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  1. '18 Preseason Week 1 GDT: DET@OAK

    Sweet Baby Jesus, K.J. looked good
  2. who will be the top 10 RBs this season?

    Dalvin Cook looked really good before he was hurt.
  3. Where does Calvin Johnson rank all-time?

    Id say 4th behind Rice, Moss and Fitz. Im comfortable with CJ over Owens. Owens had a good bit of drops for as good as he was.
  4. Mayfield vs Darnold vs Rosen vs Jackson

    I think Rosen then Darnold, and they're the only 2 out of this class that will prove to be franchise players.
  5. Draft Day 3

    Its gonna be tough to make the playoffs this year. Minny, New Orleans and Philly are in a class of their own. GB will probably be really good. Then you have Rams, Falcons, Panthers. Gonna take an MVP year from Stafford, which I think hes capable of if our oline is solid.
  6. Draft Day 3

    Your dedication knows no bounds. I stopped watching after Hand.
  7. Draft Day 3

    You guys keep clowing but I bet we finish top 28 in rushing this year
  8. Draft Day 3

    Wouldnt mind Hercules. A bit like Bruschi.
  9. Draft Day 3

    If this oline lives up to its potential, theres no excuse for Stafford to not play at an MVP level. Even with garbage at TE.
  10. Draft Day 3

    We could really use good years out of Robinson and Tabor.
  11. Draft Day 3

    As bad as things look on paper right now defensively, I wouldnt mind it if it meant Stafford finally had a running game. Patrica consistently maximized the defensive rosters in New England. With a more complete offense, I could see us giving up a ton of yards but posting a decent PPG allowed, which is what matters at the end of the day.
  12. Draft Day 3

    Honestly, I dont think I would trade him for anything lower than a 4th. He can return kicks, and still provide a change of pace a handful of snaps a game.
  13. Draft Day 3

    I really wish Shultz was still around. Hes gonna surprise some people.
  14. Draft Day 3

    Delanie Walker type. If Jim Bob has a plan for him, fine.
  15. Draft Day 3

    Probably all we could get in reality for Abdullah.