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  1. I have a safety related question. People keep referring to Savage being moved to the STAR position. What does this position entail, and would Jeremiah Owusu Koramoah or Trevon Moehrig fit this? What about in the rest of the draft?
  2. Amen to that. I've watched the draft every year going back to at least the Rodgers draft. Every year, like clockwork, I've watched them select a guy who basically has a late round/UDFA grade. Every year I tell myself to trust that the Packers scouts have better info than the talking heads. And every year I watch the third round pick from two or three years ago flame out. It seems beyond comprehension.
  3. This draft is completely sensible and straightforward, which means it's incredibly unlikely. I do like the trade down as a viable option.
  4. Worth noting that the packers have had visits with Williams and Felton, so you're in the ballpark
  5. Agreed. I'd leave a large brown stain on the couch if the Packers traded up that far for sure
  6. Give me option 1. I really think we'll appreciate investing all those top picks in the trenches.
  7. I hate it, which means it's fairly likely. I guess it does highlight the fact that we currently don't expect either our LT or RT to be ready for Week 1. I think Eichenburg could be gone by round 2, but if the board falls that way i could be a great value. I've also never heard of the guy you selected in Round 3. What does he add to this offense if Adams is extended?
  8. I really liked the mock, even it you are a bit dry on DL. One highlight your forgot to mention is that Dazz Newsome returns punts as well. He's my mid round draft crush for sure.
  9. To be honest, I'm in complete agreement. If I were Gute, I would have rode Rodgers until the bitter end, which could still be 5 years away. But at this point, I'm just trying to follow his logic and see what the next move is. Drafting Love, with the cap situation outline above, seems like a guarantee to move on from Rodgers. It seems insane to think we'll be paying Rodgers $17.2 just to play against him, but that's the bed we've made and now we have to lie in it.
  10. Thanks. Lots of guys getting old and expensive quickly. I'd be pretty sour if we start backloading contracts of guys on their third contract (Bakh). Is it fair to conclude, based on those numbers, that either Adams or Rodgers will be gone in 2022?
  11. Ugh. I reread this like 4 times and thought it was stupid, trolling, crazy, and the most likely outcome
  12. Has anyone done a deeper dive on the 2022 offseason? With all the cap hits being pushed out, how much trouble will we be in after this season? I get the impression we'll be capped out next offseason even with the cap going back up.
  13. That's my question too. KK doesn't excite me in any way, but I would be far more worried rolling into the draft with Jaire and Sullivan. And I don't see anyone else available that's better than King, either.
  14. I'm a fan of the signing, but let's not act like KK's play in the NFCCG wasn't a huge part of the defensive breakdown
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