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  1. Offseason Work to do

    Curious your thoughts on how we reload with so few draft picks, and being so up against the cap? Please try and be somewhat realistic, I'm very curious what could really happen (vs utter fantasy).

    Thought I'd start a thread. I can't lie, while both Claypool and Highsmith look like they have potential, I thought there were better players available. I'm genuinely surprised we picked Claypool over Dobbins and Akers.
  3. OG Warford

    it was announced as purely financial.
  4. OG Warford

    Doubt we have any interest, but a pro bowl OG who’s under 30 is interesting. Again, with Dotson and Wis, very unlikely, but he’s out there.
  5. I just moaned about this on another forum and realized I'd be more interested in everyone's opinion here. Here's my thoughts, would love to know yours... The draft (coverage) has become too much about everything other than football. There's simply just not enough detailed analysis and highlights anymore. And for real draft geeks (like my self) I think it's worse for it. There's too much of the Disney-like stories (Trey Wingo sucked this year BTW) and not enough football guys talking football detail. I really miss this and feel like there was more of it before this became such a red carpet like event that's trying to appeal to more than just the football junkies. I think it's swung too far and should get back to more 'football'. I thought this year might be different with the stay at home situation, but it felt like all the non football stuff was what got up-weighted. Maybe it's just me, but it felt like even less detail and analysis than ever. I know why they've done it (the NFL's push for families, broadening appeal, etc.) but I just think the scales have tipped too far. I miss the real football stuff.
  6. The Draft: Is it just me?

    There used to be more analysis and highlights, that's my point.
  7. 2021 - FA or Draft - QB

    T.Lawrence, J.Fields, T.Lance for me. Then J.Newman.
  8. The Draft: Is it just me?

    One thing I'd definitely like to see more of is simply highlights. I'd prefer that comes with some detailed analysis, but you hardly get any coverage that shows players. I mean, after the first round, you're lucky to even get a brief play. I think just getting to see more game footage would help.
  9. The Draft: Is it just me?

    Ha, "tragedy porn" I hadn't heard that expression, but it's fitting. Yea, would be great if they covered it more properly on ESPN2. We all know who Burrow is, but seeing highlights of players less known and understanding scheme fit, etc. would just make it more interesting. Glad I'm not the only one that feels that way.

    On one of these threads, someone mentioned V.Jackson as a comp, which I thought was interesting. In truth, I haven't seen enough of him to know. I always worry when players with these kinds of 'numbers' don't dominate week to week, but also agree that ND didn't have great QB play. He'll be interesting to watch, that's for sure.

    Sorry, I totally missed that entire thread ...
  12. No doubt I would've taken Dobbins in round 2.

    I do love Dotson. He's a mauler.

    Simpson, Bredeson, Biadasz (injury concerns) all interesting. Tega Wanogho still there. I’d love the next two picks to be R. Lawrence and J.Simpson.
  15. My Final Mock

    I think we likely could, should and will make a trade to acquire some more picks, but it's quite hard to project. For purposes of this chat, I have JAX trading us both of their 4ths - for our 3rd and a future 6th. RD2 - RB C.Akers RD4 - DL R.Lawrence RD4 - WR L.Bowden Jr. RD4 - OL J.Simpson RD4 - LB A.Jennings RD6 - SS T.Muse (ILB) RD7 - DB R.Robinson II
  16. WWs Final Mock

    Prefer some others over B.Jones, but this would be a good haul.
  17. Offseason Work to do

    I really like Shenault too
  18. One of these five (not who I prefer, but what I think they'll do): J.Dobbins C.Akers J.Hurts R.Blacklock J.Reagor
  19. WR Bryan Edwards

    hmm. ok. I'll start. I preface this with - I haven't watched him play a lot. But from what I read, he's a very under rated WR in tis draft. 6'3 215 with good speed and strong play. He's not the burner some (including me), have argued we need, but he could be there at our 3rd and be the BPA. Anyone love or hate on him? I just haven't heard much. Think he was injured during the combine?
  20. Steelers on the clock #49

