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  1. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    They have some dudes but they would be stretching themselves out to offer something with a few of Banda, Wilson, Leyba, and Smith. Also very well might try to send over Ahmed.
  2. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    The Dodgers kicked in $4.5M though.
  3. Marcell Ozuna traded to the Cardinals

    Having seen the full deal, strong return. Love the second piece. No, I’m not saying what the deal is here.
  4. Strong disagree on the first part. Good year for college COF bats.
  5. Angels Will Sign Shohei Ohtani

    Ohtani is the greatest prospect since at least Bryce Harper. If not, A-Rod.
  6. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that Stanton's contract wasn't a net positive.
  7. Angels Will Sign Shohei Ohtani

  8. Marlins trade Dee Gordon to the Mariners

    This moves the Mariners farm system from 29th and 30th. Reverse for the Marlins.
  9. Cubs sign RHP Tyler Chatwood

    Jhoulys Chacin is still better.
  10. Rule #1: Never use MLB Pipeline I’ve heard 70 run times second hand from someone in Japan. 3.95-4.00 range.
  11. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    Obviously several notches down, but Merrifield and Alexander are interesting as well.
  12. He's also 23. He'd be a top 100 prospect if he was only a hitter but he'd need more development time than he's going to get.
  13. That's one of the best cities in the country tbh. Rangers in, @Thelonebillsfan?