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  1. I’m guessing WR and DL with the two sixth rounders.
  2. Gase's son is wearing a Bell jersey
  3. I doubt anyone the Jets have drafted so far will be on the PS.
  4. I would love Johnson or DPJ but bet it's more of an undersized, burner type.
  5. The Ravens just took Bredeson
  6. Unlike every other Jets lineman, he apparently has an issue with getting flagged too much.
  7. Getting a #2 RB in the fourth round would be a really good outcome (see: Bilal Powell, Leon Washington).
  8. He was born four months before Darnold
  9. A bit earlier than I expected, but hopefully a long-term back-up QB.
  10. James Morgan. A bit earlier than I expected.
  11. I mean I'd take 2006-2010 Braylon Edwards (on the field) with the 59th pick. Ideally, you get a bit more shelf life.
  12. Seems to have a similar profile to Bilal Powell coming out of Louisville. Perhaps Perine is a bit more of a between the tackles guy than Powell is/was.
  13. Anyone remember how amazing Stephen Hill was in his debut?
  14. The Vikings already picked four times (including two first rounders) and they still have 13 more picks tomorrow. At least three in each remaining round.
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