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  1. Chargers best case long term solution

    Best long term scenario - San Diego, San Antonio, Portland, Mexico City, London, St. Louis, all 6 are better options than being 2nd fiddle in LA where 50% of the #1 team in town (the Rams) are already fair weather fans.
  2. San Antonio attempting to land NFL team

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Raiders are in San Antonio next year. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised to see San Antonio pursue the Chargers if the LA deal flops badly at the new LA stadium.
  3. San Antonio attempting to land NFL team

    If the Chargers can't move to San Diego again, I say Mexico City or San Antonio.
  4. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Hopefully San Diego if they can't play at Sam Boyd Stadium next year
  5. Current/Future NFL problems

    NFL needs to get rid of Thursday Night football and give ESPN a Sunday game so another network gets a national TV game.
  6. Next QB to be benched?

    I keep thinking the same thing.
  7. Where will the Raiders play in 2019?

    UNLV or Berkeley if UNLV isn't feasible at all, make the most sense.
  8. Who’s the worst team in football?

    The Raiders are an utter disaster.
  9. New football league, the AAF, debuts next year

    I'm American and I love the CFL. Glad it's not an NFL developmental league or at least it doesn't try to be.
  10. New football league, the AAF, debuts next year

    RUMOR https://www.seccountry.com/sec/sec-cbs-analyst-rick-neuheisel-alliance-american-football-league Southern California rumored with Rick Neuheisel.
  11. New football league, the AAF, debuts next year

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/steve-spurrier-announced-as-first-coach-and-orlando-first-host-city-for-alliance-of-american-football/ Orlando announced as the first team at Spectrum Stadium (UCF) with Steve Spurrier as coach.
  12. Who do you believe are the best young QBs?

    Goff, Wentz, Watson, Garropollo look promising. Mariota and Carr have disappointed, still think they have potential to be "very good, not elite or easily hall of fame worthy" type QB's. I've been disappointed in Winston.
  13. Should the NFL go back to the Cheese League?

    Quite a few teams scrimmage each other plus there's already 4 preseason games anyway.
  14. Would you give Johnny Manziel another shot?

    Nah let's see him in the AoAF or XFL.
  15. Blazin' Blaine Gabbert signs with the Titans

    He's a lot better than Kessler and Drew Stanton imo.