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  1. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    I think we can all agree that we just want the Bucs to win and the thought of blowing up the QB position again with so much of the team in place is utterly sickening and painful. I also think I speak for everyone that when I say having a face of the franchise who is also your team leader be someone who assaults women on and off cannot happen. (Not saying Jameis did or did not do anything, just making a statement.) I can’t imagine what is going through Licht, Koetter and co. minds right now. If Jameis did do this, or it looks like he did, the fan base will not be able to get behind him any more and idk what the owners will do with the front office and team because of it, but it will not be anything leading to a Super Bowl or playoffs soon. Part of my concern, Kwon has voiced support of Jameis. If Jameis is this bad guy, as the “team leader” his character is seemingly polluting the moral compass of the team and possibly further. That. Can’t. Happen. Will Grier 2019? Mortgage the future?? But who will the coach and GM be... *begins sad chuckle*
  2. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    As far as the team goes, it will be interesting to see how good our depth and off-season additions really are. Jameis hasn’t been the end all for this team to this point as hoped for when he was drafted. This upcoming season will be interesting for many reasons, but above all, I really just want to get back to the playoffs. Give me something to cheer for!
  3. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    Thank you for your contribution to this thread.
  4. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    A few considerations going through my head: As much as I like Jason Licht and the way he has built this team, if Winston doesn’t work out, he’s gone. Hindsight is 20/20 and while I was on the Mariota train, character alone would have made him the better pick. Statistically on the field there hasn’t been a huge difference. Who knows what different coaching would have done for each players decelopment though. If the organization does entertain getting rid of Jameis or having a backup plan, Bridgewater would be a very good backup/bridge option. To our knowledge, there is no proof that Jameis did anything, just the Commish and Article 47. If Glazers supported Jameis after allegations came out with one of their wives on field talking with him pre game, I would tend to think that with no evidence and a suspension, nothing in their mind changes. IF Jameis did do it (we may never know) this was 2+ years ago. People do change and mature, this didn’t happen yesterday. However if/when something else happens, no matter how small, I’ll 100% be on the cut Jameis train with Tom Jones.
  5. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    This is bull****. No criminal wrongdoing and Ronald Darby in the car too. So does he get suspended or just Jameis cuz it’s Jameis? Wonder if it was Darby’s Uber if Jameis is still getting suspended. First 4 games is so critical to this season and the NFL might just tank it for us. Fitz magic I guess. Dude is gonna have hella weapons and an improved defense.
  6. Bucs draft RB Ronald Jones II - SIGNED

    “Or release him.” Damn that’s cold, all cuz he had the wrong number lol. On a side note now we need Carlton Davis to change his number up and I’ll feel better about our rookie’s numbers. Haha
  7. Bucs draft RB Ronald Jones II - SIGNED

    I think I speak for Bucs fans everywhere when I say #27 is a better choice than #22. But who had #27 before or who switched with Rojo cuz I don’t recall that being available? I doubt Barber wanted to change again and give up #25.
  8. Bucs draft LB Jack Cichy - SIGNED

    Look who Cichy rocks in the very first highlight. Yeah his pass blocking is going to need some work lol
  9. Draft Grades

    GMFB crew is a big fan of Licht. Love Schrager’s breakdown and I completely agree.
  10. Offseason Discussion

    Again, that goodness we didn’t hire Gruden.
  11. Rookie Numbers - REVEALED!!

    I’d like to see Jones II in the 20s but not 22. Maybe he’ll buy 25 off Barber? If not, give him 31 or 38.
  12. Our biggest remaining need(s)?

    1. SS: I like the potential of Whitehead but we need a lock down guy back there and ultimately a new starter. That’s why this is 1st on the list. 2. T: whether it be Dotson’s age and injury or Don Smith’s underwhelming play, we will need a new starter next year. Interior line I think is solid with good depth and will mask T deficiencies, but we will need a new T next season. 3. CB: This is Grimes last year. We all hope Carlton Davis locks down a starting position, but even if he does Stewart and VH3 are probably best inside as press guys. We need another physical starting CB next season. 4. RB: Barber might turn out to be a solid RB2 to Jones II but as of now, if either of these guys goes down, we are in trouble. Maybe a god target for FA pickup or 3rd round pick next draft. 5. DE: JPP and Curry aren’t 25. We will need a dominant edge rusher in a year or two. Better to plan ahead and start trying to find one now.
  13. Bucs draft WR Justin Watson - SIGNED

    Agreed. Great pick. Love how Licht doesn’t shy away from small school players.
  14. Bucs Draft Thread

    At this point just draft Bo Scarborough to run teams over in the 4th quarter. Talk about physicality. Jones II Barber Scarborough Sims
  15. Bucs Draft Thread

    No kidding!