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  1. Dome Teams on the Road in Conference Championships

    I think it's a real thing, especially in the playoffs.
  2. Johnny Manziel Wants Another Shot

    Is he allowed in the XFL when it starts? They need to at least give us some coverage and live streams of these Spring League games...
  3. Who do you consider the five least talented teams outside QB?

    Packers are an underrated bad team without Rodgers. I'm a critic of Stafford, but he doesn't have a lot of talent there in Detroit IMO.
  4. The XFL will need its own section if it comes back.

    Agreed. Played for a bit growing up, I have little to no interest in soccer abroad, MLS isn't getting fast enough at getting big.
  5. National TV projections 2018

    The Monday and Thursday Night national games are garbage/mediocre teams half the time. I hope Dallas/Houston & LA Rams vs LA Chargers are national TV games.
  6. Luck over Manning Revisited.

    I think it all depends on how Luck plays when he comes back. If he's back to the old Luck that can put a team in contention, then yeah.
  7. Kings ransom? A team offers a 2nd round pick and I'd take it. He's an average QB that is counting 7.6 mil against the cap. Don't know if I want to keep a backup for that. His value won't get any higher.
  8. The XFL will need its own section if it comes back.

    Not gonna lie I've had a few people say on FB that they're sad real football is gone until August/September, I wouldn't say the XFL is going to have a lot of popularity but there would be some interest if they started it after the Super Bowl.
  9. I think Foles should be an option if Cousins isn't.
  10. Foles vs. Wentz - what will the Eagles do??

    If the Eagles really think a team will take a flyer on getting Foles right before the trade deadline, then yeah you keep him, but do you want to risk him leaving for nothing when they can get decent compensation? I guess I'm in the minority but I gamble on Nick Sudfeld for 6 games at most & a possible decent draft pick or two that could make a bigger impact in the long term.
  11. No way someone doesn't trade for him now, right?
  12. QB Carousel 2018

    I have a hard time seeing some team not wanting Foles.
  13. Rams and Chiefs set to play in Mexico this upcoming season

    I'm OK with international games, but there needs to be a rule where any game of that nature is not a divisional game.
  14. Tough to predict the NFL these days. I have confidence the Rams will win 9-10 games next year, but other than that... not really sure. Seattle looks to be on the free fall, Cardinals we'll see, and 49ers are looking upwards.