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  1. Fearless predictions.

    I like Burns a lot but would rather a trade down which would probably be the case. I got a prediction; we don't take a DB until after the 3rd round. I think we select each of the skill positions too.
  2. Fearless predictions.

    We trade up to #3.....and take Hockenson!!!! 😋😋😋
  3. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    This is the kind of reasoning I don't understand. James has only done so much anyways and we don't know how he'll fit with us. We don't move Hockenson down our board because of James.
  4. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    I like James but I think he is being overrated
  5. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    Hahahaha my only thing is, don't rule out TE because of Ebron. If we're talking positional value...or you just don't like him as much, I get all that. My only concern with Hockenson is he is so young and TE is a historically difficult transition to begin with. I 100% understand that, but the guys film, production, athleticism and frame to get even stronger makes him a damn good prospect.
  6. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    What players?
  7. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    I agree with all of this. Hockenson is #4 on my board.
  8. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I just want Drummond gone
  9. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

  10. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    I don't see a lot of olinemen going at all. I think there's gonna end up being some surprising trades too.
  11. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    I think this 1st round is going to be one of the most exciting in recent memory.
  12. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    I wonder if all of this has been smokescreen. I wouldn't be shocked if we moved up 2 to 3 spots if Allen falls.
  13. 2019 Schedule

    I can't believe we're not favored against AZ . I fully expect that to change.
  14. 2019 Schedule

    All of those are very real possibilitpossibilities. Most fans think their team gets better every off season, but we all know that's not possible. I would have more confidence if our oline wasn't such an uncertainty. I could see us sweeping the Vikings simply cause our dline may dominate up front.
  15. 2019 Schedule

    pm me