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  1. Packers Roster Cuts

    Ripkowski cut kind of surprised me.
  2. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    Davis got open a few times but he definitely wasn't the first read.
  3. Wide Receiver Outlook

    All the teams that know what they are doing went out and spent money on FA return guys when the new return rules were announced. Davis has value.
  4. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    What's wrong with Bowman, why hasn't any team signed him yet?
  5. Wide Receiver Outlook

    Not sure if they showed it on TV but there was one play where Kizer ran around for a solid 5 seconds, looked up and all 3 rookie WRs were standing still in the endzone 40 yards downfield covered. On the flip side MVS ran some great routes. He sold a hook and go so well the defender fell and there was no one within 10 yards of him but the QB didn't see it.
  6. LB Jake Ryan out for season with Torn ACL

    This. From the practice I watched Burks looks smooth but raw.
  7. Packers RB Aaron Jones suspended 2 games

    There is no backlash from this in GB. Everyone there is drunk or stoned.
  8. Did you just count Minkah's signing bonus as his salary? He has a cap hit of 3 mil.
  9. Wide Receiver Outlook

    He's the brother of the Carolina guy.
  10. Wide Receiver Outlook

    He bounced around a bit. San Fran just gave him a 1 year deal with 0 guaranteed.
  11. I said Clay but Josh Jones has a ton of room to surprise me.
  12. Wide Receiver Outlook

    McCaffrey was the rookie last year everyone was saying good things about in camp and he got snatched up.
  13. Wide Receiver Outlook

    With Valdez reportedly looking good in camp so far I doubt whoever we cut makes the PS.
  14. Wide Receiver Outlook

    Adams, Cobb, Allison, Davis, Moore, Valdez.
  15. I'm guessing Haha is going to be cheaper than Randall next year.