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  1. Easter Sunday Mock

    I don't mind this draft. I don't love the receivers you've chosen, but other than that, I'd be fine.
  2. My Annual Forum by Forum Mock Draft

    Murphy or maybe Metcalf
  3. kurgan 2019 mock draft v.4

    Yea, I'd be happy with this. And I agree with what someone said above it's feels quite "steelerish".
  4. How about this one?

    Yep, totally fair. That's the thing with ranking simulators.
  5. Steeler Pro Day/Visits

    Yea, I like Rapp, but he's too similar to what we have (although he's a great tackler). Seems to me we need more FS types to add to the mix vs SS types.
  6. How about this one?

    It was based on Fanspeak rankings. Unlikely I know, but posted it because it was interesting.
  7. How about this one?

    I'll have done a thousand draft network or fanspeak mock drafts by the time the real thing comes around, but I liked this one in particular. I know it's quite unlikely, but... RD 1 OLB B.Burns RD2 CB J.Layne RD 3 ILB M.Wilson RD 3 FS D.Savage RD 4 TE J.Oliver RD 5 RB J.Hill RD 6 WR A.Wesley RD 6 WR S.Morgan Jr RD 7 ILB G.Johnson
  8. My latest mock (updated, using CBS's rankings)

    Demarkus Lodge might end up being the best Ole Miss receiver. Not for sure, but just maybe.
  9. My latest mock (updated, using CBS's rankings)

    Honestly man, the first three picks, I would be fine with. I do think you're sacrificing some higher picks on depth, and whether or not I agree with you about how depleted our receivers are, it's just too much capital spent after that. I'm not a Cashman fan, so I'd be really disappointed if he was the only LB we cam out of this draft with. I think it's be irresponsible, frankly.
  10. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I'm really pulling for Washington. I think he's a great kid who needs some confidence. I think JuJu, Moncrief, Washington and a rookie, along with Switzer and Rogers is a pretty good crew, especially if that rookie brings us some speed and separation.
  11. We are at a crossroads.

    Good post. You have to start with D. Load up that backfield and find some playmakers, so there's competition everywhere. At least one corner and one FS to add to the mix. Draft two to three LBS and a new DL with potential, as well. And, yes, find one new weapon for Ben, maybe with one your top 4 picks. I'd love to see 7 picks on D, 3 the other way.
  12. New Mock

    First six picks would be great, I think.
  13. so lets talk about edmonds

    What we don't have is a true center fielder FS, so that's what we're missing in our safety mix. The variety of packages we run, Edmonds and Davis are too similar. And we even use three safeties in some sub packages. The safeties I think fit what we need: N.Adderly C.Gardner Johnson D.Thompson J.Thornhill D.Savage Maybe less so T.Rapp (good player but not a FS type) J.Abram
  14. I think you can get Pratt with one of your thirds. I do like him more than Joseph.
  15. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I'm not debating you here, but I'd love to know who you rate in mid to later rounds? I'm actually having a hard time liking receivers in this draft. A mid rounder I think is under-rated is Demarcus Lodge.