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  1. OG Warford

    it was announced as purely financial.
  2. OG Warford

    Doubt we have any interest, but a pro bowl OG who’s under 30 is interesting. Again, with Dotson and Wis, very unlikely, but he’s out there.
  3. The Draft: Is it just me?

    There used to be more analysis and highlights, that's my point.
  4. 2021 - FA or Draft - QB

    T.Lawrence, J.Fields, T.Lance for me. Then J.Newman.
  5. The Draft: Is it just me?

    One thing I'd definitely like to see more of is simply highlights. I'd prefer that comes with some detailed analysis, but you hardly get any coverage that shows players. I mean, after the first round, you're lucky to even get a brief play. I think just getting to see more game footage would help.
  6. The Draft: Is it just me?

    Ha, "tragedy porn" I hadn't heard that expression, but it's fitting. Yea, would be great if they covered it more properly on ESPN2. We all know who Burrow is, but seeing highlights of players less known and understanding scheme fit, etc. would just make it more interesting. Glad I'm not the only one that feels that way.
  7. I just moaned about this on another forum and realized I'd be more interested in everyone's opinion here. Here's my thoughts, would love to know yours... The draft (coverage) has become too much about everything other than football. There's simply just not enough detailed analysis and highlights anymore. And for real draft geeks (like my self) I think it's worse for it. There's too much of the Disney-like stories (Trey Wingo sucked this year BTW) and not enough football guys talking football detail. I really miss this and feel like there was more of it before this became such a red carpet like event that's trying to appeal to more than just the football junkies. I think it's swung too far and should get back to more 'football'. I thought this year might be different with the stay at home situation, but it felt like all the non football stuff was what got up-weighted. Maybe it's just me, but it felt like even less detail and analysis than ever. I know why they've done it (the NFL's push for families, broadening appeal, etc.) but I just think the scales have tipped too far. I miss the real football stuff.

    On one of these threads, someone mentioned V.Jackson as a comp, which I thought was interesting. In truth, I haven't seen enough of him to know. I always worry when players with these kinds of 'numbers' don't dominate week to week, but also agree that ND didn't have great QB play. He'll be interesting to watch, that's for sure.

    Sorry, I totally missed that entire thread ...
  10. No doubt I would've taken Dobbins in round 2.

    I do love Dotson. He's a mauler.

    Simpson, Bredeson, Biadasz (injury concerns) all interesting. Tega Wanogho still there. I’d love the next two picks to be R. Lawrence and J.Simpson.

    Thought I'd start a thread. I can't lie, while both Claypool and Highsmith look like they have potential, I thought there were better players available. I'm genuinely surprised we picked Claypool over Dobbins and Akers.
  14. WWs Final Mock

    Prefer some others over B.Jones, but this would be a good haul.
  15. Offseason Work to do

    I really like Shenault too