    If one of the top backs falls, I'm starting to think that's the pick: An unlikely, but not completely impossible dream X.McKinney, P.Queen, K.Murray, Very Happy: D.Swift, J.Taylor, J.Dobbins, G.Delpit, R.Blacklock, N.Gallimore, L.Shenault, L.Cushenberry, J.Jones Fine with it: L.Niang, C.Ruiz, J.Gladney, J.Reagor, A.Jackson, C.Edwards - Helaire, C.Akers, T.Diggs, A.Terrell Not sure J.Hurts A bit disappointed: M.Pittman, B.Aiyuk, A.Winfield Jr., A.Davis, any TE, , I.Wilson, T.Lewis I'm worried about A.Winfield's injury history and think as a legacy, he'll get over drafted. I like J.Hurts, but not really at 49. But I like him a bit. I think we have to consider BPA. A top corner could also fall. Someone will fall in a position of less need. I love J.Uche in our D, but I think he'd be a reach at 49.
  21. DTs and INT OL

    Thought it'd be interesting to just discuss these two positions - what we think need - who we think fits, etc. I'll start: DT I think there's only three real plugger/power types: D.Brown, Auburn (gone top 5) D.Hamilton, Ohio State - Shooting up boards and I've seen him anywhere from 2nd to 5th round. I think he's a solid player, but not special. Great size. L.Fotu, Utah - All the size and power, kind of like a very poor man's H.Ngata. I think he's a valid option in RD3. Lower rounders who seem to fit the profile: B.Jones, Ole MIss - Good size and power, had a poor (Senior?) bowl and combine. C.Davis, Nebraska - More of a back up type. More explosive, but smaller players: R.Blacklock - Rated very high with special talents. More DE size, but apparently plays well inside. A real possibility in RD 2 if he makes it that far. R.Davis - Incredible athlete and size, but really more of a DE in our scheme, I think. INT OL A lot more players here that could fit what we need. Here are just some that catch my eye. I also think Rooney wants that Steelers power running back (as he's said quite openly). C/G - three players stand out to me as flexible interior guys. C.Ruiz - Possibly a perfect fit for what we need. Can play G or C. Good size and power. L.Cushenberry - Another pretty good fit as he can play C or G. Maybe a bit less of a power player than Ruiz or Biadasz. T.Biadasz - Power player with both C and G experience. Very Steeler-like. I like him after Ruiz. Great in RD 3 if he lasts that long. I know M.Hennessy is rated high, but I see him as a better fit for a zone blocking team. R.Hunt - Big time power player. Has also played some OT. B.Bredeson - He seems very Steelers-like to me. Nothing spectacular, but decent all around. I like him in RD 4. Don't think he'll last until 6. J.Simpson - Have seen him ranked as the second best G and also then as a late rounder because of his issue with inside speed and pass blocking. Not sure where he falls or how I feel about him. I know there are others, but these are the ones I feel are most relevant. Later rounds: K.Dotson, T.Phillips (massive) I'm sure I've missed some players. A wild card, is someone like L.Niang, who is a OT that I think could also play G. I really like him, and if the Steelers see Feiler as the interior answer, maybe it's RT that they feel is more needed.
  22. DTs and INT OL

    i like Simpson a bit too, but the big knock on him is he has a lot of trouble with speed rushers. Very good run blocker, heavy, heavy hands, but issues with speed. Not saying that makes him a bad choice, but it is the apparent knock. The three C/Gs are all interesting- Cushenberry, Ruiz, Biadasz. R.Hunt is a power player at OG (was an OT a bit too). D.Lewis is also kind of interesting. I also like B.Bredeson as a potential sleeper. He's very Steelers like (then again, so is Simpson).
  23. Draft

    I don't love Pittman. I'd be a little disappointed to be honest. We need speed and separation.
  24. My dream draft

    I think there will def be a move for an extra pick. Colbert's suggestion to go 10 rounds was clever and reasonable, but it likely won't happen. I could also see them trading one of Snell or Samuels if they draft a RB early.