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  1. Give Jim Leonard from Wisconsin the opportunity he always seems to have a good defense with not a lot of big defensive stars.
  2. I keep seeing everyone wanting to draft a TE it's the defense that's killing this team all draft picks next year defensive.
  3. You have to take a top draft pick because even if this team made the playoffs having a losing record as the NFC East winner they are not going anywhere ! If I was Gerry I would start trading some of these big contracts that could fetch some decent picks to help build a younger and better team ? Maybe it's time to send a message to these players and play the back ups to try and light a fire under their butts.
  4. Gerry could of saved some big money this year if he bought pylons instead of some of these big contracts that are playing like pylons. I guess the Cowboy's are what they are way over ranked in preseason, us poor Cowboy fans can't get a break.
  5. The first QB that goes down this year offer Prescott and you still have Dalton. There is enough on this team to get you to the playoffs, it's getting ridiculous on how some players hold teams hostage and handcuff them from paying the others. The Jones's are right with all the endorsements that come with being the Cowboys QB you can leave a little money to help pay the supporting cast. Greed is what is ruining this world how much is enough.
  6. I agree Williams is an offensive tackle he has trouble moving in tight quarters he has excellent lateral movement so try him at swing tackle or just a back up.
  7. He isn't worth $16 million, doesn't make enough ball hawking plays, I know he had hip surgery last year and gave up too much cushion in coverage but $ 16 mill. you will get CB in the draft that will cost you less. Who knows what the new coaching system brings to the Cowboys.
  8. I was never a Dez Bryant fan when he was here the first time but I think he would be a better option than Jason Witten for Prescott's security blanket. He's a big bodied , route runner, good hands and could be a miss match in the slot. Maybe a Larry Fitzgerald type receiver sneaky speed and muscle to make plays. Get a smaller, faster receiver in the draft to replace Cobb , he drops too many passes.
  9. There is no way that I would pay Byron Jones big money because he has never lived up to being a ball hawk type corner the last 2 years he has been so soft in the secondary getting beat and not getting any turnovers, start rebuilding the secondary through the draft. They say in sports if your not strong up the middle your a very weak team and we know the Cowboys suck up the middle both safeties have know ballhawking skills, they are too slow to react. The only CB that occasionally creates turnovers is Jourdan Lewis, Awuzie has lost all confidence in his play.
  10. I've seen some of Oklahoma's games this year and Gallimore does bring the pressure on the inside but with a new regime coming will he be a fit with the scheme
  11. Great 4 top picks, please not a TE with wild card pick, hey the Cowboys don't use Jarwin as much as they should. I would either go with another WR or a LT. Those are 2 areas that are going need upgrade with Smith's injury concerns and Austin, Cobb and Cooper free agents.
  12. You talk about cutting or trading Tyron Smith , Cowboys should of done it at the trade deadline when the Jets were willing to trade Jamal Adams for smith or Martin. I spoke of that in earlier threads that the Cowboys offensive line is nowhere as good as it was 3 - 4 years ago. Too many injuries especially the players with hefty contracts. Hey having a premier safety in Adams and signing him to a long term contract would start help fixing the secondary. There are good offensive tackles coming out this year.
  13. It doesn't matter who they get if Jerry Jones keeps sticking his nose into the locker room and signing a bunch of underachievers we'll never see another Super Bowl.
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