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  1. Jamaal Williams/Aaron Jones

    He had like 2 end arounds / bubble screens his first year that technically counted as runs. Not really "taking snaps at RB". I get your point but it was still damn close to his rookie year as a RB.
  2. Jamaal Williams/Aaron Jones

    Why would you go with when Woodson changed teams instead of changing positions as a comparison? Either way it's not really the same obviously.
  3. Jamaal Williams/Aaron Jones

    As far as I'm concerned it does for him.
  4. Jamaal Williams/Aaron Jones

    His RB rookie year.
  5. That was in response to all the "Good riddance to the guys we cut. Everyone fell off a cliff and was terrible last year." talk.
  6. Jamaal Williams/Aaron Jones

    Rookie year YPCs: Montgomery 5.9 Jones 5.5 Williams 3.6
  7. We need to start playing and winning again so that people stop panicking about how terrible our team is.
  8. Quoting Hundley numbers to paint Jordy as bad is laughable.
  9. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    If we win that all goes away and we are going to win a lot either way.
  10. Camp Battles

    I really like Montgomery. I'm hoping he can carve out a timeshare with Jones.
  11. DeShone Kizer

    True, we got like 45 points of value and the first pick in the 5th is only worth 35.
  12. DeShone Kizer

    It's not like he had 0 value.
  13. DeShone Kizer

    Why are people bashing Brooks? He might have been better against the run than the pass but he was solid for what he was asked to do.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    Adams, Bahk and Rodgers are obviously the big 3.