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  1. 2020 Free Agency

    I was really impressed with Walker. I think he showed tons of ability. He did perhaps miss some assignments but that's totally fixable. On some of the plays he allowed he also had outstanding coverage and just got beat by some great throws. I'm very high on him but continued growth isn't guaranteed.
  2. My First 2020 Detroit Lions Mock Offseason

    I just think he was emotional over Diggs getting traded. I bet he'll be over it if not already. I also think, especially considering BQ being put on notice, that he'll absolutely still be with us this year. Hes our best player on D and I cant imagine we'd let him go unless he refused to play for us, which I dont see.
  3. My First 2020 Detroit Lions Mock Offseason

    I think the Slay stuff is overblown personally. I love most of this but like TL said, I think it's time to move on from Wagner.
  4. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    I just think your setting the bar awfully low for a 1st round pick, TL.
  5. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    Coverage is a huge part of today's game and he has been a complete liability.
  6. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    I dont think Davis has been even close to solid. I'd say below average at best, maybe downright bad.
  7. This is why I'm hoping he does some serious self scouting. Itd be a shame if even a rocket scientist cant fix us lol
  8. Yeah I'm usually one of the more optimistic ones in here and even I cant get with this. They better kill this offseason on the defensive side or I'm gonna be very worried about this year.
  9. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    So what in the world was the point of your first paragraph?
  10. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    Theres an awfully big grey area between good and bust. You dont think so??
  11. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    I dont agree with the standards you set. Top 10 pick should be a great player and 1st to 2nd rounders should be good. I dont think Quinn has been bad but I do think Davis has been a bust this far, and Decker has been rather meh. Kerryon cant stay healthy so it's fair to question that pick as well since I believe there were durability concerns when we took him. I agree with everything else.
  12. Thought Exercise / Discussion on "Tanking"

    I'm speechless. Carry on.
  13. Thought Exercise / Discussion on "Tanking"

    Wow. I dont get why people on here get so bitter when someone disagrees with them. That was meant to be a friendly exit from an absurd thread you posted to justify a belief you have zero justification for. Lmk when you have some actual evidence.
  14. Thought Exercise / Discussion on "Tanking"

    Lol I've exhausted my efforts on this exercise.