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  1. Was going to say this. I like AJ Dillon and even like that we are using him more but seems like he is getting more of the run calls and it is tough for Jones to get going. Dillon is doing well but still think Jones is the better runner/catcher and has the better chance to break off the big run.
  2. Really hoping Lowry can go. Would be pretty thin up front without him. Obviously we would make it work with more two down lineman sets but concernced with Lancaster and Slaton possibly fatiguing with a larger workload. Don't believe Helfin has played all that much so far. Wouldn't be shocked to see Kenny Clark being the only DL on some 3rd downs.
  3. I haven't seen one person project Deguara to ****** over guys or make stretch out catches, did Tonyan make a lot of cathces over guys? I also haven't seen anyone expecting him to be a 3rd OT on the field. Have you seen anyone say these things? I may disagree with him not being able to cut and get open but we will see soon enough, just like we will see how he handles going over the middle of the field. Deguara seems to have good hands, and looks like he is decent after the catch, I am sure the Packers will have to adjust to his game and try to get him catches in open space. Also, it isn't
  4. Seems a little early to make that generalization, especially a guy coming off an ACL but we should know here pretty soon though.
  5. Deguara seems more explosive and is better after the catch and can't say for sure, but would think he is a better blocker than Tonyan? The biggest issue would be knowing the playbook and losing a little bit of height in certain situations. Losing Tonyan sucks but think Deguara will be alright and like you said, the guy was a 3rd round pick so see what he can do with more reps.
  6. If he didn't leave on bad terms or depending how the team felt about his suspension, I would definitely like to bring Sternberger back. I thought he flashed a little in the preseason and would be a guy who could attack the seam some to replace Tonyan.
  7. I guess we could do nothing? Do you have any better DL options with “game” left in free agency I should be aware of? I guess we could wait until others teams start cutting players but would those players not have “game” as well? I’d probably pass on Short but coming off injuries, do we actually know for sure that Atkins and Casey have nothing left to offer? There’s also a chance they come in and they are our second best D-lineman outside of the chance that Keke stays healthy and has a breakout year. Could it be possible that a change of scenery, playing next to Kenny Clark, along with
  8. I would say if one of Runyan or Turner are really struggling on the right side then they would start him over there but if everyone is playing well they may just keep him at swing.
  9. Really hoping we can sign Geno Atkins and at least bring a veteran ILB into camp to compete. I would feel pretty good about this team if those two things can happen, mainly signing Geno. Edit: Would also be happy with Jurrell Casey and possibly Kawann Short(not sure how much his play has dropped off or if he is a scheme fit.)
  10. I didn't say longer history, just more history. I didn't take it as a slam(I actually don't care but just using it as an excuse to randomly talk about KC), I know KC isn't a big market by any means even though I would consider it a pretty underrated city. Milwaukee would be more of a comparison for sure and KC was a cowtown but I was responding to being somewhat equal to Green Bay in the boring aspect. I guess it depends how often the players go down to Milwaukee for entertainment which is a decent commute. For the record, I would gladly live in the quiet and boring Green Bay compared to
  11. Funny you say that; I would consider the Chiefs my "second" team to root for after the Packers since I live in KC. So if all goes to hell in GB, I at least have a decent team to fall back on. Plus not bad being able to enjoy Favre,Rodgers, and Mahomes on teams I root for in my lifetime.
  12. I have only been to Green Bay once to attend a game but living in Kansas City, I'd have to say KC would be a lot less boring and would be more appealing for a player who wants things to do compared to GB. KC is 5-10X bigger than GB, more history, more diversity/different cultures, better night life, etc. With that being said, I knew what you meant, just felt like I had to chime in being from KC.
  13. Don't know about the player but will take the position.
  14. Well shouldn’t have said anything...Nixon is gone.
  15. Let’s get Dayvion Nixon and Dylan Moses here in the 5th. Would also take a running back like Khalil Herbert(think he is still available)
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