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  1. Well BOYZ what a joke of a season or should I say JOKER

    I could very much still see us getting to 10. But I wouldn't want to bore you with optimism.
  2. Lions VS Vikings Takeaways

    I will say I'm not fond of Patrica walking in front of the players and tossing his tablet down. All while mismanaging the clock before the half.....could of cost us points. He needs to look in the mirror cause he can be better too.
  3. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    I get the frustration and we looked terrible on D and still cant run the ball. Flowers and James look overpaid....even Coleman to an extent. Hes strictly a slot and provides no value on the outside. I'm not willing to even start thinking about firing Patricia. Our D has been ravaged by injuries and has over performed mostly up to this game. Davis has actually regressed. Hes looking like a bust. Tavai had a bad game today too. If your looking for immediate blame I'd point more towards Quinn to be honest. It's a long season and were still very much alive for a wild card. We gotta go on a nice run here though through the middle of the season.
  4. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    I'm pretty sure hes kidding....yeah.
  5. Vikings @ Lions GDT

    They said enchrochment but replay verified he didnt touch anyone. I'm more pissed about that pathetic 4th down play call
  6. Vikings @ Lions GDT

    Jumbo play action on 4th and 2. I cant believe that's what we tried.
  7. Vikings @ Lions GDT

    I bet Diggs would of thrown a tantrum if Cousins missed that throw.
  8. Vikings @ Lions GDT

    Man our TEs have sucked today
  9. Vikings @ Lions GDT

    Jesse James really is a thief
  10. Vikings @ Lions GDT

    Good god that throw was ridiculous
  11. Vikings @ Lions GDT

    I thought it'd be high scoring but sheesh
  12. Vikings @ Lions GDT

    What a disappointment from our front 7
  13. Vikings @ Lions GDT

    On. Barr clearly hooked him on a pass breakup. Pulled him back while pulling himself forward to knock it away.
  14. Vikings @ Lions GDT

    Well they let the PI on Amendola go
  15. Vikings @ Lions GDT

    Nice bounce back by Stafford after that garbage on the 1st drive