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  1. He was signed off Texans practice squad
  2. It all looked rusty - and unsurprisingly so, with no preseason. Snell, JuJu and Claypool looked great. I was surprised how much better Snell looked than Conner. Disappointed with DJ a bit. Ben ok. But Ben back and ok is a big improvement. The D will be solid. Dupree looked pretty good. Watt always does. This o-line needs a few top draft picks. I feel like it's looking fragile and without DeCastro, it wasn't great. The injuries really hurt. Overall, decent, not great, I'd say, but some of that is to be expected. Other than the injuries, I'd put it all down to no preseason, really.
  3. Yea, this one just had to happen. Very happy it did.
  4. if Ben stays healthy, I think this is the best team we've fielded in quite some time.
  5. I'm curious if anyone has read or heard anything about him? I read one tidbit that said he had the ball in his hands a lot during camp, but that's about it. Really good size at 6'2 185.
  6. Good to list anyone you'd love to see the Steelers take a look at: CB Sidney Jones CB Rasul Douglas (both more interesting to me than Pierre or Layne) WR Hakeem Butler (seems awful early to give up on such talented player) QB J.Rosen (gotta be better than Hodges?)
  7. I think we keep Heyward, Feiler and possibly Juju.
  8. I'm really hoping Dotson turns out to be a monster after a couple years. He seems to have all the qualities of an under rated player that comes good.
  9. I've heard (read) the rookies have impressed, especially Claypool and McFarland. Ben apparently looking good, and better each day. A more streamlined, fit Snell seems to have coaches excited. Thought it might be good to drop notes here as folks find them.
  10. it was announced as purely financial.
  11. Doubt we have any interest, but a pro bowl OG who’s under 30 is interesting. Again, with Dotson and Wis, very unlikely, but he’s out there.
  12. There used to be more analysis and highlights, that's my point.
  13. T.Lawrence, J.Fields, T.Lance for me. Then J.Newman.
  14. One thing I'd definitely like to see more of is simply highlights. I'd prefer that comes with some detailed analysis, but you hardly get any coverage that shows players. I mean, after the first round, you're lucky to even get a brief play. I think just getting to see more game footage would help.
  15. Ha, "tragedy porn" I hadn't heard that expression, but it's fitting. Yea, would be great if they covered it more properly on ESPN2. We all know who Burrow is, but seeing highlights of players less known and understanding scheme fit, etc. would just make it more interesting. Glad I'm not the only one that feels that way.
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