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  1. Las Vegas Raider Stadium

    I agree I'm not a huge fan of the LA Stadium but I like the Inglewood location next to The Forum and the possible new Clippers arena. Does indeed look soulless compared to LA Coliseum and Rose Bowl.
  2. Come see the LASED

    IIRC the Las Vegas Stadium has a lot of the stadium design/plans from the Carson proposal a few years ago
  3. Come see the LASED

    Which stadium is going to be better? Las Vegas Stadium or LASED?
  4. Remove preseason matches?

    Keep it or shorten it to 3 preseason games. 1 home game, 1 road game, 1 neutral site game. NFL could have 16 neutral site preseason games in various locations.
  5. Las Vegas Raider Stadium

    I wouldn't mind an alternate "Las Vegas" Raiders logo & jersey, but just as an alternate/special edition once a season.
  6. Come see the LASED

    Looks nice, flew over it a few weeks ago. Still don't care for the Chargers playing there, but that's a long discussion.
  7. OT: XFL signs deals with ABC/ESPN & FOX/FS1 to televise games

    From what I'm reading as of late is that Vince is expecting to lose 100 million for the first 3 years. Only thing I dislike about the XFL is the 3PT conversion & starting a week after the Super Bowl has been proven to not work for a lot of teams. They would have been much better off starting a week or 2 before (or after) March Madness in the spring.
  8. OT: XFL signs deals with ABC/ESPN & FOX/FS1 to televise games

    Oliver Luck is saying their targeted goal for their stadiums is around 20,000 people. I'm not saying the XFL probably won't fail or make it longer than a season, but it seems like Vince & Oliver Luck have done a lot of smart things including this TV deal which is miles better than the AAF's.
  9. https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/SB-Blogs/Breaking-News/2019/05/XFL.aspx
  10. XFL Thread

    XFL announced their TV deal today - 24 games on national TV (ABC & FOX) 1 game a week minimum on FOX 1 game a week minimum on ABC 1 game a week on Fox Sports 1 Select games on ESPN, ESPN2. 1 game on Fox Sports 2.
  11. Las Vegas Raider Stadium

    Wouldn't surprise me to see a new Bills stadium go the cheaper route. Don't really need to build an expensive stadium when you aren't hosting Final Fours, Major MMA/Wrestling/Boxing, or a Super Bowl.
  12. Las Vegas Raider Stadium

    They gotta find a way to have an underpass or bridge from Mandalay Bay to the stadium that's walkable/bikeable. Would really help things out from a traffic and parking standpoint.
  13. Things you like about your least favorite teams

    NE Patriots - nothing.
  14. Is it blasphemy to like more than one team?

    The Raiders kinda suck so you gotta jump on a bandwagon.
  15. Joe Tessitore, Bogger McFarland Annnounced As MNF Crew

    Tessitore is a good announcer.