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  1. Picking 8th

    He better be Gronk-like
  2. Kareem Hunt--Do We Take A Look If He Is Cleared

    I know. I wish that stuff would stop being tolerated.
  3. Kareem Hunt--Do We Take A Look If He Is Cleared

    No. That punk doesnt deserve to play in this league.
  4. Early Offseason Mock UPDATE

    I dont get cutting Lang with an eye on Crosby filling. Love Humphries and Collins signings...I think they may command a tad more. Barr for 7< mil a year? Id be shocked. Still early in the draft process for me, but I think I really like it. Im a big fan of Oliver. I think if we hit on a pass rusher in the 1st, this D can really impress next year. Not a fan of low motor guys...no matter where in the draft.....see Devin Taylor.
  5. Offensive Coordinator Interview Update

    Get Stafford an oline he can trust and he'll be just fine. Every game last year he was protected well, he played good to great. His efficiency was fantastic when we started to resemble something of a run game, despite ultra conservative play calling....meaning, I thought there were tons of opportunities to take more advantage of PA, which Stafford had something like a 112 rating. Never mind having overall below average receiver play for most of the year.
  6. Offensive Coordinator Interview Update

    Drummond sucks..that is all 🤣🤣🤣
  7. new OC

    His zone blocking scheme would be perfect for KJ
  8. Picking 8th

    ............I said he wasnt a bust.
  9. Picking 8th

    .....all of that is beside the point

    What a game. We cursed the Bears lmao Nagy needs a hug, like s.t.a.t.

    Looking back, the thing that irked me the most about this offense, is how absurdly little touches KJ was getting when he was healthy, and CLEARLY our best back......maybe best player on offense period.

    I doubt Quinn's idea of the Patriot way is simply copying them verbatim. I get not being particularly positive of this franchise, but Quinn has drafted very well. Is that not in agreement around here?

    That sounds like a good way to ruin any chance of actually building a team that can contend consistently

    ...I mean, I doubt Patrica was in his ear telling him to run the ball again, after we ran successfully 2 straight times and had the D perfectly set up for play action. That type of thing happened constantly this season. I disagree about the Tate trade. I think he may of been dealt regardless of record. That had the Patriot Way written all over it.
  15. Picking 8th

    Fwiw, I dont consider Pettigrew a bust. Mild disappointment perhaps.