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  1. I forgot to draft a CB 14: R1 P14 OT Christian Darrisaw - Virginia Tech 78: R3 P14 G Wyatt Davis - Ohio State 90: R3 P26 QB Davis Mills - Stanford 119: R4 P14 DL Jaylen Twyman - Pittsburgh 125: R4 P20 DL Earnest Brown IV - Northwestern 134: R4 P29 S Richie Grant - UCF 143: R4 P38 WR Dyami Brown - North Carolina 157: R5 P13 WR Josh Palmer - Tennessee 168: R5 P24 LB Charles Snowden - Virginia 199: R6 P15 K Evan McPherson - Florida
  2. CB with one of the 3rd's who Zim could redshirt might be a lock now with Gladney situation. I'm still hoping the Vikings draft a larger OG who won't get push back so often. If Trey Lance somehow falls to 14 the Vikings need to take him. Continuing to use so much of your cap on one player (Kirk) who constantly want top dollar is not sustainable.
  3. WFT DE Sweat he was 6'6 260 and ran 4.41 at the combine. Oweh is a hard worker and Patterson could do wonders for him
  4. All the FA signings made sense before today. Dozier resigning is something I just don't understand. He was horrible in pass blocking and below average in run blocking. I don't trust Dennison to keep him off the field. Vikings always have to make OL so complex.
  5. Yes I believe so. Mac Jones value goes up if 4 QBs are gone in the top 4. So if the Vikings want to trade back they are in a better position for the Steelers, Washington, etc to trade without involving future 1sts. If Mac goes in the top 10 then that's just another skilled player dropping . It's not a huge deal for the Vikings but 4 or 5 QBs going early provides Vikings more flexibility.
  6. Stay At 14 In order Pitts Slater AVT in the 1st. 3rd Twyman/DT/WR/DE 4th OL/SLB/QB Trade back In order Oweh, Paye, 2nd OL 3rd WR/QB 4th OL/DT/SLB/TE
  7. I'm still a firm believer in Ezra is a LT not a guard. So AVT or trading back for Dickerson or Leatherwood. Or waiting in the 2nd or 3rd round for a guard.
  8. Adding leadership to the defense seems to be the goal. Both PP and Dalvin are highly praise for their leadership. Always like Peterson. Hoping he has some juice left. Having more safety help will allow him not force things as much.
  9. Gotta sign at least one true starter on the OL preferably a LG. Then draft RG and sign a vet to compete.
  10. While of course I would want the bigger name and more of pass rusher in Rankins. I do really like the Dalvin signing. He will keep the LBs clean and shows the ability to get off blocks unlike Shamar. He helps Zimmer get teams to become one dimensional again.
  11. He's a wide 9 pass rusher who only wants to rush the passer. Not going to play the run, will freelance and leave lanes open in the defense. I think he's a good fit for the Raiders because he do apply great pressure and causes turnovers which Raider do need.
  12. I wish Kirk would do this. Saints are doing something similar with Hill. Shamar still on the team with his cap hit has me confuse
  13. Hoping Ezra gets the LT spot, he's built like an LT. He's too tall and has a weak anchor at RG. Like everyone else the Vikings need to sign one of the good OG. This is not the time to be cute and do something crazy. I hope they didn't chose keeping Shamar over Reiff.
  14. There need to be competition with Joseph whether FA or draft. I wouldn't mind them drafting a kicker in the 7th only. If win Vikings have a cheap player under control for years or can easily cut.
  15. Not too serious right now and not going to freak out. Clearly was a jab at Rick about not asking to be the highest paid player comment. Vikings should and will bump his pay. Vikings won't get the proper trade value for him. Zim and Rick who could be gone this year already saw what this unit can do without Hunter and it wasn't much.
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