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  1. It's tough to know what's going on with DeCastro. He was hurt last year and played. He's been a great OG. Either his injuries are worse than is out, or he's lost some of that drive you need. Turner would be great but he too is often injured, which is why he's around. Not sure what's going, but there's a bit of smoke.
  2. I'm excited by Pierre. He's what we hoped Layne would be with more speed and athleticism. But man, I wish he'd change jersey numbers. Odd having a CB in 42. R.Lott at safety maybe, but CB?
  3. I liked that Dotson said the tone had changed. More intense. Said Klemm isn't saying block someone, he's saying "run through their face".
  4. At 3.5 mil/year we missed out. I think J.Houston would be more productive if it's a deep concern. I honestly think OT and CB might be more of a worry. Moses is interesting. So is B.Poole.
  5. The critique is that he has all the arm talent in the world, but he doesn't prioritize football. So a lack of maturity, too much time on off the field stuff. He wasn't skipping practices from what I understand, but just not working hard enough to improve and eventually they just felt he wasn't taking things seriously enough.
  6. Good call. That's just an overlsight by me. Shough could go up or down quite a bit with all that natural size.
  7. Love the draft grade debates, but thought this might be an interesting topic to get everyone's point of view on. Of course it's too early to know what the real options are, but hey, it's interesting anyway. Post Ben, what do you think is the most exciting scenario for QB? On the roster: M.Rudolph - I'm far from convinced. I just don't see him as the guy. D.Haskins - man, what a story it would be if he grew and lived up to his potential (it'd also make me really nervous) Draft: Here's an early list of who most rank best: S.Howell, NC - looks like the most proven pock
  8. I won't debate the positions (other than TE being a 2nd round priority, which I just don't agree with) but I sure, I guess they could start, but I believe there were better players at those positions available. I mean you could've had players most projected as much higher without much debate. Maybe they know these players better. Maybe these players demonstrated some qualities, we fans just can't see. But according to most, there were some big reaches here. I just hope the gambles pay off. If K.Green is a starter and D.Moore is too, this all starts to work.
  9. Signing R.Kerrigan to a one year deal would be interesting. A veteran OT maybe.
  10. Yep, same. But I did find this year more perplexing than others. Hope you're right on Green. If they hit on him, Harris, Freiermuth and Moore, it'll be good.
  11. An odd draft, I thought. I did like some things - like N.Harris, P.Freiermuth and Q.Roche, but some decisions I just found strange. They must really like K.Green more than most, and I'm hopeful they know better, but him, Buddy Johnson, D.Moore and K.Lowdermilk, well, just felt like scheme reaches vs BPA. Like depth picks. I guess it's another reminder that you can study, project, mock and read as much as possible and still not have accurate boards. More than any draft in recent memory, players I thought were top 3 rounds really dropped and players I had pegged in 6 and 7 went
  12. i like the trade, as in what you're getting to move down, but I like the players better in your first one.
  13. RD1 RB N.Harris RD2 OT S.Cosmi RD3 OC J.Myers RD4 LB D.Barnes RD4 CB K.Vincent Jr RD6 OG R.Jones RD7 TE L.Farrell RD7 WR M.Williams or RD1 OT T.Jenkins RD2 CB A.Samuel Jr RD3 RB T.Sermon RD4 LB D.Moses RD4 OC T.Hill RD6 OT A.Jackson (OG) RD7 DL N.Jones RD7 TE L.Farrell trade back with GB RD1 (TRADE) RD1 RB J.Williams RD2 OL L.Dickerson RD3 OT S.Brown RD3 LB D.Moses RD4 CB S.Wade RD4 (TRADE) RD6 OG R.Jones RD7 TE L.Farrell RD7 LB T.Jackson
  14. Love the first two picks. Also like Alaric Jackson later (OG, in my opinion). Really don't like either DB you've chosen Think Bynam will go much later and just don't love the size limitations on Washington. I think you could get better players, with those picks, at those positions. Johnson in the 7th would be very good value. I'd give it a B (Harris and Cosmi would be great though).
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