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  1. I never said he gets a lot of calls. Also, said it's not his fault meaning he not intentionally tries to get calls. I said annoying there's a difference. Clearly, I have watch Kyler Murray from a non bias stand point.
  2. Nagy is horrible but this is on the Bears fans. He basically were saying Fields wasn't ready to go against NFL teams with this OL. Bears fans wanted Fields out there and this is the result. Still believe he's going to be a good QB but his confidence is taking a big shot this year.
  3. Not Kyler fault but it's annoying the roughing calls he gets. He's short and has a habit of ducking near contact which makes any hit on him seems like you aiming for his head.
  4. WFT just cut Hopkins. I would take him over Greg joseph.
  5. Watson most likely would've been the pick if went the draft route. He's the only QB that year that checks all the boxes under the Parcells QB criteria. Which is important to Zim and what made them like Teddy.
  6. While both games for the Vikings have been frustrating to watch. I'm having a positive outlook against Seattle. Vikings have played them well on the road and finally have a home game. Seattle defense and OL is still shaky. The Vikings must start the game well to keep the crowd engaged. My biggest fear is them starting slow and the crowd turns on them. Vikings defense has to limit the big plays because Seattle have been most of theirs TDs from big plays. Dantzler has to play over Breeland and Tomlinson must show up. Also pass rush has to show up again hopefully Griffen is back.
  7. I don't know for GM but really like what Brian Daboll has done the Bills as OC. Whether like Mond or go in the draft this team need a offensive minded coach who will groom a young QB.
  8. Reasons why I expect the defense to be better and win against Cincy.
  9. They must like a couple of players who got release today. Either way I'm happy he's not on the 53 and he will be better on practice squad.
  10. Crazy looking at the Chiefs rebuilt OL and seeing how well they look. Especially since Vikings fans wanted nearly their whole OL OBJ, Thurney, Creed, and Trey Smith
  11. Griffen with the pressure and Wonnum getting the sack
  12. I can't watch the game. However, seeing that Jake Browning is trending 14# on Twitter and it's not for anything positive is very bad. Vet QB might be on speed dial now.
  13. I really want to see how the interior OL plays against Buckner and Stewart. Also, the backup safeties and Mond.
  14. Most of Dozier snaps was against Shamar. The same Shamar who played 16 games with 0.5 sacks and 5 pressures last year.
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