy”, that would suggest that the orangization has a plan for the long term, and that plan includes Kubiak.
  11. Jones reminds me of Robison. Always going to be solid, but not likely special Robinson is a boom or bust type player. He’s got the tools. If he figures out how to use them, he could be special.
  12. This is interesting. He was listed as 6’5” and 215 on the Maverick’s team page.
  13. When you look at MNSU’s receiving records, let’s just say Thielen’s name isn’t at the top anymore.
  14. And I see that Davidson is gonna be another one to aggravate my OCD, lol.
  15. I would expect a couple of these to change if they make the final roster.
  16. I’m willing to bet that Cousins reaction to the Vikings drafting a quarterback is a lot better than Aaron Rodgers’.
  17. Given the fact that the Vikings didn’t draft a cornerback, or have yet to sign any undrafted cornerbacks, I think it’s safe to guess that Gladney is going to be on the roster.
  18. Surratt and Davidson are the only two draft picks with unknown choices.
  19. Confirmed 71 - Darrisaw 11 - Mond 51 - Davis 93 - Jones II 26 - Nwangwu 24 - Bynum 15 - Smith-Marsette 95 - Robinson 76 - Twyman
  20. The numbering just looks wrong, lol It should be; 51 - Robinson 95 - Jones 93 - Twyman 76 - Davis
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