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  1. I feel really bad for Matthew. She put him in a tough position.
  2. Maybe it's just me but I wouldn't find it relevant either way really. The Colts D worries me. Decker is nursing a shoulder. Honestly, Stafford hasn't been particularly accurate this year thus far. Pass protection needs to be solid or we could get blown out.
  3. That throw to Golladay was ridiculous
  4. Ragnow owned Jarrett there. Stafford continues to look uneasy and indecisive. I think the play calling could be better.
  5. You have to factor in the score, time and situation. The risk didnt match the reward.
  6. I thought the attempted 55 yard iirc, against the Bears was a stupid decision. At that point, it still would of been a 2 score game had he made it. Trubisky hadn't done much up that point. Punt, pin them deep and make them earn it. Was too frustrated to even bring this up yet. I don't care what he has degree's in; he's a moron of a head coach.
  7. Once a game is a great exaggeration and I watch most games twice over. It was a terrible pick, no denying it.
  8. Stafford already has 3 terrible INT's on the year.
  9. Hes a reporter. It's his job to ask good questions. That was a very good, relevant question. No easy answer....but he is paid handsomely. That's part of what you sign up for.
  10. I absolutely loathed him saying that. I hate to say it, but that sounds like a man who's defeated and grasping at straws. I had hoped he self evaluated this OS but that doesnt seem to be the case.
  11. Doubtful is as good as out these days. Big V out as well...but at least Quinn is out for them. Bevell said it was a point of emphasis to include our Tes more....or better, this off season. I hope it shows come Sunday.
  12. Quinn is doubtful and Mack is nursing a knee. Should help.
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