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  1. Lol Jordan is such a JAG. So glad we knocked the Saints out.
  2. Bucs have to play the defense they played against the Saints to have a chance. Pack are a hell of a team and a lot better than the week 6 team we saw this season. Bucs offense was better this week than they were against Washington but if they can tap into that next level then it should come down to the last possession against GB or better. Bucs are peaking at the right time...
  3. Outside of a horrific trick play, Carlton Davis made Michael Thomas look like the ***** he is. SMB had a hell of a game too. Antoine Winfield Jr had probably the play of the game, but Devin White was all over the field and lead this defense to victory.
  4. Michael Thomas is a *****. Carlton battled tonight and he’s gonna have to battle again against Adams.
  5. Need to be ahead but I’ll take 13-13 all things considered. Brees has not moved the ball on us. Defense needs to keep attacking.
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