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  1. A pretty unhappy K.Mack? I know it's unlikely but Mack and Oakland are stuck in a similar standstill and I just wanted to know what folks thought?
  2. Has anyone heard...

    how Matthew Thomas looks? I haven't read anything talking about him.
  3. Next Year's Draft

    I know there have ben a few threads about the '19 draft, so apologies, for adding another. I also know we can't predict who will rise, fall, etc. but damn, I sure do love me some Devin White, ILB, LSU. He'll likely be gone before we pick, but he and Devin Bush, Michigan, are really exciting players.
  4. ILB M.Kendricks

    Just cut by Philly.
  5. 2019 Targets for Steelers

  6. 2019 Targets for Steelers

    Anfernee Jennings, ILB, Alabama Devin White, ILB, LSU (a monster) Te'von Coney, ILB, ND DeAndre Baker, CB, Georgia RB, Justice Hill, OK St
  7. Who plays MLB this year

    In the base, it's obviously Bostic and WIlliams with Burnett and Davis at safety. The only way this changes is if Edmunds is too good to keep off the field and replaces Davis. I think that's a bit much to ask, but maybe. Don't forget how versatile Burnett is. I think for most of this year, he moves to LB on passing downs, and if ready, Edmunds is the third safety. By the way, I'm also really intrigued by how they use Samuels on offense. He was such a good pick.
  8. J.J. Wilcox Released

    I certainly think the safety position overall is much, much better. Burnett should really be a great, stabilizing addition. Less mistakes than Mitchell. I think Edmunds and Allen will be really good players and I haven't given up on Davis either. So at a minimum, we have solid starters and better depth. If they're better, the entire secondary will be. I am curious about CB. I'm not convinced by Burns as a starter. I like Haden and Hilton and Sutton are at least solid, with a chance to be real finds. B.Allen is the wild card, so we'll see how much he's developed. I'm intrigued by both the UDFAs J.Summers (outside) and T.Johnson (slot) too. So again, I think there's solid depth here, just maybe no real, true star. Overall, my guess is this entire unit is greatly improved.
  9. J.J. Wilcox Released

    Morgan Burnett Sean Davis Terrell Edmunds Marcus Alken Jordan Dangerfield Nat Berhe

    Wow. Marcus Allen. The unpredictable draft continues...

    Breneman the TE retired with knee issues.

    Well, this has certainly been the most unpredictable Steelers draft I've seen in a long time. Edmunds has been discussed enough. Washington wasn't a huge surprise I guess, but following up with Rudolph, well, I just wouldn't have thought it'd fall that way. Kind of cool for those two to continue their career together, so I actually don't mind the depth they both provide. I like Rudolph. Okorofar, well, I also just found that really surprising with what I thought 'our needs' were. Munchak certainly is getting a project with upside. Anyhow, that was then, and we'll see. As for 4-7, there's still some players that could really help us. Folks that interest me, with my favs in bold... ILB G.Avery (this fella is rocked up and tested his *** off. I really like him.) ILB M.Kiser (he tested way more athletically than folks thought) ILB S.Moore (would be strange after Edmunds for me, but...) ILB J.Jewell (I just feel like his lack of speed is a weakness we don't need more of) OLB J.Sweat (his injury history is scaring folks off, but man, what a drop) OLB O.Okoronkwo (I really liked him. Wonder if he could play inside?) OLB M.Haynes (Same as above, or just as a situational rusher) OLB D.Ejiofor (He's a bit more 4-3, but can play) CB A.Averett (he's a player) CB Q.Meeks (great size / speed) CB H.Hill (I really like him, despite the off field baggage) CB K.Tolliver (he's good value back here) TE I.Thomas (plus athlete, move TE) TE C.Herndon (I think he'll be a better pro) RB N.Hines (Do we want a change of pace back?) RB K.Ballage (big, strong and fast, but not too elusive) RB M.Walton (without injury history, he's already gone. great value) DL T.Settle (young, huge and full of potential) FS D.Elliott (I still like him quite a bit)
  13. our RD1 pick, your thoughts

    Of course we can't guarantee. It's my opinion is all.
  14. our RD1 pick, your thoughts

    I think he's a situational player early, dime backer, etc. and eventually is meant to replace Davis (if he falters) or Burnett (as he ages). I don't mind the player. Just surprised by where they took him, and of course from all I had read and assumed, thought they were more likely to go Reid or Harrison at safety. He's not going to be a bust, he's too athletic and hard working, but still feel like he was a bit of a reach. If we pick really well in 2 and 3, it'll all be just fine.
  15. Who do you want now on Day 2?

    I'd be happy with any combination of... WR C.Kirk (could be special) WR C.Sutton WR A.Miller WR J.Washington WR M.Gallup (really like him) WR D.Chark (he worries me) LB H.Landry LB M.Jefferson LB L.Carter LB U.Nwosu LB D.Leonard LB J.Baker CB I.Oliver CB J.Jackson CB C.Davis RB D. Guice RB R.Jones II (I like him a lot) RB N.Chubb TE D.Goedert DL B.Hill DL H.Phillips QB M.Rudolph If I had my pick, I'd love to get Ronald Jones, Christian Kirk and Malik Jefferson, but they're all likely gone early - mid round two.