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  1. Faulkner, the RB coach, was at UNC. And no, Williams 40 changes nothing, other than he's definitely the 3rd RB (I thought he was anyway) as opposed to any higher.
  2. With Tyson coming back, this is no longer relevant.
  3. LB C.Suratt met with LBs coach, Jerry O
  4. DT from Seattle, released. Loved him coming out of Alabama. Could be a Alualu replacement?
  5. M.Parson's numbers were so impressive, but J.Oweh's even more so, at his size. Other players who said they've met/zoomed with the Steelers - OT C.Darrisaw, VTECH - CB C.Farley, VTECH - SS D.Diablo, VTECH - WR E.Moore, OLEMISS - TE P.Freiermuth, PSU - OLB J.Oweh, PSU - LB M.Parsons, PSU - WR D.Eskeridge, WMICH - OL J.Moore, WMICH
  6. No way for Browning in round 1. That would be a massive reach IMO. Last season was the first he hasn't been an underachiever. I like him, but not in 1 or 2. Parsons is a freak tho. I thought he was a bit more L.Arrington than R.Shazier?
  7. Interesting opinion. I think that's harsh. I believe Bolton will go in the first two rounds, to us or not. I didn't realise Bush ra a 4.43 by the way. All depends though. I still think the only pother position than OT or RB in RD1 will be CB, but who knows. I also like C.McGrone from UM and D.Moses, if you can get him in RD3.
  8. how do his numbers compare with Bush, when he came out?
  9. Steelers also met with small school guys from N.Iowa - OT S.Brown - OLB E.Smith And also met with N.Bolton LB MIssouri, who tested well. The strong safety from Missouri, Bledsoe, also tested his tail off.
  10. true. humphrey can play tho.
  11. Woa. Illinois WR J.Imatorbhebhe posted a 46.5" vertical. 🙄
  12. The more mobile centers (who had good college careers) are undersized - Morrissey, Dalman. Agree on Humphrey and hey, he tested pretty well, to be fair. Also agree Dickerson is much more appealing in 3, but he also has versatility (has played G, T) Meinerz tested very well. I worry about him in 1 or 2, but 3 on, great. Myers from Ohios State is also a very solid player. Hill his solid player to, from 4 onwards. If things fell perfectly, I still think Humphreys in 2, Dickerson or Myers in 3. Meinerz or Hill anywhere after.
  13. Azeez Ojulari is a 1st rounder.
  14. Yep, yep. Agree. Meinerz also put up some impressive numbers at his pro day.
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