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  1. Mock drafts !!!!

    If we are going to prepare for the most possible success in 2020 with Ben and at the same time prepare for our next chapter, then my pick choices from your list would be: Akers or Hellaire , whichever one shows to have the most explosion (we desperately need the occasional long run). I'm tired of relying on Conner to be our only speedy back. He probably isn't our long term solution. He hasn't yet proven to be a back that defenses have to gameplan against. second pick Thaddeus Moss, definitely a true receiving threat. Why do I think this is so necessary? Without adding a proven veteran thru trade or draft and cutting Vance, we will be stuck with one of the worst TE groups in the league. If we can have a healthy receiver corps, then this would allow us the opportunity to have real threats at all three offensive skill position groups. With each other pick we must obviously address several other needs. Hopefully, we can hit on at least one UDFA at OL,DL or ILB.
  2. Way too Early Mocks...

    Give Edmunds time. The biggest flaw with drafting in today's NFL is the whole drafting for "potential and testing". Teams continue to draft workout warriors and ignore guys that produce. This happens in every round, but mostly in the middle rounds on back. If we will stick to guys that produced in college (Lynn Bowden Kentucky, AJ Green OSU, Saahdiq Charles LSU, Lamical Perine Florida, AJ Dillon BC) for our late round picks we will have more hits and fewer misses. We haven't hit deep on draft prospects in many years. The players play, the "testers" leave us all wondering IF they are going to develop.
  3. Mariota

    I don't believe that it's a realistic possibility for all of the cap reasons listed and the fact that this front office and this coaching staff is still holding out hope that we have our future starter in Mason. With that being said, if we were to get aggressive and attempt to sign our future starting quarterback....IF.. then I would prefer to take a run at Teddy Bridgewater. Probably just as unrealistic as Mariotta, but I believe that he has a fresh energy and confidence. His best prospect would be to sign with a loaded team in need of an immediate starter (the Bears), but draft prospects are so hit and miss that having a solid starter like Teddy would be a good option. 99% chance is that we stay status quo. We bring in a UDFA or late round quarterback to take a shot at the roster and we simply wait until the 2021 draft and we trade up into the top 10 to get our next franchise guy.
  4. Draft Approach

    After watching this past weekends divisional round a few things really stood out to me. The most successful teams had powerful defenses that were just tough or they had true mismatch nightmares on offense. Tennessee reminded everyone that power football still wins. KC and GB showed again the impact of a franchise qb. We have the powerful defense. Not perfect but definitely powerful. We have the franchise quarterback. Maybe in his last year. We have a few exciting wide receivers. What we lack for 2020 is a dominate running game and a dominate TE. The TE probably can't be upgraded thru the draft. The return of Jesse James and the re-signing of Vannett will probably be our most realistic option for next season. BUT we must draft stud running back. Conner is a great #2 back, but if we have a true #1 to carry 65% of the load then we will be ready to face 2020. Use the other picks for the other needs and bring in plenty of quality UDFAs to compete at cb, dl and ol.
  5. Mock draft

    I really like your mock it addresses most of our glaring needs with the exception of TE. My RB preference for a round 2 back would be someone with that I see as more dynamic and with less wear, J.K. Dobbins: Ohio State With the absence of any TE's that I really love in this draft, I would select a tall receiver that may convert to TE, instead of Nico Collins. I would look to , Chase Claypool WR Notre Dame 6'4" 228 and either keep Vance or sign a solid veteran TE (James). I agree with avoiding taking a QB in this draft. Not because I believe in the young guys, but because I believe in the requirement for us to have a true franchise quarterback to win championships in the NFL. Exceptions are made and sometimes these guys can be found outside of the top 10, but franchises can't bank on the exception to rules. If it all crashes with an injured Ben next year or it succeeds and he retires, either way we will need to draft a first round quarterback in 2021. We won' have the number one pick, so we need to find a guy rated the 2-4 best qb in that draft. I am keeping my eyes on Brock Purdy. Real gamer. Cold weather qb. Excels in a broken pocket. Strong arm. Plays for a tough minded coach and enjoys tough coaching.
  6. I somewhat agree with Steeler Hitman on this one. With the addition of Connor, our play action passing game should be available for big plays to JW or DJ. With this in mind, I see us scoring over 20 points and with the playoffs now so close I think we will find a way to win. It may come down to a last second field goal or a defensive stand to end the game. Is this a game the coaching staff uses to begin turning Duck loose to go for a few more deep throws? If we really are playing for the postseason, we might as well prepare in such a way that we have a chance when we get there. 10 or 11 wins and one playoff win would be an A+ season from this group.
  7. Got a good feeling about Cain...

    Yes, if our WR group is healthy and we added him to the mix and let him play a little third down RB and return man, we would have a pretty dangerous offense. Obviously, we would still have OL holes and a need at TE, but dude could make a real impact.
  8. Got a good feeling about Cain...

