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  1. Bold prediction: Chargers AFC Super Bowl LIV representative

    Whatever gets them more fans.
  2. I'd give Brady the credit for the offense & BB for the defense.
  3. Former Lions QB Josh McCown Announces Retirement From NFL

    Yeah. Josh really wasn't that bad in 2013, 15, 17. One of the better backups in the league.
  4. The team should be renamed "Winnipeg Raiders" just for this game. Haha.
  5. So is Green Bay, hell Pittsburgh who's one of the more popular fanbases & teams in the league is fairly small too. Guess let's move or get rid of them too huh.
  6. Chris Blewitt blew it with the Bears

    LOL the Bears probably cut him for PR reasons "Blewitt". I feel for the guy.
  7. Former Lions QB Josh McCown Announces Retirement From NFL

    Dang was hoping he would be a tank commander or even be an XFL QB, lol.
  8. If NFL expands again, what cities are possibilities?

    32 is perfect but I would be fine if the Chargers & New England went away. Isn't Buffalo & 2 NY teams enough for the New England area? I feel like the Browns & Bengals should merge since the Bengals play at Paul Brown Stadium and what not.
  9. Was Tony Dungy an elite head coach

    Nah. Some of those Colts defenses were pathetic. That's on him.
  10. Las Vegas Stadium News

    I'm just glad our dumb little stadium isn't called "LASED", sounds cheesy as hell.
  11. The Chargers aren't going to be getting LASED and filling that stadium. Facts.
  12. If NFL expands again, what cities are possibilities?

    London, Mexico City, Toronto, San Antonio, San Diego.
  13. Your favorite football stadium of all time?

    Any of them on a given day. I've only been to Rice-Eccles Stadium (Utah), Lavell Edwards Stadium (BYU), Holt Arena (Idaho State), Sam Boyd Stadium (UNLV) sadly. I've been to a bunch of college basketball and NBA arenas. But football is pretty limited.
  14. I wish the Chargers would move to San Diego/San Antonio/Toronto/Mexico City. But they're locked into being the little brother of the Rams at LASED.
  15. Raiders/Packers to play in Winnipeg, Canada week 3 of preseason

    Yeah, I would have preferred a game at BC Place.