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  1. Prospects to keep an eye on

    Assuming we draft something other than OL in the 1st, who does everyone like for OL in the 2nd? (Assume we stay at our pick). Anyone you think could come in and be the starting RT and an upgrade from last season?
  2. New Uniforms in 2020?

    Yeah I could see that. Whether it’s the logo or outright uniform design, I just hope it’s something we can all get behind, even if it’s not what we thought it would be. The organization tried to fix what wasn’t broken in 2014 and since day one I think majority wanted something different and that opinion hasn’t changed. Now that the day has come, I just hope it’s a good change. I just have this uneasy feeling...
  3. What do we do with Jameis Winston?

    So it’s Jameis or a rookie. I think it’s gonna be Jameis.. Will just depend on if it’s the tag or short term extension. The only caveat will be if Jameis isn’t the team guy he says he is and prices himself out of reach for the Bucs and won’t negotiate.
  4. New Uniforms in 2020?

    You think the pewter is sticking around with that final image at the end of the video? Idk how that would mesh well with red and creamsicle... that’s the concern, too many different colors again.
  5. New Uniforms in 2020?

    Love how the players are getting pumped. Saw OJ Howard liked the post too. These guys secretly hated the current unis I bet.
  6. Prospects to keep an eye on

    Right now I’m feeling either Kinlaw or OL at pick 14. We need to continue to build the trenches. Not sure if they last to 14 but in order right now I’d probably go.. Javon Kinlaw Jedrick Wills Mekhi Becton Josh Jones Maybe this is a post for the other thread but someone feel free to tell me I’m wrong by breaking down a prospect haha
  7. New Uniforms in 2020?

    Wouldn’t that be fun...
  8. New Uniforms in 2020?

    Yeah the Bucs twitter account started commenting and liking a bunch of uniform tweets yesterday now this video today. New uniforms are coming. Now I wonder if it’s gonna be a Red, Pewter and Orange combo cuz of the video... man I hope they aren’t worse lol
  9. Roster Review: Potential picks/trades/FA

    Figured Id keep stirring the pot. Not saying I’d like this or hate this but the only way we sign Rivers is as a bridge QB for far less than Jameis will take (or may be demanding with no wiggle room). JC was right on a lot of stuff last year. I guess we’ll find out soon enough if he is really plugged in. EDIT: This is probably what JC is talking about.
  10. What do we do with Jameis Winston?

    Probably just some pot stirring but if this was the case I’d assume it’s fully guaranteed. And for $24 per year I’m cool with that.
  11. New Uniforms in 2020?

    The mock up is helpful to get an idea. Man what a complete redesign. Retro feel for sure but the color scheme works for a FL team imo. That Bucco Bruce logo is obviously a complete guess, but the logo better not be that. I personally really dislike it. An optimal Bucco Bruce to me would be the same winking pirate concept of old but no sword in the mouth, no winking, just an aggressive mean look on the face. Hat is fine.
  12. Mock offseason and draft 1.0

    You put a lot of work into this. Nice! Resigning choices all make sense and obviously Jameis is the big question mark but good chance he stays. I’d love a FA splash but I don’t think we get one either. The depth stuff and 1 year deals worked out so well last year I bet they do it again. In last years draft, Devin White was a foregone conclusion months ahead of time. We could go so many different directions at 14. Delpit, a play making safety, could be a nice add to the back end, tho a rookie. You could also make a case for a DT or OL. All the other positions get addressed and with Delpit in the first Niang and Williams are solid adds in the 2nd and 3rd.
  13. New Uniforms in 2020?

    Agreed on the logo and helmet. Funny how some 20 years ago creamsicles were the worst thing ever and now they are one of the cooler throwbacks (in my opinion at least).