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  1. BoNo cut

    BoNo is one of the best autocorrects we’ve had on here. Good luck to him.
  2. Trade deadline rumors

    Nope. Hard pass. But Peterson’s price just went up.
  3. All things QB/Jameis

    This point is why Arians should not hesitate to get a rookie and start them now. Get Peterson to help the D and draft a rookie QB and OL. Idk why people are skeptical about this QB class (just general things I’ve seen). Maybe a lot of these guys seem average but there are 5 or so that could come in and start. You’d have to think at least one of them pans out. Will we get that one? History says no but BA working with the rookie from day 1 and I like the odds.
  4. All things QB/Jameis

    This is a depressing realization.
  5. Roster Review Potential picks/trades/FA

    Pinion is the holder. Worth noting, but not something to stop his release that should gain us a comp pick.
  6. All things QB/Jameis

    Awesome discussion everyone. I think we can all agree this offseason will be a big unknown but Arians will have a tilt to keeping Jameis around over moving on. BA knows his history but in his own words, if Jameis has another game like this it’s gonna be his (BA’s) red flag. The quote about retraining a vet vs training a rookie is interesting. I don’t take BA for the type to leave the team in shambles for his successor when he retires. Just my opinion. So that may mean get a rookie. Build the team up around him, and try to win now. Plenty of young QBs are winning right away when the supporting cast is solid and the coaching is on point.
  7. Trade deadline rumors

    Also, idk the source but we better be inquiring about Peterson. He should have a few good years left. This guy is elite still and would come right into the system with the same coaches he excelled. I’m down with giving a 2nd. Just have to keep the 1st. I’d tend to think the Cardinals wouldn’t want to trade him to us tho unless we overpaid because they are still salty we have Bruce as HC.
  8. Trade deadline rumors

    I’m obviously a big OJ Howard fan but unless we get a 1st you can’t trade him. He’s too good and on a very favorable contract. Mold the system to your players talents Bruce! You don’t need a WR3 with Mike, Godwin and OJ.
  9. All things QB/Jameis

    Playing devils advocate here. Arians came to Tampa cuz of Winston and Licht, or so he says. 1. Would we actually draft a new QB next year and move on from Jameis and BA and Ownership do it? 2. Would Licht stay and be able to draft another QB if we indeed do? Because if not I bet you could make the case that BA steps down.
  10. All things QB/Jameis

  11. All things QB/Jameis

    Got to be looking for another QB next season.
  12. Roster Review Potential picks/trades/FA

    Depends on the price. Can’t give up a 1st and Perryman should be cut to get another comp pick. This is a move to “fix” CB for 2-3 years while Pat is still in his prime. Otherwise you go into the draft needing QB, CB and OL. Developing more CBs is a no for me at this point.
  13. Tidbits from around the league

    Yeah I know. Just watching Bush score a TD and then pick off a pass on back to back drives. White will be fine, just saying.
  14. Tidbits from around the league

    Devin Bush playing well
  15. Roster Review Potential picks/trades/FA

    My takeaway from today is go get Joe Burrow. Yes there are other problems, but we need a QB and saving $30 million per year will help us acquire talent around him.