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  1. I'd think if Gase gets fired, Loggains goes too. I would guess it's Gregg as HC and Jim Bob Cooter as OC.
  2. I’d like to grab some IOL help in there.
  3. I like the names mentioned, as well as Arthur Smith. He knows how to fix QBs that Adam Gase has ruined.
  4. Lincoln Riley would be cool but doubt he leaves.
  5. I wouldn't mind spending one of the Day 2 picks on an interior lineman. The second rounder should be able to get you an instant starter at guard/center. Add that to and edge and WR in the first and you hopefully have a pretty good young core to go along with Becton, Mims, etc. And if that group isn't enough to carry you next year, then you should be left with the chips necessary to grab a top QB in 2022 and have him enter a pretty good situation.
  6. I think we'll have a better answer about Sam 15 games from now, but as it stands, I'm against going QB unless he looks really bad and we're staring at Lawrence/Fields. I'd build up on the OL, WR, and EDGE and assume that if Sam sucks again next year, then we'd be in great position to draft a QB in the 2022 draft. Part of the issue the Jets and other bad teams have had in the past is that they draft their QB before they build their team. A rookie QB should be walking into a situation where he's on a team ready to support him and win.
  7. I forgot that you’re allowed to attempt to throw a non-screen pass.
  8. What about Arthur Smith of the Titans as an HC candidate?
  9. That was good but Perriman has really struggled to get separation.
  10. I'm sure Quincy will get his chance at some point. Hall too if he's healthy.
  11. Bless Austin is very good. The other corners are very bad.
  12. Allen has been avoiding Bless Austin all game
  13. Fire Gase and Loggains, make Jim Bob Cooter the OC
  14. The outside receivers have been useless today. Hopefully Mims is back soon.
  15. My lazy impression is that Becton and Fant have been generally good, Lewis and GVR have not
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