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  1. I would think Bienemy probably gets one of the jobs?
  2. Yeah I don't think this roster is bad enough without Gase to actually expect a top ~3 pick.
  3. Agreed, but it's easier to go with a bridge veteran if there's reason to believe that Clark can eventually take over.
  4. This also kind of depends on how Cameron Clark is developing.
  5. Instructs reports on Wolf were largely meh. I liked Greene a bit in the draft last year and was very surprised he signed for as small of a bonus as he did.
  6. I’m still shocked he made it as far as he did.
  7. I lean towards drafting a QB. The idea of pulling a 2016 Browns and getting a bounty for the pick and then getting The Guy in 2022 or something is tempting, but in reality there’s little chance this team is 1.1 pick bad in a non-Gase year. Wilson or Fields will probably be the best chance the Jets get for a while to actually get a QB.
  8. I don’t expect Jacksonville to win but I wouldn’t exactly put it past Mitch Trubisky.
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