    I like the idea of adding a swiss army knife speedster. Lynn Bowden of Kentucky. 6'1" 195 star WR, played QB out of necessity. He is always the fastest man on the field. He could be a WR, PR, KR and even a third down back.
  9. Offseason Work to do

    I agree, but we are going to have to address more than just the OL in the draft/offseason. Deuvernay (TEX) has good hands, but he is not the breakaway threat that would spice up the offense. Rambo (OU) is incredible, he literally is always open when he runs deep, even against double coverage. I don't think he will leave for the draft this year. I do love Smith (Bama) and Wallace (Ok St) as guys with wild speed that are both mismatches for defenders. As for the idea of using a high pick on a RB, why not? We need more than one game breaker. Also, a dominant running game would allow us to win a few more games with our defense, which thankfully is finally on the rise. Do we want to have another 4-5 game stretch without Conner? Plus this could also be the Darren Sproles type that could be a RB, slot, return man. I don't care to draft another blocking TE. Those guys are available as UDFA.
  10. Offseason Work to do

    Matchups matchups matchups JJSS is the only matchup nightmare that we have. Other guys are good, but we need more hot sauce on this team. Crazy athletic speedy guys. Kansas City and Baltimore and even Cleveland have multiple playmakers. These kind of players are never available in free agency, so we must find some lightning in a bottle dudes in the draft. We need multiple players (TE, RB, WR) and we don't have a first round pick so we can't just pick the most obvious guys. Who is your speed demon, shifty guy or athletic freak that can help our offense to feel dangerous? WR: Devonta Smith Bama, Jalen Reagor TCU, Tylan Wallace Oklahoma State TE: ? RB: Travis Etienne Clemson, J.K. Dobbins Ohio St, Chuba Hubbard Oklahoma State Who do you like?
  11. Mason Rudolph's play thus far

    If we drafted a high pick QOTF and made him play behind this line, with these backup running backs and wide receivers, he would suck and lose confidence and get hurt. Most of us would be tempted to doubt his skillset. And frankly, if the situation were bad enough it could wreck is career before it got started. The best defense has always been a great running game. We don't have it. If we had a second high end back to pair with Conner then we would be vastly improved. The best friend of a quarterback is a great TE or a pair of elite wide receivers. We don't have it. I'm thankful for JJSS and for the young DJ and for the recent improvement in JW, but we need one more elite WR or one stud receiving TE. The OL is problematic, but as many have said multiple OL changes in one offseason can cause serious problems. We have a few answers (Finney) already on the roster. The best next step looks to be adding a couple of talented prospects (maybe draft one and find another UDFA). Hopefully, we can look back in 12 months with satisfaction having made huge progress on these issues. If we can, then our quarterback play could be a pleasant surprise.
  12. Week #11 GDT Steelers at Browns Backyard Brawl Pt. 1

    Excellent description of the embarrassing events of last night. 1) I will NEVER like or respect Garrett. or Larry O. (but to a much lesser degree) 2) Garrett committed a criminal act. We all know it. It's just a scary idea to introduce law enforcement into the situation. Hopefully, the Steeler do press charges. That man deserves more than NFL punishment. 3) I've personally been sickened by the unnecessary violence of the NFL. I have always loved football, but over the last 2 years have just finally seen enough stretchers and retired players with brain damage. 4) This is a statement time for the NFL to decide if they want any of this head hunting to continue to be a part of the league. The old game plan of ," let's injure their best players with late hits and cheap shots so we can win.", has got to stop or people will turn the channel. FACT 5) Mason wasn't the only one who got exposed as non-starter caliber. Conner is the only runner that can break a long run. (others are strong or can catch or block or ?), We need two more quality receivers, our line sucks and you can add whatever you want to the list.. 6) We need a franchise quarterback that can make plays and win games, but this line would only get him killed. Maybe literally. One last thing.... it is an ugly cruel dishonest game that some people are playing when they are trying to start a rumor that Mason used the N word and that's the reason that Garrett was "triggered". No one has come forward and stated they heard him say that. This is not about race. And those who are trying to make it about race have a different agenda.
  13. I think we saw the future last night...

    So, most of us appear ready to turn the page and face the future of our Steelers. I for one question if we are going to lose valuable pending FA because of sense of loyalty to give the old Ben one more year to make a run at something. Is it worth it? Are there other changes we could make to keep from losing Hargrave and Finney and Dupree (if he's at all affordable or if not a decent FA)? Ben has been a HOF quarterback for us, but personally I believe that his tank is empty. If Mason flops next year and the team has a terrible season, then we look to the draft for our next franchise quarterback. Honestly, Baltimore is the only AFC North team that knows they have their future franchise quarterback. If we don't turn the page now, how much more time will it take us to catch up? We all know it was easier for the Ravens to move on from Average Joe Flacco. But, look at how the NFL can reward teams that make intelligent quick timely decisions.
  14. Mason Rudolph Mega Thread - ALL RUDOLPH TALK HERE

    Fichtner is getting us killed! OMG Okay let's see if every team in the league has now figured us out... First down : run the ball every SINGLE TIME Second down : run the ball (60% of the time) or throw a 3 yard pass hoping the receiver will break free Third down (usually third and long) : Pass the ball with defenses blitzing and disguising coverages. In claiming that they are trying to protect Rudolph, they are killing him and the offense. No first down passing. No play action passing. The defenses know exactly what we are doing. It's a little surprising that we have scored anything other than field goals. This 4 yard offense fails most of the time anytime we have ONE negative play/penalty. Thoughts...
  15. I think we saw the future last night...

    Hey I'm not perfect. I could be wrong. What's clear is that Pouncey was getting rag dolled and running backwards. That clogs that backfield and usually changes the direction of the back and almost always kills a running play. Sad