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  1. Preseason week one: Bucs @ Dolphins

    That’s why we drafted Carlton and Stewart.
  2. Preseason week one: Bucs @ Dolphins

    I’ll have to watch the replay but first drive looked good on paper.
  3. Preseason week one: Bucs @ Dolphins

    Cat just missed the extra point. This team is cursed.
  4. Bucs training camp discussion - IT'S HAPPENING

    This loops in perfectly with my post about OJ in the fantasy thread but more of a TC thread post.
  5. 4 fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

    There is only one football and I think Evans is the safest bet to get the most opportunities. Picking from Antonio Brown, Julio and OBJ, Evans will have more competition for targets so I’d keep that in mind. I actually think that while Brate is the red zone TE it seems, OJ could have a huge year being a mismatch in the middle of the field. Only one football but I see Evans, OJ and Godwin doing most of the work this year with Brate right behind and DJax being the 2-3 catch guy who ends up with 100 yards due to taking the top off the defense. I’d definitely grab OJ as a high upside TE2.
  6. Bucs training camp discussion - IT'S HAPPENING

    Lots of good competition it seems this year by above average players, something we don’t usually have in camp. Hopefully that translates to being more ready for game situations. One can only hope.
  7. Question of the day 8/5 (Record?)

    9 or 10 wins and a wild card playoff birth. Definitely possible looking at our potential and improved DL. I voted for 9 to be conservative. Either mark would be well above league expectations.
  8. Bucs training camp discussion - IT'S HAPPENING

    If I’m being optimistic my hope is that our DL and LBs are so strong, similar to Carolina in recent years, that the inexperience in the secondary is masked. Plus a big time surprise from our rookies or Justin Evans to continue his development in a big way wouldn’t hurt. But I do believe that a strong front 7 will mask a lot of secondary weaknesses.
  9. Training Camp Surprise(s)?

    That’s been the idea for what, 15 years now?
  10. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    Something interesting to consider
  11. Training Camp Surprise(s)?

    From the $6M argument it makes little sense for the Jets, completely agree. I just look and see McCown and Darnold there and see a crowded QB room. Teddy was signed when getting Darnold was a pipe dream. Now that things have fallen in the Jets favor, I think he’s expendable. I don’t think he’ll be flat out released, but someone will give up a late round pick for him imo.
  12. This Ain't Bucs Talk

    Couldn’t have said it better. With all this talk of the NBA needing to re do how the seed the playoffs and get away from conferences, I truly think majority of the problems would be fixed if they had a hard cap like the NFL. The Thunder are some $300M over the cap in luxury tax?! That’s just crazy.
  13. This Ain't Bucs Talk

    How bout the NBA though? The West is way lopsided over the East (only that could happen in a sport where only 5 players start and you can mess with luxury tax). It’s just a joke. As a Pacers fan I think they will legit challenge in the East but it’s not going to matter in the finals.
  14. Training Camp Surprise(s)?

    Separate thought on a surprise. And no I do not want to take over this thread with a ton of Jameis suspension talk (yes this is directed toward you R&P). Tampa trades a late round pick for Teddy Bridgewater. Jameis now has legit backup competition and our team has some sort of insurance policy if Jameis at the very least doesn’t play well when he comes back from suspension. Seems like Teddy has looked real good in underwear football and McCown is clearly the bridge QB and Darnald is the Jets future.. That would be a heck of a surprise imo but a smart thing to do for many reasons.
  15. Training Camp Surprise(s)?

    I think guys who will be more of a surprise are the ones that were late round picks or UDFAs just because of that alone. With that said I could see and hope these guys are standouts. Shaun Wilson Jordan Whitehead Carlton Davis (locking down a starting spot based on merit not need) Caleb Benenoch Bobo Wilson Justin Watson