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  1. I think the Comedy Central season was bit more hit and miss but had some absolute classics. The last several episodes were especially outstanding.
  2. Yeah, I mean if you're going to have a lot of threads, it makes sense to divide up the forums. It gives you a chance to sort through the categories of threads you want to see. If you don't care about the draft or prospects at all, you can just view the threads about the general MLB. If you just throw them all in one, there's a desire to just post in a single thread about a topic (like prospects) rather than a whole forum with a variety of threads about that general topic.
  3. Want to reiterate that this is probably the biggest argument in favor of having the three forums.
  4. Yeah like as it is now, interesting threads about say the juiced ball, or the White Sox farm system, or July 2nd will pretty quickly get pushed off by a bunch of team threads than most people don't care about.
  5. @thelawoffices I bet there's a way to have it where the main forum page can just provide a link to these other sports or baseball forums, so that each forum doesn't have to be lists on the homepage. It could be some sort of sub-menu. And if you did this for just baseball and basketball, that's only four added forums combined. Maybe add a fifth for college basketball. Just the fact that the other sports forums expanding could be enough to draw in a significant number of posters who previously only used this site to post on Sundays during football season.
  6. I mean I'm the one who made the directory in the Jets forum and I haven't touched it since like 2013 when I was still green24 so...
  7. Would that allow us to quote old posts? There might be some threads there that are worth copying over. I would say forum directory threads qualify as that but they will soon be mostly outdated anyway.
  8. Just going off what I've seen posted, I'm guessing the latter?
  9. I want to believe the answer is yes but that might just be me being overly optimistic. What does everyone think?
  10. Same. Not to see which specific users were there generally but just to see if the forum I'm posting in is currently seeing a big jump in activity.
  11. I guess the desktop version takes longer to get accustomed to with how much is going on. The mobile version is simpler and easier to use while still being new to the system.
  12. There's always hope that Hackenberg (or Petty) can take the positions and there's no guarantees in this or any industry, but do I personally believe that will happen? No, I do not. I think it is likely that the Jets will be looking for their franchise QB in next year's draft and will pull the trigger if the value lines up and/or they feel it is the right time. There is always the chance that they follow the Browns' recent blueprint and try to build the rest of the team before grabbing the franchise QB.
  13. I like the mobile version even better than the desktop version.
  14. And this is a bit more out there and maybe not an immediate goal, but I think another big move could be ehancing the parts of the site that are not NFL related. Obviously, college football is the lowest hanging fruit here. A thread that was founded based on the NFL Draft and literally "football's future" should probably embrace college football more than just giving it a single forum. And I say that as someone who hardly even watches college football these days. To that end, I personally would love to further enrich the baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. forums but I understand that doing
  15. Addison Reed for Michael Chavis.
  16. Here is the thread where you post your stupid and awful trade ideas.
  17. This is a great idea. However, I think the biggest issue is the lack of active new members. I know my personal acitivity has decreased but not completely disappeared over the past year or so, but as I remember it for years, pretty much all the active posters were around for a while. I joined in 2010 and started posting in 2012. Pretty much every other even moderately active poster started before I did (most likely in 2006-2008). Due to obvious reasons, a good percentage of those posters are no longer active nearly a decade later. The lack of new members wasn't a huge deal in, say, 2009-20
  18. Because I want to post a gif, injury history is the only reason why Chris Flexen is not currently a top 100 prospect. He is #good.
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