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  1. Offseason Work to do

    What Ike did with the young Redskins receivers this past year is pretty impressive. I don't know enough about him, but he had 3 rookie receivers who had good to very good years in McLaurin, Harmon and Sims.
  2. Mock scenarios

    I think we keep Dupree and lose Hargrave. We cut Foster, McDonald and Barron. #40 CB T.Diggs (to good to pass up) #100 DL L.Fotu or D.Hamilton #115 TE B.Hopkins #125 OL T.Biadasz #179 S A.Brooks Jr or R.Floyd #210 BPA at either WR, OT or RB
  3. It's going to be very interesting to see if at our first pick, round 2, we go best player or position of need. I think N.Gallimore and X.McKInney would both be hard to pass up there, but it'll be very interesting if say J.Taylor and J.Eason are sitting there as well.
  4. Offseason Work to do

    My instincts on Harris have been - great technician for his age - really under sized and weak. I think that's accurate. He was really pushed around this past week. Agree on Cush and Ruiz. And Biadasz. Also like D.Williams later on.
  5. Tight End ???

    Yea, it's interesting. I think you could argue a double dip, with two contrasting types, would be a worthy investment. I like Parkinson. He's like a more talented, better blocking J.James. Could be really tempting to do a Kmet in the 2nd, Parkinson in the 4th. Or a H.Bryant (UW) and a Pinkney. We might have too many holes to do it, but worth the chat anyway. And above on Moss, fair point.
  6. Offseason Work to do

    OG Bredeson looks and feels very much Steeler like. What about drafting two TE's with different skillsets?
  7. Tight End ???

    Depends what you're looking for. Hopkins isn't a great inline blocker. I kind of group them into a few camps: Traditional - can catch - can inline block. Cole Kmet - he's an ok blocker, so almost fits in group two Adam Trautman J.Pinkney Colby Parkinson (might be the best blocker) Sean McKeon Big wide - has the size of traditional, but still more of a receiver H.Bryant (FAU) B.Hopkins A.Okwuegbunam M.WIlcox J.Breeland S.Sullivan H-Back vibe - really more WR/TE H.Bryant (UW) T.Moss J.Deguara C.O'Grady
  8. Offseason Work to do

    I really like Uche. Versatile.
  9. Offseason Work to do

    I think Pinkney and Parkinson (maybe Trautman or Okwuegbunam) are the most Steelers-like, if past characteristics are what we're looking for. So many of these TEs are really move or h-back types: T.Moss, C.Kmet, H.Bryant (UW). H.Bryant (FAU) who won the Mackey, appears to have the size we look for, but from what I have read, is still less of an inline blocker. So similar to B.Hopkins. I don't think we have the draft capital to do it, but you could argue drafting two contrasting types - H.Bryant - UW (big receiving type) and C.Parkinson (good blocker), could transform our offense in the future. Kind of like a poor man's Gronk and Hernandez tandem.
  10. Offseason Work to do

    Yea, Cushenberry and Biadasz or both really solid. I also think despite the down year D.Williams will be a player too.
  11. Steelers hire a QB coach.

    i like this hire
  12. Way too Early Mocks...

    Dugger's going to test through the roof (so I read) and likely go earlier than some might think. I wonder if H.Nasirildeen from FSU might be a mid round option? His physical traits are pretty crazy, but honestly I haven't really seen him play.
  13. Way too Early Mocks...

    I love Wade, but he's staying in school apparently. What would the description be for the right fit next to Fitz to you? McKinney would be amazing, I think, if he fell to 2, which is unlikely. An under rated player for me (other than the small school dudes I mentioned, Duggers and Chinn) is Blackmon from Wash State. Curious about VTech S R.Floyd and AL S S.Carter.
  14. Way too Early Mocks...

    Fair points all.
  15. Way too Early Mocks...

    Hmm. Dunno. RB is a wild card for me. I just can't see them drafting one early, but could be wrong. If so, I'd sure hope it's Dobbins. I really like late round, small school safeties, J.Chinn and K.Dugger. I love Delpit and McKinney, but other than them (early picks), who do you like?