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  1. I think this will be the most interesting off-season in many, many years. There is significant cap room and significant holes to fill, Ben is gone, etc. I really believe it all starts with both lines. Tuitt might not even be back, so the D-line is a massive issue, especially with Heyward aging. The DB room is in need of a talent injection - and it'll be interesting to see where they land on Edmunds. Yes, the O-line needs work as well. We might even see some coaching changes. Very, very interesting...
  2. I'd rather have J.Garoppolo or J.Hurts than Bridgewater or ****ty Trubisky. Hell, I'd rather have J.Winston or C.Newton. I'd love to see R.Wilson and would trade big to get him. I don't think there's a QB worth "trading up" for. I'd rather see who falls to Rd 2. It's not a great time to be looking for a QB, but here we are.
  3. I don't really disagree. I was probably being too nice. I'd be much more interested in watching Hurts and Haskins compete. I'm unsure about Canada. He's in a tricky spot this season, I think. We're not drafting any immediate starters in this draft either.
  4. Watching him run the offense is just so meh. I think he's a solid #2 - but man, I think it's all so average with him at the helm. Tough conditions, the rain and all today, but too many 50/50 balls and missing on too many intermediary routes.
  5. We'll see. He is better than Glennon ever was in college, but I get your point (immobile). Look, I'm not suggesting he's THE solution. I think it's a very weak class overall.
  6. It'll be interesting to see what happens. I still like C.Strong in RD2. I don't love D.Ridder or S.Howell, but who knows...
  7. Thought seeing the Steelers (and almost every other team) at the Ole Miss vs Liberty game was interesting. My worry about M.Willis played out against better competition and he threw 3 INTs, with no TDs. M.Corral on the other hand, was very, very good.
  8. I don't think he's physically ready for the NFL yet. P.Jurkovec (BC via ND) - if he comes out - has potential, but got injured.
  9. Don't know man, D.Ridder never dominates. J.Allen did. I see D.Ridder as more Jason Campbell.
  10. Quoting your post, but responding to a few above... Agree on your Pickett comp. Great season, but just don't think he's starter material in the NFL. I don't think Ridder or Strong are top 10 picks. No way. Maybe M.Willis (I wouldn't) There's too many talented lineman and defensive players in this draft with average QBs. I think we'll pick somewhere closer to mid teens. So I think we could get a look at... M.Corral (maybe. might just be a college QB)), S.Howell (maybe. could be a system guy.) D.Ridder (his accuracy really worries me), C.Strong (yes, a statue, but has
  11. I love you keep selling this guy. I still like C.Strong, but now I'll watch some highlights...
  12. Agree. Having a great season, but he's no more promising than Rudolph.
  13. If we have a shot at OT Evan Neal from Alabama, we have to take him.
  14. I find the little comparisons entertaining, but not sure I buy the accuracy. I think Ridder is more like Jason Campbell. I think C.Strong's basement may be Mason with better presence (and Mason was very good in college), but I think his ceiling is more M.Stafford - like. A stronger and more accurate arm than Mason. I would also say S.Rattler should stay in school. He's a real talent, having a bit of trouble. I think he'd be foolish to come out this season. He should stay, work on his flaws. Kid has a special arm and although he seems a bit of a diva (from his days at THE 11) he'll co
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