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  1. I had the virus in March into April and I’m pretty sure my employer didn’t inform a number of people that may have come in contact with me that I had it. Fortunately, I don’t know of anyone getting the virus due to contact with me, but still extremely ****ty.
  2. I would think Maye probably nets a fourth round comp pick if he leaves in FA.
  3. Why does he think Zuniga is playing DE?
  4. Well good thing the Jets will probably by reaping the benefits of the system for the 2022 draft!
  5. Source? Projection I saw had them netting nothing.
  6. You very well could be paying $15 million for one year of Clowney and the ~100th pick in the 2022 draft.
  7. The Jets were prepared to trade picks 11 and 120 to Jacksonville for the 9th pick in order to secure Wills or Becton, but they decided not to do the deal after it became obvious that at least one of them would make it down to 11.
  8. The 2015 Jets had Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, Leonard Williams, and Quinton Coples at the same time.
  9. It’s not even one year into the Joe Douglas era, but he seems to prefer athletic offensive linemen that rarely ever get flagged and ideally have high makeup grades. If I remember correctly, the team’s entire projected starting line for this coming season was flagged for a combined seven penalties all of last season. The focus on athleticism, discipline, and character seems to extend to other positions as well.
  10. His other drafts were pretty terrible outside of Adams, Maye, and Bless, but Macc actually may have done a pretty good job with the 2018 draft. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, USC 3(72). Nathan Shepherd, DE, Fort Hays State 4(107). Chris Herndon, TE, Miami 6(179). Parry Nickerson, CB, Tulane 6(180). Foley Fatukasi, DT, Connecticut 7(204). Trenton Cannon, RB, Virginia State That’s in addition to flipping a seventh rounder for Henry Anderson and signing Frankie Luvu as an UDFA. For a class that didn’t have a second rounder, it might be the best Jets class
  11. Right, it’s not entirely “analytical” to assign arbitrary numbers based on your opinion.
  12. UDFAs were really terrible too. Great start to the draft and then just nothing. At least 2018 looks notably deeper at the moment.
  13. There is a large gap to be filled in football analysis that PFF attempts to fill. It is usually unsuccessful at filling in parts of that gap. They understandably get a lot of attention because few others in the public sphere are even trying to do it, but most of their output is ultimately lacking.
  14. Salary and draft picks are indicative of resources spent. I think they may have an okay group of corners for this year but that’s not due to spending a ton of resources on the position. If anything, it would be in spite of not expending significant capital addressing it. If by the end of the season, Bless Austin and Bryce Hall (or whatever other combo) have established themselves as capable starting corners and there’s solid depth behind them, I’d be fine considering the position mostly set and not worth using a first rounder on. However, that would come as a result of being set at C
  15. There are two guys there making more than relative peanuts and they’re both on one year deals worth less than $5 million. The top corners under contract for 2021 are a 2019 sixth rounder, 2020 fifth rounder, and some UDFAs.
  16. Haven’t spent more than a fifth rounder on a single CB on the roster?
  17. With Maye, Jenkins, Perriman, Poole, and Desir, I’d imagine there’s a fair shot the Jets are looking at comp picks in 2022. The likelihood obviously improves if they add guys like Clowney, Ryan, Golden, etc. on one year deals this summer.
  18. I believe this only puts him at 9 points since they were all at different picks.
  19. For the Jets: WR Lawrence Cager, Georgia WR George Campbell, West Virginia DB Shyeim Carter, Alabama CB Lamar Jackson, Nebraska CB Javelin Guidry, Utah OT Jared Hilbers, Washington DL Domenique Davis, UNC Pembroke EDGE Bryce Huff, Memphis DT Sterling Johnson, Coastal Carolina
  20. Could see Huff too. Maybe Hilbers.
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