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  1. Left Guard--Do We Make A Move For A Legit Starter

    Yes. I'm worried about our entire oline outside of Ragnow. If Quinn and Patricia are as confident as they seem in us contending, they need to go get Trent Williams.
  2. Detroit Lions Training Camp Thread

    This team has a history of not giving great pass rushers the proper respect and attention.
  3. Top 5 WR route runners

    I dunno. I mean, your not wrong, but that's just the thing; route running in itself, regardless of physical ability, is a skill. I thought of him first to be honest. He does lack elite speed and explosiveness, but he still dominates. I think he is easily a top route runner.
  4. Top 5 WR route runners

    Shocked no one has mentioned Hopkins.
  5. Lions vs Pat's GDT

    I dont agree at all. NE had more starters/significant players out there than we did. Jamie Collins and Winovich were out there beating up potential 3rd string olinemen. Killibrew and Wilson got tons of snaps. This game was strictly for evaluation....as it should of been, along with the 4th preseason game.
  6. Lions vs Pat's GDT

    Yeah I watched the whole game. We got dominated in the trenches on both sides. The Pat's were blitzing and running a lot of stunts where as we seemed much more vanilla on D. Some standout players I thought; -Killibrew -Ty Johnson -Jesse James in limited action -Erick Lee Our receivers were particularly bad.
  7. Lions vs Pat's GDT

    Sheesh. If we clobbered them ,everyone, including myself, would point out how it doesn't matter. Stop crying so this place can have some enjoyment for those who aren't jaded.
  8. Lions vs Pat's GDT

    What are yall hoping to see?
  9. Do you view Alex Smith to be a bust?

    I reserve the term bust for guys with significant expectations and never established themselves in this league. He may of not justified where he was drafted, but the guy was a solid to good player for a while there.
  10. Are we really as bad as people think?

    This post is riddled with inaccuracies
  11. Detroit Lions sign DT Mike Daniels

    I think if our oline plays well, we will absolutely contend for the division.
  12. Lions Cut Theo Riddick

    I dunno. He was a one trick pony. Only effective with one route, really. He couldn't line up wide or do anything other than those slants. His pass blocking sucked too.
  13. Are we really as bad as people think?

    Stafford can. He doesn't belong with those qbs in terms of mobility.
  14. Are we really as bad as people think?

    I've seen absolutely magnificent offenses look like utter trash when the oline cant protect....several times in Super Bowls alone in recent history