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  1. 2020 Schedule

    Other than the Super Bowl win/season, the Glazers have probably never been happier than this moment. NFL did us a solid. -5 prime time games -9 currently slated to be nationally televised as prime time or game of the week -mini bye week 5 with TNF and week 13 bye to rest up before the deep playoff run -last 4 games should be quite manageable with Minnesota being the only big challenge 9-3 going into the bye 3-1 after the bye 12-4 and division winner
  2. 2020 Schedule

  3. I think you mean trade up for Justin Fields. 😃
  4. Final Mock Drafts

    FINAL Standings: Alright fellas. Sorry it took so long to update, but I was waiting to see if we signed any UDFAs that fit into late round picks of some of us had, but I didn't see any. If I missed any, please let me know. @Lil' Shorty: Champion with a whopping 1 point thanks to Antione Winfield Jr. @dwj4bucs: 0 @bucsfan333: 0 @indifference: 0 @BucsDraftGeek47: 0 @Pickle Rick: 0 @TB Doug22: 0 @kgarrett12486: 0 @ravishingone: 0 Thanks to all for playing. I'm a little surprised more of us didn't at least get 1 point. Maybe next year we'll do more of a "Best Bets" type approach with more than 1 player allowed to be "drafted" in rounds 2+ to give us all a better chance of hitting on a few prospects.
  5. Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread Discussion

    I'd have to think someone takes a gable in the 7th worst case. No way he hits UDFA.
  6. Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread Discussion

    Yeah. Like everyone can select 1 player in the 1st, 3 for rounds 2-3, and 8 for rounds 4-7. Kind of like a "best bets" kinda thing? Idk its an idea. We have a year to figure it out lol
  7. Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread Discussion

    How is Prince Tega still available?
  8. Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread Discussion

    I figured most of us would at least get 1 point and maybe 2-3 points would win it. Shows how hard it is to predict the draft, even with sticking to players the Bucs spent a lot of time with in the pre draft process, which is what I tried to do.
  9. Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread Discussion

    John Penisini DT off the board. I'm finished. 1 point
  10. Its an upside pick for sure. Look up his reviews on Draft Network. Looks like a gap penetrator on passing situations but the rest is to be desired. For a 6th round pick, solid upside and keep trying to find more rotational DL and OL.
  11. Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread Discussion

    If most all of our needs are filled next season, I'd be completely down for spending some draft capitol to move up for a future QB and have them sit a year behind Brady.
  12. Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread Discussion

    Prince Tega Wanogho (project with lots of potential) Darryl Williams (versatile backup) Jonathan Garvin (project rush LB) John Penisini (DT that would immediately take over as Vea's backup - and my final pick in the mock draft)
  13. Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread Discussion

    OL or DL the rest of the way for me. Still some good value on the board.
  14. Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread Discussion

    Haha dang I thought someone had him. Maybe not in the final one i guess