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  1. Gerald McCoy released - Signs with Carolina

    Haha. BA really just goes in.
  2. Offseason Rumors

    Vea and Suh with White and David behind them. Factor in all the coverage guys we added. Yep. 180 on defense.
  3. Talk about full circle if this happens. Well I think he’d definitely have more of a Sapp like mean streak for everyone that compared Gerald to Sapp for 9 years. Personally, id trade for Leonard Williams and pair him with Vea for a few years. Obviously that would be harder to pull off.
  4. Gerald McCoy released - Signs with Carolina

    Had a feeling it would happen but it’s weird seeing it reported. I wish Gerald the best and truly hope he gets to pursue a ring at his next stop. He got too much criticism for not being Sapp. Gerald was a top player in the league for many years. Period. However, from a business standpoint, it was time. He seemed burnt out in Tampa and that salary cap hit was too high for him now. Interesting but obvious to see Lavonte so upset. New coach comes it and obviously isn’t playing. This is definitely a different feel for a new regime.
  5. Rookie Numbers

    19 ... but it’s too close for comfort lol
  6. Rookie Numbers

    Oh I’d rather him keep 41 just saying. Yeah I never liked how Carlton got 33 last year either. Wonder if someone will switch to 24 as you mentioned or another 20s number if it comes available.
  7. Rookie Numbers

    Biggest surprise to me is White. I wonder if he’ll still go after 40?
  8. 2019 NFL Draft thread

    I fully expect us to draft heavy on the OL next year, but what we have will suffice this season as we couldn’t win with what we had at defense before this draft.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft thread

    They want everything funneled up the middle and have full confidence in a White and David to make the play. Also puts into perspective why they had the grade on White they did.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft thread

    Bowles likes big OLB in his 3-4 and fast gap shooting ILBs. Makes sense.
  11. Bucs draft DT Terry Beckner Jr. - SIGNED

    Basically we’ll get nothing from him or he’ll be a steal. Works for a 7th round pick.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft thread

    Alright well, draft complete. I’ve got no issues with the approach this year. We had a top 5 offense that put plenty of points on the board last year. We lost games because of the defense and special teams. Sure our OL could be upgraded but a few notes on that. We got a vet to hold down RG even if he is average. Maybe we can utalize guys like Liedtke who never got a shot. But above all we should have better coaching. Hopefully we can run block better and do a bit better in pass. It helps Jameis is so good outside the pocket, but still, we put up points and had a top 5 unit with this garbage OL last season. We are in a passing league and moving to a 3-4. We absolutely had to get better in the secondary. We were signing guys off the street to start last year mid year. Get a bunch of young talent and make them compete and the best man will start and then we’ll have some depth. We will have more LBs and need to control the center of the field, especially in this defense playing in this division. White and David might be the best ILB combo in football now and combine for 10 sacks. And White is still learning and improving at LB. Backing up the inside we have Buchanan who had success with Arians and out wide we have JPP and Barrett. Yeah the concept of a kicker stings in the 5th but games are regularly won and lost by kicking and we know that all too well. I thought Santos did well last year but there are definitely limitations there. If Gay needs to improve anywhere it’s his 3 step run up and some accuracy from 40-49 yards out but I think with narrower hashes it should help. We already know he’s good from 50+. The fact people started trading up for kickers after our pick of Gay makes me feel even better from a value perspective. So basically we said there is one key area that needed to be upgraded in order for us to win games and that’s defense with a kicker right after. We went all out and did that with not just talent but leaders. I’m down and look forward to not being down 2 TDs early in games anymore and sweating bullets every time we kick and extra point.
  13. Bucs select K Matt Gay - SIGNED

    Based on that article posted above it looks like 40-49 yards out is his weakness while 50+ is above average. The 40-49 yards out worries me. Those are money kicks in the NFL.
  14. Bucs select K Matt Gay - SIGNED

    Mormon Janikowski as it was stated by Eisen. This guy better be better than Santos if we’re spending a 5th on him.
  15. Bucs pick CB Jamel Dean

    From those highlights alone, yeah I’d say he’s a man corner who can blitz and tackle.