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  1. My lazy impression is that Becton and Fant have been generally good, Lewis and GVR have not
  2. Awful play calling but at least Sam, Bell, and Crowder looked good that drive
  3. Desir might be worse than Trumaine Johnson
  4. That wasn’t broken up, Crowder just dropped it.
  5. This offense looks like they’ve never played with each other before which well...
  6. Becton looks good. Rest of the offense, not so much.
  7. He could cancel out some mid level signing. Hopefully, they sign Clowney to a one-year-deal and then get a third rounder for him after he walks. It can more than make up for the 2022 fourth that was sent to Seattle today.
  8. Kind of an afterthought at the moment, but McDougald is another playing on an expiring deal. I think JD is setting the team up to reel in a few 2022 comp picks.
  9. He’s got butter hands. Incredible pass rusher for a safety though.
  10. Already at 10 picks this year, with the Leonard Williams pick from the Giants.
  11. His brother is the starting catcher at Clemson.
  12. I think he can be an elite backup
  13. Good thing the Jets didn’t trade for Quinton Dunbar.
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