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  1. Unlike Rodgers, Kirk contract is guaranteed for 35mil and 45 next year. It should be easier for him not to crumble about Mond pick at least for 2021. Rick/Zim is not going to bench him this year especially with them going all in this offseason. Also, Kirk is a professional and knows barring injury he will get another chance in 2023 with a new team.
  2. No, I think it has more to do about the development of the rest of the DE's excluding DJ. Holmes has done nothing, Herc while played better at DE is not showing enough for them to be comfortable he can be DE3. Wilekins is a late round player coming off an injury and Brailford was a PS signing. None of these players have the Vikings confident that they will pan out. If Hunter or DJ goes down then Vikings are basically back to having 2020 Vikings pass rush again or worse. Both Jones/Robinson have the potential to be better then the rest of the DE's in year one.
  3. Happy to have a QB with some pocket presence. Outside of the year with Case we been stuck in no presence era of Bradford and Kirk
  4. KC got Trey Smith they seem to get every OL on the Viking fans list.
  5. I do hope he goes back under 300 pounds. I understand for the draft process of reaching 300 but it should be good weight from maturing.
  6. I been banging on the table for him or Wilson for months now. Of course I'm happy. His pro day is not his real athleticism. He will be someone who can spilt gaps and great at stunts. Rick got Darrisaw, Davis and Twyman
  7. He's athletic TE who could replace Tyler if leave next year. Fills a need pick hope he do well
  8. TE Davidson. TE need is now filled
  9. Hoping for Marvin Wilson of Tywman. I'm happy with the draft day 1 and 2 has this team a good shape for 2021 season
  10. I could also. Sean is well like by Kirk and Klint. Spoken highly about the info he relays to Kirk and could be a mentor to Mond in year 1
  11. Patterson has such a great track record in the mid rounds at DE. I just automatically accept the selection if he gives the thumps up! Jones has talent and well a chance to develop without being rush to the field. He's faster than his 40 time considering he hurt his hamstring and Pitt track was slow (every Pitt player had a slow 40 time)
  12. Now want Twyman in the 4th. Maybe get a safety or Perkins with their last 3rd round pick
  13. Love the 1st two picks and now I have one pick that feel should've been taken later. Trey Smith, Perkins, Wyatt, Johnson, DE Smith
  14. So Mond over Mills. I'm happy to actually have a real development QB
  15. No but we have so many more picks. He can be a true 2# WR
  16. Terrance Marshall would allow Adam to play in the slot and eventually replace him
  17. Basham would be nice if continue to fall
  18. Great pick. As much as I believe Ezra is a LT, Darrisaw is simply a better player. Also he add size which is something I wanted to add to the OL. Rick had me nervous with the trade back. AVT while good never felt like he was worth #14.
  19. I could see pick 66 and 86 getting them somewhere in the middle of the 2nd. Trade chart is 420 and that equal the Oak 48 pick
  20. Dislike the Ravens but rather Bateman go there than GB. I'm happy
  21. Hoping for Trey Smith/Cleveland/Davis. I want a OG with some size who won't get push back so often. Ezra switch to LG
  22. I agree. Can't get out of the 1st. Farley might be the pick
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