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  1. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Steelers need more guys that love to play the game. If the locker room goes all Kardashian again, Mayfield will plant his flag at Hines Field.
  2. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I don't know how much Moncrief will cost. If he's affordable, I prefer him over most. He's an aggressive physical guy that will win most one on one fights for a catch. That would give us three receivers with the same physical style.
  3. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    One of the things that makes me proud to be a Steeler fan has been the consistency of our organization. We don't gamble. We build thru the draft. You know the story. But now, we have a team with too many holes to fill. We traded away Brown (as we should have) but only netted picks (should have included at least one player). We have a coach that may not have command of the locker room. We pride ourselves in never taking big chances in trades, FA or the draft and yet this is probably the time we should be doing exactly that with an aging Ben. If we don't get aggressive and improve, then yes we should clean house in the front office.
  4. Round 3 Pick 76: Steelers select Mason Rudolph

    First things first: I am in NO way an OSU fan, so my opinion of Rudolph is absolutely in no way blinded by any bias. Mason is an outstanding quarterback, and I predicted the Steelers would draft him over a year ago. I've seen every one of his games and can tell you that he is not a "game manager" on any level of competition. He is a gamer. He lifted a team of 3 star players and made them contenders. He had a better college career than any other qb in his class, outside of Baker Mayfield. He has the ideal body frame and high IQ to succeed in the NFL. If he played anywhere outside of the Big 12, he would have been a high first round pick. His arm strength is above NFL average, but not NFL elite. His biggest assets are his leadership skills and his deep ball accuracy (best in all of college football). He is excellent at scanning the field and spreading his throws among multiple receivers. The offense that he led did allow a quarterback with vision to find open receivers, so the tighter windows of the NFL will be a test for him. His offensive line was terrible!! The line coach left early in his career to coach at Texas. His offensive coordinator was a novice that literally learned on the job. The Steelers passed up on drafting Marino, because Bradshaw claimed he was healthy and would play four more years. Well, that was a lie and the blond bomber left and closed the Super Bowl door behind him. Dobbs isn't close to the answer. He's an athlete that NEVER elevated his team. I'm NOT calling Mason the next Marino, but he has all the tools and IF Ben plays two more years, then our Super Bowl door won't close behind him. Predictions: Dobbs : goes to the practice squad and gets signed away by someone else and is out of the league in 1-2 years Jones : stays as the #2 or #3, mentors Mason, and maybe even stays to be his backup for his first couple of years aka stability Mason : wins the #2 job this year (at some point) will see some regular season game time thru injury or garbage time. Ben : plays 2 more years and retires while still relatively healthy
  5. Bell thread in the news section

    The defense definitely has a few holes that need plugged up this off season. We need at least one more quality contributor at each of the three levels. Question: What was the longest run from scrimmage for Bell in 2017? Answer: 27 yards! Why? schemes, nickel packages, luck of the draw, ok but how about this..... He just isn't that fast. His patient style has worked great for consistent short to medium runs, but where is the burst? We love everything he can do. He is probably the best receiving back in the league. He has consistently put up great numbers. If his contract demands keep us from fixing the defense, is it worth it for a back with diminishing burst? It's beautiful to wait for the hole to open up, but rarely does he show a violent acceleration when the hole opens up. If the salary cap requires us to draft a new back to fix the defense, then who do you like?
  6. The Future of This Franchise (Coaching Staff Debate)

    thanks @3rivers I grew up in a household of (cough cough) Cowboys fans, but I chose the Steelers and have been faithful ever since. I do think that too many modern fans are just too happy to compete and no longer holding the team to the highest expectations. Modern society??? idk
  7. The Future of This Franchise (Coaching Staff Debate)

    I'm just as offended as a snowflake that anyone on this board would not think Tomlin is perfect. Clearly, any of the team mistakes are not his fault. He isn't responsible for poor preparation, execution and gameplanning. I say fire the waterboy! If he can't provide the team with SuperBowl quality H2O, then he has got to go.
  8. Bell thread in the news section

    Is anybody else just tired of the drama that is Bell? He is ultra-talented, but he has no excuse for showing up late for the walkthrough and (allegedly) last minute for pre-game for the biggest game of the year. Changes need to be made to this team IF we ever want to get past the Pats and win the big game before Ben retires. The starting runningback talking retirement and contracts and showing up late, all before the playoff game is totally unacceptable. If the Steelers accept that behavior, then they probably won't be accepting the Lombardi trophy any time soon. Cut bait. Draft a guy like Sony Michel and roll on.