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  1. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them again in January. Not a team I wanna play in Lambeau.
  2. NY Jets are a mess from top down. Bowles id give another shot after Arians retires. But that has to be lined up with a pay raise or yeah he’s prob gone.
  3. I honestly can’t remember a Bucs game where we are down by double digits looking awful and then flip it up by double digits like we just did. I remember plenty where we’re the ones up then implode. This is cool so far.
  4. What does this tell us? DONT beat yourself. Thats what we did against the Saints and Bears. Pack is doing it now.
  5. And I thought Edwards was gonna be a liability after Winfield went off. Carlton Davis should ALWAYS be in press man.
  6. Pack are an elite offense. Leftwich can’t waste possessions anymore.
  7. We miss Vita. Rodgers destroying our secondary. We are still playing too much zone.
  8. Can’t stop GB offense and our offense is in quick sand. Feels like it’s gonna be a long day.
  9. I’m getting really tired of these Leftwich play calls. The first 3 scripted plays we design are: Run up the middle RB screen Run up the middle We deserve 3 and out.
  10. Agreed. Considering the last 15 years I’d say that’s a step in the right direction with Brady here next year as well.
  11. This issue for me with Darnold is they will probably at least want a 2nd and while I think he’s got way more QB upside than any 2nd round pick next year you only make that trade if you think he legit gets a shot at the franchise starter after Brady. Bowles did draft him... Rosen has a ton of talent but he’s a statue and extremely rattled from the pocket thus far. Idk if Rosen is any more than a good backup after this year. So the question is do you keep rolling with no plan after Brady (no way we draft a QB in the 1st next year cuz we’ll need a new LT lol) or do you try to give Darnold better coaching and system on a team that has the once HC who drafted him?
  12. Good news for getting a decent size crowd to Ray Jay for the Super Bowl - even if Bucs got not real shot at playing in it 😕
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