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  1. Amen to that. Ken Ingalls on twitter does good salary cap scenarios for the packers, and the level of cutting even if rodgers leaves will hurt. As weird as it sounds, he may not even want to hang around next year, it might not be the Packers's decision to make.
  2. Fair point, but my definition of a JAG is a guy who doesn't see a long term 2nd contract. Obviously if his previous teams thought he were more than a JAG, he would not be available to us.
  3. He wasn't resigned by his drafted team and wasn't resigned after a one year deal after that. He was a fourth round pick, so it's probably not fair to call him a bust, but he's certainly a JAG
  4. I see now. I didn't know a team could protect a PS player. That makes sense, otherwise why would a team care about who's on their PS if they can just be poached by any team in need.
  5. Now that it's cutdown time again, can someone walk me through the practice squad rules again? Specifically, what does it mean when someone says we "stashed" a player on the PS? I know PS players are free agents who can be signed to any teams 53 man roster, so what rights does the team hold to their own practice squad?
  6. Can't wait to watch Packer fans do this for the next 15 years
  7. Just to be clear, does this mean you gambled on his college games or were you betting on his preseason games? Cause one of those is the type of truly degenerate behavior I'd be proud of.
  8. Kumerow was Rodgers' summer fling. We all look at it with confusion, but anyone who looks back at their summer fling smiles. Don't take that away from Rodgers, AG.
  9. So after this, you trade Rodgers and you're already $20M under for something like Jaire/Tonyan? Seems reasonable
  10. Yeah at this point I'd be on the phone trying to trade EQ or Funchess to a team in need of WR depth
  11. What drives me nuts is that if we did go all in and missed, those same fans would blame the FO for "wasting Rodgers prime" with the bad signings made to go all in. That being said, I support going all in at the end of a franchise QBs career since you are usually not in a position to have the next franchise QB lined up. Ironically, this doesn't apply to either Favre or Rodgers.
  12. Does anyone foresee any cap casualties coming out of this camp? Obviously cap space is at a premium this year, so I'd be curious if there are any camp battles where it would make sense to go with the younger, cheaper play. Immediately I thought of Devin Funchess and Josh Jackson, who would each save maybe $1-1.5M and might no provide much of an upgrade over their replacements.
  13. Just curious, but what is Rodgers value next spring, assuming he has a good (but not MVP) season this year with no serious injuries. He'd only be under contract for on more year, and you'd have to sign him to a large extension, but does that diminish his value a lot? I know we were using the Stafford trade as a starting point, but Rodgers is older. I think they each had 1 year left on their contracts when traded.
  14. That might not be true. He expects to be the highest paid WR in the league now, and he'll want that at the end of the season as well.
  15. Would the front office want to do this and risk creating more player rift, after the way this last season went?
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