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  1. My guess is Douglas tries to stock up on picks in the second-third round range. That could mean moving back from 23/34, moving up from the mid-late rounds, trading players/future picks, or some combination of those.
  2. https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/35508-2-rounds-4-trades-w-explanations-and-sarcasm/ Uhh I want this to happen
  3. Zach Wilson Greg Newsome II Teven Jenkins Wyatt Davis Creed Humphrey Anthony Schwartz Jaret Patterson Kenneth Gainwell Tommy Tremble Jalen Mayfield
  4. Yes though granted Rogers has legit TOR stuff/command if he’s able to repeat his delivery as well as he did this start. He’s a dude.
  5. I could see situations where he moves up from 23 if someone like Slater or Surtain falls or for a second round pick if a target is surprisingly available in the middle/end of the round. Of course, could also see him trading down if the board is murky/poor.
  6. I mean I wasn’t only referring to trading down. It’ll ultimately depend on the board and maximizing value.
  7. That’s roughly 3.7 seconds H2F. 4.0, assuming no jailbreak, is generally classified as 80 speed when coming from the righty batter’s box.
  8. I think we’re collectively discounting the possibility that the Jets trade around a lot in the draft, especially during day two.
  9. It was although the next three corners taken (Trufant, Rhodes, Slay) have all had decent careers.
  10. Hopefully this would work out better than the last injury prone CB the Jets took in the first round
  11. Yeah agreed, it was a really bad call. HBPs do happen a few times per year but none to end games afaik. Link; the Dietrich and Maldonado HBPs are particularly egregious in here
  12. Haha doubt it gets to a full on brawl but who knows. Anyway, what’s Jose Tabata up to these days?
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