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  1. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    I still have hope for Edmunds. I really do. I agree though, MInkah would be such a great fit. Almost, if not, the perfect addition, when you consider the overall circumstances and potential cost. So many people talk up X.Mckinney as a potential RD1 target for Pittsburgh in the 2020 draft and Fitzpatrick was much higher rated.
  2. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    I think you're playing him as you deep safety. A role he's perfect for. The Dolphins keep using him close to the line of scrimmage (SS) which isn't where he's best. He's better than Sean Davis.
  3. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Apparently they're asking price has been 'too high' but he sure would be a great addition for us.
  4. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Dolphins have given him permission to find a trade. He'd be an amazing FS or CB for us (I think).
  5. Josh Dobbs traded

    D.Parker is another receiver that can't separate. No thanks. I think he's been mis-used in Miami, but he's not what we need. If we were going to go after anyone on Miami, it'd be Minkah. No way they let him go for less than a high draft pick though. While I'm thinking about it...we also over rotated against NE. Another coaching mistake. When Switzer gets more snaps than Conner, you're just over thinking it.
  6. 5down

    This is a very poorly prepared and coached team. It just is. I've never been one to call for Tomlin's head, but damn't I'm so sick of seeing this team out coached and out schemed, with no adjustments.
  7. 5down

    Have to say, this is the most disappointed I've been watching the Steelers for a while. Felt like a big step backwards, unfortunately. Such a lack of identity and a soft, reactive mentality. There seemed to be no offensive game plan other than 'we'll be down, so we'll have to throw'. The coaching on both sides felt like they had accepted they'd be out coached. Tomlin not going for it on 4th and 1 from that close, was a huge mistake and said a lot. It showed a lack of confidence and with this O-Line and Conner, that should've been two down the gut. Ben felt like he was slow and pressing. Moncrief shouldn't be getting starter minutes. The D, I'm just not sure what to say. This team seems to consistently play below their talent. That comes down to coaching and scheme for me. I think they play the Patriots, afraid. I'm also just sick of Butler (and Tomlin) apparently not being able to solve for anything. Make no mistake NE is a favourite to win it all. They are a very good team. Add Antonio and it's down right scary what this receiving corps will do with Brady. But we never played like we had a chance. And I can't remember the last time I sensed that.
  8. Probably one of the best FS in college football has been ruled ineligible for the 2019 season. He's entering the supplemental draft. Interested?
  9. The Curious Case of OLB Bud Dupree

    I think Bud breaks out this year.
  10. It's a very interesting one, for sure. I'm a little surprised by the similarities of the LBs we chose. Other than pedigree, I'm not sure where they'll all play (except Bush). Maybe I don't understand the scheme variations enough, but Sutton seems like an inside backer in the pros. So does Gilbert. I mean they'll both be really good special teams players, and Butler even said Sutton will help ST more than he will the D, initially, but I'm surprised we didn't grab any size at OLB. I also really thought we'd land a FS. I was surprised they passed on D.Thompson a few times. So that still seems a weakness, to me. On a positive note, Diontae may well be why there's professional scouts. The more you watch and read what Drake loves about him, the more you you like him. I have a feeling he'll either be special or a bust. I love Bush. I really like Layne. I also think Buggs can be a man, if someone can light the fire underneath him, so our DL coach (recruited him) should be able to if anyone can. I don't mind Snell, but I thought we were looking for something to diversify our backfield. That he doesn't do. I know he's tough though. Really tough. Really don't like Gentry. He's a less athletic James. Gray could be interesting, but in all honesty, the two UDFA guards may be more so; Brumfield is a real athlete. Overall, I have to trust the FO, but I was a bit puzzled by some of the choices. B+ (Could easily be an A, if even just Bush and Johnson turn out).
  11. Who's your Top 5 for 4 rounds?

    guess no one had D.Johnson
  12. There's no denying he resembles someone we knew...
  13. Day 3 picks/position targets

    Agree. Lots.
  14. Day 3 picks/position targets

    A few other players I really like... CB A.Oruwariye, C.Ballentine, S.Denmark OLB D.Walker, J.Jackson, J.Jelks, J.Hollins ILB G.Johnson, J.Giles-Harris, D. Long OL D.Edwards, D.Samia, B.Powers TE F.Moreau, A.Mack, T.Wesco WR G.Jennings, D.Lodge, D.Slayton, J.Ferguson DL D.Mack, D.Russell RB J.Hill, T.Williams, M.Weber S A.Hooker, K.Willis, S.Redwine
  15. Day 3 picks/position targets

    Top 10 (for me) FS C.Gardner Johnson (my fav player left for us) CB J.Love (double up?) FS D.Thompson (if not CGJ, then here's our single high) LB M.Wilson (he backs up Williams, and then with Bush, that's your tandem for years) OLB C.Omenihu (he slims down a few pounds and becomes a monster) WR H.Butler (I don't care we drafted a receiver, I love Butler) OLB C.Miller CB K.Sheffield OG M.Jordan DL R.Wren