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  1. He got Alphonso Smith'd today. He's not very good.
  2. I think this is a great test for this new coaching staff. The 49ers clearly have the better roster, so game planning and adjustments will be critical to have a chance. I'm particularly anxious to see our new defensive front perform. I love Barnes, Alim and Levi. I think it will be the most improved unit for us.
  3. I'm excited to see the kid compete at his natural position. He may very well have a bad game but hopefully it would make him better.
  4. Brady is the greatest ever so that helps my point. Roethlisberger is a HOFer. Flacco was spectacular on that run as was Foles. I don't see Goff as ever being great and I don't think it's wise to rely on an outlier approach.
  5. Ummm, I said if he was good. If he's great, keep him. I don't see Goff ever being a top 5 QB again. You say you don't have to be Mahomes to win, but those cases where a non great QB wins a SB are few and far between.
  6. You don't think he has only so much upside? Yeah he was in the SB, and since then he has only regressed. I don't see Goff ever winning a SB. Yes, you could win with him, potentially. Everything would probably have to be right around him though. Garrapolo made the SB and he's garbage. Banking on winning a SB with a mediocre QB isn't likely.
  7. I explained it. He only has so much upside. We're trying to win a SB, not just be good. Just cause you make a move at QB doesn't mean your breaking everything down. We're in the beginning of another rebuild, yet again. We have nice ammunition and should add as much as possible. If he's great, I understand keeping him. Just good? Shop him. I'm not saying give him away, but if we could add another high pick or 2, I'd do it.
  8. I love Stafford, but this is pretty much a dream scenario. And if Goff has a good season, I'd absolutely shop him in the off-season. I like him but he only has so much upside. If we're gonna win a SB anytime soon, it's gonna have to be through several great QBs.
  9. Aj Parker was great. Levi was disruptive. Austin Bryant was terrible. Tavai was trash from what I saw. He should be traded to the Pats for a 6th rounder where he could miraculously become a pro-bowler.
  10. Orlovsky just got murdered by the host at the end of NFL live 😂😂 Dunbars been released lol
  11. I feel really bad for Matthew. She put him in a tough position.
  12. Maybe it's just me but I wouldn't find it relevant either way really. The Colts D worries me. Decker is nursing a shoulder. Honestly, Stafford hasn't been particularly accurate this year thus far. Pass protection needs to be solid or we could get blown out.
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