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  1. It's in Detroit. And yes, it would still take some divine intervention.
  2. My dream scenario is beating the Pack to cost them the 1 seed and still get the number 2 pick. Along with the development we've seen from our young players, I'd be happy with this season.
  3. I still enjoy watching the younger players develop. I thought Josh Reynolds showed something. McNeil seems to be making plays. I like Barnes. Amani seems to find a way to make plays. Sewell seems to be coming along. This coaching staff is hard to watch though. They continue to do the players and fans no favors.
  4. It's not gonna happen but this entire staff should be fired.
  5. I don't think you take a QB just for the sake of it, so barring a huge rise from someone, I say pass this year for now.
  6. I think Cephus can definitely be a number 2. He isn't there yet, but he's shown he can get deep, he works the middle well, and has great hands.
  7. Slayton may be available. I'd love to grab him for a low rounder.
  8. I'm starting to worry about Sewell. Not panicking but I am concerned. Swift is an obvious asset. I still like Cephus a good bit. I have no doubt if Hock was in a prolific offense he would put up prolific numbers. Look what he did last year. Okwara is really starting to flash. It'd be big if he turned out to be a hit. I've been a little disappointed with the rookie DT tandem but they have made some plays. I like Derrick Barnes a lot. I think he is an absolute building block for our LB room. Jacobs and Parker have both played surprisingly well. I wouldn't coun
  9. Hes got a top 5 TE and maybe the best receiving back in the league, whom was wide open on that pathetic 4th down play. Nobody expected him to come out and play like a top 10 QB but he has been god awful. If Dan Campbell had any nuts he would of benched him on pure principle for that play.
  10. Id rather bench him and see what we have in Blough. He wouldn't of thrown that ball away.
  11. Goff with a throw away on 4th down. I'm sick of this scrub.
  12. I doubt he falls to our 2nd pick. Like you said, his stock will likely rise and someone will probably fall in love with him. Steelers seem to be the early favorites. I've seen him go top 15 in quite a few mocks but I'm not seeing it yet. He really needs to work on accuracy and decision making from what I've seen but he is an amazing athlete with a cannon.
  13. Yeah I get our oline has been a big disappointment and we may very well have the worst WR corps in the league, but you can't have such a terrible ypa and a bunch of turnovers. Goff isn't a terrible QB but we're also not going to win anything with him. There's only 2 QBs as far as I'm concerned that look anything close to 1st rounders and that's Corral and Strong. Quick thought: would anybody be on board taking a QB high in 2 straight drafts? Why, why not?
  14. Ahhh, the 3 man rush burns us yet again. I seriously think this team is trying to lose sometimes.
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