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  1. WR M.Stevenson is another player I really like. People forget (after missing a year) how good he is.
  2. D'Wayne Eskeridge is opening eyes. Watch his (WMU) tape. He's not huge 5'9 190, but damn, he can flat out fly. Great hands too. T.Smith from Tennessee is a monster. A monster. Still ove N.Harris. H.Long is a 6'5 255 TE. With an 83" wingspan! Looks bad K.Trask not working out. Know he said injury but... OG D.Brown from Alabama is also a monster. Maybe a cookie monster at 364. Watch CB R.Rochell. Shorter than listed, but a good player.
  3. at the Senior Bowl. I know it doesn't really mean anything yet, but like it.
  4. First three picks are all players I like - but I do think Collins (LB) makes less sense than some other positions.
  5. Very thorough and considered. Not sure I agree with all decisions, but hey. Realistic draft too, but I'd be a little disappointed if we ended up with S.Brown as our OT addition. I'd prefer a flip of J.Carman and T.Hill for example, over Myers and Brown, but just my opinion. If we don't draft higher rated backs early, I also like Mitchell later.
  6. RD 2, maybe, but not 1 (for me). And I agree it's top heavy and that he's pretty good. We just have more critical needs, I'd argue.
  7. It's an interesting year in that I think there are only a few strong, strong choices. It's also possible (likely) you know something about a few of these guys I don't, so hopefully some good discussions here. How I see it: N.Harris, ALA He's an all rounder. I think a game changer who is more complete than D.Henry was coming out. Very good receiver and might even still run one of the fastest 40s. Strong. I think you have to look at him in RD 1 if he's there. He's such a good fit for a weakness. T.Etienne, CLE He's the only other 1st rounder, in my opinion, but very different.
  8. I like Pep. I'm curious about Canada. B.Leftwich is a rising star as a young coach. Interesting. I do want some new ideas. We need it.
  9. He hasn't shown the capacity to put football first. As his former teammate Alex Smith said (about him) "You don't have a chance if you don't put the distractions away". My biggest worry is that at a time when we need leadership and focus, we're bringing in the opposite. I know it's an upside "no risk' move financially. I know he's actually got talent, but we need people who are dedicated and hard working. When I hear Haskins and Hue Jackson in the same offseason as potential additions - it's worries me about which direction we're heading.
  10. cheers. i'd not heard that.
  11. If this is Marrone, I'm fine with it.
  12. All good chats from some familiar folks, cheers.
  13. I personally think we need two OTs and one interior lineman, but OT is a big one. I can't say I know them all in and out, but there are some interesting ones. P.Sewell - he's a top 4 pick, so no need to discuss. Not sure there's a consensus after that, but my thoughts... S.Cosmi, OT, Texas Seems to be the consensus 2 or 3. Sounds like he's picked up his play this year, after being 'full of potential' last. He's got good size and strength. I can't say I'd be upset, but I like a couple others more, out of instinct more than anything else. C.Darrisaw, OT, VTech All I read says ama
  14. Who would you like to see? OC (Fitchner gone) - M.Canada? - D.Pederson (if he doesn't get a HC gig)? - J.Caldwell? - M.Kafka? - B.Schottenheimer? - J.McDaniels? - D.Bevell? OL (Sarrett gone) - D.Marrone? He'd be my choice other than Munchak coming back (and he won't). TE (Daniels gone) - Open to names here...
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