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  1. 2020 Free Agency

    I'd take that 3rd this year. With that much draft capitol in a draft like this, Quinn could throw darts blindfolded at his board and come up with 2 really good players.
  2. 2020 Free Agency

    Brings up a thought I had... Especially in light of the resources spent defensively in free agency, how far down would we have to trade for anyone to be comfortable going oline in the first? Be it whomever you like.
  3. The Lions, my view.

    Well I agree then. I obviously dont think he has maintained any of it so far but I hope he proves me wrong this year.
  4. The Lions, my view.

    We cant just act oblivious to the fact that BB had a significant influence on those defenses. Of which, havent been duplicated here anyways. Nevermind the bonehead in game decisions and blown leads.
  5. The Lions, my view.

    I tend to see it your way. His accolades as an assistant mean nothing right now. Hes not our defensive coordinator. Hes our head coach. 2 very different things. Plus, hes yet to show he was a big reason for those successes. I dont care about how damn smart he is. I think having wisdom and instincts counts more than pure intelligence in this game.
  6. The Lions, my view.

    Great post. To play devils advocate here for the defensive decisions: 1. Slay, I believe, was a little sensitive. Theres nothing wrong with pushing your best players to be even better. I'd have zero problem with MP riding Stafford. 2. That, plus the fact Slay was already paid as a top 5 cb, suggests to me they collectively decided the money plus draft capitol would be better overall for a defense with multiple holes. I wish we had mustered a 2nd, but oh well. 3. I think Shelton will be a noticable upgrade from what Snacks was last year. He deserves a tad more credit. 4. I think Collins is being underrated. He is tremendous in coverage and rushing and is still near his prime. I guess I get the skepticism since he played for the Patriots but that shouldn't be held against him. Again on Slay, we saved probably 17 mil a year for 3 years..and added a 3rd and 5th. If that money was and is spent well, and he makes good with those picks, it could prove to be much better overall for our defense. We will see though.
  7. slay traded

    Good and nice Patricia but open your mind and put him in a position to succeed. Have him up blitzing and covering flat routes.
  8. Bold Guesses - The 2020 NFL Draft

    I'd be all over this trade. I'd probably prefer it if Simmons were available though. Would maybe even consider oline with this scenario.
  9. slay traded

    Slays coming out of all this looking real soft. I didnt see anything over the top. If it were that important, sit down in the office and hash it out.
  10. 2020 Free Agency

    Great list. Robbys gone. Carolina overpaid. 2 yrs 20 mil 12 guaranteed.
  11. Wrote a few thousand words on “Quinn’s plan”

    I think Coleman, like most of our secondary, was better than they probably suggest. Not his fault QBs constantly had 5 seconds to throw.
  12. Bold Guesses - The 2020 NFL Draft

    Young falls to us...and we pass on him.
  13. 2020 Free Agency

    I'd imagine he'd be rejuvenated playing with Stafford in this offense also. He didnt get the best QB play in NY and they didnt have very good wrs. Him being a 4th option....he'd get a lot of 1 on one opportunities.
  14. 2020 Free Agency

    Gimme Sheldby Harris, a solid Guard and maybe Robbie Anderson and I'd be more accepting of this free agency. I'm sure we could cut a guy need be.

    Two more busts if you back a year too