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  1. Vita Vea sprains LCL; out 4-8 weeks

    This tells me he could play week 1. I just hope he is healed when he comes back and doesn’t re injure.
  2. Preseason: Bucs @ Steelers

    Overall I’m pretty happy with what I saw for the first preseason game aside from penalties and backup OL. Kickers making kicks Defense playing aggressive First team offense executing and giving Jameis smart throw options and quick reads. RoJo looked good
  3. Preseason: Bucs @ Steelers

    Big fan of BA and this kind of thing. SMB got the message too. He posted this after the game.
  4. Tidbits from around the league

    He’s gotta have something wrong with him mentally. I almost feel bad for Oakland, Mayock and Gruden but it’s just too funny. You knew what came with AB when you traded for him.
  5. Preseason: Bucs @ Steelers

    Excited to see this new attacking defense and DBs along with Devin White.
  6. Vita Vea sprains LCL; out 4-8 weeks

    Good news. I hope he is back week 1 or week 2 at the latest but can’t rush I’m back and then jeopardize the whole season.
  7. Vita Vea sprains LCL; out 4-8 weeks

    Everything must be in tact if this was BAs response. Let’s hope he’s ready for week 1 like Lavonte.
  8. Vita Vea sprains LCL; out 4-8 weeks

    This injury worries me. Hopefully it’s just precaution and turns out to be minor.
  9. Bucs Training Camp '19

    Jameis getting better each day. To be expected in camp as O is usually behind the D. Throw Todd Bowles in there and where Jameis is at now should be encouraging. Also very excited to see the D week 1. I feel like a homer but I really think this could be the year we see a significant step forward. Fridays preseason game can’t get here soon enough.
  10. Not worried about it. It’s a meniscus and he’s got the best trainers someone could have to help him get back quick. 4-6 weeks is standard for the average person. Keep him fresh for the season.
  11. Anyone want the winning lotto numbers? 😂
  12. Gerald McCoy released - Signs with Carolina

    Haha. BA really just goes in.
  13. Offseason Rumors

    Vea and Suh with White and David behind them. Factor in all the coverage guys we added. Yep. 180 on defense.
  14. Talk about full circle if this happens. Well I think he’d definitely have more of a Sapp like mean streak for everyone that compared Gerald to Sapp for 9 years. Personally, id trade for Leonard Williams and pair him with Vea for a few years. Obviously that would be harder to pull off.