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  1. The lack of preseason action and practice probably didn’t help either
  2. So aside from the TD where the safeties failed to cover him, it seemed like Bryce Hall did a really solid job covering Robby?
  3. They clearly did though (see: Urban Meyer). It’s like tampering. Just don’t make it super obvious/public and you’re fine.
  4. Fatukasi was a sixth round pick in 2018.
  5. Jonathan Cooper bomber as a guard that same year too.
  6. Even when draft gurus rank into the late rounds, they are obviously not putting in the same legwork for those guys as the first or second round guys. You see this in every sport (aside from basketball I guess). Past the early picks, it’s largely area scouts banging the table for their guys that media/public experts know little to nothing about.
  7. Hopefully it doesn’t affect his preparation for training camp too much.
  8. He says the Jets think Carter might be the starting nickel corner Week 1.
  9. Even if you cut Coleman, Josh Adams could potentially beat out Perine too if they're only carrying 3 RBs.
  10. By locks I mean locks to make the roster, not to actually be good. I may be wrong but I think every single person you named aside from Polite made the roster as a rookie despite being quite bad in just about all cases. My point is barring a Polite esque camp or an injury, Pinnock and MC2 are just about guaranteed roster spots. I think this applies to the first eight guys they took this year.
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