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  1. Yes Stew and his #43 ranked in yards per carry needs to go. Patriots know how to win because they get rid of guys instead of being loyal. Nobody deserves anything in this league.
  2. So you want to keep Star over Norwell?
  3. I would be okay if we brought one of these guys in. Moncrief hands are not the greatest from what I remember. I do not think we are destroyed at WR like the "experts" say. Samuel has the ability to be a B+ WR in this league and Funchess is a B+ guy. Robinson or Lee would quickly boost that position and allow us to focus the draft on defense. We need to address all three units on the defense.
  4. I appreciate any comments. Positive or negative. If you notice anything incorrect let me know so I can adjust. I am going to update this as I go along. I have not yet included a Draft because it is WAY TOO premature. Ownership - ABD - Anyone But Diddy. I really have no opinion on who I would like to buy the team. That said, I have heard rumblings about possible new ownership moving the team outside of Charlotte. I do not think this is wise. I think the ACC would quickly remove their championship game from Bank of America. GM - Again, I cannot pretend to know the ends and outs of wh
  5. not thrilled either, but Wade Davis did a great job this year for LA. Let's hope for the best.
  6. looks like we have our new O/C ESPN thoughts?
  7. you think Stewart is and would be fine based on what?
  8. if not in house (which I dont see happening) what candidates usually take these jobs? college coaches? current succeeding qb coaches?
  9. this is the best news i've heard all day. wonder who our targets are.
  10. I would say at least 2, if not 3, primetime games (please not a Thursday). 1. One divisional - likely NO or ATL. Please let it be at home. If its NO, prob a roadie, if ATL, prob a home. 2. Then I could see SEA, DAL, PHI, or PIT all (not all 4, but any) as a primetime game. I'd prefer our road game non-conference, if they give us a 1 and 1.
  11. We played them better than I expected and we had opportunities to win. Our play calling is odd in the red zone... 1. I really think getting rid of Stew is the top priority and bringing in a rookie - via Round 2 or 3. Look at the RB class this past draft. Yes, I still believe we nailed our pick with C-Mc, but we need a more consistent running. I do not know why we insist on wasting 3 or 4 plays a game with a sweep to J-Stew. 2. Re-sign Norwell. I do not know if we will give him the money he wants, but we need to find a way. 3. RB, S, OL, WR, DE - in no particular order need to
  12. I really hope Norwell is back, but he will probably demand what Turner got, if not more because of his accolades. That said, I believe Ryan retires, and I would not like to see a huge hole in our offensive line when we have many other glaring needs. Re-signing him I see is a top 5 priority this offseason.
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