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  1. 2019 Prospects thread.

    Makes me wonder if his head is in it and if he is even worth a 2nd or 3rd round flier.. I mean those are premium picks you don’t want to miss on.
  2. New jerseys? But for real this time?

    The article was a good read. I think its evident to the Glazers that a change needs to happen and it will. It’s just yet to be seen if it will be a slight tweak or an overhaul. I did find it interesting that we could do a throwback to the original red and pewter uniforms next year as Glazer mentioned. Also a total redesign with white helmets so we could do Bucco Bruce throwbacks if we get new unis in 2020 would be interesting. Honestly the NFL should just lift the ban on multiple helmets in a season. How do the Rams get away with it? Peel off yellow helmet ram decals?
  3. Offseason Rumors

    From one statue to the next.
  4. Offseason Rumors

    Only way I’m trading back is if Q and Allen are gone. Can’t pass on one of those guys. My trade down targets at 10 would be Devin White or Ed Oliver. If we drop a bit lower maybe Devin Bush, Oliver or one of the Clemson DL. ... But I really want Josh Allen. Nassib - Vea - McCoy JPP - Lee/Buchanan - David - Allen/Barrett Solid front to me.
  5. Bucs interested in trading for LB Darron Lee

    Lee is above average but not great. Maybe he can be more idk but for a 5th yeah for sure, maybe a 4th, not a 3rd. We add Q or Josh Allen as well and our front 7 would be solid with other pieces this off-season.
  6. Free Agents

    If we also sign MoCla like rumored to be working on I think this free agency has been great. Hopefully if some of these guys ball out we can keep them but they are great contracts and will keep these guys hungry. Worst case I think we’ve got some great rotational players. I think SR outlined this but reasons these contracts are good: 1. Salary Cap 2. Been burnt in FA before 3. Future comp picks if these guys ball out and we can’t resign them. With better coaching and a solid draft we can definitely make a run at the division IMO.
  7. I think we were concerned with Bryant’s age and longevity. If Santos plays well I hope he can be here long term. Probably cheaper than Bryant too.
  8. Bucs sign Breshad Perriman 1yr/$4M

    Lol timing was great. Worth a shot as a low risk high reward. With Mike, Godwin and OJ probably getting majority of targets, if Perriman can take the top off the defense once in a while and be the guy people don’t gameplan for but should, I’ll call this a heck of a bargain.
  9. Giving a speedster a 2nd chance. I guess we can say thanks to John Dorsey?
  10. Free Agents

    Yeah I agree with all this. Licht has some real love for Spence but he could be good in a 3-4. Call it a last chance. As a backup to a Allen I like it a lot more. I feel like we could get a good ILB to pair with David outside of the 1st. Allen’s RUSH position is more valuable than White’s ILB position I think. Also, thoughts on JPP lineing up on the opposite side he’s played his whole career?
  11. Free Agents

    If it’s between Quinnen and Josh Allen for a drop to 5 I think it’s Josh Allen. I’d like to grab a RG in the 2nd or maybe a DT but if Devin Bush is there or more likely slips some and we trade up to get him, pairing Allen and Bush would be great. If we do take Allen, someone we should not pass on for White, what do our 4 starting LBs look like?
  12. Free Agents

    With the draft being so full of DL/RUSH players, the FA price for those guys is going to be driven down. We don’t have a ton of cap space now but if we lose Brate and a few others not named McCoy we could still have some wiggle. I wonder if we will have 1 “big ish” DL signing if the price is down. Not a DL but Justin Houston would be something... but still probably too expensive for what we want.
  13. Free Agents

    Jason Licht. Well done sir. Well done.
  14. Free Agents

    I could see us getting John Brown for cheap if we want a speedster.
  15. Offseason Rumors

    Honey Badger to KC for 3 years $42M LOL. This was the year to not be able to spend. Can’t be stupid with what you don’t have.