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  1. Draft watch 2020

    Don't forget DJ Reader
  2. Draft watch 2020

    I've seen some of Oklahoma's games this year and Gallimore does bring the pressure on the inside but with a new regime coming will he be a fit with the scheme
  3. Draft watch 2020

    Great 4 top picks, please not a TE with wild card pick, hey the Cowboys don't use Jarwin as much as they should. I would either go with another WR or a LT. Those are 2 areas that are going need upgrade with Smith's injury concerns and Austin, Cobb and Cooper free agents.
  4. GB's and Clappers: Dallas at Sheagles

    let's just get it over with !!
  5. What players do we keep

    You talk about cutting or trading Tyron Smith , Cowboys should of done it at the trade deadline when the Jets were willing to trade Jamal Adams for smith or Martin. I spoke of that in earlier threads that the Cowboys offensive line is nowhere as good as it was 3 - 4 years ago. Too many injuries especially the players with hefty contracts. Hey having a premier safety in Adams and signing him to a long term contract would start help fixing the secondary. There are good offensive tackles coming out this year.
  6. Next Cowboys Coach Discussion

    It doesn't matter who they get if Jerry Jones keeps sticking his nose into the locker room and signing a bunch of underachievers we'll never see another Super Bowl.
  7. The Cowboys need to stop with these ridiculous contracts for under achievers look at other rosters and see what they have going forward. Example look at the free agents this year and you'll see better talent on other teams that their salary cap is comparable to the Cowboys, take Marcus Peters (CB) I think I saw he's making 4 or 5 hundred thousand more than Byron Jones boy if I'm the Cowboys I would rather sign a playmaker like Peter's over Jones who rarely makes turnovers. Prescott is not a $35 - $40 million dollar QB. As soon as he shows he can get to the NFC finals than I would consider it. Hell I know you just can't blame Prescott but he's part of the problem with poor decisions @ times.
  8. GB's and Clappers: Dallas @ Pats

    YES IT'S TIME TO GET RID OF GARRETT HE COULDN'T COACH POP WARNER FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!! They had New England right where they wanted them and still Garrett can not adjust during the game to make the right calls all you have to do is see that they have no one back to receive the punt and no one covering the gunner hurry up and snap the ball and throw a slant to get 1st down or who knows maybe a touch down.
  9. Fix our Defense thread

    I agree with you the Cowboys really haven't been signing huge freeagent deals since Brandon Carr burned them and they have been bringing in mediocre replacements. Which don't really make splash plays . If you look ahead to the Cowboys free agents next year Cooper & Prescott are the only 2 definite resigns after that maybe a Robert Quinn to a 2 or 3 year contract the rest are basically special team players on other rosters in the league other then Bennett but with Bennett you have to take his age into consideration. Byron Jones isn't a playmaker, I would rather sign a Marcus Peters or a Mckenzie Alexander. So instead of the Cowboys sign cheap fill ins on the roster sign or draft some beast that make key plays and create take aways.
  10. Draft watch 2020

    Zak Martin is worth a Jamal Adams he's been injured the last 2 years and hasn't lived up to his contract and when he was out they still ran the ball pretty good and the Cowboys need to spend money on other key positions they have enough quality depth to plug in between the tackles. You don't get a talent like Adams every day.
  11. Fix our Defense thread

    1) I agree that this Cowboy defense is vanilla and very predictable and they don't adjust in games just like the offense it starts with the crappy coaching staff and mediocre players that are currently on this roster. Were not coached by Belicheck and getting something out of nothing. 2) Cowboy's could of fixed this defense very easily this year (A) trade for Minka Fitzpatrick (B) trade for Marcus Peters (C) trade for Jamal Adams all 3 players are stud splash plays if you revisit to see what the Cowboys would of gave up was a 1st rounder for a definite game changer, a middle round pick for another big playmaker that you don't have at any other cornerback position and Zak Martin for probably the best safety in the NFL hell Martin has been so banged up the last 2 years he hasn't played up to his contract due to these injuries and the Cowboys have so much money tied up into this offensive line that is a shell of what it was before all this big money was shelled out. So it's time that the Cowboy's realize that they need to give other must needed positions of need some money. Seriously if you look at these 3 players the Cowboys could of made plays for who would you want in your secondary and if you look at free agency next year Jones, Brown, Heath are free agents and Woods and Awuzie the following year. These players going into free agency are not game changers so why would you want to resign them. 3) No push in the middle of this defensive line, the offensive blockers are all over our linebackers causing big run plays. This defensive line need big strong double blockers or guys that play with a high motor to (A) take pressure of the ends (B) to push back the pocket so the linebackers can help make plays.
  12. Trade Deadline Rumor

    I read somewhere that the Jet's asking price from the Cowboy's for Jamal Adams was either Tyron Smith or Zak Martin. If this was true I'm sure the Cowboy's could of got by with trading Martin for Adams, they have more depth at the guard position and have shown that when Martin was out of the line up they has adequate replacements . This is why they drafted McGovern and kept Brandon Knight, Joe Looney and Su'a Filo. You have to give up something to get something. Like I stated I don't know how true this rumor is true or not but hey you still keep your #1 pick and gain something that you been desperately trying to get the last few years and hey you have so much money tied up in this offensive line put it into other key positions of need and also Martin has been banged up the last 2 years. If going into next year if the rumor was true they should change their minds and go for it.
  13. Cowboys Full Draft - How do you feel?

    Didn't the Cowboy's do the same with Fredrick's I'm pretty sure he was ranked in the middle or late second round pick and the Cowboy's got him late in the first round and there was a lot of criticism from fans and writers.
  14. Who do you want at #58?

    Gil Brandt has Hooker ranked #61 but if Hooker isn't the Cowboy's flavor of the month than how about Hakeem Butler, Miles Boykin, Trysten Hill is ranked #68 by Brandt.
  15. Lawrence signs 5-yr, $100MM contract w/ $65MM guaranteed

    If your the Cowboys you award Lawrence just under Khalil Mack money but if he's wants Guaranteed money you better get in to have shoulder surgery because were not paying you to miss games due to you and your Agent's ploy on not having the surgery done to try and have leverage in the bargaining talks.