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  1. Week 13 game ball

    Devin White David needs to stay around a while but Devin is quickly taking over as leader of this defense. This guy is gonna be good.
  2. Bucs 4-7 @ Jags 4-7

    Nothing crazy on the stat sheet. He just controls the line, plows people over on offense on goal line situations and is now starting to throw people around and becoming a problem in the pass rush. He wasn’t credited with the sack but made a great move to get to Minshew and held him in place then Barrett came in on clean up. After the play you see Vita on the ground with his helmet off laughing and pumping his fist. Refreshing sight for a Bucs fan.
  3. Bucs 4-7 @ Jags 4-7

    Vita Vea is quickly becoming a favorite of mine
  4. Bucs 4-7 @ Jags 4-7

    Earlier today
  5. Bucs 4-7 @ Jags 4-7

    Colts and Lions are the perfect build up to the Texans. Honestly if this team has turned a corner we should win out.
  6. Bucs 4-7 @ Jags 4-7

    Offense needs to do more to close games but encouraged by the defense. 4 more dubs to go.
  7. Bucs 4-7 @ Jags 4-7

    He needs to stay in Tampa for special teams alone, just as a CB5
  8. Bucs 4-7 @ Jags 4-7

    Demar you blow
  9. Bucs 4-7 @ Jags 4-7

    Lol SMB comes out of the end zone then tries to go back in and Carlton literally drags him out the the 4
  10. Bucs 4-7 @ Jags 4-7

    Because we need to sign a vet and he isn’t on the roster yet.
  11. Bucs 4-7 @ Jags 4-7

    Dean out the rest of the game?
  12. Bucs 4-7 @ Jags 4-7

    So looking forward to drafting OL
  13. Bucs 4-7 @ Jags 4-7

    Love how Jax was rewarded for the penalty and now there goes the shutout.
  14. Bucs 4-7 @ Jags 4-7

    I have a feeling that for a non playoff team (barring a miracle) this is about the be the most exciting December we’ve had in a long time.
  15. Bucs 4-7 @ Jags 4-7

    Screw the draft pick. We got a ton of young guys. Let’s get some momentum even if playoffs have to wait until next year.