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  1. How quickly people forget last years week 17 qb performance
  2. This week 17 qb performance reminds me of last years week 17 qb performance
  3. Gregory played great, he’s got great speed, chased down hurts while behind him unreal this team could make the playoffs
  4. Why is pollard in for a 1 yard run? dude has no power
  5. Also had Shultz with a PF call, would have been a replay of downs our own 34 yard line, 5 plays later, skins td, up 17-10
  6. Losing both tackles against this d line really put the offense in a hole what are we working with, our 3rd and 4th string tackles? ( I actually think it’s our 4th and 5th string tackles ) Martins going to miss some time, who’s our best lineman now? mccarthy made 2 really horrible decisions on the cowboys side of the 50 (going for it on 4th and 1 and the fake punt). I’m fairly certain both resulted in points for the skins really didn’t give his team a chance
  7. I honestly believe Garrett would have a better record at this point as sad as that is
  8. So give dak a ton of resources and then Use the resources to get other players? problem is, the resources are finite
  9. I’m not blaming dak, I’m saying the TEAM is garbage so we can go down the road of throwing BIG money contracts at players that eat up our cap or we can spread that money around to make the TEAM better
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