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  1. For the Jets: WR Lawrence Cager, Georgia WR George Campbell, West Virginia DB Shyeim Carter, Alabama CB Lamar Jackson, Nebraska CB Javelin Guidry, Utah OT Jared Hilbers, Washington DL Domenique Davis, UNC Pembroke EDGE Bryce Huff, Memphis DT Sterling Johnson, Coastal Carolina
  2. Could see Huff too. Maybe Hilbers.
  3. I do wonder if part of that has to do with Crowder, Smith, and Berrios already being on the roster.
  4. You should get one point for predicting a RB at 120
  5. The biggest Baylor WR bust (Kendall Wright) still had a 1000 yard season in the NFL and was also nothing like Mims. Terrance Williams was a fine #2 until he fell off a cliff.
  6. Yes, I don’t think the Jets have done this since Brian Winters.
  7. Believe this should be 9 points unless I get a point for having a WR in the second round even though it was a different slot.
  8. Bad Education on HBO was fantastic. Hugh Jackman nailed the role.
  9. Yeah. Pretty mild symptoms but they lasted for a few weeks.
  10. I occasionally lurked over two years (mainly just during the draft, FA, and sometimes during/after games), but not nearly as often as I used to. I figured that coming down with the coronavirus a month before the draft was a solid impetus to post again though.
  11. We need @Davey and @Spiel612 now
  12. Don’t think the Jets are in a position to be mortgaging considerable draft and financial resources for a 32 year old.
  13. The competition at CB is going to be wild. I’d imagine the pandemic probably gives a significant edge to the veterans.
  14. jonyankee and @Karmaloop in one thread (I see the likes). I picked a good time to come out of retirement.
  15. I was excited for pretty much all the non-2010 Tanny drafts but yes.
  16. Would like to get a kicker and a receiver, ideally.
  17. Crowder and Herndon can be that.
  18. I would think every single draft pick the team made is a lock to make the team barring injury. Hopefully a UDFA or two make it, like Phillips (and Brown) last year.
  19. So the Jets now have four corners that were on the Colts in 2018
  20. Wonder if the Jets flip Avery (or Winters if possible) for a 6th or 7th here.
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