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  1. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    No surprise seeing David and Evans. A little surprised Kwon got it over JPP considering the leadership he has shown. Seeing as McCoy didn’t get it is kind of telling. I wonder if Licht will just resign Kwon cuz the team seems to look up to him (which is a problem in itself). Marpet is a gritty dude so all good with him getting it alongside Evans for offense.
  2. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    So for Daily Fantasy who do you all think are gonna be the big point getters in this matchup? Lol. I’m thinking Landry and Njoku along with OJ, Jameis and Barber.
  3. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    I’d give that to CJ Mosley this off-season and let Kwon walk. Doubt Mosley hits the market tho.
  4. 🏈 Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    Cleveland has a much better defense than the Falcons and if RG isn’t figured out it’s gonna be a challenging day. Jameis should sling it and I think Monken will scheme to make things happen but I definitely see more difficulty moving the ball. With a shakeup on the defensive side, average play should get us a win, but we’ll just have to see how we look. Browns can’t be taken lightly, but this could be the start of a winning streak.
  5. Mike Smith Fired

    Get back! Get back!
  6. 🏈 Week 6: Bucs (2-2) @ Falcons (1-4)

    Damn. I’m really starting to dig JPP. He’ll be around a few years and a Captain while he’s here. Production and leadership is there. McCoy will be gone after this year. Defensive captains will be JPP and David and offensive captains will be Jameis and Mike.
  7. Mike Smith Fired

    Haha oh gosh. Well at least he can’t be worse than Smith. We at least get the mid season change we wanted.
  8. Possibilities for new coaches

    With Mike Smith now fired I give Koetter a slightly better chance of sticking around. If a play caller helps the defense as much as Monken did the offense, we could go on a little winning streak here. IMO the 6th playoff spot in the NFC is wide open. Looking forward to what Duffner will bring to the defense.
  9. Mike Smith Fired

    I wanna see what new play calling does for this defense. It certainly helped the offense... I think Koetter has been put on notice.
  10. Mike Smith Fired

    THANK YOU! Had this happened two weeks ago maybe we would have beaten the Falcons. Whatever. Better late than never. Glad Koetter (unless this came from team Glazer) has some level of accountability for his staff.
  11. 🏈 Week 6: Bucs (2-2) @ Falcons (1-4)

    Yeah we have our future stud DT. Unreal how raw he still is. Buck says he is at 25%... that’s crazy. We definitely have the flexibility to move McCoy now, as much as that pains me to say. His cap number is huge and he isn’t playing up to it. Grab a pick and/or young player and open up the cap for DSmith and free agents.
  12. Possibilities for new coaches

    Good points. You’d think that if Monken is more aggressive on offense with the same playbook he’d want to be more aggressive on defense. But is he ready to be a HC? And is Licht the one making that call? The GM will and should guide a coaching hire, but we can for sure even say who the GM will be. While the offense would be different if Monken wasn’t around, I do believe we can get plenty of production out of this group with someone else. If a different coach makes the offensive production slightly decline (I can’t see how they go to crap with the talent we have) but the defense make a substancial improvement due to a better overall football vision and execution of that, I’ll go that direction every day.
  13. Possibilities for new coaches

    Yeah like @bucsfan333 said, do we promote the OC again or is that just repeating the same mistakes again (or something like that was said.) At the end of the day I want a HC who is the HC and knows how to mold players. A coordinator who wants to play coordinator/HC might not be completely focused on that. Hiring Monken to be HC because we want the offense to still be good is stupid if you put Monken and say Dan Campbell side by side and Campbell’s football plan overall is better. If you trust the plan and approch, the HC will get coordinators that execute. And keeping Monken around as OC for another year or two with a guy who seems to be the better and more ready HC makes more sense to me. Dan Campbell will be my vote for the time being. Played under and watched Parcells coach and coached alongside Sean Payton and knows the NFC South.
  14. 🏈 Week 6: Bucs (2-2) @ Falcons (1-4)

    Yeah Evan Smith may be better and that’s really saying something. We need a RG bad too. Free agency is light on DBs unless by some miracle Ha Ha Clinton-Dix hits the market so get a RG there and go DB and DL in the draft.
  15. Possibilities for new coaches

    New name to throw out there for future HC. Dan Campbell, TE coach for the Saints. Came up in the Parcells system and got some HC experience stepping in for Joe Philbin in Miami a few years back. Dude just seems like a HC, not a coordinator that could be a HC, but a HC. Keep Monken to run the offense and hire a DC to run that side of the ball. Kind of how Ron Rivera runs the Panthers (maybe a bad example but you get the idea.)