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  1. The cost of wild fires is crazy to, Oregon and Washington are 345 million dollars in debt as of today fighting these fires, and they still have 10+ of them going right now and there all big AF. Probably looking at 400-450 million dollars. 11 states are battling wildfires, so you could be potentially looking at 5-6 billion dollars on wild fires for one summer.
  2. I just saw the sky for the first time in 10 days, the sky has been raining ash and debri from wildifres for 10 days, it was insane. Literally couldn't see the sky, clouds, sun or anything , just smoke and debri in the air.
  3. They are saying Tampa might get up to a 8 foot storm surge. Tampa never gets hit. So its going to be right under you bruh.
  4. This makes a ton of sense. Schwartz is way to Alpha Male to sit back seat to Douglas. He probably makes Douglas wash his car, pick up his dry cleaning and fetch him coffee. No way Schwartz is taking another year after this year to back seat to Douglas.
  5. @Phire is your mom alright bruh? You going to be ok? Got enough beer and boards/sand bags to get through?
  6. Sounds like they did. But it got out of control this year/off season apparently. My guess is the stress of the divorce he went through, Ashley Madison/STD's, getting re married, and lots and lots and lots and lots of d!ck pills with some party drugs and booze worked in there, just added up to a recipe for disaster for the heart. He just doesn't come off to me as the guy who's juicing greens and religious about his regime and multi vitamin in the off season. No i picture Jon, on long benders in Vegas with lots and lots and lots and of d!ck pills, just going till he can't go, till h
  7. Actually a fact lol. They also induce psychosis and paranoid anger.
  8. Its actually a interesting color combo, reminds me of our Yellow Jackets unis, but there's look way better lol.
  9. Pitts uniforms doe.. Some one tried the Sativa maaaaaaan.
  10. That is one of my issues with video games, all of them, they require time. Pretty hard to to limit your play if its a good game.
  11. Youtube the Queens Guard. Very entertaining lol. There savages.
  12. You play it yet? Looks awesome! Kinda wish i got a PS4 over the Xbox One S. Seems like there is better games, specially if your into RPGs like i am
  13. I loved the old school offenses. Running wishbone stuff was awesome.
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