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  1. Free Agents

    I could see Licht going after Barr to play the Suggs type 3-4 LB in Bowles defense. Barr is good but could really excel in that defense. Not sure where that would leave us with JPP. Have a starting DL of Nassib, Vea and JPP with LB group of Minter/Beckwith, David, Devin White and Barr. Add Mathieu as well. I think that would be a solid defensive front. Then just grab Jeff Simmons in the 2nd and redshirt him.
  2. 2019 Prospects thread.

    If we can afford to pull a Jaylon Smith and redshirt a 2nd round pick, sure. I only think that happens if we have 2 2nd round picks personally.
  3. Free Agents

    Welp. We will find out soon enough I guess. I hope he stays..
  4. Free Agents

    Prior to Alexander’s ACL injury is the key phrase here.
  5. Free Agents

    Been seeing a lot of articles about us and John Brown. That’s a name we haven’t really discussed yet. If we cut/trade DJax it makes sense from a deep threat sense. If we also lose Hump for financial reasons, it makes sense for WR3 reasons as well.
  6. Mock Drafts

    Both CBS Sports guys have us taking Oliver at 5 currently.
  7. The un-HYPEd Thread

    Gerald gets too moody with this stuff. Love the guy and wouldn’t want to face him on Sunday’s but compacted to the gritty DL needed to set a tone, it’s time to find a younger JPP or Aaron Donald type.
  8. Free Agents

    I’d be kind of surprised if we don’t sign a RB in free agency. Two reasons. BA uses RBs a lot in the passing game and Rojo is questionable at best going into next season and Barber is solid but nothing special in the backfield, tho I love his drive and how he runs. Second reason we will look in FA is because we just drafted RoJo high last year and need to focus on the line in this draft. I see Barber and Rojo on the roaster next year but they will be accompanied by Mark Ingram or Tevin Coleman. Makes sense the Glazers don’t want the Kareem Hunt distraction.
  9. 2019 Prospects thread.

    At this point Bosa and Allen are out of reach at 5 to me. I’m locked in on Quinnen Williams or Ed Oliver for our first pick. If we can trade down and still get them all the better. McCoy back or not those guy would help set the tone on defense each week with Vea and JPP. Second round I’m looking at OL because I just don’t see that great of an upgrade coming from FA and you can’t pass on DL in the 1st. Who knows where guys will be slotted come April but guys like either Wis SR G’s could be in play, Dillard or Lindstorm, or maybe another top OT slips. Third round might be too late but if he’s there or worth a trade up into the 3rd go grab Jaylon Ferguson to be the RUSH LB. Remake the lines. To me you can grab a DB or RB in free agency and if the lines improve via the draft it will be better value all around to approach it like that.
  10. Senior Bowl

    I would like to resign Hump but if cash becomes a problem for what this new staff wants to do then we should definitely target Hunter Renfrow in the draft. Has had a solid career at Clemson and Senior Bowl.
  11. Free Agents

    No thanks to Kwon at $12M. I’d be shocked if someone gave him that too. Hopefully he signs a 1 year prove it deal with us for 5-7 mil in hopes to cash in next year. Makes sense for both sides.
  12. 2019 Prospects thread.

    Psh. Light weight.
  13. Free Agents

    The real question will be how since we have this thing called a salary cap. We’ve all given suggestions but 2-3 big moves max with significant cuts if we were to make a splash in free agency.
  14. Free Agents

    Maybe he things BA can get him one... Coach has a bigger impact than destination.
  15. London Game - vs Carolina

    Idk what the BA effect will be like next year but let’s be honest, they love the Bucs in London and we’ll probably have more of a home game against a division opponent in London than at Ray Jay.