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  1. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    The commentary that this reflects poorly on the organization is silly. The Rooney's are class and know that a damaged AB is a less valuable AB. This is all about integrity and managing market value.
  2. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I think Brown and Bell should both bring a 1st rounder. I think it's more likely they'd settle for something like a 2,3 and future considerations. Bell really should bring multiple high picks. He's so young.
  3. Too early mock.

    Here's my thinking. You'll never replace Brown with a like for like, so you have to diversify your offense. You could be right and I.Smith could be better in round 2, for example, but N.Harry and D.Metcalf (by the way have you seen how bulked he's gotten, worrying scouts he could be going all David Boston?) aren't going to give us separation. Creating a strength down the middle of the field, to weaponize along with McDonald in two TE sets, would force safeties to not play over the top of JuJu. Juju is great, but he isn't a speed player with huge separation. It's just a mock. I could've easily went CB and LB in the first two rounds, but I thought with the Brown trade it might create a bit of conversation. If I'm going receiver in the first three rounds though, I definitely want some separation. It'll be interesting to see what Hakeem Butler runs. P.Campbell from OSU will light up the 40. so it'll be interesting to see what he does in the hands drills. R.Ridley may be the best of them all, but Deebo Samuel man...he might be the real deal.
  4. Too early mock.

    Can't help myself. For this mock's purposes, I'm trading AB to SF for a 2nd, 3rd this year and conditional 4th in 2020. RD1 TE T.Hockenson, Iowa RD2 FS N.Adderley, Delaware RD2 CB A.Oruniwaye, PSU RD3 WR D.Samuel, SCarolina RD3 LB G.Pratt, NC State RD4 OLB B.Banogu, TCU RD6 DL R.Wren, Arizona St. RD6 LB B.Blunt, McNeese St. RD7 OL T.Prescod, NC State Thoughts?
  5. Pick a top 3?

    I'm assuming we trade Brown. So in reality, I'd hope we get extra picks.
  6. Pick a top 3?

    Obviously way too early, but hey... (A) RD1 LB D.Bush RD2 CB A.Oruwariye RD3 WR R.Ridley (B) RD1 CB T.Mullen RD2 WR H.Butler RD3 LB G.Pratt (C) RD1 CB B.Murphy RD2 LB M.Wilson RD3 LB D.Walker (D) RD1 LB J.Polite RD2 CB R.Ya-Sin RD3 LB G.Pratt
  7. Mack Wilson

    Everything I read has him at 6'2 236. While not huge, that's good size. The thing with Wilson is that he's a terrific athlete. He needs to read the game better, but so did Shazier coming out. I think he's great value in RD 2, but if Bush and White are both gone, he's a good player. I think a question is who's better value, Wilson in the first two rounds or G.Pratt in the 3rd 4th?
  8. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I feel the same. Some of the strong pass rushers aren't great in space (Ferguson, Ximines). Outside of the top few (Bosa, Ferrell, Sweat, Polite) it gets tough to project. I think Banogu could be interesting, possibly the two Oregon kids.
  9. I know it's early !!! But ???

    I really like B.Murphy. I like D.Baker. I'm a big fan of T.Mullen. I think he's a complete CB.
  10. I know it's early !!! But ???

    I've heard his game instincts aren't the best. He's a monster athlete though. Great blitzer from the inside. By contrast, D.Bush is considered to be a great 'instinct' player, sideline to sideline, but a bit undersized. White, a former RB is a beast, physically. I've also read his instincts/reads were much improved this year.
  11. I know it's early !!! But ???

    A few receivers I like... D.Metcalf (I just worry about his neck injury) H.Butler - better in 2nd R.Ridley - will be much better in NFL, rd 2 D.Samuel - 2nd rd P.Campbell - 2/3rd rd
  12. I know it's early !!! But ???

    I'll bite. But first, it's very hard to know who will be there. As much as rankings suggest, there's always surprises. I'll give you a few they'll consider, in my opinion... OLB J.Allen - the dream pick, but he's top 5 LB D.White - the 2nd dream pick, but he's likely gone top 10 CB G.Williams - if he fell (rumors of slower 40 times) CB B.Murphy - if he fell OLB M.Sweat - if he fell LB D.Bush - should be there CB D.Baker - should be there OLB J.Polite- should be there CB T.Mullen- should be there LB M.Wilson - a great pick in RD 2 FS D.Thompson - I'd be surprised if they wen't safety in 1
  13. 2019 Draft Discussion

    J.Ferguson is strictly a 4/3 end in my opinion. OLB C.Granderson is a player not a lot of folks are talking about. G.Pratt is interesting at ILB after White, Bush and Wilson.
  14. 2019 Draft Discussion

    T.Mullen CB from Clemson (if he comes out) is also rising up draft boards.
  15. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Greedy Williams is the top CB. He'll be way gone. Byron Murphy almost a consensus #2. Could be there. After that it gets a bit messy and depends on what flavor you like (or who you trust scouting wise). T.Mullen, A.Oruwariye, K.Boyd are longer more physical CBs. D.Baker, J.Love a bit smaller, but still physical players. After that it's hard to really know. I like K.Sheffield, possibly the fastest of the bunch, with good size. ILBs aren't deep, especially if M.Wilson stays at Bama as he's inferred. D.White is special. Some believe D.Bush is too, although undersized. G.Pratt could be interesting. B.Okereke from Stanford, and D.Allen for TTech, could be too. I don't love the safety class at all. There is one top 15-20 talent in Bama FS D.Thompson. There's some interesting edge rushers. Some really good tight ends. And it's a really good Interior D-Line class.